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Story of my life Emanuel Patiño Carmona


I am Emanuel Patiño Carmona, son of Lina María Carmona and José Alberto Patiño, i had been morning the seven of April of the two thousand at five and forty five o'clock in the morning in Girardota Antioquia. I've had a great family Which has always been there for me. My childhood it was great, since as grew up in the countryside Surrounded by good people and the nature… All my life I've had several pets, when it was small i hading a dog that was called Bruclin, this dog Was a few months older than me, and I with him lived until I was six years old; It was very hard for me when he died Also when i had four years, I had a dog That we put Chiripa, This dog was very big and She was carrying me and my sister As if it were a horse, Never bit us, not us tried do something wrong and we always take care much, she got sick of the eyes, It was taken by the vets and We never saw each other again other dogs that also wanting much were Chupi-Plun that disappeared, Chuy he got lost same that Laiza and Cachita, Dumbo give he away by canson and harmful, Luna having eleven dogs in a dog birth, in house my parents did not want them and the giving, Zeus the carried to united states to a workout and never returning for how good that was Toby I gave it, Nikita she bit a snake and died. I have had many more and also cats, horses whit wich I have had beautiful moments of my life. I have already advanced much more. I've had a lot of fun in my increase, I have played, I have laughed and I have shared whit my sister Valentina, cousins and much friends. I have had many experiences in my life: I come in to study in the 2005 to the educational institution the Hatillo, were i studied preschool and primary; then they passed me to the educational institution Colombia where I develop my studies until now. In these schools and in my house i learned to be a person correct, of good values…

I have been very attracted to sports: -At my five years come in to swimming classes in the water park -At my seven years come in to train football -At my eleven years BMX -At my twelve years Skate -At my fifteen years i started to walk more for the art and juggling

What I like most is travel, learn many places, cultures‌ I like to go camping, the walks, more than everything in nature, forests, countryside, far from the city A good experience I had, was at a campsite in Arvi Park. That day we met the group of friends around seven in the morning. That I think it was one of the days that I walked the most, we took about six hours to reach the camping point; We got to settle in and there was a nice afternoon, until it started to get dark and the cold to rise, the worst part arrived, in the middle of the night it starts to rain too hard, many tents were flooded, that was already survival. The next day as we were able to fix everything, we helped each other and we all went well. Remember the time i met the sea (Santa Marta) in the 2010, it was a great experience. A walk that i like a lot was when i went to the Eje Cafetero in the 2014

In the 2014 i went to Guatape (PeĂąol stone); I found it a fantastic place, i like its beautiful landscape, the view you get from the stone and the tours on the dam The first time I boarded a plane was in 2014 when I went to San Andres Islands, this was a great experience, everything there seemed great. I want to know a lot about my country Colombia, and to be able to meet other countries.

I have a great admiration and appreciation for the art (circus, drawing, crafts, crafts, music...) At the age of 12 I started to listen to rock, i was interested and I went into this genre, I started going to concerts to become friends with rockers at that time I knew that's what I really like, take a rocker attitude, I started skateboarding, letting my hair grow ... one year later I met the derivatives of rock punk, I started to know about this genre and between, this is what I like now, with what I identify, what I am. Punk brought me a lot of knowledge that I liked and I follow. First the drawing, I liked it and started to exploit ♍ Then the Do It Yourself (D.I.Y) which I have not left until now Then the crafts, which amuse me Then the juggling came to my life, which is what I'm passionate about

The first time I went to a concert was to the Festival Speaker of 2012, where I saw good national bands and I met great international bands; From that time I attend every year to this event that is one of the most important in the city of Medellin The that marked me the most were: -In the speaker 2013 because I could see the band Notoquen from Ecuador -In the 2014 speaker when I could see the band the exploited of Scotland -In the speaker 2015 national bands, the international is almost not my taste (E.U.K.Z) -In the speaker 2016 I really liked the international band (Dead Kennedys), and bands that were present as: the suziox, burning caravan, the tribute to Rodrigo D... One of the best concerts I've been was once the band Kami Ada came from Germany, in that concert I play the doomsday band from Manizales which is one of the most liked in Colombia.

I like to feel free, I like to think, I like to relax, I like to realize my ideas and through them to have fun. I feel the need to express myself through crafts, art, works and movements with my body. Knowing that I have enough capacities to build great things motivates me and awakens my mind to unleash the thought, play with my hands, with my fingers, play with threads and small things that are within my reach like stones, wood, bamboo, newspaper, Cds, recyclable materials, tubes wires‌ I devised ways to give a personal touch to my clothes, I have a taste for punk hc music and I like to have patches of my favorite bands to stamp them in my jean, jackets, bags and paintings for my room, also added taches and small Details that give better perspective to my style, also add key chains that I myself build with threads. I like handcuffs and knowing that I can do them myself makes me feel very good because I can also do much bigger things like belts, backpacks, hammocks for rest and I really like the tranquility, go camping, enjoy a campfire while I watch The stars, feel the cold air and the flames of fire, are a combination that not anyone can explain but if we like to feel, knit a catch dreams is these moments is a feeling for life and nature, is to feel that I can ask Desires and to make them come true, the desires that I ask for most are the privilege of continuing to have a quiet life so that I can think about my future with great conscience and know how to make decisions, I ask for the desire to continue having beautiful sunsets and good mornings. For me to value life became something of the newspaper, to value life is to have feelings for me and what surrounds me, although I am said to be a cold man, but I can feel much for humanity and mother earth. I like trees, plants and animals as I had already written, I feel that everything is balanced with natural elements, water is a strong life, the air we breathe, the land we are on, the fire there is Than having to carry out all the actions. In short I am in love with life, the free life, the ideal life and the dream that I realize...

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This is a school work for teacher Sonia Lopez of Institucion Educativa Colombia

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