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Photography compiled by Emanuel Maisel

MIZU The Japanese kanji for water (mizu)

Water is believed to incarnate the purity and pliant simplicity of life. It is part of the five elements-Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and Void. Void being the total of the other four. Water cleanses but water also gives life.............


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THANK YOU The production of this ebook/epub has been made possible with the assistance and help of many people. I would like to take the opportunity to really thank Yuu-san for the drawing of the Japanese Kanji for water. For those with an advocacy of paying attention to detail and a continual encouragement to finding the inner passion of photography. Finally my family, especially my wife who put up with my countless times of moaning, groaning and hours sitting behind a closed door struggling with SD cards full of endless images. And lastly Elgee, for his critical eye.


For You

“You made them all by wisdom”


GODZONE May you be uplifted and encouraged by the breathtaking beauty of the following pages.


UP TOWARDS THE VALLEY Someone once said on a clear day you can see forever....they were right !


THE GORGE Many people have their favourite spot for walking, photography and getting away from the hustle and bustle of city life. I have been to the Gorge more than fifteen times and not once have I experienced the same thing. New tunnels, different walkways and hid away streams are discovered with every visit. To achieve my goal in capturing my feelings and thoughts about this piece of landscape, I just could not let get my camera, and a huge backpack get in the way. I would try to “see” more and let the gear just become an extension of my cognitive senses. For this reason I get inspired by every beautiful landscape. From the dunes of Namibia to the plains of the Karoo, where the starry nights form a huge blanket of millions of lights. Thankfully the Gorge is a place where over-crowdedness has still not reached. Maybe it is slightly too far for the normal “get-away-for-the-day” person but it is a photographer’s paradise. 8

THE ARRIVAL Arriving at the main walk you walk through a 1km tunnel. This opens up into the Gorge and you’re faced with a huge valley.

Across the birdge and onto the path


A KALEIDOSCOPE Every part of the walkway shows different colors and gives the opportunity to every possible composition and tone. 10

A JOURNEY The stream begins and a river turns into the valley.........


WINDOWS WALK Looking down towards the hangbridge.............in toy view


LET THE RIVER RUN Is a compilation of tunnels, walkways, streams, and a deciding river that forms the Karangahake Gorge. And lastly it is part of New Zealand’s remote but beautiful and rugged landscapes. Some refer to New Zealand as “Godzone” and quite clearly it displays the handiwork of an awesome Creator and one can never achieve to fully capture the perfect details on camera.


HALFWAY DOWN The river at this stage, roars down and it becomes so loud that most other sounds are completely droned out. 14

WATERSCAPES The patchwork of colors found in sea-and waterscapes effect us in different ways and the sound of water seem to have a calming effect on our emotions..almost like wanting to sit down and catch a quick catnap.......

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R I V E R F L OW From “normal” shutter speed to the magic of slow, silky river flow.


A BRIDGE IN MINIATURE Like a toy bridge this hangs above one of the many confluent rivers at the Gorge. 17

AN ENDLESS GATHERING One of the main rivers flowing down from the top of the Gorge.


CLOSE UP Each small part of a stream forms it’s own little waterfall and scene. 19

FROM THE ROCK SHALL FLOW The rock was struck and water flowed from it.


A SILKY WALK looking up towards the main road.............


A WATERFALL A painting in slow hand . 22

A SURREAL VIEW You have to have a feeling for slowing down time.............


COMPOSITION Transforming miniatures into something more abstract and beautiful. 24


DOUBLE VIEW Everything depends on where the eye is focused............


BYRON And gentle winds, and water near................ 27

A ROCK DOES GATHER MOSS I have often found small landscapes in the moss on the stones, some similar and other completely unpredictable.


UPSTREAM I always try adapting to a scene, standing in freezing water or lying flat on your stomach for the best angleat this stage roars down and it becomes so loud that most other sounds are droned out. 29

VARIATIONS Constantly looking for variations on similar compositional themes and each one seems to find a balance.


WINDOWS WALK Seen from one the tunnels which has four windows.


BEGINNINGS These paths and river streams lead high up into the mountains. Some I think have never been discovered yet.


HALFWAY DOWN The river at this stage roars down and it becomes so loud that most other sounds are droned out.