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Since 1962

2011-2012 Year in Review


Ski & Snowboard Club Vail

Board of Trustees Aldo Radamus

Mountain Host

Executive Director

Vail Resorts

Glenn Davis

Academic Partners


Eagle County Schools Vail Mountain School

Jeff Kirwood Vice Chairman


Phil Hoversten



David Viele Secretary


Several years ago The Club charged itself with becoming the best winter sports club in the world, and today I think I can say that Aldo’s and his capable team’s admirable efforts are bringing the vision into focus and producing tangible results towards the achievement of this worthwhile objective. I think Aldo and all those involved with and supportive of Ski & Snowboard Club Vail should take pride in the considerable accomplishments of the last decade, and take humble pleasure in the efforts other programs are currently making to emulate ours. - Glenn Davis, Chairman of the Board



Ken Deline Phil Duff Ceil Folz John Garnsey Brad Ghent James Harding Tim Itin John Keane Kaia Moritz Steve Santamaria Lindsey Vonn

State of the Club Dear SSCV Membership, Supporters and Interested Parties: As you will read in the specific program reports that follow, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) and our young men and women in the 5 sport programs of Alpine, Nordic, Freestyle, Freeski and Snowboard had an unprecedented year of achievements. From our youngest “Future Stars” competing in the Steadman Clinic Vail Cup, to our alumni and current athletes competing in World Cups and X-Games, 2012 was a year of both personal bests and program milestones. Our academic partnerships with Eagle County Schools (ECS) and Vail Mountain School (VMS) are growing in breadth and depth ensuring that our young athletes are able to pursue their athletic dreams without compromising their academic goals. Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy continued it’s growth to 141 students this past year and the enrollment cap of 161 for 2013 has been met and a waiting list established. In 5 short years, VSSA lists among it’s alumni 7 members of the US Ski and Snowboard Teams and students who have been accepted at competitive Universities and Colleges including Denver University, Dartmouth College, California Polytechnic University, Harvard, University of Colorado, University of Vermont, Middlebury and many others. A foodservice program was successfully established at VSSA serving nutritious and delicious lunches prepared by SSCV’s Chef and her staff and volunteers. As the first, and so far only, publicly funded snow sports academy in North America, VSSA provides accessibility for a broad socio-economic population to pursue their dreams in skiing and snowboarding. The athletic programs in all our sports continue to grow. Approximately half of our over 500 participants are enrolled in Alpine with the balance divided evenly between Nordic, Freestyle, Freeski and Snowboard. Eagle County residents make up nearly 75% of the membership with 20% living in the front range and the remaining 5% coming from other parts of the state, country and overseas. Approximately 2/3 of our membership is 14 years and younger. With growth in enrollment comes increased demands on fundraising efforts. Program fees only cover about 70% of the annual budget. SSCV’s Annual Campaign bridges the “gap” between the fee revenue and the actual expenses of delivering the programs. Our goal is to achieve 100% participation by all families in our annual campaign at a level of personal significance. Thanks to the generosity of our supporters and the hard work of our volunteer and event committees, SSCV has for the 10th year in a row, finished the year in good financial health. Scholarship awards continue to increase from year to year providing opportunity for athletes who might otherwise be limited from participating in SSCV’s programs. I’m most proud that annually 100% of SSCV coaches, administrators and staff donate to the Scholarship Fund supporting the dreams of the young athletes we serve. With the support of many generous Scholarship Fund donors, nearly 20% of the SSCV membership receive assistance annually. A successful $3M Capital Campaign was completed resulting in the new, state of the art, Golden Peak snowmaking system. Whether training in the race lanes, on the mogul course, skiing the Nordic loop or jumping into SSCV’s airbag, all our sports have benefitted from this important initiative which has also attracted teams from all over the world to come as our guests to Vail during November. This past year has also seen the completion of the Nordic trails at Maloit Park and a successful fundraising effort among the Nordic community of SSCV to purchase a brand new Nordic snowcat. Also at the Academy, several state of the art stone grinders and an edge grinder were acquired to offer ski and snowboard tuning services to our members. Currently under construction is an Acrobatic Center which will include several trampolines, a foam pit and small tumbling area for the benefit of our Snowboard, Freestyle and Freeski athletes. Planning is underway and the $1M fundraising effort for the Human Performance and Wellness Center is nearing completion. A very generous challenge match has been established in the amount of $250K by an anonymous donor towards this effort. Once met, SSCV is poised to have planning completed and the stage set for construction on this much needed conditioning and health education facility. In the next phase a Residence Center is proposed to house both student / athletes and staff completing a campus including academic, athletic, administrative and residential facilities in the beautiful natural environment of Maloit Park. Efforts continue in the planned re-development of the SSCV Clubhouse at Golden Peak. An important first step was achieved this year with the approval of a change of zoning allowing the development of 1 to 2 deluxe residential units to fund the construction of a new, larger, much needed clubhouse. When the second story was added to our existing building in 1986, there were just over 100 participants in SSCV programs. Today, nearly 100 staff call the clubhouse home together with over 500 kids. The recent announcement that the Burton US Snowboard Open will take place on Golden Peak for the next 5 years presents an exciting opportunity to guarantee a season long 22’ pipe for our Freeski and Snowboard athletes. A 22’ pipe is both the competition standard for high level halfpipe competitions and provides improved safety for all users as a result of the longer transition from the vertical wall to the flat bottom. A successful fundraising effort to purchase a new pipe cutter will allow us to partner with Vail Resorts who are committed to the significant additional annual cost of building and maintaining a 22’ pipe for the entire season. While there are many exciting plans underway, it is the joy, passion and commitment with which our kids pursue their dreams that validates what we do in pursuing our mission “To provide youth the opportunity for character growth and excellence through athletics”. Thank you all for being part of, supporting and believing in our kids and what we do at Ski & Snowboard Club Vail to serve them. Respectfully yours,

Aldo Radamus, Executive Director


About SSCV Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit charitable organization. Founded in 1962 to provide training and competition programs for aspiring young ski racers, SSCV is one of the Vail Valley’s oldest non-profits. Today, the organization remains true to our roots by instilling the values of character, courage and commitment in more than 500 kids who participate in our on-snow winter sports programs each year. Programs are provided in Alpine, Freeski, Freestyle, Nordic and Snowboarding for all ages, abilities and interests. To date, over 75 SSCV athletes have qualified for U.S. Ski and Snowboard Teams and more than twice that many have gone on to compete for NCAA Division I schools and received athletic scholarships. 11 SSCV alumni were named to the 20112012 U.S. Ski and Snowboard Teams.

MISSION “To provide youth the opportunity for character growth and excellence through athletics.”




“Character, Courage and Commitment”

“To be respected in the community as a leading youth development organization.” “To be recognized as the premier ski and snowboard competition program in the world.”

Human Performance The SSCV Human Performance Program provides the highest level of all-inclusive performance programming for winter sports athletes. Presently working with Olympic, Junior Championship, World Championship, Winter-X Games, Dew Tour and Gatorade Free Flow tour athletes, SSCV Human Performance makes the process all about the “athlete first” utilizing the concepts of top-level assessment, programming and data tracking for each individual. SSCV’s acrobatic and strength/power sport athletes are tested utilizing a Combine 360 style assessment program. SSCV Human Performance then builds out programming for each individual athlete that encompasses all aspects of high-level athletic achievement including, but not limited to, metabolics, movement skills, strength and power, energy system development, flexibility and mobility training, nutrition and sport psychology. SSCV Human Performance prides itself on hiring the very best coaches in the industry to represent SSCV’s “World’s Number One” philosophy. In order for SSCV to stay well ahead of the competition, coaches in the program are held to the highest levels of NGB certification and continuing education standards. Performance partnerships with companies such as Keiser, Power Plate, Woodway, Steadman Clinic, Vail Summit Orthopaedics, Steadman Philippon Research Institute and FMS provide access to equipment and research that makes SSCV Human Performance an industryleading program providing the resources necessary for high achievement in all winter sports.

SSCV Human Performance has provided athletes with a 63% reduction in injuries between those that are in the full-time, 11 month Human Performance program vs. those who choose to train independently.

Injury statistics for U20 age athletes. SSCV Human Performance program vs. independently trained.


Alpine SSCV offers full-time and part time programs for all ages and abilities, from 6 to 20+ years of age, including post graduates. Our Alpine programs include Downhill, Slalom, Giant Slalom and Super G. Alpine programs focus on fundamental skiing, in an environment that is fun, supportive, and conducive to learning. Our week consists of free ski drills, gate training, along with timing as a measure of our athletes’ progress. 263 athletes participated in our Alpine programs in 2011-2012.

2011-2012 Program Highlights „„ US Nationals (age 15+) zz zz

8 men and 4 women qualified SSCV junior athlete placed 1st on the 2nd run of men’s Slalom

„„ J2 Nationals (age 15-16) zz zz zz zz zz zz zz

6 men and 4 women qualified 3rd place men’s Slalom 11th place men’s Super G 4th place men’s Giant Slalom 6th place men’s Giant Slalom 8th place men’s Giant Slalom 1st place men’s Parallel

„„ FIS races (age 15+) zz zz zz zz zz

Men’s Overall and Runner-Up Surefoot Series Individual Winners Women’s Overall Surefoot Series Individual Winner Surfoot Series Overall Team Winner 10 men’s FIS 1st place finishes Men’s Jr. Overall Millennium Cup FIS Championship Winner

„„ J3 Junior Championships (age 13-14) zz


26 athletes qualified

zz zz

4 1st place finishes 6 of 24 podium finishes

„„ J4 Junior Championships (age 11-12) zz zz zz zz zz

38 athletes qualified 8 of 10 1st place finishes 18 of 30 podium finishes 49 of 100 top 10 finishes 6 athletes qualified for Can/Ams

„„ J5/J6 Championships (age 7-8/9-10) zz zz zz zz zz zz zz

44 J5s and 3 J6s qualified 4 of 8 J6 1st place finishes 7 of 24 J6 podium finishes 8 of 8 J5 1st place finishes 22 of 24 J5 podium finishes 60 of 80 J5 top 10 finishes Overall Team Winner

„„ Carver Corps zz zz zz

Overall Boys Team Winner Runner-Up Girls Overall Team Overall Team Winner

„„ Other Achievements zz

4 men and 4 women invited to U16 National Assessments with the U.S. Ski Team

Photo: Kevin Pritchard

- Rika Moore, Youth Alpine Program Director



SSCV is unique in the sense that we have over time built a very strong and successful youth program, which feeds directly into our equally successful men’s and women’s ability teams. We have created a pipeline for our athletes to achieve their highest potential and reach their goals, via a multifaceted, well rounded athletic support and training program.


Photo: Nancy Cole Photography


Snowboard We have a range of Snowboard programs designed for athletes and riders from the age of 5 years old up to post graduate athletes. They include 1 day per week introductory and development programs up to elite athlete programs running 6 days per week, 12 months per year. Speciality programs are also offered for overseas athletes. The SSCV Snowboard program covers all disciplines while working on developing great athletes and enhancing the lives of those participants. 63 athletes participated in our Snowboard programs in 20112012.

2011-2012 Program Highlights „„ World Cup zz

4 athletes qualified

„„ FIS World Juniors zz zz

5 athletes qualified 2nd place women’s Slopestyle

„„ Youth Olympic Games zz

zz zz zz

2 athletes qualified (only one athlete per discipline, per gender, per nation invited) 3rd place women’s Slopestyle 4th place women’s Halfpipe 5th place men’s Slopestyle

„„ X Games zz

2 athletes qualified

„„ Dew Tour zz

8 athletes qualified

„„ US Grand Prix and NorAms zz zz zz zz zz


2 women’s 2nd place finishes 1 women’s 3rd place finish 2 women’s top 10 finishes 6 women’s top 20 finishes 1 men’s top 5 finish

zz zz zz

3 men’s top 10 finishes 6 men’s top 20 finishes 11 men’s top 30 finishes

„„ USSA Revolution Tour zz zz zz zz zz zz zz

1 women’s 3rd place finish 4 women’s top 5 finishes 8 women’s top 10 finishes 1 men’s 1st place finish 1 men’s 3rd place finish 8 men’s top 10 finishes 13 men’s top 20 finishes

„„ USASA Nationals zz zz zz zz

36 athletes qualified 10 1st place finishes 5 2nd place finishes 1 3rd place finish

„„ Other Achievements zz zz

USASA Team – 4 athletes nominated Project Gold – 7 athletes invited


- Ben Boyd, Snowboard Program Director



It was a very successful season for our riders and coaches. Not only did we see amazing athletic growth from all of our athletes, we also saw growth as people and members of our community. This coming season will see many of our athletes placed in a good position to compete for spots on various Olympic teams, our kids looking for another year of progression and our coaching staff continuing to coach “The Stoke” of snowboarding. This, combined with improved training facilities both on and off the snow, including our Acrobatic Center at VSSA, will see our program have all the tools it needs for continued success. We are excited to see what the next season will bring!


Freestyle The SSCV Freestyle programs offer mogul specific programming for athletes ages 8 and up. The programs are designed to introduce younger athletes to the sport and provide the training necessary for them to reach the highest levels of the sport. The programs focus on developing each athlete’s abilities to the fullest in a fun and safe environment. 40 athletes participated our Freestyle programs in 2011-2012.

2011-2012 Program Highlights „„ USSA zz

1 male skier ranked in the top 50 on the USSA overall points list

„„ Junior National Championships zz zz

1 men’s Overall top 10 finish 1 men’s age group podium finish

„„ Rocky Mountain Division zz zz zz zz

8 men’s overall top 10 finishes 4 women’s overall top 10 finishes 9 men’s age group podium finishes 4 women’s age group podium finishes

„„ Other Achievements zz


1 athlete selected for the U.S. Ski Team’s Young Guns Development Program

We had an exciting season. Our oldest athlete experienced high level success and is paving the way for a great group of younger athletes to follow.



- Michael Friedberg, Freestyle Program Director

Freestyle 11

Nordic SSCV offers Nordic programs for all ages and abilities, from the never-ever to the elite Olympic hopeful. Athletes compete in various distances from 1km sprint races to 52km marathons. Nordic includes two techniques - classic and freestyle and is arguably one of the hardest sports on the planet. Our focus is to create sound, fundamental skiing through technique, training, and racing. We utilize the latest training principles along with the latest video analysis techniques to maximize our athletes’ potential. Each of our coaches and programs strive to create an environment that is fun, supportive and conducive to learning. 73 athletes participated in our Nordic programs in 2011-2012.

2011-2012 Program Highlights „„ World Cup zz

3 athletes qualified

„„ Opa Cup/U23 races zz

3 athletes qualified

„„ Junior Nationals zz zz zz zz

9 athletes qualified 3 top 5 finishes 10 top 10 finishes 12 top 20 finishes

„„ Hosted State Championships at the newly built Maloit Park Nordic Trails


What an amazing year! New trails, outstanding families, amazing athletes, and results that far exceeded our goals!


- Dan Weiland, Nordic Program Director




Freeski The SSCV Freeski program offers diverse programming that covers all disciplines of freeride skiing: halfpipe, slopestyle, and big mountain. We have a skilled and experienced coaching staff with backgrounds in all areas of skiing, giving us the tools to develop each athlete’s individual skills. This is a competition program designed for riders from middle school to post-grad with dreams of X Games, Olympic and cliff jumping glory. We can improve the skiing of every aspiring freeski athlete. 70 athletes participated in our Freeski programs in 2011-2012.

2011-2012 Athletic Achievements „„ X Games zz

6 medals won by current SSCV athletes and alumni

„„ Youth Olympic Games zz zz

Only male Freeski athlete invited to represent the U.S. 3rd place men’s Halfpipe

„„ Junior World Championships zz

4 athletes invited

„„ Gatorade Freeflow zz zz

Men’s Superpipe National Champion 3rd straight year Men’s Superpipe Junior National Champion - 2nd straight year

„„ Aspen Open zz zz zz

„„ Big Mountain zz zz

9th place in men’s Superpipe

„„ USASA Nationals zz zz zz


Every VSSA Freeski athlete qualified National Champion and Runner-Up men’s Halfpipe National Champion men’s Skiercross

3rd place 2012 overall junior freeski national ranking Minimum one athlete on podium at each attended event

„„ Other Achievements zz


„„ World Skiing Invitational zz

3rd place men’s Superpipe 1st place women’s Superpipe 3rd place women’s Superpipe



6 athletes invited to USSA’s Project Gold Development Camp Colorado Ski Country Skier of the Month - February 2012 4 Colorado Ski Country All-Star Team Members 3 athletes named to the U.S. Freeskiing Team - Rookie Freeskiing Halfpipe Team

Photo: Getty Images

In an individual sport it is great to see SSCV Freeski function as a team. That dynamic added to the mojo of our 2011-12 results.


- Elana Chase, Freeski Program Director




VSSA Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy (VSSA) was founded in the fall of 2007 as a partnership between the Eagle County School District (ECSD) and Ski & Snowboard Club Vail. VSSA facilitates the world-class, winter sports program provided by SSCV in a fully accredited and certified public school setting. The goal of VSSA is to challenge its student-athletes with a rigorous academic curriculum while supporting a world-class training and competition schedule. VSSA is specifically tailored to provide for the education of its oftentimes far-flung student body as the majority of the student-athletes compete on a national or international level, which entails extensive travel during the school year. For the 2011-2012 school year there were 73 students in grades 5-8 and 76 students in grades 9-12.

2011-2012 Academic Achievements „„ ACT composite – 23 „„ 94% college placement rate „„ 2012 college acceptances zz zz zz zz zz zz zz zz


Sierra Nevada College University of Colorado, Boulder Columbia Middlebury College California Polytechnic State University University of Denver Colorado Mesa University Westminister College

Photo: Zach Mahone

Future Stars The Future Star program progressively develops the ski and snowboard skills of children ages 6-9 in a safe, fun and challenging environment on Vail Mountain. On-snow technical training and participation in the Steadman Clinic Vail Cup events are the basis of this program. The goal at this age is to open the possibilities by exposing the athletes to four different ski disciplines (Alpine, Freeski, Freestyle, and Nordic) that SSCV offers. A strong fundamental skill base allows children to develop their personal potential and specialize in their future area of interests. There is no better way for kids to learn about their potential, limits, friendships, sportsmanship while learning a lifelong pastime. Future Stars athletes acquire the very best skiing and riding skills along the way as well as an introduction to safety, etiquette and competition arena protocols.


Annual Awards Walter Kirsch Character, Courage and Commitment Award Sylvan Ellefson Season Nominees: Hunter Bailey Breeam Brandenburg Naomi Harding Jesse Isenhart Molly McGrew Ryan Noell River Radamus Hunter Salani Katie Scruggs Christian Shanley Eva Spaeh Florian Szwebel Travis Tafoya Camilla Trapness Zane Worrell C3 Winners: November – Christian Shanley December – Florian Szwebel January – Katie Scruggs February – Eva Spaeh March – River Radamus April – Sylvan Ellefson

Zella Gorsuch Memorial Award For the greatest contribution to advancement of skiing in the Vail area. PJ Jenick

The Vi and Byron Brown Volunteerism Award

Downhill Racer

Outstanding Performance in Alpine Skiing

Volunteer of the Year Award

Greta Byrne

Presented to the SSCV athlete with the most outstanding performances in DH and Super G.

Kim McGrew

Outstanding Performance in Freestyle Skiing

Rachael DesRochers

The George Rau Coaching Excellence Award Coach of the Year Elana Chase – Freeski Program Director

The Gaynor Miller Leadership Presented annually to the SSCV athlete who exhibits the highest standards of Sportsmanship, Teamwork and Dedication. This athlete’s overall performance is an example to be followed. Zac Fedrizzi - Freeskiing Finalists: Alpine Ability – Christoph Niederhauser Freestyle – Tyler Jones Snowboard – Travis Tafoya Nordic – Eva Spaeh

Adrian Kearney Award Presented annually to a graduating Alpine Age Class athlete who exhibits a true passion for skiing and a love for life in the mountains. Paul Cuthbertson


Les Streeter Cup Awards

Hunter Bailey

Outstanding Performance in Freeskiing


Broby Leeds

Development Snowboard Club

Outstanding Performance in Snowboarding

Female Athlete of the Year: Timberlyn Sekelik Male Athlete of the Year : Jack Coyne Sportsmanship Award: Reed Courtney Most Dedicated: Jake Leventhal Most Improved: David Langley

Zoe Kalapos

Outstanding Performance in Nordic Skiing Sylvan Ellefson

Craig Kelly Memorial Award Presented annually to the SSCV Snowboard athlete who demonstrates the finest combination of athletics, citizenship and academic excellence. Ryan Wachendorfer

The Thomas Pitcher Jr Achievement Award Presented annually to the SSCV athlete who demonstrates the highest level of commitment to the sport of ski racing and academic excellence. Clay Kirwood

Middle/High School Team Female Athlete of the Year: Zoe Kalapos Male Athlete of the Year: Jake Pates Sportsmanship Award: Breeam Brandenburg Most Dedicated: Ryan Wachendorfer Most Improved: Cameron Chaney

Pro Team Female Athlete of the Year: Indigo Monk Male Athlete of the Year: Zack Black Sportsmanship Award: Mikaela Casey Most Dedicated: Stephanie Magiros Most Improved: Joey Mensch




Development Freeski Club

Middle School

Carver Corps

Female Athlete of the Year: Jordan Glendining Male Athlete of the Year: Finn Andersson Sportsmanship Award: Owen Salamunovich Most Dedicated: Zach Stockton & Cyrus Sprow  Most Improved: Montana McLaughin

Female Athlete of the Year: Maddie Donovan Male Athlete of the Year: Ian Hardenbergh Sportsmanship Award: Gracie Shanley Most Dedicated: Nolan Herzog & Eric Zdechlik Most Improved: Emma Blakslee & Lyle Shipp

Female Athlete of the Year: Phoebe Heaydon Male Athlete of the Year: Brooks Hauser Sportsmanship Award: Ryan Cole Most Dedicated: Emma Kate Burns Most Improved: Gigi Kelsey

Big Mountain Club

High School

Arc Force J5

Female Athlete of the Year: Anna Suszynski Male Athlete of the Year: Kevin Nichols Sportsmanship Award: Christian Nichols Most Dedicated: Erik Hilb Most Improved: Zeke Pierce

Female Athlete of the Year: Hannah Hardenbergh Male Athlete of the Year: Christian Shanley Sportsmanship Award: Aleksei Horn Most Dedicated: Sally Ryerson Most Improved: Christian Kloser

Female Athlete of the Year: Cleo Braun Male Athlete of the Year: Henry Heaydon Sportsmanship Award: Allie Resnick Most Dedicated: Austin Obourn Most Improved: Caroline Jones

Lower School


Arc Force J4

Male Athlete of the Year: Jesse Ridler Sportsmanship Award: Matt P’ng Most Dedicated: Izak Little Most Improved: Pearson Black

High School Team Female Athlete of the Year: Kendall Deighan Male Athlete of the Year: Aaron Blunck Sportsmanship Award: Zac Fedrizzi Most Dedicated: Jake Cummings Most Improved: Bobby Sonntag

Devo Female Athlete of the Year: Mallory Skidmore Male Athlete of the Year: Maddux Rose Sportsmanship Award: Maggie Berger Most Dedicated: Kai Owens Most Improved: Finn Sapp & Maggie Skidmore

Mogul Team Female Athlete of the Year: Erin Coyne Male Athlete of the Year: Hunter Bailey Sportsmanship Award: Tyler Jones Most Dedicated: Matt Leseur Most Improved: Chris Leseur

Future Stars Female Athlete of the Year: Shu Avery Male Athlete of the Year: Hunter Salani Sportsmanship Award: Zoe Palmer Most Dedicated: Alec Bruno Most Improved: Andrea Aziz

Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy VSSA Lower School Student of the Year: Tess Johnson VSSA Upper School Student of the Year: Molly McGrew VSSA Winter Tutorial Student of the Year: Zoe Spanos VSSA Terresa Herbst Teacher of the year: Bindu Pomeroy VSSA Volunteer of the Year: Amy Holm

Female Athlete of the Year: Paula Cooper Male Athlete of the Year: Colby Lange Sportsmanship Award: Dylan Fiore & Michael Resnick Most Dedicated: Jake Dippy & Jessica McMurtry Most Improved: Haley Frischholz

Ability/J3 Women Athlete of the Year: Megan McGrew Sportsmanship Award: Rachael Desrochers Most Dedicated: Anna Martin Most Improved: Sasha Horn

Ability/J3 Men Athlete of the Year: Alex Leever Sportsmanship Award: Tagert Mueller Most Dedicated: Sean McCormick Most Improved J3: Sands Simonton Most Improved Ability: Bryan Bailey


2011-2012 Special Events i.

SWAP October 28 – October 30, 2011

ii. Early Season Training November 2 – December 9, 2011

The 42nd Annual Ski & Snowboard SWAP was held October 28 – 30, 2011 at the Dobson Ice Arena in Vail. The SWAP is a long-standing community tradition and for many locals it kick starts their excitment for the upcoming ski season. The sale is known to be the year’s best deals on new and used ski and snowboard equipment and with products ranging from everything from alpine, snowboard, telemark and nordic equipment to winter clothing and accessories such as helmets, gloves and goggles. SSCV staffed the entire event with over 300 volunteers from our membership. The SWAP is SSCV’s longest standing fundraiser and all proceeds from the event benefit the club’s Annual Campaign.

In three years of operation, Vail has become known world wide as being the best location for training during the month of November. Over 60 visiting groups including national teams from Austria, Czech Republic, Canada, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Russia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, France, and the U.S. plus many other, clubs, academies, and colleges from across the U.S. trained on Golden Peak’s race hill, mogul lane and air bag lane for over 5 weeks before most ski areas were even open. Not only is the early season training a unique opportunity for SSCV athletes to practice alongside the world’s best, but most importantly, SSCV athletes are able to get their pre-season training at home without missing school and at no additional expense for travel. In addition, the exposure of Vail around the world benefits the Vail community, its visitors, and SSCV athletes at what is usually a slow time for ski areas.

iii. Celebration of Winter November 5, 2011

The Annual Celebration of Winter gala is SSCV’s largest and most important fundraising event each year benefitting the club’s Annual Campaign. Held at Larkspur restaurant at the base of Vail’s Golden Peak, the evening kicked off with a cocktail party for all SSCV members. Guests were greeted with a glass of Korbel champagne and mingled while bidding on their favorite silent auction items. SSCV alumni and current US Ski & Snowboard Team members were in attendance to celebrate the beginning of the season. The cocktail party concluded with a fashion show featuring products from SSCV’s official suppliers, Descente/DNA and Under Armour. Following the cocktail party, SSCV’s Leadership Council, donors who contribute gifts of $1500 or more to the Annual Campaign, were celebrated during an appreciation dinner. A delicious meal was prepared by Larkspur and a handful of large ticket items were auctioned between courses.

iv. Steadman Clinic Vail Cup January 22, February 12, March 11 and March 18, 2012

In 1963, the newly formed Ski Club Vail hosted its first Rocky Mountain Ski Association race, and the Vail Cup was born. More than 40 years later, the Steadman Clinic Vail Cup was renewed as an exciting and challenging series of events encompassing all programs offered by SSCV free to all participants. The 2012 Steadman Clinic Series featured 4 events in January, February and March. Participants age 3 – 14 on skis and snowboards competed in a combination of alpine racing, half pipe, slopestyle, big air, moguls, and nordic skiing. Competitions were held on Vail Mountain and at the Vail Nordic Center. Thanks to the generous support of Vail Cup sponsors, the series was free and open to children under the age of 15. With over 1000 starts during the series, the Steadman Clinic Vail Cup was a popular event for many of the Vail Valley’s youth and an excellent introduction to snowsport competitions.


v. East West Partners Town Series December 2011- March 2012

For nearly 50 years SSCV has been hosting events at both a world class and citizens level. The longest running and most popular has been the local Town Series. With the addition of nordic racing events a few years ago, the East West Partners Town Series offered a race avenue for snowsports enthusiasts of all ages. The 2011-2012 series took place over 11 weeks from December – March. Participants as young as 5 and as seasoned as 60+ years old participated in this year’s races. The East West Partners Town Series had two event types – nordic racing and gate racing for skiers, snowboarders and telemarkers. Freestyle, classic, sprint and relay nordic races for competitors of all ages were held at Golden Peak, the Vail Nordic center and Maloit Park. Town Series events at Golden Peak for competitors age 21 and older included slalom, giant slalom, and super giant slalom races. The series cumulated in crowing local Town Champions in all disciplines.

vi. MacDermid NorAm Cup February 2-7, 2012

The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association’s NorAm Series is an international level ski race circuit for competitors striving to obtain World Cup status. With World Cup starts on the line, this series attracts some of the top skiers from North America and Europe. As a premier international ski race, spectators had a chance to watch the next generation of World Champions as many of the NorAm competitors are members of national teams and current World Cup athletes. SSCV was proud to host 2 giant slaloms and 2 slaloms on Golden Peak for approximately 140 men and 100 women Feb. 2-7, 2012. This was the most important Alpine race held on Vail Mountain since the 1999 World Championships. Thanks to the event’s generous title sponsor, MacDermid, $20,000 in prize money was awarded to the top three men and women in the 8 events.

vii. USSA Marriott J3 Alpine Junior Championships March 3-10, 2012

viii. Snowshoe Scavenger Hunt March 1, 2012

ix. Downhill Dash March 3, 2012

The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association’s Marriott Junior Championships are showcase events for junior aged athletes in alpine, cross country, freestyle, nordic combined and ski jumping. They are often the launching pad for future U.S. Ski Team stars. Organized by local USSA clubs, the Marriott Junior Championships, now in their 35th season, are recognized by the USSA and the U.S. Olympic Committee. SSCV hosted the 2012 series for J3 alpine racers from the Rocky/Central region. 165 athletes age 13-14 competed in slalom, giant slalom, super giant slalom and dowhnill races in Vail the week of March 3-10, 2012. Life long memories were created as SSCV played the perfect host. From an athlete bowling party at Bol to superior race conditions, the event and race organizing committees executed the event flawlessly. The 2013 J3 Junior Championships will return to the Vail Valley for a second consecutive season in March. The 2nd Annual Snowshoe Scavenger Hunt was held on March 1st at the Broken Arrow and the Arrowhead ski area, part of Beaver Creek resort. This exciting event is a scholarship fundraiser featuring a silent auction and chili dinner at the conclusion of the “hunt”. Teams of 4 went orienteering by snowshoe around Arrowhead resort picking up clues and racing to the subsequent checkpoints. Champions were crowned at the end of the event with winners representing adventurous and more adventurous categories. The Downhill Dash is a ski/ride-a-thon benefitting SSCV’s Scholarship Fund. The 3rd annual Downhill Dash grew substantially in 2012 and with the addition of electronic pledge solicitation, athletes were able to take their fundraising viral. In addition to being a fundraiser, on March 3rd athletes participated in a Vertical Challenge where they competed to ski or ride the most amount of vertical feet in one day. Vertical was tracked with Vail Resort’s EpicMix and participants who ski or rode the most vertical won prizes. In addition, a $500 SSCV scholarship was awarded to the participant who raised the most donations.


Financials Scholarship Fund Expenses

Financial Overview Gifts to SSCV 2011-2012


Travel Scholarships Program Scholarships Total

$179,492 $223,812

The total reflects paid contributions received during the fiscal year May 1, 2011 – April 30, 2012

Annual Campaign


Scholarship Fund


Capital Campaign


Funds raised to support the club’s annual operating budget

Gifts to support financial aid for program fees

Donations raised for program enhancements, specific projects and facilities

Scholarship Fund Revenue

Fundraising Events Donations Total


$23,873 $169,564 $193,437



General Fund Operating Expenses

The Gap In order to keep our programs affordable, SSCV offers discounted program fees. Program fees only cover 65 - 75% of the actual cost of providing athletic programs, creating a deficit (gap) of nearly $800,000 that must be raised annually to run SSCV.




$517,339 $2,222,760

Payroll and Expenses

The shortfall in our operating budget is raised though the Annual Campaign by individual and corporate donations, fundraising events, and hosting competitions.



General Fund Revenues Grants




Sponsorships & Competitions


Fundraising Events




Program Revenue Total

$2,255,241 $3,027,005

Net Income



Donors It is through the generous support of our donors that SSCV continues its mission to provide youth the opportunity for character growth and excellence through athletics. Thank you to the following supporters who have made gifts to Ski & Snowboard Club Vail during the 2011-2012 season running May 1, 2011 – April 30, 2012. The following names have been carefully reviewed. Please accept our apologies if you find any errors or omissions and contact us at 970.790.5122 so that we may correct our records. Leadership Council Legacy Anonymous Julie and Dan Leever The Les Streeter Group Diamond Lori and Grady Durham Cynnie and Peter Kellogg Platinum Anonymous Alice Ruth and Ron Alvarez Borgen Family Foundation Carolyn and Helge Weiner-Trapness Karen and Brad Ghent Vail Resorts Gold Anonymous Jana and Fred Bartlit The Donohue Foundation Maria and Blair Hayes Anne-Marie and John Keane Tina Nielsen and Andy Littman Angie and Dwight Merriman Ali and Kevin Rodney Debbie and Jim Shpall Site Resource Management


Silver Anonymous Elaine and Michael Ackerman Shannon and Todger Anderson Molly and Steve Avery Kim and Scott Balfanz Betsy and Mike Cuthbertson Glenn Davis The Kenneth DeLine Family Kim and Rick Dilling Dana and Barry Dorfman Jen and Mike Drolet Ali and John Fallon Cynthia and Victor Frandsen Marcus Galehr Vicky and John Garnsey Amy and Claes Holm Louise Young & Brian Hoyt Nina and Tim Itin Sarah and Rob Kilgore Jeff and Brenda Kirwood Liz and Gary Leeds Sharon and Greg Maffei Kim and Kelly McGrew Terri and Mike Noell Nora and Keith Pykkonen Sara and Aldo Radamus Annalisa and Adam Savin Cathy and Scott Soden Laura and Lewis Strong Tina and Conrad Suszynski The Tyree Family Kelly and Scott Valent

Randy Viola Kristi and Peter Wells Kate and Ed Williams Heather and Mike Young Bronze Anonymous (2) The Alfond Family Heidi Archer, M.D. AST Mechanics, Inc. Suzi and Mike Bailey Family The Bervy Family Kelly and Jimmy Brinkerhoff Kelly and Brian Carey Kirsten and Tim Collins Anya and Howard Cooper Nigel Cooper Kevin Deighan Robin Deighan Lisa and Rob Gile Tracy McCoy Gillette Gary Gilman Neal Groff Lynda and Jim Harding Kimberly and Jon Hauser Carol and Ray Hilliard Christie and Karl Hochtl Louise and Phil Hoversten James Jensen Lauren and Peter Lange Rochelle and Toby Leonard The Mactaggart 3rd Fund Linda and Mac McDonald

Sarah and Peter Millett The P’ng Family Mary and Dick Pownall Steve Santamaria Susan and John Santaniello Guy Scott Skea The Skidmore Family The Spessard Family Beth and Kevin Starkey Kim and Eric Strauch Dan Stripp David Stueber Surefoot The Swenson Foundation Sandy and Chris Tierney The Trueblood Family Suzi and Matt Upton Vail Valley Jet Center Lindsey Vonn Lydia and John Woodard VSSA Founders John Trueblood Annual Campaign Donors Anonymous (2) Aziz Family Anne and Mark Barounos Holly and Ryan Beavers Bite Tech Inc. Connie and Hobson Black Lisa and Michael Blunck

Gail and Kurt Brandt Richard and Lise Carnes Chris Carroll Sounia and Michael Chaney Nancy and John Cole Erin and Michael Collins Comcast Community Banks of Colorado Sheryl Miller-Cook and Christopher Cook Pamela and David Decker Kathy and Brett Derwin Rosie and Mark DeRochers James Donohue Kerry Donovan First Data Corporation Deborah and Paul Ford Laura and Leonard Frieder Margie and Tom Gart Doris and Matt Gobec Ziggy Gosiewski Sheika and Pepi Gramshammer Jennifer and Jim Harnick Nina Hinnendael Kevin Hoffman Bill Jensen Marsha Kitch Jodi and John Knight Judi and Adam Leseur Deb and John Martin Jenifer and Lance Marx Jeanette and John McMurtry Derek Metz Edward Miller

Kaia and Misha Moritz Ronda and Daniel Niederhauser Michael Norvell Tish and Zane Palmer Performance Ski Inc. Elizabeth Woodhull and Greg Perkins Allison and Michael Platt Elliott M Ross Robert Schilling Teak and Cliff Simonton The Smith/Marzario Family Les Stern Cindy Suplizio Nadine and Christopher Tanis Susie and Ted Vickerman Cameron and Tyler Wolfe Cheryl and Conrad Woodland Andrey Zaytsev Kevin Zimmerman Domini and Troy Zopf Capital Campaign Donors Anonymous (5) Alpine Bank Shannon and Todger Anderson Dana and Tom Braun The Cole Family The DeLine Family Jane and Matt Donovan – Vail Honeywagon Lori and Grady Durham Karen and Brad Ghent

The Hardenbergh Family Stan Hogfeldt - Eagle Valley Surveying Nina and Tim Itin Maria and Steven Kalapos Anne-Marie and John Keane Vanessa Kerzner Liz and Gary Leeds Julie and Dan Leever Kristin and Chuck Lohmiller Linda and Mac McDonald Monroe & Newell Engineers, Inc. Kaia and Misha Moritz Pates Family Foundation Elizabeth Woodhull Perkins Nora and Keith Pykkonen Sara and Aldo Radamus Wendy and Paul Raether RMT Architects Rowan Family Foundation Cindy and Tony Ryerson Annalisa and Adam Savin Site Resource Management Cathy and Scott Soden Saundra and Hannes Spaeh Tina and Conrad Suszynski Suzanne and Michael Tennenbaum K.H. Webb Architects Maria and Heinz Weiland Scholarship Fund Donors Anonymous (16) Adrian Kearney Memorial Scholarship Jane Albert Susan Albert Peter J. Alexander The Alfond Family Gordon Allen Laurel Ames Shannon and Todger Anderson Anita Anthony Nikita Apostol Grandpa Archer Juan C. Aziz

Benjamin Babbitt Suzie and Mike Bailey Family Kim and Scott Balfanz Samantha Ballinger Meg and Todd Ballinger Anne Barounos Elizabeth Baur Roger A. Behler Mark Belcher Kathy Bellamy Ray Jay Benoit The Bervy Family Erin Beskid Hobson Black Lois Black Suzy Black Carolyn and Denny Block Brett Borgard Richard Bourret Mary BovaConti Kelli and Jeff Brausch Monika Brickson Kelly and Jimmy Brinkerhoff Patrick Brown Ingvild and Stuart Benton Brown Luca Bruno Susan and Dano Bruno Holly Bryson Donald Burdick Molly Burgess Carrie A. Burt Michael Byrne Byrne Family Susan Cain Pam and Mike Camp Charles Campisi Kimberly Cantor Canwest Ventures, Inc. Card 1 Inc. Kelly and Brian Carey Peer, Lise and Richard Carnes Barbara Carpinelli James Carr Karen Carr Chris Carroll Marian Cartin

Tanya Caruso Robin Chace Sounia Nejad and Michael Chaney Rachel Chaney Kimberly Chelain Sally Christman Jeff Clevenger Nancy and John Cole Sharon Cole Donald Cook Nigel Cooper Anya and Howard Cooper The Coudouy Family Nicholas Courtens Barney Crook Giorgianna Cuneo Cathy and David Cunningham Amy Daignalt Jay Daignault Linda Daignault Bryan Daino Graham Danzoll Mary and David Davies Shelia Davis Carey Davis Pamela Decker Morgan DeGree Kayla Delahanty Jennifer Delaney The DeLine Family Connie and Will DeRuve Mark DesRochers Nicole Dewell Nicole Dews Bruce Dines Mr. and Mrs. John Dobbs Tanya Dobyns Donny LeBlanc Personal Training Grampa Doug Erika Dowe-Fitzgerald Annelisa Drew Katherine Driscoll Jen and Mike Drolet Raylene Duman Mari Duncan Lori and Grady Durham

Hillary Dyroff Allison Ebbets Dannin Eccles Chance Edgerly Elaine Edinburg Lisa Efraimson Nicklas Eggebrecht Baur Elizabeth Mary B. Engstrom Debbie Epifanio Joy Epifanio Denise Erhart Jennie Fancher Mike Farny Allison Farrand Carol Fauconnier Shannon Fedrizzi Robert Fenstermacher Chris and Jack Ferguson Alex Ferriera John Flanagan Cookie and Jim Flaum Gritt Fleischer Cynthia and Victor Frandsen Stephen Frangos Iva Frank Laura and Bill Frick Kimberly Ganz Brad and Karen Ghent Bridger Gile Linda Gillie Jeff Gilman Mike Gish James Glendining Bill Gooch Donald Greenfield Ed Greenman Kim Grimmer Peter Guilford Ronnie Guillot Pam Guy Valerie and Robert Gwyn Bruce Hamlin Samantha Hancock Zachariah Hanna William Harlow

Karen Harsch Jim Hasalm John Hathaway Kimberly and Jon Hauser Maria and Blair Hayes Julie Heaydon Michael Hecht Grant Heileman Dennis Heipt Gretchen Hennum Jeff Hensien Amy Hermes Robin Hernreich Grant Herzog Ann and David Hicks Margo Hields Penny Hietala Karl Hochtl Amy and Claes Holm Tiffany Hoversten Marisol Hovey Emmy Hoyt Louise Young and Brian Hoyt Marguerite Hubbert Jay and Kirk Huffard Brandon Hunt Jill and Chip Isenhart Nina and Tim Itin Carol Jaffe PJ Jenick Carol and TJ Johnson Ronda Jones Elena Jones Melissa Jones Michael Joseph Brian Judge June and Peter Kalkus Wendy Kalakus Julie Kamper Andrew Kaplan Karats Anne-Marie and John Keane Preston Kelsey John Kemp David Kendall Carol Kern

Gary Kime Peter J. Kinsella Matthew Kirchgasler Brenda and Jeff Kirwood Marsha Kitch Heidi Kloser Mary Koeker Kate Korbet Ann L’Esperance Julian La Barre Lauren and Peter Lange Leslie Langley Lara Large Larkburger Larkspur Restaurant Christina Lautenberg Elizabeth Sullivan Liz and Gary Leeds Les Streeter Group Judi and Adam Leseur Martina Lettovska  Jake Leventhal Amy Levine Scott Lindall Sarah Linton Julia Littman Tina Nielsen and Andy Littman Amy Livran Susi and Jay Livran Ian Lochhead Kristin and Chuck Lohmiller Jill Lohmiller The Lucas Family Tim Luzckow Paul Macaluso Kathy MacLeod The Mactaggart 3rd Fund Kathy Macy Sharon and Greg Maffei Billy Mann Euginnia C. Manseau Simon Marsh Jenifer and Lance Marx Joan and Bill Mashburn Alec Mauro Delisa Mayer


Jennie McCabe Dan McCarthy James McCloskey Sean McCormick Sharon and David McCormick Parker McDonald Michele McElreath Ella McGuffin Shawn McLaughlin James Robert McMaster Jeanette and John McMurtry Charles B. McNeill George McNeill Lauri Medina Randy Mehrberg Joseph Mensch Angie and Dwight Merriman Scott M. Meyers Jeff Miller Sarah and Peter Millett Travis Mills Mk Adventures Rika Moore Kaia and Misha Moritz Robert Moroney Jay Moyer Ken Murer Sam Murphy Hal Naiman Peter Neidecker Fereshteh Nejad Joyce and Woody Newton Michele Nichols Terri and Mike Noell Nordica Ron & Edie Norris Michael Norvell Stephanie Novosad Chris O’Brien Peter O’Brien Tim O’Donnell Mary Beth Ottley The P’ng Family Joyce Palmer Tish Palmer Amy Pates


Phillip Patterson Carol Pattison William D. Pattison James Pavelich Leslie Pavelich Eric Pepper Houston Perkins Gus Pernetz Erik Perseseu Jay K Peterson Lindy Phannenstiel Crawford Pierce Allison Platt Kathy and Roy Plum POC Gale Potter Courtney Presutti Marcus Price Nora and Keith Pykkonen Racing Development Inc. Sara and Aldo Radamus Christopher Randall Carolee Ransley Josh Raymond Derek Redd Lisa Reeder Richard Replin Carl Richardson Michelle Ridler RKG Sales Justin Roach Susan Robie Julie Robison Rocky Mountain Events Rocky Mountain Masters Ali and Kevin Rodney Helen Roelli Lance W. Rose Michael Rothfeld Jarret Rubis Sally Ryerson Mae Sabatino Sage Bush Ltd. Kimberly Salani David Salvin Glenn Samuelson

Annalisa and Adam Savin Sarah Sawyer Garrett Scahill Thomas Schlader Natalie Schroeder Michael Schumacher Frederic Scripps Leland Sedberry Steven Sekelik Cristina Shipp Erickson Shirley Robert Sim Stephanie Simenstad Cliff Simonton Lisa Sinopoli The Skidmore Family Brett Snyder Cathy and Scott Soden Robert Sonntag Eileen Sordi Kara Sordi Semon Richard Spanos Gina and Stephen Spessard Erin Stege Steiner-King Foundation Gaye Steinke John Stevens Grant Stewart Tye Stockton Kim and Eric Strauch Jennifer Strehler Sherri & Rick Strickler Elizabeth Sullivan Cindy Suplizio Tina and Conrad Suszynski Trista Sutter Nancy Sweeney The Symons Family Cipriano Tafoya Thomas Talbot Douglas Tansill Cynthia Tassone Technica USA Kelsey Teran Elijah Teter Gabrielle Theriault

Alexandra Theriault Keith Thompson Carl Thompson Randy Thrall Sandy and Chris Tierney Shawna Topor DJ Torroni Jana Trombetta The Trueblood Family Polly Tucker Penny Turilli Suzi and Matt Upton Jean Urquhart Vail Snow Sports Foundation Kelly and Scott Valent Mees Van Den Berg Sabine Taal and Martinus Van den Berg Elizabeth Van Diepen Kirk VanHee Gelasio Velasco Ted Vickerman Charley Viola Volkl Chuck Wachendorfer Greg Walton Leslie Ward Gary Wehner Michael Wehrle Daniel Weiland Amy Weiss Allison Welsh Georgia Wettlaufer Mitch Whiteford David Williams Michael Williams Sally Willis Kelly Wilson Kendall Wilson Michael F. Wommack Margaret Wood Nicholas Wood Lydia and John Woodard Cheryl and Conrad Woodland Rob Worrell Heather and Mike Young

Jill Zadrozna Jon Zdechlik Keut Zellrer Donna Zenz Domini and Troy Zopf David Zweig

Sponsors Ski & Snowboard Club Vail would like to extend our warmest gratitude to our 2011-2012 season event sponsors & club partners for their wonderful support and generosity. And a very special thank you to Vail Resorts and the Eagle County School District for their incredible support!

Alpine Bank Anheuser-Busch AppleJack Wine & Spirits Borgen Family Foundation Christy Sports Columbine Bakery Descente Dusty Boot Eagle County School District East West Partners Fuller BCV Sotheby’s International Realty Fuxi Racing USA Global Rescue Golden Bear High Country Copiers Howard Head JP’s Old Forge Pizza Korbel Larkburger Larkspur MacDermid Manor Vail Lodge Meadow Creek Discount Tire Mt. Borah Muscle Milk/CytoSport

Northwestern Mutual Pazzo’s Pizzeria Pink Monkey Solutions Prinoth Prosper Studios Pure Barre Republic National Distributing Company Smartwool Sneak Peak Sportube SRD Sugarlicious The George The Steadman Clinic Tivoli Lodge Town of Vail TV8 Under Armour Vail Daily Vail Honeywagon Vail Integrated Medical Group Vail Mountain School Vail Recreation District Vail Resorts Vail Resorts Echo

Vail Summit Orthopaedics Vail Valley Foundation Village Market Volkl Wall Street Insurance Wintersteiger Yama Sushi


Volunteers Ski & Snowboard Club Vail cannot exist without the incredible support and dedication of all our members and friends. Thank you for volunteering for the 2011-2012 season! The following names have been carefully reviewed. Please accept our apologies if you find any errors or omissions and contact us at 970.790.5121 so that we may correct our records.

Danielle Adams Harvey Adams Terry Adams Sue Anderson Andrea Andersson Finn Andersson Linnea Andersson Mats Andersson Anita Anthony Ragan Anthony Wes Anthony Brendan B. Archer Heidi K. Archer Jose Antonio Ascencio Andres Ascencio Antonio Ascencio Chris Aubel Hunter Bailey Jeff Bailey Kelli Bailey Mike Bailey Suzi Bailey Clare F. Baker Mary Anne Baker Bake Baker Lee Baker Kelly S. Balfanz Kimberly A. Balfanz Scott J. Balfanz Andrew Ballinger Ava Ballinger Craig Ballinger Meg Ballinger


Todd Ballinger Alex Barounos Anne Barounos Jacquie Barrett Adil M. Basyildiz Arzu Basyildiz Bora Basyildiz Jeff Baumer Colleen A. Baz Liz Simpson Behlendorf Shawn Behlendorf Bryan Bellows John Beltracchi Jennifer Berger Karl Berger Amie Bervy Sasha Bilow Connie Black Hobson Black Pearson Black Ruby Black Katie Blakslee Aaron Blunck Lisa Blunck Cameron Booher Olivia R. Boomhower Wendy L. Boomhower Gail Brandt Kurt Brandt Taylor Brandt Christine Braun Dana Braun Jeff Braun

Nick Braun Tom Braun Kelli M. Brausch Dan Bremel Melinda Brill Kelly Brinkerhoff Becky Brown Geo Brown Ariana E. Bruno Liam H. Bruno Dano Bruno Jenn Bruno Luca Bruno Austin Buck Carrie Burt Jesse Callender Lise Carnes Peer Carnes Richard Carnes Geralyn Carroll Rich Carroll Cameron M. Chaney Michael W. Chaney Roxanna H. Chaney Skylar N. Chaney Sounia N. Chaney Brandon Charles Kimberly Chelain Doreen Clevenger Jeffrey Clevenger John R. Cole Nancy Cole Sharon Cole

Thomas Cole Michelle Colley Erin T. Collins Katie Collins Michael Collins Ryan Collins Christopher Cook Quintin Cook Anya Cooper Kate Cooper Paula Cooper Carol Coudouy Dave Coulter Marcia Coulter Reed W. Courtney Sonya L. Courtney Kimberly R. Cowan Jake Cummings Betsy Cuthbertson Mike Cuthbertson Mary Davies Carey Davis Quin Davis Todger Davis David C. Decker Pamela W. Decker Isabelle D. DeForest Reynolds Robin Deighan Callan K. DeLine Kenneth E. DeLine Brett Derwin Colbey Derwin Kathy Derwin

Mark DesRochers Andy S. Dewell Nicole Dewell Martin W. Dews Nicole L. Dews Jacob Dilling Kim Dilling Bruce Dines Brad Dippy Jake Dippy Brandon M. Dodds Dylan B. Dodds Yvonne M. Dodds John Donaldson Kerry Donovan Matt Donovan Pragati J. Doshi Katey Driscoll Lee Driscoll C. Raylene Duman Kurt Dunlap Mickie Eggebrecht Marcy Eisenhauer Mike Eisenhauer Sylvan Ellefson James Ellis Jon Patrick Emal Debbie Epifanio Darren (Barney) Epifanio Denise Erhart Ali Fallon Burke Fancher Gil Fancher

Mike Farny Mindee Fiore Erika Dowe Fitzgerald Gail A. Flesher Michael Folwell Deborah Ford Paul Ford Federico Forquera Alan Frackowiak Inge Framberg Haley L. Frischholz Paisley L. Frischholz Stephan Frischholz Zach Gajewski Zach Gentile Brad Ghent Karen Ghent Rob Gile Linda Hill Gillie Bruce Gillie Kevin Gillie Gary Gilman Jeff Gilman Mitch Gilman Carolyn Godfrey Lisa Gonzales-Gile Ashleigh Gore Theron Gore John Goss Peter Guilford Ronald B. Guillot Laurence Guilmineau Maria Guizar

Andrew Gunther Charlotte Gunther Elizabeth Gunther Stephen Gunther Debbie Haderle Jean Hadley Gordon Hardenbergh James Harding Jennifer B. Harnick Jim P. Harnick Katherine B. Harnick Hailey E. Harsch Kaitlyn K. Harsch Caleb Harsch Karen Harsch Jon B. Hauser Kimberly F. Hauser Blair Hayes Maria Hayes Craig Heaydon Julie Heaydon Gerard Heid Heidi Heid Chris Heiden Nicole Heiden Gretchen Hennum Katelin Hennum Tim Hennum Amy Hermes Grant Herzog Kelly Herzog Nolan Herzog Jamie Hijmans

Susan L. Hildreth-Bruno Nina Hinnendael Amy Holm Claes Holm Jacob F. Holmes Martha S. Holmes Aleksei Horn Fraser Horn Kristen Horn Sasha Horn Chris Hoss Lissa Hostetler Brian Hoyt Kendra Hoyt Palmer Hoyt Chip Isenhart Jill Isenhart Heju Jemison Steve Jemison Malin Johnsdotter Carol Johnson Derek Johnson Adam Jones Caroline Jones Elena Jones Linda Jones Tyler Jones Brian Judge Nicole Judge Maria Kalapos Steve Kalapos Matt Kamper Surya Kant

Anne-Marie Keane Donald Kelley Gigi Kelsey Preston Kelsey Trey Kelsey Alayna Kidd Riley J. Kilgore Robert J. Kilgore Sarah J. Kilgore Peter J. Kinsella Tracy L. Kinsella Brenda Kirwood Clay Kirwood Jeff Kirwood Marsha Kitch Taylor Kitch-Ross Emily Kloser Heidi Kloser Mike Kloser Jodi Knight John Knight Jeremy Knull Thomas Kosich Candy Kullas Ann L’Esperance Mathieu L’Esperance Glade Lathrop Christina Lautenberg Josh Lautenberg Donny LeBlanc Peggy LeBlanc Eric A. Lee Mitchell Lee Broby Leeds Elizabeth Leeds Gary Leeds Dan Leever Julie Leever Larry Leith Marci Leith Mika Leith Adam Leseur Christopher Leseur Judi Leseur Matthew Leseur Martina Lettovska

Dominik Lettovsky Amy Levine Barry Levinson Shelby T. Lewis Jack Lewis Jane Lewis Will Lewis Betsy Lindall Scott Lindall Sarah Linton Justin Little Amy Livran Heidi Livran Jay Livran Susi Livran Zoe Livran Devon Longacre Halsey Lucas Sari Lucas Paul Macaluso Lisa Marno Anna M. Martin John R. Martin Logan D. Martin Deb Martin Montana Marzario Sherri Marzario Helene Mattison Stacey Maule Alec Mauro Anthony Mauro Toni McCabe David McCormick Erika McCormick Sharon McCormick Linda S. McDonald Kim J. McGrew Megan A. McGrew Molly J. McGrew Robert McGuffin Allie McGuire Jim McMaster Jeanette McMurtry Jessica McMurtry John McMurtry Kathie McNeill

Hillary McSpadden Steve McSpadden Angie Merriman Francisco Meza Windham Swayne Miller Alex Moffett Mark Moltzan Robyn Moltzan Heidi Moore Peter Moore Steve Morgan JC Moritz Chris Morrison Peter Mueller Allen Mulligan Seanna Mulligan Aimee L. Murer Ken H. Murer Enrique Myers Patty Myers Hal Naiman Ognyan Nanov Joyce Newton Leah Newton Jack Nichols Kevin Nichols Christoph Niederhauser Ronda Niederhauser Dylan Noell Michael Noell Ryan Noell Terri Noell Michael Norvell Sharmon O’Brien Tony O’Brien Karin O’Quinn Mary Beth Ottley Patrick Ottley Dudley Ottley, Jr. Jonathan D. Owens Greg Palm Zane Palmer Alan Parnass Kim Parnass Amy Pates Delaney Patterson

Liz Patterson Carol Pattison Pete Pattison Leslie Pavelich Karin Pellerito Sebastian Perillan Tyler Peterson Lindy Phannenstiel Reid Phillips Liv Pierce Zeke Pierce Marnie K. Pistole Dale Pistole Doug Pistole Allison Platt Michael Platt Tim Potok Lisa Pranckh Steve Prawdzik Kelley Price Keith Pykkonen Nora Pykkonen Sara Radamus Greg Ramirez Alexandra A. Ramonas Dalis J. Ramonas Diane M. Ramonas Christopher Randall Lisa Reeder Michael S. Regrut Ann Reidy Kevin Reidy Philip Reynolds Jonathan S. Ridler Michelle S. Ridler Justin Roach Jason Roberts Julie Robison Alison Rodney Kevin Rodney Amy Rogers Scott Rogers George Rolfs Frank Romano Kristin Romano Christina Rosch

Grant A. Ross Bryce Runckel Douglas Runckel Cynthia B. Ryerson Anthony M. Ryerson, Jr. Rita Sacks Gerry Salani Kim Salani David Salvin Glenn N. Samuelson Kaytlyn L. Samuelson Steph Samuelson Laura Sanchez Stacey Sapp George F. Savin Adam Savin Annalisa Savin Dick Sawyer Don Sawyer Sarah Sawyer Thomas Schlader John Schmidt Sharon Schmidt Randall A. Scruggs Katie Scruggs Lenny Sczechowicz Steven Sekelik John Seymour Shelly Shanley Steve Shanley Jenifer Shay Kim Sheridan Patrick Sheridan Eileen Shiffrin Jeffrey Shiffrin Debbie Shpall Jim Shpall Andrew F. Shuler Gustav U. Shuler Geri Shuler Cliff Simonton Sands Simonton Teak Simonton Jack Skidmore James Skidmore Kerry Skidmore

Bill Smith Mark Smith Leslie Snyder Sylka Snyder Cathy Soden Robert Sonntag Leah Sorenson Eva Spaeh Hannes Spaeh Saundra Spaeh Ero Spanos Gina Spessard Stephen Spessard Gordon Stadnyck Beth Starkey Aidan A. Stege John J. Steiert Gaye Steinke Rob Steinke Kim H. Stevens John Stevens Julie Stoxen Kim Strauch Andy Strehler Alexander Strizenec Ivan Strizenec David Stueber Elizabeth G. Sullivan Cindy Suplizio Sergiu Surdulescu Ava Surridge Heather Surridge Paul Surridge Paul G. Swayne Miller Robb Swimm Florian Szwebel Marek Szwebel Austin M. Tafoya Cipriano A. Tafoya Pamela S. Tafoya Travis R. Tafoya Kathleen L. Talbot Nellie Rose Talbot Thomas J. Talbot Alexandra Theriault Keith Thompson

Meghan Tierney Phillip Todd Brianna Trudeau Wayne Trudeau Gabrielle P. Trueblood Josephine H. Trueblood Heidi Trueblood Mike Trueblood Kathy Tyree Sarah Tyree Jennifer Ungar Matt Upton Suzie Upton Alec Urquhart Jean Urquhart Marcel Van den Berg Gelasio Velasco Maria Cristina Venegas Janka Verkin Jacob Vickerman Luke Vickerman Ted Vickerman Alexander Viola Ariane Viola Charley Viola Elise Viola Lauren Viola Ryan C. Wachendorfer Chuck Wachendorfer Caitlyn E. Wallace Nathan A. Wallace Andy Wallace Julia Wallace Kerry Wallace Kathleen Walsh Greg Walton Cecil R. Warner Ron Webert Stacy Webert Ray Wedel Carmen Weiland Carolyn Weiner-Trapness Amy K. Weiss Kristi Wells Bill White Julie Wielhaupt

David Williams Kathryn Williams Mike Williams Shawna Wilson Laurence Wolfe Hayley Wolff John R. Woodard Keelan H. Woodard Lydia L. Woodard Elizabeth Woodhull Cheryl Woodland Conrad Woodland Schuyler Woodland Lauren R. Zdechlik Andrew Zdechlik Eric Zdechlik Kaitlin Zdechlik Lauren Zdechlik Zachary Ziolkowski Domini Zopf Hayden Zopf Keenan Zopf Troy Zopf


Staff Administration

Ray Jay Benoit

Peter Lange

Peter O’Brien

Aldo Radamus

Alpine Coach

Carl Thompson

Head Carver Corps Coach

Brett Borgard

Amy Livran J4 Coach

Matt Underhill

Garrett Scahill

J4 Coach

Robin Chace

Ian Lochhead

Jon Urbana

Bob Sonntag

Administrative & Communications Kayla Delahanty Assistant J4 Coach

Simon Marsh

Ted Vickerman

Dave Zweig

Tiffany Hoversten

Doug Elsey

Scott Meyers

Georgia Wettlaufer

Alpine Coach

Women’s Ability Coach


Bill Gooch

Zach Newman

Masters Coach

J4 Coach

Mike Wommack

Bruce Hamlin

Kristopher Ochs

J3 Coach

Alpine Coach

Troy Zopf

Karen Harsch

Reid Phillips

J5 Coach

Masters Coach

Penny Hietala

Liv Pierce

Executive Director

Peter Alexander Media Coordinator

Anne Barounos

CFO and Business Manager

Emmy Hoyt

Development Manager

Julia Littman

Development Assistant

Euginnia Manseau

Member and Clubhouse Services Manager

Alpine Dan Stripp

Women’s Alpine Program Director

Rob Worrell

Men’s Alpine Program Director

Rika Moore

Youth Alpine Program Director & Head J5 Coach

Ben Babbitt

Men’s Ability Coach

CB Bechtel

J4 Coach & Gold Peak Competition and Proshop Manager


J4 Coach

Head J4 Coach Head J6 Coach

J5 Coach

Men’s Ability Coach

Carver Corps Coach Carver Corps Coach J3 Coach

Men’s Ability Coach

Carver Corps Coach

Robert Zuch

Paul Jenick

Sara Radamus

Freeski Program Director

Stephanie Simenstad

Women’s Ability Coach

Carver Corps Coach

Melissa Jones

Brett Snyder

J3 Coach

J4 Coach

Wendy Kalkus

Lyndsay Strange

J5 Coach

Men’s Ability Coach

John Kemp

Cindy Suplizio

J5 Coach

J4 Coach

Freeski Team Coach

Mike Friedberg

Freestyle Program Director

Holly Bryson Freestyle Coach

John Grigsby

Dmitry Molotchev


James Jensen

Freeski Coach

Development Freestyle Head Coach

Carver Corps Coach Alpine Coach

Big Mountain Coach

J5/J6 Coach

J5 Coach

Alpine Competition Director

Freeski Coach

Elana Chase

Luke “Ocho” Allen Freeski Team Coach

Dano Bruno

Development Freeski Coach

Nick Courtens

Freeski and Big Mountain Coach

Tim Luczkow Freeski Coach

Billy Mann Freeski Coach

Freestyle Coach

Lauren Phillips Freestyle Coach

Derek Redd Freestyle Coach

Lance Rose

Freestyle Coach

Kelsey Teran Freestyle Coach

Future Stars Kelly Wilson

Future Stars Head Coach

Briana Endicott

Peak Performance Coach

Paul Ewbank

Todd Ballinger

Peak Performance Coach

Amie Bervy

Performance Head Chef

Corey Cameron

Peak Performance Coach Intern

Future Stars Coach Future Stars Coach Future Stars Coach

Morgan DeGree Future Stars Coach

Samantha Hancock Future Stars Coach

Kate Korbet

Future Stars Coach

Lara Large

Future Stars Coach

Jay Moyer

Future Stars Coach

Zane Palmer

Future Stars Coach

Kim Salani

Future Stars Coach

Cliff Simonton Future Stars Coach

Mike Trueblood

Lauren Lange

Aspen Summerlin Callie Webster

Peak Performance Coach Intern

Lindsay Wright

Jon Zdechlik

Middle School Head Coach

Winter Tutorial Teacher

Ben Boyd

Holly Beavers

Lower School English Teacher

Snowboard Program Director

Office Manager

Tom Anderson

Ryan Beavers

Snowboard Coach

Upper School Science Teacher

Upper School Language Arts Teacher

Tyler Anderson

Cynthia Blancke

Snowboard Coach

Foreign Language Teacher

Nikita Apostol

Becky Brown

Special Education Coordinator

Peak Performance Coach Intern


TJ Casey

Snowboard Coach

Upper School Mathematics Teacher

Aaron Hallenbeck

Marian Cartin

Nordic Program Director

Allison Ebbets Nordic Coach

Sylvan Ellefson Nordic Coach

Karl Hochtl Nordic Coach

Kevin Hochtl Nordic Coach

Ana Jeronimous Nordic Coach

Winter Tutorial Science Teacher

Roberto Marfia

Carey Davis

Snowboard Coach

Director of Admissions

Brady McNeill

Kerry Donovan

Pro Slopestyle Coach

Winter Tutorial Director

Mike Slaughter

Scott Hopkins

Pro Half Pipe Coach

Peter Guilford

Peak Performance Coach

Mike Vigers Nordic Coach

Lower and Upper School Mathematics Teacher

Ramiro Mendoza Head Custodian

Kelli Parish

Lower School English and Social Studies Teacher

Bindu Pomeroy

Upper School Social Studies Teacher

Cindy Suplizio

Lower School Mathematics Teacher

Charlene Whitney

Director of College Counseling

Snowboard Coach

Eric Pepper

Nordic Coach

Katie MacFarlane

Kendall Wilson

Human Performance

Gretchen Reeves

Mike Kimmel

Pro Half Pipe Coach

Pro Shop

Erin Beskid

Lower School Science Teacher

Beth Huck

Elijah Teter

Nordic Coach

Head Nordic Coach

Chris Carter

Snowboard Coach

Lindsey Kiehn

Human Performance Director

Head of School


High School and Middle School Programs Coach

Dan Weiland

LaDonna Gordon

Geoff Grimmer

Future Stars Coach

John Cole


Pro Shop Ski Tech

Kevin Rodney Pro Shop Ski Tech

Zack Ziolkowski Pro Shop Bootfitter

Photo: Nancy Cole Photography




Golden Peak Clubhouse 598 Vail Valley Drive Vail, CO 81657 Vail Ski & Snowboard Academy Campus 10th Mt. Division Memorial Hwy 1951 South US Hwy. 24 Minturn, CO 81645 970.476.5119

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…providing youth the opportunity for character growth and excellence through athletics. @sscvclubhouse

Annual Report  

2011-2012 Annual Report

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