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WELCOME TO SME! Hi Folks! Welcome to this month’s edition of SME. Our objective is to raise awareness for those companies and charities that need to encourage the public and other Business Owners to support the critical endeavours of their efforts! We also have staff who work from home that belong to the disabled community, as well as, staff that deal with mental health issues on a daily basis.

We want to bring this to the attention of UK Businesses and encourage them to be more flexible when it comes to employment. Not only this but we do support and are one of the official sponsors for Powerchair Football, which we will be covering during 2019. We will be introducing you to the divisions, the teams and we want the population of the UK to get right behind this sport, making it a household name. Fixture lists etc will be in the back of this magazine and matches will be streamed live on our TV channel page, under ‘Sports’. Enjoy the magazine.

Mental Health is very close to our hearts. 50% of our staff deal with either a physical or mental ‘disability’… but why SME? •

We all have mental health; we need to build our resilience and improve wellbeing to prevent problems. • 1 in 3 people are addicted to either alcohol, illicit drugs or prescribed medication they don’t need. This will be 1 in 2 by the end of 2019. • 1 in 4 people will experience some kind of mental health problem that will be seen by a GP in the course of a year. • As many as 1 in 3 people take anti-depressants (in the UK) at some point in their lives. 44% of deaths in the UK are by suicide! • To help tackle the stigma and discrimination of mental health illness. • Extensive research proves that creativity and arts participation improves cognitive ability and significantly enhances mood. • Share proven practices and complementary therapies such as mindfulness, yoga, tai chi, visual glow sphere healing etc • To help improve self-esteem and self-confidence building which is paramount to improving behavioural and emotional disorders. • Self-expression found through creativity and art is a recognised form of psychological therapy. • To tackle every day stresses, anxiety, low-self esteem, addictive behaviours, which can all spiral into debilitating mental (and physical) illness if not helped at the initial stages.


If you were to ask people what their greatest health fear was, Alzheimer's might top the list. Many people fear Alzheimer's even more than than they fear cancer, studies show. It's not difficult to understand why. The progressive neurodegenerative disorder robs a person of both their memory and cognitive ability. Many times it results in extreme behavioral changes. This incurable disease is the leading cause of dementia in people aged 65-plus. Alzheimer's disease affects millions and

has long-reaching effects on transforming the emotional, financial and physical lives of everyone involved: caregivers, families, friends and, most of all, the person afflicted with it. Today, an estimated 5 million people are living with Alzheimer's, with annual costs estimated to top $100 billion. And as baby boomers age, that number could triple by 2050. Of course, this all begs the question: Can I prevent this disease? We all like to have some control over our destinies. There are no surefire ways to prevent or cure Alzheimer's. But, while research

continues to seek imaging tests to pinpoint Alzheimer's at its earliest stage

and to develop drugs to treat it, there are

reserves of brain cells and connections

some things we can do in the meantime.

and may even generate new brain cells.

Scientists concur that preventive

Playing games, taking courses, reading,

strategies, practiced sooner rather than

writing and doing crossword puzzles all

later, may help preserve memory and

help keep your brain churning.

preempt disease.

Protect your brain. Because serious

Try these things to help delay or prevent

head trauma appears to increase the


risk of Alzheimer's, always wear a seat

Exercise regularly. It increases the flow belt, protect yourself against falls when of blood and oxygen to brain cells.

possible and wear protective head gear

Eat well. Fill your diet with plenty of

when participating in sports or riding a

fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and


limit sugar and saturated fats. The

Be kind to your heart. Studies show

Alzheimer's Association reports that both

that some medical conditions that

the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop

increase the risk of cardiovascular disease

Hypertension) and Mediterranean diets

(like diabetes, high cholesterol and high

have been studied and "may be

blood pressure) may also increase the risk

beneficial." And docosahexaenoic acid,

of developing Alzheimer's. That's where

or DHA, is a type of essential omega-3

physical exercise and diet play a big role.

fatty acid that plays a role in brain health

Get enough sleep. Although it is

and may help ward off Alzheimer's. Cold-

known that people with Alzheimer's

water fish like salmon, tuna, trout and

disease suffer from poor sleep,

sardines contain these fats.

researchers are studying the opposite—if

Stay socially active. Being around

sleep loss can lead to the development of

other people can strengthen connections

between the brain's nerve cells. Stay mentally stimulated. Research finds that an active brain may build its


ARC Informatics staff experience life from the perspective of a wheelchair user On, Wednesday January 17, 2018 two of ARC Informatics’ staff, Karen Cole and Maizee Wilde, experienced basic wheelchair skills training to learn about life from the perspective of a wheelchair user, in Chelmsford city centre. Stuart Wheeler of Freedom Wheelchair Skills who has himself been confined to a wheelchair for some 20 plus years, following a car accident when he was 17, undertook the daunting task of teaching basic skills to two absolute beginners.

Karen Cole explains, ‘The idea for this day came from going to a meeting with Stuart at a hotel in Buckinghamshire. We were horrified at the hotel’s view of ‘wheelchair accessible’ and decided we could do something to help ourselves and others better appreciate the reality of getting around in a wheelchair while raising awareness of the obstacles in everyday life for wheelchair users.”

Maizee commented after the training, ‘“It really has been an eye-opening experience The wheelchairs were kindly provided by TGA Mobility, based in Sudbury in Suffolk, for which filled me with a wide range of the day’s training and Essex County Cricket emotions. I was left feeling very drained and Club very kindly offered space for the basic tired. When I walked into town the next day I skills training at the Cloudfm County Ground really saw things differently. I have had a in Chelmsford. Essex Live covered the story small taste into the challenges wheelchair and Maizee and Karen were invited by BBC Essex to share their thoughts and experience users face every day.” from the day.

A Guardian Angel!


After suffering a cardiac arrest, 52year-old Graham wanted to recover at home, rather than going to stay with someone who could care for him. Graham’s family felt a non-intrusive monitoring and alert system could help restore Graham’s confidence around the home and alert his family should he fall or be unable to get out of bed.

Calling disabled entrepreneurs to enter, make 2019 your year and join The Apprentice! If you think you’ve got what it takes to impress Britain’s toughest backer, go to the BBC Website:

TEC-Angel was the perfect solution; allowing Graham to recover in his own home with the knowledge, should something happen, his family would receive an alert text and help could be sent.

If you think you’ve got the talent and confidence to impress Britain’s toughest backer, the process starts here.

The TEC-Angel team visited Graham; to see how he was getting on with TEC-Angel, he reported back by installing TEC-Angel he was able to make a speedy recovery in his own home and his family, who lived some distance away, were able to ‘watch over him’ without intruding and knowing ‘Dad was OK’. Graham said “TEC-Angel enhances that relationship between families, an angel who continues to watch over me.”

Never thought The Apprentice was for you? Think again, anyone can have a seed of an idea, and become an entrepreneur, you just need the backing. If you apply to The Apprentice 15, that seed could become a fully fledged and funded business! Lord Sugar has already invested £2,000,000 in business start ups through The Apprentice. Could you be his next big investment?

The winning candidate will receive an investment of up to £250,000 and will go into a 50:50 business with Lord Sugar. Boundless is the production company that produces The Apprentice for broadcast by the BBC. They welcome applications from everyone. If you have a long-term health condition or impairment, they will ensure that any reasonable adjustments are considered in the application process and filming of the programme. If you have already applied for The Apprentice Series 15 please do not re-apply as your application is being processed. Fill in the online application form by first registering here:

Auditions will be happening across the country throughout the month of February 2018. Go on, show them what you’ve got! You must be over 18 to apply.


If you like tea, and you like healthy

Green tea can help you lose weight.

Several studies have suggested that the flavonoids and caffeine in green tea can help elevate metabolic rate, increase fat oxidation and even improve insulin activity. One study showed that those who consumed green tea and caffeine lost an

beverage options, you’ve joined the ranks average of 2.9 pounds during a 12-week of the other 158 million Americans who are period, while sticking to their regular diet. enjoying a cup on any given day. It’s

Another study suggested the increase in

estimated that last year, over 80 billion—

calorie output was equal to about 100

that’s right, billion—servings of tea were

calories over a 24-hour period.

consumed by the tea lovers of America. That translates into roughly 3.60 billion

You don’t need to drink a lot of green


tea to help you lose weight. While weight loss benefits vary based on

Although black tea is the most popular—it accounts for about 84 percent of all tea consumed—green tea is reported to be

different dynamics, they have been found by drinking as little as 2.5 cups of green tea per day.

growing at a much higher volume than black. Our guess is that’s because of green tea’s potential role in weight loss. We decided to take a closer look at how you can drink green tea for weight loss. Not into green tea? Check out these other best teas for weight loss and discover the aweome rooibos tea benefits.

Some green tea varieties are better for weight loss than others. If you’re all about that green and on a weight-loss mission, you might want to choose Matcha green tea—the richest green tea source of

nutrients and antioxidants. Registered dietitian Isabel K Smith explains why: “The whole leaf is ground and consumed as

part of the beverage, as opposed to other

(most) types of green tea where the leaves are steeped and then the tea is consumed.”

Green tea has many health benefits. “It contains many nutrients, including

There’s a right and wrong way to brew

antioxidants and anti-cancer and brain-

green tea. When brewing green tea, take healthy compounds,” Smith reminds us.

a little extra care, as boiling water is bad

One thing is for sure: regardless of

for the precious catechins (tea’s healthy

whether or not you’ll shed pounds with

chemicals). Do bring your water to a boil,

green tea, drink it anyway. “All teas

but let it rest for about ten minutes. Then,

contain many healthful nutrients; it’s one

pour the water over the tea and brew for

of the healthier choices for a beverage!”

about one minute before serving. Of

Smith says.

course, the brew time can be made shorter or longer, depending on your taste. But…Just be careful not to pile on the honey or sugar!

Award Winning Innovation From Flexyfoot… A Global Success! The Flexyfoot adventure started in the early 2000’s when an experienced product designer was presented with a challenge by his sister and sister-in-law, who both suffer with MS. They regularly complained that they could not find walking aids that were comfortable or safe to use. Faced with this challenge, and taking all the problems into account, Flexyfoot was conceived. Years of product development, testing and user trials ensued to bring you the product you see today. A simple device that delivers in every area and outperforms the standard rubber ferrule. An

essential part of the performance of every walking aid and crutch that had not been considered independently before. But beware of imitations, there is only one Flexyfoot. Key benefits Shock absorption – this greatly reduces the force that would normally be referred to the hands, wrist, elbows and shoulders. Articulation – the foot is free to fully engage with the walking surface as it can bend and flex. This means that the full surface of the foot is in contact with the ground at all times. Traction – the advanced material in Flexyfoot has been proven to provide up to 50% better grip over standard rubber in independent tests. Hard wearing – the advanced material in Flexyfoot is also harder wearing so lasts much longer than standard ferrules making Flexyfoot a cost effective alternative Rotation – the foot can move freely and independently of the walking aid meaning that you can move around your walking aid while it maintains maximum grip Easy to fit & replace Flexyfoot are available in both black and grey and in four sizes – 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 25mm. Look out for our exciting range of walking sticks, hiking poles and crutches, all fitted with Flexyfoot as standard and available through most online and high street mobility retailers. Flexyfoot aims to transform the walking aid

sector by offering real solutions to the problems faced by those who need more stability. Flexyfoot products are designed to not only look good and work well, but they also have proven medical and therapeutic benefits, helping to challenge the stigma of walking aids and give safe, flexible support to those who need it.

and has been created with the help of a leading orthopaedic surgeon. The Flexyfoot ferrule has been tested to the latest ISO standard for endurance and slip resistance and is well received by medical professionals. Flexyfoot meets CE marking regulations, a process overseen by Dr Jed Place of Medical Device Consultants.

The Flexyfoot ferrule is the result of three years of extensive research, design and development Designed and assembled in Great Britain!

you feel. You can contact us through the website or by emailing

The innovative Flexyfoot was designed and developed in the UK and all products are assembled and packaged by our UK fulfillment team. Get in contact Part of our design process is listening to our users and taking feedback on board. We’d love to hear from you about your experiences with Flexyfoot and how it makes

Relax and de-stress with GRAVITY, a unique relaxation and self-massaging tool. Whether you suffer from stress & anxiety, aches & pains, poor sleep, high blood pressure or fatigued muscles, GRAVITY could help you to relax and benefit from better health.

The GRAVITY system was designed and invented by Shane Murnaghan, a clinical practitioner with over 25 years of experience in spinal issues and pain. After being struck by a car, Shane was left with a broken back and suffering from chronic pain, unable to relax. Using his knowledge of the human body and how it moves, he created GRAVITY which he credits for his recovery. He introduced the device to many of his patients and saw that once used to the device, they all relaxed from everyday stresses and felt a wide range of benefits from doing so. The unique two-part system triggers your body’s natural ability to relax and realign itself, freeing your mind as much as your body. The health benefits of relaxation are vast and by introducing GRAVITY into your daily lifestyle you could benefit both mentally and physically. The variable height spherical technology stimulates tissue and relaxes muscles, while the spine realigns itself and retrains the body on how to hold better posture. While relaxing during a session you may release stress, relieve aches and pains, aid digestion and much more! With its one-size-fits-all compact design, GRAVITY is extremely portable and can be used anywhere, anytime. GRAVITY has received great feedback from leading sports personalities, military personnel and medical professionals, all of whom are now enjoying a far better lifestyle. See for yourself at GRAVITY is fast becoming a global success, with an appearance on BBC Two’s Dragon’s Den and exhibitions across the globe. GRAVITY has been awarded ‘Best Health and Wellness Product 2018’ by LOHAS in Hong Kong, and the ‘NAIDEX Professional Award 2018’ for making “an immeasurable contribution to the healthcare profession”. W: ;E: ;T: 01244 342095

Billy Connolly has said he is “slipping away” as his Parkinson’s disease progresses, in a candid TV programme reflecting on his life and career. The Scottish stand-up comedian “was diagnosed with Parkinson’s - a neurological condition that impacts movement and speech - while undergoing surgery for early-stage prostate cancer in 2013”, reports The Daily Telegraph.

I used to have, I don’t have the energy I used to have. I can’t hear the way I used to hear, I can’t see as good as I used to. I can’t remember the way I used to remember.”

At one point in the programme, he “reportedly asks for filming to stop as he appears to be struggling with the effects of Parkinson’s”, Sky News reports. However, last year both Connolly and his wife, Pamela Stephenson, hit out at former chat show host Michael Parkinson’s suggestion that the condition had “dulled his brain” to the point that he no longer recognised friends.

Connolly, known as The Big Yin, announced his retirement from touring last month, telling the Radio Times that he could no longer handle the “rigmarole of getting around”. Speaking to ITV last August, Parkinson claimed that he and Connolly, long-time friends, had shared an “My life is slipping away and I can feel it, and I “awkward dinner” during which he “wasn’t quite should, I’m 75,” he says in the second part of the sure if [Connolly] knew who I was or not”. BBC documentary Made in Scotland, recorded before he turned 76 in November. Stephenson responded with a tweet calling Parkinson a “daft old fart” and assuring fans that “I’m near the end but it doesn’t frighten me,” he her husband was “doing great”. adds in a clip from the programme, which will air on BBC Two on Friday, saying that it was “quite interesting” to observe the effects of the incurable Connolly himself insisted that he “would recognise Parky if he was standing behind me - in a diving degenerative condition. suit”, and said that the comments had “made my “As bits slip off and leave me, talents leave and life a bit difficult”. attributes leave,” he says. “I don’t have the balance

Government admits 4,600 disabled people were wrongly stripped of their benefits The government has admitted that 4,600 disabled people wrongly lost access to a benefit payment more than a year ago after missing an assessment. A statement from the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) revealed that many claimants sanctioned for failing to attend consultations while transferring from Disability Living Allowance to the new Personal Independence Payment (Pip) should not have had their payments stopped.

Living Allowance (DLA) in 2013”, the broadcaster adds. The admission followed a tribunal decision made in November 2017 on what counted as a “good reason” for not attending or participating in a Pip assessment and the government promised those owed money would be notified and paid in the new year. In a written statement to Parliament, DWP minister Sarah Newton outlined the numbers affected by the ruling.

“The decision states that in these instances claimants’ DLA awards should be reinstated, until a final decision on their Pip claim, and back paid, as necessary,” Newton said. “The department has been working at pace and taking the necessary steps required to implement the ruling. All claimants who benefit from the tribunal decision will be notified.”

Pip “is a benefit for those who need help with extra costs associated with long-term illness It is believe that not all of the claimants or disability”, says the BBC. affected by the error have been identified as yet. It was “brought in to replace the Disability

Disabled model and para-athlete Samanta Bullock shares her lifestyle tips Having always loved fashion, Brazilian-born Samanta started her career as a model at the age of just 8. But in 1992, at the age of 14, her life changed after a bullet left her paraplegic. She certainly didn’t let that stop her pursuing her passions. After recovering, in 2003 she started focusing on her other love – wheelchair tennis. She became a para-athlete representing Brazil, competing at a high level and winning a doubles silver medal at the 2007 Para Pan Am Games. She later returned to her first love of fashion, and taken part in a number of high-profile catwalk shows across the world, including Portugal, Brazil, Spain and Turkey, as well as the UK. Her main aim now is to encourage designers to be inclusive and ensure disabled people are represented. She also has a passion for staying fit and active, whether that’s playing tennis, socialising in stylish hot spots or trying out adventurous sports. She wants to be a role model for the next generation of disabled people, inspiring them to have a healthy and full lifestyle, no matter what their disability, and loving their body. Over the coming weeks and months, you’ll see Samanta sharing her lifestyle tips on our exclusive DHorizons Tribe Facebook group. It’ll include healthy eating tips, recommendations of accessible places to visit, fashion finds and activities you’ll want to try yourself. Simply sign up to our free DHorizons Tribe to take a look. But first, to introduce you to Samanta, she’s shared her open letter to the world of fashion on how it needs to be more inclusive and truly represent disabled people across the industry. Samanta’s open letter to the world of fashion

In this day and age, it is not enough to have simply survived life’s obstacles – or even to have thrived despite them. For me, as a paraplegic model, ambassador, para-athlete, wife, and woman, to live my best life is to embrace my challenges. Every day I accept myself. My legs, though at times I dislike them, are mine. Although I don’t see them represented or reflected in the magazines and stores I browse in, they are here to stay. I’ve learned to love my body for all that it is. But still in these modern times, and despite great progress towards diversity, it feels that there is much to be done to convince fashion to respect bodies like mine. There are people like me all over the world, growing up without any reference to their part or place in society, without seeing others like ourselves, living a full and fulfilling life. It is as though having a disability is to be invisible. To have the full spectrum of who you are and who you could potentially become, ignored. Beyond navigating the stigma, misconceptions, prejudice and doubts about what I, as a disabled person, can achieve, I am putting my heart and soul into making sure that I see myself represented. I want to make the industry I’ve worked in for 30 years more inclusive. My drive comes from my experiences growing up, working as a model in Brazil, having my accident and then feeling like my dreams had been taken away from me. But instead of being hopeless, that stage in my life lead me to the next – to becoming number one tennis champion in Brazil and to being signed to a modelling agency. I’ve been the face for top brands, such as the BBC and Toyota, and featured on the runways, including London

Fashion Week. Now, I’m channelling my passions towards making a difference in an industry that should embrace and celebrate disabled bodies. I challenge myself to work fearlessly in fashion, so that others like me feel confident. I want disabled people to see that they can do more than just survive their own obstacles – they can thrive and embrace them too. I want the next generation of disabled children and adults to see people just like them, working in all aspects of the fashion industry. I want to see disabled designers, stylists, makeup artists and photographers involved in major brands and fashion shows. In fashion’s future, there’s a place for blind and partially sighted people, deaf people, people in wheelchairs, people with learning disabilities – disabled people who have all sorts of abilities.

I would like to work with all stakeholders in the industry to make fashion reflect society more accurately, and to create an environment wherein everybody feels welcome. Yes, we have the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, River Island and ASOS to admire for their work towards this change. We also have disabled models like Kelly Knox and Madeline Stuart to inspire a new generation of models. But I would like to see the leadership of these brands and the power of these people’s stories motivating the entire fashion industry. Today, it is not enough to leave the weight of inclusion on the shoulders of a few key players. Inclusion is about surviving and thriving together, embracing each other. Inclusion is about everybody – including you.

A VERY SPECIAL HOLIDAY CHARITY! Revitalise is a national charity that has been providing respite holidays for disabled people and carers for over 55 years. We have three fully accessible holiday centres located in Chigwell, Southampton and Southport. Each centre provides the

reassurance of 24 hour on-call nurse-led care to those who require it, as well as exciting excursions, in-house activities and live evening entertainment. Our centres are CQC regulated with registered nurses and carers available at all times for support. We are much more than a care home though; our centres have a unique holiday atmosphere.

Breaks are full board and each week is specially themed, from music weeks, arts and culture, to sightseeing – we provide ourselves on offering something for everyone. Carers are welcome to accompany those they care for to Revitalise and enjoy quality time with the one they love, or else take their own break, secure in the knowledge that their loved one is happy

and being well looked after. The Revitalise effect is the same either way – guests go home with new memories and stories to share, feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. For more information about Revitalise, call 0303 303 0145 or visit

Premier Cottages has a wide selection of cottages suited to guests with different access requirements. We use Visit England’s National Accessible Scheme to identify those properties which meet specific access criteria. This means you can be sure that those properties with the relevant “yellow badge” will meet your requirements. You can either visit our Accessible Collection, which covers cottages within the NAS Scheme - accessible-cottages or use the general search bar, and then use

bathroom and living quarters on the ground floor, which is great for those who don’t like stairs, and is perfect for adventurous toddlers! Please check Individual property details or contact the cottage owner to ensure the property meet your requirements. the Refine my Search filters and select Accessibility to choose cottages which are part of the scheme, and also to find those which have all ground floor facilities. The Home Page with the general search is on

With Premier Cottages, you book direct with the owner, who will be able to discuss your specific requirements in detail. Many of the cottages have extra equipment (for no extra charge) such as shower wheelchairs, bed grab rails, elephant feet and foot In addition, we have nearly 500 luxury stools which can be put holiday cottages which have ground floor in the cottage if you facilities, with at least one bedroom, need them. There is a

OLDER AND LESS MOBILE GUESTS If you can climb a flight of stairs, but banisters or grip handles would make this easier, look out for this logo. PART-TIME WHEELCHAIR USERS If you have problems walking or can walk a maximum of 3 steps, or need to use a wheelchair some of the time, this logo applies to you.

INDEPENDENT WHEELCHAIR USERS Similar to the international logo for independent wheelchair users. If you're a wheelchair user and travel independently, look out for this logo. ASSISTED WHEELCHAIR USERS If you're a wheelchair user and travel with a friend or family member who helps you with everyday tasks, this logo applies to you.

link to each property’s own website on their Premier Cottages page, where you will be able to find an Access Statement, which will help you to decide if the property is suited to your needs. The owner can also provide you with information on accessible things to do while you are with them, taking the stress out of planning your holiday. All of the cottages pictured in this feature are fully wheelchair accessible. You can find more information on the National Accessible Scheme on https:// access-all/national-accessible-scheme

VISUALLY IMPAIRED AND BLIND PEOPLE If you have difficulty reading small print, are registered blind, have poor sight or a visual impairment, accommodation with this logo is suitable for you. HEARING IMPAIRED AND DEAF PEOPLE 1 If you have a slight hearing difficulty, are deaf, wear a hearing aid or have a hearing impairment, look out for accommodation displaying this logo.

The farmhouse at South Coombe dates back to the 1600’s. It is literally built from straw and mud, mixed together to make “Cob” – a traditional West Country building material. It has no foundations and relies to a large extent on the thickness of the walls to stop it from sinking

into the ground. When originally built, it would have been just one storey and completely open inside. The owners would have lived inside, along with all of their farm animals.

In its heyday South Coombe was a 250 acre farm owned by The Earl of Portsmouth. Since then, amongst other things, it has been used as an evacuation site during the world wars. All the cottages grouped around the

farmhouse are converted from farm buildings, the latest being Orchard Cottage. It was originally built as a shelter for the farm carriages and equipment and, up until 2006, was home to our ducks.

Two of our cottages have bedrooms on the ground floor with en-suite facilities, (Tilly’sand Saffie’s Cottages) ideal if you have problems walking or climbing stairs. Tilly’s cottage has extra wide doors therefore suitable for wheelchair access. You can unload the car directly outside this cottage and there are no steps or obstacles on the ground-floor.

ity specialist and most special equipment can be hired and delivered to South Coombe prior to your stay.

We are delighted to announce that South Coombe in under new ownership as of the start of 2018. Simon and Clare Clarke very much look forward to continuing the excellent We have arrangements with a local mobil- service provided at South Coombe and

welcome enquiries via the same contact details as before. Contact Us At‌..

We welcome your call on 01884 860302 or 07979 693483 Email at:

The simple things are often the best with a holiday on the Roseland…

sunset…Maybe go for a potter along the coast path… you may be lucky enough to see wild seals off Towan Beach, there are beaches you can stop at along the way to fit in a bit of paddling, rockpooling or swimming… Ferries to Truro and St.Mawes and also river trips are available from St. Mawes and Tolverne ( near King Harry Ferry) St. Just In Roseland Church

St. Just in Roseland Church is probably one of the most tranquil settings you will find. The Gorgeous river walks down on the Fal or the little church with its beautifully kept gardens is Percuil… both less than 10 minutes away, the enchanting setting of Turnaware Bar on the Fal on the creek at St.Just a short drive away on the is a magical place to while away a day… taking a way to St. Mawes. picnic and some swimming gear or a flask and a St. Anthony Head and Lighthouse. rug in winter… watch the boats and amazing Head down through Gerrans and keep on going wildlife… go in the evening for an amazing

following signs.There is a car park and walks suitable for pushchairs and stunning views out to sea.On the same road stop at the Porth Car Park (National Trust) and walk back to Place.Here you can take the foot ferry to St.Mawes.

Whether its messing about by the river, exploring rock pools with the children or enjoying a sausage sizzle on the beach, it’s all Percuil free on your doorstep. Rockpooling provides Drive through Gerrans and take the right turn to hours of fun and there is always something to see and discover… a net and a bucket is all you Percuil. There is a lovely grass car park and need… and we usually have them here for you stunning walks along the river.Alternatively drive down to the main car Park and walk down to borrow…The beaches down here have proper sandcastle building sand… great architectural to watch the boats. Roseland Paddle and Sail are based here for Watersport hire and lessons. structures are there to be created… why not nip

down to the beach early evening if the weather is nice, take a few sausages and a little portibarbecue and see what has been built that day‌ go for an evening dip and let the children wear themselves out before bed.

Our Accessible Cottages are perfectly equipped for people of all abilities!

beaches and a stunning coastline along with many small fishing villages and coves. The cottages comprise 4 cottages converted from redundant farm buildings, and then the wing of our own Victorian farmhouse, making 5 in total.

Pollaughan is a small farm of around 20 acres set on the Roseland Peninsula in Cornwall.

The holiday business has been our own conception from the start and our whole ethos is to ensure that as far is as possible no one would be excluded from enjoying a holiday here .

It is a rural/coastal area with many beautiful

Three of the cottages WILLOWS and

MEADOWS are suitable for those with a mobility impairment as they are entirely on the level inside and can be accessed from the level parking areas , through the gardens and on into the cottage. They are also great for families with very small children who wish to avoid stairs and steps ! Whilst we have tended to concentrate on the needs of those with a mobility disability we have tried with all five of our cottages to consider the needs of people with all disabilities. Meadows and Willows are part of the NQAS scheme and have been inspected to M2 level

which makes them suitable for those in wheelchairs but not suitable for an independent wheelchair user travelling alone. Pre –Arrival Our website has a dedicated accessibility page and for those with

a visual impairment there is a facility to increase the font size to make it easier to read. We will discuss any individual requirements with each visitor/enquirer on an individual basis and explain not only the facilities here at Pollaughan but the location and local area as well. Any written material can be provided in large print on request.

the key in door ready for arrival.

We are nearly always here to meet our guests but if a not everything is left ready and we make Clear directions to Pollaughan along with arrival ourselves know as soon as we return. and parking instructions for each cottage are We do ask our visitors to call us the week before sent on receipt of balance payment for the their holiday with an approximate arrival time holiday. Parking – Each cottage has at least one Arrival and Car Parking designated parking area near the cottage , on level tarmac and with plenty of clear space Arrival – is from 4pm on the first day of the holiday and the cottage is left unlocked and with around all sides and to back of the parked

vehicle. Extra cars can easily be accommodated There are two bathrooms in Willows- one is accessible for a wheelchair user and the other as near to the cottage as possible. not suitable for a wheelchair user, both have Entry to the cottages in Meadows and Willows lever taps on sink and bath. is through their gardens along a paved path with no steps. The accessible bathroom is en-suite to the main bedroom and has a sliding door . Both Willows and Meadows can be accessed through a single leaf opening door or through It is a wet room has a non-slip floor in the the double opening patio doors in the garden. shower area and non-slip tiles throughout rest of floor. There is an electrically heated towel rail Door handles throughout the barns are of a and we can provide a static shower chair on lever style and all sink/bath taps are also lever . request. We also have one wheel-in shower chair which is booked on first come first served In the traditional Farmhouse the doors knobs basis. are round. WILLOWS Detached , single storey ,all on level including the garden. There are wooden floors throughout all the living areas, tiled bathroom floors and carpet in the bedrooms

Looking at the toilet there is a horizontal and vertical grab rail on the wall to the right . The wheel-in shower chair has commode seat and can be placed over toilet.Direct sideways transfer from wheelchair to toilet is not possible

in Willows but it is in Meadows.

MEADOWS There is level entry into Meadows either through a single leaf back door or through the double opening patio doors to garden.

There is a level paved patio outside the patio doors, a large area of lawn and a paved path with shallow sloe to car parking area.There are some steps within the garden but these do not The Kitchen has a standard height worktop, sink have to be used as there path offers an and hob and the kitchen has lever taps on the alternative route in. sink. There are three bedrooms all with Zip and Whilst the hallway and all bedrooms are easily Linked beds offering either 6ft double or 3 ft accessed by wheelchairs the second bathroom twins. is quite small and does not have a turning circle. In the shower area there are grab rails to the left and right walls and the shower is a lever control.

Fallows and the Farmhouse both have stepped entry and so not suitable for anyone with a mobility disability. We have however tried to account for needs of people with other disabilities in these cottages. Door frames and light The main bedroom has en-suite bathroom fittings contrasting with wall colours to make with whirlpool bath but it does not have more visible, all info available in large print on turning circle space and therefore not request, good quality and well fitted carpets suitable for wheelchairs. The bedroom throughout though is large with ample turning space with a for a wheelchair. minimum of Bedrooms two and three do not have space for rugs. wheelchairs to turn when made as doubles but fine when made as twins. The second bathroom is a large wet room with a bath in addition and has wide sliding door for entry.There are grab rails to each side of the toilet to which you can transfer from the left, there are also ample grab rails around sink, shower and bath.The bathrooms are tiled and have underfloor heating. The kitchen, living area and hallways have a quality laminate floor and all passages are over 900 mm wide. The kitchen worktops and sink are standard height, the sink has lever taps.

01872 580150


Celebrating Cornwall! Todsworthy Farm is a mixed enterprise of 70 acres. A family farm, where you will find cows with their calves, sheep, chickens and even a few pigs There is a varied landscape of woods and fields and orchards with an abundance of wildlife including badgers, deer, foxes and rabbits. This natural environment is also home to a wide variety of birdlife found throughout The Tamar Valley. Buzzards are often seen flying high calling to each other and we are always pleased to see the arrival of swallows and house martins, a sure sign that summer has arrived. In the evening you will be serenaded by thrushes singing from the treetops to add to the tranquil atmosphere that is Todsworthy Farm.

History of The Cider Press In the past, farm workers on Todsworthy Farm were rewarded with cider produced in the

barn which is now the cottage we called The Cider Press. The apple orchards that produced the cider still exist, but unfortunately the press is no longer functional. The granite stone of the cider press can be found as a feature of the garden alongside the cottages.

History of The Hayloft The ground floor of The Hayloft was known as a shippon, a Cornish name for a barn where cattle were housed and milked. The hayloft refered to the upper floor where straw for bedding and hay for winter feed was stored. You will be pleased to know that the straw and hay has since been removed and replaced by very comfortable en suite double bedrooms. Should you wish to sleep on a straw bed we would like to have a chat about what other strange ideas you may have!!

Farm Viewing and Education Barn You are welcome to visit our animals in a purpose built viewing area and learn about our family’s farming history as well as the local area.

We will house various animals at different times of year and you can engage with the animals and learn about farming life. You are invited to help us at feeding time and have the opportunity to buy some of our home produced beef and pork with sausages and eggs being a firm family favourite. My name is Jonathan and I look forward to welcoming you to Todsworthy Farm. As someone with mobility needs, I realised how difficult it was for those with similar needs to find suitable accommodation in Cornwall and Devon. As a very independent person, I felt it essential that the accommodation we created should help make our guests own independence to be one of our main priorities. We also understand that guests without mobility issues are also keen to enjoy the tranquillity and comfort available at Todsworthy Farm Holidays. We believe we have created two cottages that

meet everybody’s needs without compromising comfort or quality. Our two cottages provide a natural environment where guests of all physical abilities can feel at home and totally relaxed. A level access is provided throughout the ground floor to living areas, shower areas and bedrooms with wide doors in both cottages facilitating the option of wheelchair use when required. New profiling beds that can be made up as twins or a double are standard in the Hayloft. The shower areas have grab rails and a fold down seat. There are grab rails strategically positioned about the toilet area. All the ground floor rooms are spacious and easy to move around. We have an extensive range of mobility equipment that is available for hire, including wheelchairs, zimmer frames, mobile hoist, shower chair, bed wedges, foam back supports, etc. More general information is available in our access statement. Both Cider Press & Hayloft are graded at M3. This is officially described as follows: “Mobility Level 3 Assisted: Typically suitable for a person who depends on the use of a wheelchair in a seated position. This person

also requires personal or mechanical assistance (e.g. carer, hoist).� We have exceeded many of the stipulated standards to meet the M3 grade with level floors, ease of access and facilities. More information can be found here on the National Accessible Scheme. We recommend you add this page to your favourites so you always have the information to hand.

We want as many people as possible to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of Todsworthy Farm and the beautiful Tamar Valley and to provide the ideal location and well equipped accommodation for those with and without special needs. We do feel however that grading can be very subjective and guests should be treated as individuals. With this in mind, should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss your own personal requirements. We recommend you read our Access Statement which is on the website. Also, on the link in the last sentence


Todsworthy Farm Albaston Gunnislake Cornwall PL18 9AW 01822 834744 Email:

only a few miles from the wide sandy North Cornwall beaches at Bude and Widemouth Bay, the stunning Cornish resorts of Boscastle and Padstow (home to Rick Stein’s famous seafood restaurant), and the spectacular scenery of Dartmoor and Exmoor. The ancient Set in the heart of Ruby country (so called port of Clovelly and historic Tintagel after the Ruby Red cattle farmed locally), Castle are close by and the attractions of Blagdon Farm is a working small-holding the Eden Project, the Tate St. Ives, and RHS Rosemoor Gardens are all within

South West Excellence Award Winning Accessible Holidays

All our lodges are South facing with private terraces enjoying magnificent views over our own coarse-fishing lake to the rolling Devon fields and woodland beyond.

Blagdon Farm is the perfect place from which to explore both Devon and Cornwall and you’ll be sure of a very warm welcome. Established in the late 1990s the accommodation at Blagdon Farm, rated at 3 and 4 stars with an Accessibility rating easy reach. of M3A, was a South West Excellence Award Winner in 2007. CALL 01409 The bright lights of Launceston with its ancient castle, steam railway and bustling 211140 TO BOOK YOUR LUXURY HOLIDAY TODAY! shopping centre is just 10 miles away. Here you will find Tescos, a retail park and many local shops. The pretty market town of Holsworthy is just 5 miles away where you will find crafts, excellent local produce and there is a market every Wednesday.

Calvert Trust Exmoor provides accessible activity breaks for people with physical, learning, behavioural and sensory disabilities, together with their friends, classmates, teachers and carers.

what the centre has to offer.

In the evening you can relax in our swimming pool, Jacuzzi or sensory room, enjoy beautiful views from the Acland Room veranda, or participate in the evening entertainments, all at no extra Located in an area of outstanding natural cost. beauty on the edge of Exmoor National Park, a short distance from the North Whatever your age or ability, a visit to Devon Coast, our beautiful Victorian farm Calvert Trust Exmoor will provide a life conversion is at the heart of our award- changing experience; building selfwinning accessible centre. confidence, developing new skills, making Structured programmes of adventurous activities are developed to suit your needs and delivered by our specially trained, highly experienced and qualified team of instructors. We have exclusive use of the reservoir for sailing and canoeing, and easy access to the forest activity trails. With all activities based on one site more of your time can be spent enjoying

friends and having fun. For many students the positive effects are both immediate and long lasting. The centre is open year round and we welcome schools and colleges to visit for three, four or seven night breaks, or even just for the day. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs. Pre-visit tours are also available on request.

King Arthur's Arm Inn offers well furnished rooms to suit most needs. Single, Twin, Double, Triple and Family rooms plus a 3 bedroom Family Annex sleeping 6. also available 5 Ground floor wheelchair accessible bedrooms, suitable for the use of disabled guests. Ground floor en-suite rooms suitable for guests using a wheelchair or crutches. Wet room, shower wheel chair or shower stool available, adjustable bed, ramps, grab rails Personal Assistance can be arranged directly with local care agency for duration of your visit. Wheelchair bedroom M3a by Visit Britain

You may continue to use the VIP car parking concessionary ticket provided for the rest of the day after booking out. There is a baby's cot & wooden highchairs available on request. Breakfast is served from 9am each day. Please note if you are booking out, rooms are to be vacated by 10am on the day of departure, 3 nights bed and breakfast for 2 from ÂŁ90pp. Includes full English breakfast, free Wi-Fi, Free parking and Free loyalty card for extra

discounts. Also available under this offer ensuite accessible annexe with wet room. Seniors Fish, Chips & Mushy peas ÂŁ5.95

with bread & butter and pot of tea Our menu includes good selection of homemade dishes, which does mean that all the dishes are not always available. The meat used in our food is locally sourced whenever possible from a local farmer/butcher from St Tudy and all milk and cream comes from Cornish farms. We have Wheat Free Menu, Children's choices, Vegetarian choices There is a a free to use ATM machine in the main bar . Free to use high speed Wi-Fi access. We are usually open 364 days a year from 9am, winter hours may apply Contact us by phone: 01840 770628

or contact us by e-mail‌. or if you are in the locality just pop in for a friendly chat.


spectacular Firth of Forth coast of Scotland, the ever popular holiday destination of Cornwall and in the heart of East Anglia.

They have all been built to a design created by Dr Lin Berwick MBE, who is For over twenty years we have specialised herself profoundly disabled. To read about the history of The Lin Berwick in providing outstanding holiday Trust, click here. accommodation for severely disabled people and their family or carers, all in fantastic holiday locations. Our purpose- The spacious properties sleep six (two with disabilities) with separate bedrooms built properties offer you exceptional for other family members and carers. disability facilities, beautifully spacious rooms, and privacy. The rooms contain state of the art equipment and facilities with wheelchairOur properties are located on the friendly rooms, meeting a full range of


countryside overlooking an unspoilt valley towards Looe Golf Club. It is less than The lovely properties are set in their own three miles from Looe which is a small, secure and peaceful gardens. Private parking is also provided on site, helping to yet thriving, fishing port, and renowned resort. Here you'll find a gorgeous sandy make your holiday as stress free as possible. beach, shops, restaurants, cafes, pubs, and amazing scenery. Just down the road The off-site House Managers will greet you can have fun at the Woolly Monkey you on arrival, explain the equipment, answer your questions, and be available Sanctuary, or take a trip on the Bodmin Steam Railway. If you wish to venture in an emergency throughout your stay further afield why not visit the world with us. famous Eden Project, or one of the many CornwallRalph Boyce HouseThis superb, wheelchair friendly stately bungalow is set in the stunning Cornish

homes. If you fancy something more peaceful, why not visit the Lost Gardens of Heligan?

suite caters for nearly any disability. There HOW ABOUT NORFOLK? is also suitable accommodation in addition for four family members or Berwick Cottage is in the attractive village carers. of East Harling. The disability holiday The walled garden, with appropriate cottage is situated in the Brecklands, furniture, allows relaxation in the fresh which is right in the middle of the East air, before or after visiting some of the Anglian tourist region. many tourist attractions of the area. (Click The spacious Berwick Cottage sleeps six here for ‘Things to do and places to visit’ people in total, two with disabilities. You during your stay). will find the specially designed disabled One of the most popular features of this

cottage is the space it provides for those twin bedded room, a bathroom with a in wheelchairs. The spacious living area, bath and separate shower, a wash basin, with kitchen/dining and sitting areas and toilet. allows families to spend quality time together for their holiday (see plan). The living room features tall windows allowing EVEN A BEAUTIFUL LOCATION IN plenty of light into the room.


The very large disability bedroom, with two profiling beds, has French windows onto the garden terrace and a ceiling hoist leading to the well-equipped ensuite disability bathroom. In this bathroom is a height adjustable wash basin, a hi-lo bath, a Clos-o-Mat toilet and a full wheel-in shower. Upstairs you’ll find one double and one

Denis Duncan House is a disability cottage situated in the lovely conservation village of Dirleton. The village is situated on the Firth of Forth, between the Scottish capital of Edinburgh and the pretty coastal town of North Berwick. The cottage sleeps six people in total, two with disabilities. It is very spacious and

has plenty of room for disabled people and their families or carers to spend quality time together (see plan).

wash basin and Clos-o-Mat toilet, a hi-lo bath, and a full size wheel-in shower. (Click herefor a list of all facilities). The very sizeable kitchen, with a convenient The disabled suite is extremely well height adjustable hob top and sink, has equipped with two profiling beds, and an everything you need to feel comfortable overhead hoist to the en-suite bathroom. and at home. Upstairs there are two twin The bathroom has a height adjustable bedded rooms, a bathroom, and second

birds, and even the occasional hedgehog. The large garden backs on to the famous Archerfield golf course.

sitting room for the family or carers. The substantial downstairs sitting room leads into a comfortable conservatory from which you can see the local wildlife – deer, pheasant, squirrels, many garden

Denis Duncan House overlooks one of the village greens and is also in sight of the famous ruined medieval castle. Nearby you can visit the coastal town of North Berwick which has a beach and seabird centre, as well as shops, restaurants, and pubs.

+44 (0)1787 372343

What can we say? When our scouts at SME saw this place… they were speechless! Absolute Beauty… We wanted to know why this beautiful barn was set up for our Community. Cotswold Charm was originally set up by Michael Haines in 1999 and ran up to six cottages he jointly owned in conjunction with

his brother Stephen, sister Margaret – all under the careful eye of their late mother Elsie. Since her passing, Michael lets them through Cotswold Charm Holiday Cottages which acts as an agency. Margaret still has Stable Cottage alongside the old farmhouse and Michael has the Old Granary and George Barn alongside the farmhouse where he was born and still lives. They all hope that this change will lead to an improved and more personal service for the

many friends who have stayed with them over the years. Many people with varying disabilities have stayed in our previous three cottages Rick Cottage, Barn Cottage and THe Ewe Pen) which Michael is delighted to report that feedback on had a range of characteristics to support some them has always been very positive and he now of those with a disability. aims that George Barn will surpass them for

those with physical challenges. Whilst the Old Granary’s ground floor is large, accessible and enjoys an ensuite wet-room, Michael as an above knee-amputee can climb the staircase to the lounge/kitchen/diner, but they do provide a bit more of a challenge.

results in you really enjoying yourself and always wanting to return again and again. Cotswold Charm provides 7 very carefully selected 4-star (AA) self-catering holiday cottages, with 1, 2, 3 & 4 double ensuite bedrooms in Chipping Campden which it hopes will meet your exacting and discerning Cotswold Charm aims to provide a unique requirements. 4 of the cottages have ground selection of 4-star (AA) self-catering holiday floor ensuite bedrooms. cottages in Chipping Campden based around Top Farm’s 17thC farmhouse. All within an easy They are mainly based in or nearby to Blind Lane and Top Farm’s 17thC farmhouse which is five-minute walk of Campden’s historic High Street and its numerous Listed Buildings and a within an easy five-minute walk of Chipping tremendous selection of restaurants & shops. Campden’s historic High Street and its tremendous selection of restaurants & shops. Cotswold Charm’s philosophy is that “your holiday is all about you”.

Your Holiday Time is Precious!

Award Winning Countryside!

Designated Britain’s largest Area of We appreciate that your holiday time is Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Cotswolds is precious and with careful planning and characterised by rolling hills and crafted, honeypreparation we aim to deliver a service tailored coloured stone, walls and buildings. The as best we can to your individual needs which

landscape is dotted with idyllic towns and villages nestling invitingly to create the warmest of welcomes for those visiting the area. There’s something for everyone at whatever pace life takes you whether it’s walking; fishing; or other sporting pastimes; browsing antique shops; eating out at fine restaurants; theatre; or simply relaxing with a good book midst tranquil surroundings. Described by the historian GM Trevelyan as “the most beautiful village now left in the island”, for many, Chipping Campden with its charming cottages, houses and bustling high street, epitomises the Cotswolds and etches

fond memories that last a lifetime. Chipping Campden also makes a perfect base from which to explore this beautiful little corner of England with Cheltenham, Bath, Shakespeare’s Stratford-upon-Avon, Oxford, Warwick and London also within easy reach by car or public transport. Photographs of Chipping Campden and The Cotswolds by Betty Stocker – we are delighted that Betty has kindly provided us with some of her tremendous pictures of Chipping Campden (as well as those of our cottages) for our website. Look no further for those photos which encapsulate the seasons in and around

Chipping Campden and The Cotswolds that are renowned the world over for their natural beauty. Just click on the above picture of “Lower Slaughter” to see the photographs in her gallery that just ooze and illustrate the atmospheric and ethereal scenery of the area.

George Barn - Accessible Excellence! Built in 1948 on the site of an old thatched barn where the draft horses’ harnesses were stored on the first floor overnight, George Barn was designed to hold implements , tractors, potatoes and apples on the ground floor and bulk grain on the first floor. This use did not last much beyond the 1950’s and more recently it served as an office and

motorcycle workshop/store for 10 years or so before recently being converted into a

wheelchair accessible unit for Michael. Access to the ground floor is by either the 840mm wide side door or by opening the wider bi-fold doors in the front of the picture. In addition to the ground floor double bedroom with ensuite wet-room, up to 3 first ensuite double bedrooms can be made available offering flexible accommodation for 2, 4, 6 or 8 people (prices set accordingly). Off-road parking for 3 cars. Accessed via private drive, the 300 year old colourful garden is on the other side of Blind Lane and there is a further safe amenity/exercise area for children. The flexible lounge/kitchen/diner can accommodate up to 8 including a wheelchair. The electric armchair, settees and comfy carvers can allow all to

machine and drier can be seen to the right of the sink . The adapted kitchen includes fan assisted electric oven tower with pull out shelf to help with transfer of pots and pans which are stored in the drawers below. Induction hob and kitchen sink are incorporated in an electric table that can accommodate wheelchair users and be adjusted to suit your height. Beyond the kitchen is the ground floor double bedroom with ensuite wet-room and electric profiling double bed. There is plenty of storage space in the wardrobe and chest of drawers and room to manoeuvre a wheelchair. Light switches and emergency call system can all be operated from the bed, as can the 26� colour television with all Sky features.

Contact Michael with any questions at: Cotswold Charm Holiday Cottages George Barn, Blind Lane, Chipping Campden, Glos GL55 6ED Telephone: 01386 840164 and ask for Michael Mobile/Text: 0788 964 9812 Email: Website:

enjoy a good book or watch your choice of program on the 50-inch Smart Colour TV (all Sky programs, Catch up, Recordings and BT Sport included). High speed WiFi. Under-floor heating and warm & easy clean Kardean flooring add to your comfort. Microwave & toaster are on the console behind the table. Dishwasher fridge /freezer, washing

Spectacular Bespoke Holidays Around The World! We are a supported holiday company that specialises in a door to door holiday service for adults with learning disabilities. As our name suggests, we pick you up from your place of residence and drop you back again at the end of your holiday, so you don't have to worry about a thing. Our supported holidays are all carefully planned to give you the best experience in a completely safe environment. Take a look through our website as we have some wonderful holidays taking in many destinations in the UK, Europe and Worldwide. Our staff are trained, caring professionals who have expertise in looking after and supporting individuals with learning disabilities. You can rest assured that we provide expert, 24/7 personalised support. For your comfort all of our supported holidays are in three or four star accommodation. Our self catering holidays include breakfast, dinner and a packed lunch. Hotel breaks include full board in twin rooms. Single rooms may be available at a supplement. Cruise holidays include full board in twin staterooms. Some day trips and activities are included in the price - see individual holiday details. Door to Door pick up can be provided on all UK holidays - there is a charge for this service. If you require anything that is not detailed here, just let us know and we will do our best to help you. Read more about what to expect from a UK holiday or an abroad holiday with us. You can

also spread the cost of your supported holiday with one of our payment plans. Our aim is to give you an enjoyable and memorable supported holiday. All our team is there to provide you with the best possible care whilst on your holiday. Your health and safety is of the utmost importance to us, therefore we offer the highest quality and experience that our team can provide.

All our accommodation on our supported holidays is suitable for the holiday that we provide to the adult with mild to moderate learning disabilites. We also have accommodation for wheelchair users and our 1:1 clients in adapted rooms with level access showers, grab rails and other adaptations. Special dietary requirements can be catered for.

Here at Door to Door Holidays we value your right of choice in choosing your holiday that best suits you and your needs.

As part of our service to clients who require 1:1 support or wheelchair users we provide home visits. The visit includes assessing the All our staff are enhanced DBS checked. They needs of the client and in collaboration with also have the following training first aid, POVA, the client, their family/carer they can then food and hygiene, manual handling, medication make an informed decision about the suitability administration, epilepsy, and hoist training. of the holiday that they have chosen.

We offer a wide range of holidays to suit all tastes and abilities. However, if you don't see a supported holiday that you like and have a specific holiday in mind we offer a bespoke holiday service to you or your group.

discuss your holiday requirements.

Other visits can be arranged to assess the non verbal communication and the behaviour of the Here at Door to Door Holidays Ltd we provide a client to ensure that we can support their needs on the holidays that we offer. We can personal supported holiday service to our also advise on the most suitable holiday clients requiring one to one support. This locations based on our experience and service is offered to the following clients, wheelchair users, clients with epilepsy, limited knowledge of working with this particular client group. mobility and complex needs. This service begins with a home visit so that we We also have the services of an occupational can first of all meet each other face to face and therapist who can join us on this visit and

• • • • • •

Special diets Equipment needs Activities Medication Careplan/protocols Risk assessments If you would like further information regarding these services please contact us.

UK Holidays: For all UK holidays we offer a door to door pick up service to all our service users. They will be picked up, in either a people carrier or a mini bus depending upon the number of passengers. Adapted vehicles can be provided for our wheelchair users who are unable to use our other transport. There is an extra charge for this service. Please give us a call on 07974730439 to find out more about this service.

European and Worldwide Holidays: We fly mainly from Gatwick and Manchester airports. We can meet our service users at the airport on the day of the flight but for those can assess the functional needs of the client and service users using our Door to Door pick up service we will collect on the day before our suitability of each supported holiday flight and stay overnight in an airport hotel. destination. There is a charge for the hotel, dinner and care The visit will involve discussing the following: provided during this day. • • • •

Holiday destination Accomodation Transport Staffing requirements

Cruises and Ferry Holidays: For all these holidays i.e. Dublin, Isle of Wight and Jersey we will meet you at the Port, eg.

Southampton, Poole, Portsmouth, Dover or Fishbourne. For those service users using our Door to Door pick up service there will be an overnight hotel stay before we board our ferry/Ship. There is an additional charge for this service which includes hotel accommodation, evening meal and breakfast and 24 hour support.

Disneyland Paris: For this holiday we will meet you at Folkstone to catch the Eurotunnel Train. For the Eurostar we will meet you at either Waterloo or Ashford. If you are using our Door to Door pick up service then an overnight stay is required at either Folkstone, Waterloo, or Ashton and an extra cost is incurred. The extra cost includes hotel accommodation, evening meal, breakfast and 24 hour support.

CONTACT: 01536 428378 07974 730439

As a Travel Counsellor, I am passionate and focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction in realising my clients travel dreams - I will do everything to meet your expectations. I believe that travel is all about the

experience not just the hotel room. Everyone is looking for that unique experience; I take pride in understanding the requirements of each traveler, so your holiday is tailored to you. If you’re looking for a family holiday

which caters for every member of the family, a romantic getaway for a special occasion, the wedding of your dreams, group activity holidays, specialist travelling. (maybe explain what specialist travel is) My service is also focused making the world accessible to people of all abilities. And with a level of personal experience you can be confident that I will understand your needs and provide a specialist travel service that is second to none. Whatever your additional access, mobility, sensory or cognitive requirements might be... and wherever in the world you wish to go. So, where in the Worldcan your aspirations take you? If it’s on a map and open to visitors, then I can make all arrangements to get you there! With access to literally thousands of flights, accommodations and transport options literally at my fingertips, you can be assured of a truly independent and customer-first service What I can arrange for you? ďƒ Accommodation accessible to all hotels, villas, apartments, cottages & castles * Low cost, charter and scheduled flights * Vehicle rentals - cars, vans, and wheelchair adapted vehicles * Mobility equipment rentals * Cruises accessible to all - UK departures and Worldwide fly & cruise * Adventure and themed holidays safaris, scuba diving, trekking and more

* Dream weddings abroad - Cyprus, Caribbean, the Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico and more * Travel insurance * Great rail journeys * Airport parking * Theme park and theatre tickets * Departure lounges * Conference and business travel Advice and guidance is offered at a very personal level. Contact me for any travel requirements you may be looking for. T:01522719190 F:01522719190 M:07930201586 E W sheila.stamp

Divecor’s mission is to build confidence and self-esteem in children and adults of all abilities including mental and physical disabilities through Scuba Diving. To experience the freedom of being in the water and be gravity free for a period of

time under the supervision of qualified instructors.

Disability Snowsports UK to expand after £131,000 is DSUK’s largest ever donation receiving its largest ever donation in our forty-year history”. The UK’s leading disabled snowsport charity, Disability Snowsport UK (DSUK), today announced that following its largest ever donation, it will be opening a new adaptive snowsport school at Sandown Sports in Esher, Surrey. Millie Knight, who is a three-time Paralympic medallist, two-time Paralympian and Downhill World Champion joined Mark Kelvin, Chief Executive of DSUK to make the announcement.

A significant proportion of this donation is a sult of Crystal Ski Holiday makers, choosing to donate a single £1 whenever they have booked a ski or snowboarding holiday through Crystal’s website. This money has been topped-up further by guests donating additional funds through participating in various activities during their holiday. These funds will enable DSUK to establish a new adaptive snowsport school at the dry ski slope at Sandown Sports in Esher, Surrey.

“We simply cannot thank staff and guests Chris Logan, Managing Director, Crystal at Crystal Ski Holidays enough”, enthused Ski Holidays said “We’re delighted to Mark. “This generous donation of over support DSUK and to be able to help

them expand their operation with the opening of the new snowsport school. A huge thank you to our customers for their generosity too. Our team is really passionate about the work DSUK does and many have spent time volunteering for the charity and seeing first-hand the support they provide.”

brings a level of individual exhilaration and risk that many disabled people simply cannot get elsewhere”. Millie Knight shared Mark’s view. “I first started skiing at six years old when I started to lose my sight. When I’m walking about in my daily life it’s quite restrictive and quite slow and I rely on other people to help me to do things. I’m not in control. When I ski, I can choose the speed we go, and where Peter Le Masurier, CEO at Sandown Sports we go, and that’s really exciting for me” said “I am thrilled that we are now able to offer adaptive skiing in association with DSUK will be running free taster sessions DSUK at Sandown. Making sport at Sandown Sports for any disabled people who might be interested in skiing accessible for all, lies at the heart of what or snowboarding. No previous experience we aspire to deliver.” is required. To book your free session visit “Disabled people can gain huge benefits or call in participating in snowsport” continues 01479 861272 Mark. “Beyond the immediate physical and mental health benefits, snowsport

We employ an expert team with over 200 years` combined experience of life in a wheelchair. Our main objective is to transform the lives of disabled people across the UK by maximising our customers` range of movement, fitness levels and general health. All designed to help them regain a new level of independence and control in their everyday lives.

We do this by sourcing and supplying the world’s best mobility and rehabilitation products, giving the best customer care and using the unique experience and expertise of our team of specialists and wheelchair-users. Cyclone only sell solutions and services that we would be happy using ourselves. Our portfolio covers:

Lightweight manual wheelchairs – stylish, customised chairs using In the global healthcare world of advanced technology acquisitions and takeovers Cyclone Electric wheelchair attachments – life- remains one of the few independent changing click-and-go attachments wheelchair-user-focused mobility and equipment providers. Neurological rehabilitation (FES) – therapy Functional Electrical cycling systems


Cyclone prides itself on being a company that cares about its staff and customers Physical and cognitive rehabilitation – and one that is not directed by a low-cost VR therapy platform for multinational giant of the healthcare home or clinic use industry. Robotic gait training – helps regain the ability to walk Gym equipment – increasing the fitness and rehabilitation of wheelchair users Occupational Therapy – Obi dining robot: elegant design and intuitive controls

Bewick Mobility, established 1991, has grown organically to become the leading adaptations installer in the North of England and south West Scotland specialising in offering independence through both vehicle

adaptations and mobility aids. We work closely with Motability to adapt Motability cars to suit customer needs while also offering Motability scooters and powerchairs on

Motability’s lease scheme.

options. Furthermore, there is a wide We offer free driving assessments to range of Wheelchairs, Mobility find the most suitable type of driving Scooters and Powerchairs in stock. controls for customers’ needs. Product demonstrations are available for any boot hoists or vehicle access

the great outdoors. The desire to get outdoors never fades Established for over 10 years, the team at and with a recent focus on positive All Terrain Wheelchairs continue to help mental health, it seems this is an essential people with limited mobility stay active in part of life for all of us.

power chair is nothing but positive and the benefits are felt not only by the wheelchair user themselves, but also to the people around them. Examples of such include…. Families who are able to get to the beach & play together in the sand! Farmers who are able to continue to work in the outdoors! School children who are able to participate in field trips! Adaptive surfers who are able to teach All of the powerchairs are designed to their skills to willing youngsters! Dog make light work of rugged terrain, trainers who are able to exercise their including, mud, rocks, sand, ice and snow. dogs…… there are so many examples of ways the chairs have impacted, positively Nothing stands in their way! on people’s lives! The response from people who have purchased their own Magic Mobility

Believe in promoting wellbeing through information in order to find the best good sleep solutions for you. It is important to find your personal requirements for good quality sleep. One of the biggest issues when selecting a mattress is the physical differences between the partners. Almost every couple sleep on the same mattress, although their demands are different. Therefore our sleep experts evaluate factors influencing your sleep quality such as sleeping habits, sleeping positions, health conditions and individual preferences. We carefully analyse your

Your mattress is the most significant factor affecting the quality of your sleep. It should be designed to support your body by allowing the structures of your spine to rest and rejuvenate during the night. At UnikBed we design a mattress just for you, because we believe that you have a unique body and you need a mattress that supports your body structure. Our spring mattress can be installed into an adjustable motorised base or if possible in to your existing bed frame.

Feedback shows that by having an adjustable motorised bed, many have felt relief in symptoms like snoring, sleep apnea, heartburn or weak blood circulation in their legs. Additionally the optional massage and vibration helps with restless leg syndrome or aching legs and muscles. UnikBed’s adjustable motorised bed incorporates a slat base and a wireless remote control. While remaining stylish and easy to use the base can be featured with a support handle that makes getting up from the bed easier.

company, Unikulma of Finland. We have collected, analysed, and utilised more than 30 years of customer feedback and experiences in order to improve and refine the design and manufacturing of our products.

Our product selection includes everything you need in the bedroom; beds, Our quality products are handmade to mattresses, ergonomic pillows, functional order in the factory of our parent blankets and bed linen.

The Times reports that unsecured debt as a UK households have seen their debts to credit card firms, banks and other lenders soar by share of household income now stands at a an average total of £886 over the past year alone, record 30.4%. according to a new report. The total debt figure includes student loans, which were increased from £3,000 to up to And unsecured debt across Britain has risen by £9,250 a year in 2012, but “does not include almost 50% since the 2008 economic crash, the further debts incurred over Christmas”, adds The analysis by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) Guardian. has found. The TUC and other analysts are blaming the borrowing boom on the introduction of Excluding mortgages, the amounts owed by austerity measures amid stagnant wages. British households rose to a combined £428bn in the third quarter of 2018 - equivalent to £15,385 The problem has “ballooned since people per home. began to loosen the purse strings in 2013

after years of cutting back”, with the annual rate of consumer credit growth peaking at 10.9% in November 2016, says The Times. “Weak wage growth has fuelled the problem, with families taking on non-mortgage debt as disposable incomes have fallen,” the newspaper continues. “Although wages started picking up last year, a decade of decline has eroded consumers’ buying power.”

Government is skating on thin ice by relying on household debt to drive growth. A strong economy needs people spending wages, not credit cards and loans.” She added: “Our economy is not working for workers. They need stronger rights and bargaining powers.”

The TUC has also called for an increase in minimum wage levels to £10 an hour “as quickly as possible”, reports the BBC. The TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Household debt is at crisis level. Years national living wage for workers aged 25 and of austerity and wage stagnation has pushed over is currently £7.83 an hour, due to rise to £8.21 in April. millions of families deep into the red. The

Gender pay inequalities may be making the headlines, but the UK’s “disability gap” – the poor rate of employment and retention in employment for people with disabilities – remains stubbornly high. Paul Avis looks at what can be done.

imbalance of men and women in senior roles – is set to dominate headlines for the foreseeable future.

But another diversity issue is bubbling quietly under the surface, and while it may not be attracting as many headlines, it is just as deserving of our attention.

The unemployment rate is currently at its Diversity in the workplace has never been lowest level since 1975. But not all workers are benefiting from high levels of so hotly debated. Now that large UK companies (or those with 250 employees employment – while 80.6% of people or more) are obligated to publish data on without disabilities are employed, this falls sharply to 49.2% of those with the gender pay gap, the discrepancies disabilities. between male and female pay – and

disability sets out a clear mandate for employers, manager and supervisors to improve recruitment and retention of disabled workers, better manage employee ill-health, create healthy and inclusive workplaces where all can progress and provide opportunities for workers who need a more flexible approach. Employers should take this as an indication that they are obligated not only to prevent direct or indirect discrimination against disabled employees (both of which are illegal under the 2010 Equality Act) but also to take active steps in improving working conditions and opportunities for those with disabilities.

Hiring and retaining disabled staff One of the most common forms of discrimination is failing to make necessary adjustments for disabled employees. It is often perceived that it is expensive to Though the employment rate for people make the changes needed to support a with disabilities has improved very slightly member of staff with a disability, but in year-on-year, with an additional 104,000 most cases the opposite is true. Offering flexible working, making slight changes to disabled people in work, there is still the dress code or allowing a colleague to plenty of work to be done. The sit/stand are all effective forms of support Government has recognised this and but cost nothing to implement. Other towards the end of last year set out a changes include providing a lift or ramp or target of one million more disabled equipment which is suited to the people in work by 2027. individual, such as a special keyboard or So what role can and must employers play louder phone. According to The Disability in the Government’s ten-year programme Rights Commission, the average cost of of change? adjustments is just £75. The Government’s paper Improving lives – the future of work, health and

Employers should be aware they are legally required to make reasonable

adjustments to the working environment provided the employee has informed them of their disability and they are classified as disabled under the Equality Act. While the obligation to make adjustments lies on the employer, and employees do not necessarily need to provide suggestions, each individual may experience their disability in a different way so it’s important they have the opportunity to discuss with their employer what kind of workplace changes would be most beneficial.

– such as computer screen readers which read the content of computer screens to visually impaired users, and speech recognition programmes to aid those with motor skills problems – can make a real difference to disabled people’s job opportunities and the likelihood of them remaining in the workplace. A return to work for the newly disabled

Becoming newly disabled is a very difficult situation and can become even worse if an employer is quick to write off an employee rather than helping them If an individual requires assistance which return to work. This leaves the employer is too expensive for an employer to without an experienced member of staff reasonably implement, support is and needing to recruit a available from the Government’s Access replacement, with an average associated to Work scheme. This can include a grant cost of more than £30,000. More to help cover the costs of practical importantly, the employee is left without support in the workplace. their job, potentially resulting in them struggling to support themselves and Making the most of technology their family. Advances in technology mean there is little excuse for employers not to offer a Employers might feel that managing the disability-friendly workplace. health issues of their staff is too complex The Improving Lives paper points to and costly. This is where Group Income “accessible hardware and software… Protection (GIP) products can make a real through to developments in apps and difference. Designed to provide an wearable technology” with “small employee with financial support if they innovative start-ups and large technology are off work due to a long-term illness or companies” already implementing these injury, the product ensures staff still solutions for their employees. As receive an income as well as remaining technology continues to improve, entitled to valuable private medical and assistive technology should become more death benefit schemes. A host of widespread in UK companies. additional support services are also offered by insurers alongside a GIP At a basic level, the availability of online scheme including employer helplines, meeting and conference call centres has second medical opinion services which enabled home-working for many types of support clinical certainty and vocational employees. More sophisticated software rehabilitation.

Claims management services will provide a medicallyendorsed return to work plan as well as look at adjustments and adaptions to the workplace to achieve a return to work as soon as is suitable. Particularly beneficial outcomes are achieved when employers engage with early intervention services – when an employer uses such a service, 90% of employees will make a successful, sustainable return to work after seven weeks, removing the need for a claim payment and helping to keep employers’ premiums low. Given that GIP can be provided for as a little as £75 per employee per year for basic cover, it is a low-cost, effective starting point to help manage and prevent sickness absence and help those who find themselves ill or injured and needing assistance to return to the workplace. This makes it an invaluable tool for businesses looking to ensure they are truly diverse and supportive of disabled staff.

PeopleScout, gold sponsor of the Personnel Today Awards 2018, is the world’s largest recruitment process outsourcing provider by number of roles filled, delivering talent solutions that span the globe. Following this summer’s acquisition of TMP UK’s RPO operations we talk to Jon Porter, managing director of PeopleScoutUK, about the services it provides across the US, Canada, Poland, India, Australia and now the UK. What is the future for talent technology and how will it affect organisations? Our research shows that talent technology will continue to evolve and, mainly through automation, improve efficiencies in the near future. At PeopleScout, we use technology to enhance a seamless employer brand-based recruitment process, benefitting both the employer and candidates.

We focus on four specific areas; artificial intelligence, video solutions, automation tools and predictive analytics. We believe that employers who

want to achieve a competitive advantage in the talent market need to be engaged with one or more of these in 2019 and beyond. How will AI and automation create efficiencies in RPO? We’ve been working hard with improved predictive assessment tools to enhance selection outcomes – more great hires – whilst upgrading the candidate experience through a timelier process.

these companies to optimise their hiring process and decrease attrition. It’s important to remember that leveraging expertise in these markets and sectors builds a strong recruitment program when labour markets are tight.

We would encourage organisations to work with RPO suppliers who use cutting edge technology to enable them to build a successful talent ecosystem within their business. Talent professionals can then focus on Key technologies that we are developing in- retention, up-skilling and other HR related needs that would otherwise be side-lined by clude robotic process automation (RPA). Bots will be used to manage a range of tasks the recruitment process. and interactions with candidates, allowing What makes PeopleScout different to other recruiters and HR managers more time to spend on other critical tasks. RPA and chat- RPO providers? bots for example, will enable organisations PeopleScout UK offers a Total Talent Solution to offer a highly responsive and engaging combining our RPO expertise with our strong candidate experience by eliminating the employer brand building and creative heritdowntime between a candidate submitting age. We know from our years of experience an application and receiving a response from just how important the entire candidate journey is and how to attract the hardest to the recruiter. find talent. RPA and chatbots will help organisations to reliably engage and communicate with can- We have talent consulting capabilities which didates. This technology will trigger the col- include a team of occupational psychologists lection of real-time data throughout candi- that not only look at the drivers of top perdate communications. For example, recruit- formance but also design selection tools to ers will be able to program bots to generate identify these candidates. Alongside this we emails, to solicit feedback or short surveys, have the proven ability to develop pipelines as candidates progress through the process. which meet our client’s needs whilst having a deep understanding that each of their obHow can new-to-market companies use RPO jectives are different and complex. to meet their objectives? By definition, an RPO provider has significant PeopleScout provides 16% of the world’s RPO hires and the experience and hiring experience and capability and can support recruitment at all levels using prov- knowledge that this brings is available in en tools and techniques that younger com- the UK, right here, right now. Contact Jon panies cannot afford as they invest in the Porter at to growth and development of the business. find out more. Over a longer period of time, we work with

Disability Equality Training DET Courses The aim of our Disability Equality Training DET Courses is to help equip all members of staff to support their colleagues. The course will also provide a better service to consumers that have a disability or longterm health condition.

We deliver a dynamic and comprehensive face-to-face Disability Equality Training. Our training packages respond to the needs of each organisation and situation. Each training session or package can be tailored to address different areas of activity, staff concerns and outcomes. From customer care and front of house, through to the boardroom. ESL Services will guide you through training that builds confidence and knowledge to inform action. This will provide you with the tools your business needs to become ‘disability smart’. The interactive sessions are suitable for people at all levels and delivered by expert trainer in your own workplace.

What are our Disability Equality Training DET Courses objectives?

To highlight the opportunities and value of There are 13.3 million people with disabili- disability. ties in the UK – One fifth of Scotland’s population have a disability – that’s one million We will explore the Equality Act people. 2010 definitions and how it supports disabled consumers and staff with disabilities. The Equality Act 2010 says that changes or adjustments should be made. Also highlight how the Equality Act 2010 will affect your practice with regards to recruitTo ensure that people with a disability can ment and customer or workplace adjustaccess goods and services like shops, ments. banks, cinemas, hospitals, council offices, leisure centers. And educate staff on the common types of disability in the workplace and the associatIt makes ideal business-sense to have an ed opportunities and challenges. accessible and inclusive organisation and workforce which will appeal to millions of potential customers.

Participants will understand equality from the perspective of disabled staff and consumers. A good understanding of definitions, exclusions and how to prevent discrimination or unconscious bias. Participants will understand how the Equality Act 2010 supports recruitment processes and customer or workplace adjustments.

A clear understanding of the ‘red-lines’ with regards to language and etiquette. ___________________________________ LINKS TO OUR COURSES…

PCV Drivers CPC Disability Equality Training Course Disability Equality Training DET Courses Deaf Awareness and Communication Training Course Mental Health First Aid Training Courses _______________________________________

Disability Access Audits What could happen if I don’t carry Under The Equality Act 2010 you have to out an act upon the results of an access audit carried out by a suitably qualified person. access audit or make reasonable adjustments? It will also identify what ‘reasonable You would leave yourself open to be adjustments’ you must carry out. taken to court by being issued with a DL56. What are ‘reasonable adjustments? Why should I have an Access Audit carried out?

‘Reasonable Adjustments’ are identified by having your access audit carried out, and they can be something like Signage, Access Ramps or Induction Hearing Loops.

If you did receive this it would mean that you are going to court, and you will be fined for injury to feelings and made to carry out the access audit and the adjustments.

What are induction loops?

The minimum amount in case law for injury to feelings is £33,000.

Induction Loops allow people with hearing impairments access your services You will also have court cost for both sets and assist you in compliance of the of lawyers, and the cost of time away Equality Act 2010. from running your business, and the bad publicity that will be generated. For you not to carry out ‘reasonable adjustments’ this would be Please call 01506 412791 for further deemed unlawful. advice and assistance.

"Sharp rise in young people reports The Guardian, describing a UK overdosing onrates painkillers study that looked at of "poisoning events" in recent years. and antidepressants!"

poisoning events were over-the-counter painkillers, such as paracetamol, and alcohol.

If you or someone you know are having Researchers looked at data from GP difficulties with mental health and may be records, hospital admissions and thinking about self-harming or suicide, help information from the Office for National is available. Find out more about getting help Statistics to identify poisoning events. They focused on the experiences of young You can also contact Samaritans on 116 people aged 10 to 24 at some point during 123 or by emailing the study period from 1998 to 2014. Just under 2% of the young people studied had experienced poisoning events over the study period. The study says about 3 out of every 5 incidents (66.5%) were deliberate overdoses. Rates have increased in recent years, with greater increases in young women and girls compared with young men and boys. People from more deprived backgrounds had higher rates than those from the least deprived groups. The most common substances involved in

Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work calls on large businesses to reveal number of disabled staff employed As 10,000 businesses sign up to the disability Confident Scheme, Minister for Disabled People, Health and Work Sarah Newton has called on large businesses to reveal number of disabled staff they employ. more than half of disabled people are still in DISABILITY CONFIDENT work. However, there is still a long way to go with many disabled people still facing Today saw the ten thousandth business sign up difficulties to get into full or part-time paid to the Disability Confident Scheme, which aids employment. knowledge and promotion of accessibility in CAMPAIGN business to allow employers to feel more confident in hiring disabled employees. Scope, the disability charity, has been working ACCESSIBLE tirelessly to tackle the inequalities in employment and bridge the disability The Prime Minister Theresa May has said: “I am employment gap. Anna Bird, Scope director of committed to creating a society where we policy and research, said: “This is a watershed empower disabled people, celebrate their moment – we will only be able to tackle talents, and enable them to achieve their hopes disability unemployment if we understand the for the future. scale of the problem. “And we’ve taken steps in the right direction with almost a million more disabled people in work over the last five years, and 10,000 businesses nesses having signed up to the Disability Confident scheme. But the disability employment gap is still too wide. I call on employers in every sector to take an honest look at how many disabled people they employ. “I ask them to look at the support they are offering and how accessible their workplaces are so everyone can be given the chance to reach their full potential at work.” Recent employment figures have revealed that

“We frequently hear from disabled people about difficulties they face – from negative attitudes and inaccessible recruitment processes, to inflexible workplaces and difficulties getting adjustments. “Data on disability is crucial for employers to understand what action they need to take to recruit and retain disabled people. “The Government must ensure that this information shapes future approaches to increasing disability employment. This will be vital in realising the ambition to get one million more disabled people into work by 2027.”

An Introduction to our associate, who assesses the ‘SME Innovative Products Of The Year Awards 2019’….. Welcome, Stuart Wheeler, from Freedom Wheelchair Skills! Q: Tell our Readers all about you… I’ve had to use a wheelchair for over 20 years. In the first few years I found it pretty hard to deal with. I used to go out but would stick to my local area and not venture too far away. I think I was scared

of the unknown - would I be able to get in a toilet?, How would I feel in crowds? Perhaps, inevitably, I made a lot of mistakes and spent a lot of time on bed rest due to bumps and scrapes from not using my wheelchair correctly.

Q: Is this serious? Is it common? After being re-admitted to hospital 6 years after my injury, I was encouraged to attend a course with a Spinal Injuries organisation called Back Up. I went to the

Lake District and attended a multi-activity course with them and I came back a different person! After the course I had more courage to venture further, even on my own sometimes. I remember after I attended the course, I was out with a few mates on a weekend and one suggested we went clubbing – just on the spur of the moment. It was my first experience of the trains and the London Tube network (I did need carrying up and down stairs in some Tube stations. Unfortunately for mobility impaired travellers not all Tube stations have access). As a group we ended up in a London nightclub, and in the VIP area just because I was a chair user - QUALITY!

is a guide to support new wheelchair skills trainers. Over the years I have taught wheelchair skills in many hospitals around the country and on Back Up courses. In training sessions I taught people from a wide range of backgrounds and different ages, including children and older adults, and discovered I had a passion for seeing people develop these skills and the difference it could make to their lives.

Q: What are your likes and dislikes? In a nutshell….

• Family Time. Spending time with my family, especially holidays. Sightseeing in the UK and abroad, including a Q: What about work, Stuart? honeymoon tour of Canada, driving the I’ve had a few jobs over the years. I got Garden Route in South Africa in a BMW my first job 18 months after discharge series 3 with hand controls (not bad from hospital. I worked on a production considering I only ordered a Honda!), line for a company making mobile phone sweating in Spain and in Florida (I don’t antennas. I held this job for 7 years and do well in the heat). ended up as a Prototype Surface Mount Engineer. The job finished because the • Live music. Big arena venues and company relocated. I then worked in a summertimes in the park. My top 4 live number of different fields, even a major acts would have to be Paul Weller, Red supermarket, but most recently, after Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, and volunteering with them for a number of Jamiroquai. years, I got a job with Back Up. At Back Up I worked in the Outreach Team • Curry. Especially good with mates. supporting people with Spinal Injury to make positive changes in their lives. • The Great Outdoors. Country walks in the woods or down by the river. My wife Q: Was this the birth of FWS? and I are walking the Thames Path – not in one go!, just trying to do it all Part of the role was teaching wheelchair eventually. skills, and I was involved in writing the Back Up Wheelchair Skills Manual which • Growing vegetables in my raised beds

at the bottom of the garden.


• Watching England play football at Wembley.

• People driving whilst holding a mobile to their ear – how much does hands free cost?

• Keeping fit. I regularly go for a push on • my own with my head phones on, great • People driving wearing shades when on a Spring evening! I try to go out on my it’s overcast. hand bike when the weather permits it. • • (Perhaps I spend too much time in the • Cinema. You can’t beat watching films car?) on the big screen. •

• Reading. I love reading. Favourite authors include Jack Higgins, Simon Scarrow, Chris Ryan and Scott Mariani. •

Dislikes (or Things that wind me up) • People who drive all the way round

Q: So why should people use FWS? As I’ve already mentioned, I first had a wheelchair skills lesson from a physio at Stoke when I was an inpatient. Being a boy, discovering I could do a wheelie in my chair (the back wheel balance) was very appealing. I quickly learnt how to negotiate curbs, thresholds and uneven

surfaces through practice and making a lot of mistakes. In 1999 I got involved with a Spinal Injuries Charity called Back Up and went on a couple of activity courses with them. Back Up then asked me if I wanted to be involved with a peer-led Wheelchair Skills Training project they were starting. The aim was to learn how to teach people the skills they would need to use a wheelchair safely and to be more independent – I jumped at the chance! Through this project I began to teach wheelchair skills to newly injured people with Spinal Cord Injury, in Spinal Centres and on courses run by Back Up around the country. I have gained Accreditation in Wheelchair Skills training through this work with Back Up. For over 12 years I have taught people the fundamentals of using a wheelchair, which has encouraged them to lead more independent lives. I have been approached by wheelchair users with a range of disabilities in my community, and asked if I could teach them wheelchair skills. I have come to realise there are many more wheelchair users

in the country that don’t get the benefits of peer-led wheelchair skills training – this is why I have started up Freedom Wheelchair Skills. My aim is to develop the skills and confidence of people who need a wheelchair for their mobility, to enable them to lead more independent lives and get out there!


Lovocco® is proud to deliver unique, purpose designed and beautiful products to meet the needs of disabled people and people with limited mobility. With first-hand experience of living with limited mobility, combined with passion and dedication, we craft stylish products that help create a world where everyone

has the same opportunity to live a proud, active and fulfilling life. “I have just got in my car for the first time with the mat and I am so impressed, it worked brilliantly! Thank you so much.” Rachel Morris MBE, British Paralympic Gold Medallist We are proud to introduce our latest light weight accessory. The perfect travelling companion for wheelchair users: This purpose built light weight travel accessory limits scratches and dents to cars caused by wheelchairs. The SillSave mat effortlessly folds over the door sill,

allowing wheelchair users to transfer in and out of their car with confidence of not damaging the sill. •

Lightweight and easy to roll up and store

It can be placed over the sill onehanded

It sticks to the car sill and stays in place for improved safety

Stays in position with the door shut whilst driving

It’s tough, durable and can be wiped down as required. We care deeply about developing products that give disabled people and people with limited mobility greater choice, freedom and independence.

For more information visit For demo video visit https://

“This product was introduced to me by Adam, after he contacted me through linkedin. I’d been using a piece of carpet, wishing there was a product like this one. I immediately put this product forward to the Editor of SME, recommending it to be part of the innovation awards. I thoroughly recommend anyone that uses a wheelchair and a car...buys this product! It gets my vote!” - Stuart Wheeler Freedom Wheelchair Skills. (Official Reviewer)

gain a real understanding of the entire process! Luna installations, testing and continued maintenance visits are only ever carried out by qualified and type trained engineers, with direct manufacturer support.

Introducing one of our nominations for “The SME Award For Best New Business 2019”… Luna Lifts Ltd! We are Luna! we are a supply, installation and maintenance provider for the Disabled access market. So we’ve all heard the age old joke…’all up’s and downs in the lift industry!’…But when it comes to the service provided, why should the service and support work in the same way? Our objective as a company, is to secure repeat business with every link we make, whether an enquiry or a customer, a supplier or a trade partner, it’s so important to keep building on strong relationships for the future. So… Luna products only come from tried and tested manufacturers with many years of successful experience in their field. Luna sales teams have specific product training and information on everything we supply, they even help out with installations from time to time in order to

Making a difference… In an

industry dominated with sales targets, we offer a fresh approach to the platform lift market. Our background is in engineering and construction, meaning we have a firm grasp on what it takes to execute the practical element of every project.

asset. Intelligent Interaction... We operate using electronic documents, bespoke software and up to date hardware to ensure our stage by stage project management process can be seen, edited and followed by the whole team, leaving less room for hold ups or miscommunication. Continued Support... Luna products have been individually selected for their quality engineering, easy installation and reliable operation. We use specialist installation and maintenance teams to ensure the best service possible. Our reputation is our

Some Projects we’re involved with‌

Cathedral Yard Luxury Apartments Exeter-based property developer, Burrington Estates, has today announced one of its seven luxury apartments in Cathedral Yard has sold for what is believed to be a record amount for a

Paul Scantlebury, co-owner of the successful property development enterprise which also launched a New Homes company in 2016 which has just scooped a national award for its Clyst St George development, comments: “Following the success of Dean Clarke House, we knew there was an appetite for this type of luxurious, city-centre living and securing a seven-figure sum for one of the apartments, before we have officially launched the development, is massively encouraging and in this uncertain political climate, shows just how robust the South West property market is.” Burrington Estates has also confirmed two further apartments have been reserved, meaning only four remain in this premium development. For those seeking the property in the city – and before the height of luxury city-centre living, there is development has formally launched. still scope to secure the penthouse, which The 2,147 sqft, 3-bed apartment boasts stand-out features including an external is priced on application. terrace and an open-plan dining and Numerous South West businesses are also reception area enjoying stunning views involved in this land-mark development, overlooking the Cathedral and has including Exeter-based architect firm, secured an asking price in excess of £1million, making it the most sought-after Expedite who will be project managing piece of real estate in the region. the entire build process from conception Renovation of the four-storey Grade II to completion. Plymouth-based building listed building – directly above Edinburgh contractors, Urbn Construction, will Woollen Mill in Cathedral Yard – is already implement the construction and underway and will consist of seven restoration works. exquisite one, two and three-bed apartments. The prime development has Also, a special ‘ITV Cannes Venture’… been aptly named Cathedral View by the property developers which has a growing DesignScene – ITV Studios, reputation for high quality new Palais des Festivals, Cannes development and sensitive refurbishment MIPCOM / MIPTV, the International projects in the South West.

Market of Communications Programmes is a 4 day trade show, held bi-annually Cannes. The event sees the biggest international broadcasters buying and selling content. ITV have held a presence at the events for over 30 years and have now moved to an independent space opposite the Palais des Festival, the new home of ITV Studios House. DesignScene were appointed by ITV to design, produce and install a unique space comprising 10 x 40ft shipping containers. The ambition was for ITV Studios House to be a statement installation, elevating their profile and cutting through the noise in a very crowded market. The main challenge was to replicate the full functionality and versatility of their previous space, in a mobile, modular structure that could be built and deconstructed in a matter of days. DesignScene commissioned Helix 3D for the structural design and fabrication of the containers, that were designed to be as ‘plug and play’ as possible.

Manadon Sports centre Argyle Community Trust is teaming up with Plymouth City Council to create a new football, cricket and outdoor sports centre that will be one of the best in the city. Based on the site of the former Ministry of Defence pitches on St Peter’s Road, the Manadon Sports Centre will include: a Football Association-standard third generation (3G) artificial playing pitch, together with new floodlights and security fencing two new junior grass football pitches a new artificial cricket wicket and eight grass

wickets a two-storey pavilion with a permanent office for the trust, a four changing room complex, a training room and a multi-purpose room. Improvements will also be made to the car park and entrance. Funded by the Premier League and The FA Facilities Fund, Sport England and the England and Wales Cricket Board, supported by contributions from the Council and the trust, the new facility will inspire people from across Plymouth and beyond and is expected to increase the number of people taking part in physical activity at the site from 17,500 a year to 30,000. “It has been a genuine partnership throughout and a source of huge pride that we have now reached the stage of seeing real construction at the site. There is no doubt the Manadon Sports Centre is the largest project ever undertaken by the Trust and a reflection of the progress we have made over the past decade. “Working in unison with Plymouth City Council and Plymouth Argyle Football, it will be a very special moment when people of the community get to enjoy this fantastic facility.” Council Leader and local ward councillor Ian Bowyer said: “We’re delighted to be working with Construction begins this week with the replacement of the astroturf, followed by work on the new pavilion, which will get underway in early February. The Manadon Sports Centre project will create employment, apprenticeship and volunteering opportunities as well as access to training, development and life skills courses for young people.

01264 883000

Trilift UK Ltd is undoubtedly ‘The next generation in mobility Scooter and power chair transportation.’ In an era when the majority of us are consumed in the latest technology and must have gadgets, for some a degree of independence and the ability to remain mobile would be high on their wish list.

malls and town centres, sometimes getting them there in the first place can often demand a degree of physical might and ability; either, taking them to bits or by lifting them in to the back of your car.

A typical scooter will last around 12 miles on a full battery charge, but other factors can drastically reduce this and must be With more than 350,000 mobility scooters considered; such as gradients and terrain in daily use here in the UK, there’s no conditions. getting away from the fact that for many Trilift UK Ltd identified a market for people, these scooters are an essential making Scooter & Power chair part of their everyday life. transportation, simple and affordable, and Though great for zipping round shopping

have come up with the ideal solution. Launched in the UK earlier this year, the Trilift is a unique and innovative product that attaches to a vehicles tow bar and is wired directly to the vehicle battery. The Trilift engages with a bracket that is permanently fixed to the Mobility Scooter or Power chair which by the flick of a switch is then raised and locked in place on the rear of your vehicle . . . . it really is that simple! We now have in place a team of sales consultants throughout the UK, servicing leads from National advertising and from trade exhibitions such as SME Virtual EXPO, Naidex and Disability Awareness days. For more information please visit our website: or email: Tel: 0191 4928216.

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Success Made Easy Magazine & The Accessible Holidays & Travel Guide 2020  

Magazine for the disabled community. We are all about living life to the maximum, gaining health, wealth, freedom and happiness! We help tho...

Success Made Easy Magazine & The Accessible Holidays & Travel Guide 2020  

Magazine for the disabled community. We are all about living life to the maximum, gaining health, wealth, freedom and happiness! We help tho...