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W hat is video e mail marketing? Are you an owner of a company who uses e mails to contact your client list? If so you must know the how valuable it is to announce newly released products, new special events as well as to keep them informed about the business. How do you think your customers will respond if you can add a video to your mail? The ordinary e mail system is when you send some kind of a typed document. But that is what all most all the companies do to send e mails to their clients in the e mail list. To be the best, you should have something different from others. It would be better if you can add pictures so that the clients will get a clear idea about the products that are advertised. If you include a video to be set to the client, that would be really great. Make sure he video made personal. That is why it is found so interesting. When you compare video e mails and traditional e mails (even with pictures), majority will choose video e mails. Also it would be better if you can be in the video, explaining the products in the video so that it will be possible to brand yourself as well. If you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, you can be behind the camera and shoot items that need to be promoted. W hat are the advantages of video emails? - Helps to create a polished look to your e mail when a video is added because of the professional appearance. - When a video is received by somebody he is willing to watch it no matter what it is. Therefore when a video is sent to clients, they will be interested to watch it. This increases the open rate of the e mail and more and more people will get to know about the products. - Clients will immediately respond as they have had a clear look of products. - A video can be used to tell the viewer so many things rather than reading a document that consists of so many pages. Therefore the time and the effort can be saved by using video e mails. Using video e mails will affect the business in long term. It will be easier to establish and maintain a good relationship with customers. Video e mail marketing will help improve sales as well as the image of the company.

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What is video e mail marketing