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Email Analysis Tool Important in Forensic Email Investigation The Email analysis is common while performing forensic email investigation, since the hidden evidence can only discovered with the deep scanning & analysis. It is impossible to analyze email evidence deeply. Moreover searching, recovering & transferring emails manually is time consuming & ineffective. For doing all these processes MailXaminer is the suitable & simplest forensic investigation solution. Following representations of emails are responsible for deep analysis. Normal View Hex View Properties View Message Header View MIME View HTML View RTF View Attachments

Steps of Forensic Email Analysis Collaboration of Email Evidence: The email item like message, attachments & contacts of Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Exchange, The Bat, Sea Monkey, etc are easily integrated under forensic email analysis software.

Preserve Evidence: After forensic email recovery the email analysis tool preserve the metadata, header (to, cc, bcc, date, message id etc), attachments, contacts etc.

Email Analysis: After recovering & preserving email evidence the analysis of email easily get executed by viewing email in Hex, HTML, RTF, MIME format.

Forensic Email Search: The cost of finding bulk email is easily reducible by the advance filter forensic email search module of email examiner.

Export Email Evidence: The email items like attachment, contacts & mails are transferable into EML, MSG, PDF, TIFF & HTML file format after email analysis by the MailXaminer.

Create & Manage Evidence Repository: The MailXaminer forensic email investigation tool manages the email items in evidence repository.

Download Forensic Email Analysis The Free edition of MailXaminer forensic software available online. Download the forensic email analysis software & see the preview while recovering & analyzing forensic evidences. View the steps & evaluate it by performing forensic email investigation Download Link:

Buy the Forensic Email Analysis Program: Purchase the license edition of email investigation software in reliable cost & add this email forensic tool in your toolkit. The different type of license can be purchased according to the requirement of users. The license category like Personal, Business, Academic & Tech license are available for our different type.

Buy Now: System Requirement: Platform

Intel® Pentium® 1 GHz processor (x86) or Equivalent


1 GB of RAM

Disk Space

Around 7.36 MB for installation

Operating System Additional Software

One of the following:  Windows XP  Windows 7 .Net Framework 2.0

Forensic Email Analysis  

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