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Spend £1; Make £55 with Email Marketing With the current advances in business communications, for example, social media, using email to market your business to increase sales and conversion is the most cost effective and results orientated approach available. A number of our users have demonstrated this on a regular basis to deliver return on investments of around £55 for every £1 spent. Here is how one client did it: About the Client: They are an online healthy food company, based in York, UK. They had never conducted email marketing previously so their knowledge of the method was limited. This particular client had built up an email database of 15,000 which had been delivered from previous sales. The list quality was extremely high because they knew a lot about each subscriber and what they liked. Their website traffic and sales numbers before the campaign were 1700 visitors and with around 120 orders per week. About The Email Campaign: As this was their first email campaign, the campaign was designed to offer customers a reward for their loyalty. In this example, they offered 50% off their next purchase. To increase deliverability, the client setup to deliver the campaign over 4 days. Using this approach, the campaign was delivered organically to ensure the email was delivered. The Results: Sales started to increase on day 2 of the campaign, which increased to more than double. Orders continued to rise for 2 weeks after the campaign was delivered. Using the approach of delivering the email campaign over 4 days saw on average a 36% increase in website visitors over a 4 week period after the campaign. The Facts: Week 1 Additional Sales: £1750 Week 2 Additional Sales: £1600 Week 3 Additional Sales: £2300 Total Additional Sales: £5650 Costs for Emailer Go (1 Month Subscription): £102 ROI: £1 Invested, Returned £55. There are a number of reasons why this campaign and many others using Emailer GO is successful:  

Quality of Email Database o Relevant subscriber list Email Campaign Design & Content o Relevant content which had appeal to the subscribers


Email Deliverability o Campaign was given every chance to get through to the recipient using the time sends feature within Emailer Go.

Do you want these results? Start Here – About: Emailer Go is an online email marketing solution. It enables businesses to connect with their audience to promote brand awareness, build trust and increase conversion and sales.

Spend £1 make £55 with Email Marketing  
Spend £1 make £55 with Email Marketing  

We explain how return on investment can be achieved with Email Marketing. This example email campaign case study was created and delivered...