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Use Email Appending Services to Reduce your Email Marketing Budget

Many marketing companies using email marketing campaigns for their product promotions and sales. How can you ensuring that your email address is correct and it will reach your exact targeted audience. Usually marketing or sales team maintaining their existing customers database for further communications, and it's not sure that same person will continue their position after one or two years. So, here you have a communication problem where you don't have a active customers contact address and still you are sending your marketing promotions to old or wrong email address until it get bounced or unsubscribed.

Email Appending Process How do you clean or update your existing customer database and make sure that all email marketing lists are valid? It is not so easy to check manually if you have 100 thousands of existing business contacts. Hire an email appending service provider to append your business email database. In email appending services, incomplete records will be update and wrong records will be deleted immediately. How it works: Customers will send their contact database (xsl file or other types) through email or upload through service providers website directly. Once your file received by service provider, it verify with their master database and this master database having millions of business contacts. After data verification process incorrect data will be removed and additional data will be added (Name, Contact No, Company Name, Email Id, Fax, Phone Number, etc). In email appending services, you have an option to customize your database as per your requirements. Usually email appending process will take five to ten business working days, it all depends on number of records you want to append and quality of your database.

List of Email Appending

B2B Email Appending: In b2b email appending record will be verified various methods. Verification includes person first and last name, company name, total revenues, employee count, contact email address, fax, physical address, industry type, SIC code and much more. B2C Email Appending: In b2c email appending record will be verified by person name, gender, age group, country, city, area of interest, annual income, etc, even you could request customized appending services based on your budget.

Benefits of Email appending

A perfect email appending could boost your marketing Return on Investment (ROI). ●

Marketing email will reach exact target audience that you looking for and increase email click through rate (CTR). ●

Reduce email bounce rate and verified contact database.

Reach your potential prospect on time.

Use Email Appending Services to Reduce your Email Marketing Budget  

How email appending services helping you to verify your existing email marketing database. Validate your b2b and b2c email lists and make su...