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The Four Most Important Things You Need in a Life Partner By Donna Carletta Is your life incomplete without the right partner? Your quest may appear difficult, but it will be simplified if you concentrate on the characteristics that form the basis of a sound, fruitful relationship: integrity, history, personality, and attraction.

2. Talk about relationships that took place in the past. People are different in respect to how at ease they might be (or not) about sharing information about their romantic past. But it can help to know if there are any patterns in dealing with exes, so you can move forward productively. 3. Find out about the family background of the other person. The things we go through in the past with our families generally deeply color our life paths and how we face new circumstances. For instance, learning your candidate’s feelings about their parents’ splitting up could aid you in better comprehending them.

2. Make sure there’s trust. For a relationship to thrive, trust is necessary. A relationship should make you feel more secure, not be a constant source of worries. 3. Take a look at the way in which they handle conflict. You don’t have to agree, provided that you have respect for the other position. Even disagreements can be a building block in improving your relationship if you work together to get win-win solutions instead of trying to get the better of your partner. History 1. Find a way to resolve things that have occurred in the past. No matter how much baggage your partner has, what they did to overcome it is key.

3. Share interests that you have in common. You are bound to feel a greater connection if you like similar things. Your favorite activities may be as varied as art cinema or the rugged outdoors, but if you share them together, you will create precious memories that both of you will cherish. Attraction

Integrity 1. Make sure they’re available. Both partners must be open for love in order for a loving relationship to take place. Of course, it will be harder to begin if one or the other already is in another relationship! Things might change over time, but till then you have to look somewhere else.

2. Find fun things to do together. It goes without saying that you are out to find somebody you’ll enjoy being with. If you’re doing your taxes and your girlfriend has you laughing all the way through it, she may well be a keeper.

4. Establish some financial ground rules. Putting both parties’ money together is a huge step. Be sure that you and your partner are on the same page about the big financial decisions in your lives.

 Lots of happy couples differ greatly on finances, but they work at it by respecting where each of them is strong. 5. Discuss parenting, and be aware of each partner’s expectations in that regard. Parenting is one topic on which people find it hard to compromise. Be sure that you and your partner have the same wishes as far as kids and family preferences before you get too serious. Personality 1. Communication is key. When it comes to any type of alliance, constructive communication is paramount. The capability to communicate effectively can get better with practice, but it’s useful to be conscious of each others patterns and mannerisms.

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1. Allow the attraction to show. One of the most wonderful things that life has to offer is physical attraction. And physical attraction gets even better when your partner is compatible on all the other relationship levels as well. 2. Remain in good health. Physical attraction is more likely to last if you and your partner follow healthy lifestyles together. Perhaps this will result in you having additional years to spend together as well. 3. Try to view romance in a balanced manner. Stay romantic, but don’t build romance on illusion. Romantic appetites will rise and fall, but dedication and fondness can continue to build over time. A partner who stays with you for life is a gift to be cherished. Each of us enjoys feeling validated and having another person with whom to share our pleasure. When you are seeking love, it is always best to know what to look for. 


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