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Publisher’s Letter Dear Friend, It is my pleasure to welcome you to the November/December issue of Exceptional People Magazine. This year has practically come and gone but I hope each season has brought you lots of love, compassion, wonderful lessons learned and much success. Are you ready to receive 2014 with open arms? What are you doing right now to prepare for new opportunities next year?

If your goal or dream is to:  Write and publish a book, have you begun the process yet or are you waiting until January?  Start a new business venture, what’s your plan? Have you developed your blueprint for success or are you putting it off until after the holidays? It’s never too early to begin planning for growth and success.  Increase your knowledge in a specific niche or industry. You can research your topic of interest online and gain valuable information while waiting to attend that course or seminar scheduled for next year. It will put you ahead of the game. What’s my point? Don’t wait for next year to arrive to begin planning for next year’s opportunities. There’s no better time than right now. Those who achieve abundant success are always planning and preparing for it. I hope you take some time during this holiday season to not only enjoy the closeness of family and friends, but also elevate your dreams to the next level by taking some action that will bring you closer to achieving them. That was the approach and the mindset that each of the innovators and inventors featured in this issue had. Thienna Ho, Dr. Keith L. Black, Scott Jochim and all the others were actionaires. No matter the season, they consistently took action and as a result, thousands of people have been impacted by their ingenuity. With every wish for great achievements,

Exceptional People Magazine is not just a magazine. It is a life-changing experience. November-December 2013 | Exceptional People Magazine | 3


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