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Exceptional People Magazine interviews Dr. Corwin Littell, Inventor of Ready Made, The World’s Only Single Use Ready To Serve Baby Bottle Monica: How did the idea of creating a disposable baby bottle come about? Dr. Littell: Several years ago while driving my nephew around town; he threw his baby bottle out the window. After I stopped at the convenience store, it occurred to me that there was not an ‘off the shelf’ ready-to-serve baby bottle that I could run into the store to purchase. I thought this would be a great option for parents. It was while researching the idea that I realized the need in the humanitarian community. Monica: What was your thought process and purpose behind developing the product? Dr. Littell: After the initial research, I saw that this was something that had commercial potential to give parents a better option over old fashioned baby bottles, but that there was also a global need for this type of product in humanitarian and disaster relief. As a veteran engineer for some large public companies, I used my experience to design and patent the concept. My wife and I have been involved with non-profits that help feed the hungry and this seemed like the ideal project for us to work on that was in line with our values and has some real potential to have a positive social impact. Monica: I appreciate the fact that you will be using the product to serve humanity as well. In what ways can parents benefit from the disposable bottle other than saving time and not having to wash non-disposable bottles? Dr. Littell: Just as in the humanitarian version, parents that use these bottles will reduce the amount of bacteria that their infants consume. Of course, breast feeding is the best option for feeding, however if that is not an option, then the Ready Made bottle would be the safest formula feeding alternative. Even storing nipples and bottles in drawers in your kitchen exposes them to bacteria. They also are prone to developing mold. So a single use option eliminates the risks associated with reuse.

Monica: The disposable bottle is pre-filled with formula. Sincere there are many types or brands of baby formulas, will the formula you use work for most mothers? Dr. Littell: It is true that there are many types of formula, but there are only a few that dominate the market. Our manufacturer has the ability to formulate and replicate multiple formulations. We will begin with the most widely used formulations and as our production grows, we will consider other options such as soy based, and allergy specific options. There are also mandated formulation regulations that are specific to various countries as well as those approved by the World Health Organization for use in humanitarian operations. Monica: Who will the Ready Made product serve best? Dr. Littell: We are focused first on the humanitarian market. However, on the commercial side, our target market is busy, middle class parents that seek out a premium formula feeding solution and are concerned with the health of their infants as well as convenience. Monica: What is your long term vision for the Ready Made Bottle? Dr. Littell: Our long term vision would be to see a significant reduction in infant mortality due to bacterial contamination. On the commercial side, we would like to see Ready Made expand globally to serve the emerging markets where infant formula has a quickly growing demand. We would also like to see Ready Made not only providing bottles to humanitarian organizations and governments, but using the commercial side of our company as a catalyst for social improvement. We believe that companies have the ability help facilitate social initiatives. Monica: What has been the most rewarding experience in creating the product knowing that it will significantly change lives? Dr. Littell: The most rewarding experiences are when doctors and other caregivers working in humanitarian missions around the world reach out to us and let us know that they appreciate the work we are doing. They send us the pictures and videos of the infants that they work with and this gives us the inspiration we need to continue pushing forward.  November-December 2013 | Exceptional People Magazine | 19


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