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Minding My Business

– that’s just being rude and obnoxious. If you believe being authentic means that you can say what you like, act how you like, whenever you like without any consideration for basic manners – then think again.

Trying to be someone they were not was wearing them down and unfortunately not only impacted negatively on their self-esteem, but was also showing up in their performance levels and in their relationships with their colleagues.

 Like the woman who had a bubbly Everything you say and do; the photos you share online; the groups you join; the people you associate with, all impact your personal brand. Wouldn’t want a prospective client to read that comment? Don’t post it! It’s as simple as that. I’ve known colleagues to miss out on lucrative opportunities because of inappropriate behavior. Authenticity: Identify your strengths, gifts and talents According to my Thesaurus, authenticity means: being genuine, not false or copied; trustworthy. Authenticity is about being true to yourself and who you are. It’s about identifying your strengths, your gifts and your talents. It’s about working with clients YOU want to work with, doing work that you love and making an impact in the lives of those people you want to serve/ support. Authenticity: Don’t try to be someone you’re not In my work as a Career Coach, I found that one of the most common reasons people disliked their jobs was because their work did not allow them to use their preferred strengths and skills. The environment they worked in and the tasks they performed did not align with their core values.

personality, however kept it subdued because she believed it may annoy people around her, who were typically very somber.  Or the man who had an extremely positive outlook on life, however he conformed to the rest of his team who were constantly criticizing other people and looking for reasons to complain. He didn’t want to upset the apple cart, nor did he want to be the next person who became the brunt of their callous jokes.  Or the young girl who had an amazing gift of transforming situations of conflict into calm, bringing people together so that they worked toward the common goal. However, she kept this to herself because it wasn’t something that was valued highly by her supervisors and the corporate culture in general. Just like these people, are you hiding your strengths, gifts, talents, passions and quirky characteristics. Embrace them. Because when harnessed correctly they can become an integral part of your personal brand – the elements that are uniquely ‘you’ and that will differentiate you in a powerful and positive way from other people. Personal Branding & Authenticity: The Real You

16 | Exceptional People Magazine | November-December 2013

For me personally when it comes to my personal brand, authenticity is very important. Getting clarity around my desires, passions, strengths and gifts has enabled me to be authentic in everything that I do in my business, from how I show up to an event, the way I interact with people, right through to what I write in my marketing materials. I can sum up my personal brand and what I stand for in one word: Inspire. This is why I constantly share inspirational and motivational quotes and articles with my community. Was I always so clear about who I was? Heck no. It’s been quite a journey – but a journey that has been worth each and every step. Personal Branding & Authenticity: Permission to be you Because I now know exactly what my brand essence (the heart and soul of my brand) and my brand promise is I can continue to bring this message to the world confidently and authentically. It’s me. It’s what I stand for. I don’t need to ‘act’ as if I’m being authentic. I KNOW it’s authentic. It doesn’t feel fake and I’m not draining my energy trying to be someone I’m not. It’s also what I desire for my clients.

 Once the people who hated their jobs (because their career values did not align with their company’s values) were clear about their values, strengths and talents, they were able to find a job they loved.


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