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January-February 2011


Happiness or Financial Success: Which Comes First?


Successful Parenting After Your Divorce


Negotiating Successfully to Collect Your Cash


Using the Carrot to Motivate While Paying Peanuts


With Every Dollar You Spend, You Are Choosing to Be Rich or Poor


Tax-Saving Tactics


Living on the Money You Make


Four Simple Steps to Support Your Career Transition


Creative Staff Perks for Small Businesses

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Seven Rules for Saving Your Marriage

Extraordinary Profiles


Financial Brain Buster


How to Make Networking Work for You, Part 1



Cover Story— Dr. William Dorfman— America’s Renowned Dentist and Humanitarian


Harry Carson— A Gentle Giant With a Power-Packed Punch


Chrissy Carew—Inspiring Excellence in Everyone


James Smedley—A Man of Action Promotes Service to Country and Community

Minding My Business 35

Kristin Engvig—Empowering Women to Change the World


Greg Williams—The Master Negotiator

A new year…renewed visions.

Letter From The Founder Dear Friend, It’s a New Year and it’s time for a new you! What would you do if I told you that you could turn your setbacks into comebacks sooner than you thought possible? It is said “when one door closes, another opens.” But in order for it to open someone must be on the other side or you must have the key to unlock it. Keys come in many forms - miracles, information, people you know or don’t know and even passwords. You can’t gain access to many things in life without the appropriate key. Keys can open doors we never thought possible. Keys to success can be in the form of integrity, hard work, and perseverance. On any given day each of us may hold keys that enable us to accomplish many things. I want to help you realize your greatness and live your passion by providing you with the key to an extraordinary future. Inside the January/February issue there are different keys. You’ll be inspired by extraordinary people like Dr. William Dorfman, Chrissy Carew and Barbara Cull who are opening doors for others. You’ll gain powerful insights from experts like Greg Williams, the Master Negotiator, who shares key points on how to effectively negotiate, whether on a personal or professional level. Pro Football Hall of Fame Inductee, Harry Carson, shares personal thoughts on his experience as a pro ball player and how he’s using his life experiences to serve current and retired players. His experiences provide proven insights on how to overcome adversity and help change the lives of others. 2011! This is your year to unlock new doors of opportunity, break new records, set new goals and pursue them or achieve that one dream you’ve been putting aside for the past year. With every good wish for great achievements, and a new life filled with keys that open many doors.


Extraordinary Profiles


may be known as the dentist to the stars, but to thousands of underprivileged, disabled and seriously ill children around the world, Dr. William Dorfman is the celebrity.

Dr. Dorfman’s extraordinary achievements and humanitarian and philanthropic contributions to the world are as long as his 21+ years of experience and there’s no end in sight. He is a world-renowned lecturer and author of the bestselling cosmetic dentistry book, The Smile Guide and the New York Times bestseller Billion Dollar Smile.


He’s become a star in his own right as a featured dentist on such television shows as “The Doctors” and “Extreme Makeover.” He has blazed a trail as bright as the smiles he’s created over the years and his future is destined to continue shining brightly as he transform lives, one smile at a time.

This innovative and brilliant entrepreneur is widely recognized as one of America’s leading dentists. He’s also a dedicated humanitarian and one of only 33 Fellows in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. For over 13 years Dr. Dorfman has helped restore the smiles of drug addicts, former prostitutes, abused wives, rape victims and children at no charge. Through his generosity and compassion for others, Dr. Dorfman has performed dental services for many graduates of the Los Angeles Battered Women’s Shelter. He’s also restoring hope and self-esteem in children in South Africa, Australia and many other countries. As the founder of Discus Dental, Inc., his amazing ingenuity enables him to develop and distribute award-winning products to his patients. He’s helped invent several products, including Nite White, Day White, and Zoom! and Brite Smile, as well as other oral hygiene and dental products. Through Discus Dental, Dr. Dorfman donates all of the whitening supplies to the Smiles for Life Foundation in association with The Crown Council of Dentistry. He also co-founded the LEAP Foundation – Leadership, Excellence and Accelerating Your Potential – a summer scholarship program for students and young adults designed to help them learn valuable life skills such as etiquette and time management, not ordinarily available in a traditional classroom setting.

I had the great pleasure of speaking with Dr. Dorfman about his life’s calling and how he is using it to impact lives across the globe, giving people renewed confidence in themselves, a new outlook on life, as well as bright new smiles.

Monica: How did you prepare for this profession? Dr. Dorfman: I went to dental school, and I learned dentistry. They taught me how to fix teeth, and I sat back, and thought, “Okay. That was kind of cool.” But what I didn’t realize is that if you fix a lot of teeth, you fix a smile, and when you fix a smile, you fix a life. And that’s a lot cooler than fixing just a tooth, right? As I began doing more and more cosmetic dentistry, I realized that it’s a great gift that you can give to people. To me it was so much more rewarding than just fixing broken teeth – to take classes and go to symposiums and become as proficient as I could in cosmetic dentistry. Monica: You have helped so many people, both professionally and personally and from a humanitarian standpoint. What does it mean to have changed so many lives? Dr. Dorfman: I believe that part of our purpose here on earth is to make this world a better place for having been here, and any part that I can take in doing that, I believe, just makes me a better person, and it makes the world a better place. It’s an honor and a privilege to do that. There aren’t many people who go to work each day and come home and at the end of the day say, “I helped make somebody else’s life better.” Monica: It gives you a very satisfying feeling to know that you have contributed to changing someone’s life in that way. You believe that it’s very important to share your success with others. To read more of this great interview, subscribe at Take advantage of our special promotion and receive a free two-year subscription by visiting:

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