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May-June 2010


Cover Photo by Istvan Csont Stylist: Zsolt Balla

Extraordinary Profiles Cover Story— Levente Egry—Renowned Pianist and Composer



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From The Founder

Greetings to My Readers, It gives me great pleasure to introduce our May/June 2010 issue of Exceptional People Magazine. Without you, my vision would not be possible. Exceptional People Magazine continues to have an extraordinary impact on people throughout the world, offering readers an opportunity to take a journey into the souls of the most talented, compassionate, heroic and dedicated individuals. My mission is to inspire global change through renewed vision and hope. Each of us has valuable attributes. Life is about sharing your gifts in a way that benefits others. In this issue we have featured outstanding individuals who are using their extraordinary gifts and talents to impact the lives of people around the globe -- individuals like Levente Egry whose music has inspired people from all backgrounds or William R. Patterson, a successful entrepreneur who shares his expertise with countless others. Other notables include Osprey Orielle Lake whose art is changing the way we view nature and Dr. Carnell Cooper who is a mentor and hero to young victims of violence. I encourage you to discover your true passion, cultivate it and use it in a way that serves others. I promise to continue to deliver a magazine that will enlighten, educate and entertain you. That's Exceptional People Magazine. Thank you for allowing me to inspire you.


Levente Egry

Extraordinary Profiles

Renowned Pianist and Composer

Musically Brilliant. Classical Perfection. Debonair.

It is through the numerous sacrifices of his parents that Egry has achieved such success. He is a man who appreciates life, great music and his ability to have a positive affect on people through music.


– it has the power to heal, to invoke happiness, to stir emotions and bring people together. It transcends all backgrounds. Through his romantic classical arrangements, Levente Egry celebrates life and attempts to bring harmony into the lives of people around the world. His endeavor in this regard is succeeding. A legend in his own right, Levente has not only helped transform the lives of his fans but also the music of the artists for whom he has produced and composed songs. He consistently works to perfect his craft. “I’m living for the music,” he states. Egry’s extraordinary abilities as a pop artist, classical composer and musician have earned him accolades and many awards, as well as gold, platinum and diamond selling albums. His list of accomplishments includes performing as a pianist at Theatre Madach, in Budapest, Hungary and founding the successful award-winning pop group, Hip Hop Boyz. After hosting a classical concert series for the Hungarian Radio Symphony Orchestra in 2000, he set his sights on the United States to write and produce music for international superstars Anastacia and Tarkan. Upon his return to Hungary, Egry produced several pop projects followed by his debut album in 2006, Sentimental Piano Concert. He also co-founded the Artfonic Chamber Orchestra for the same project. The Hip Hop Boyz was not just a popular band among fans but they used their extraordinary talents and fame to make a difference in the lives of young kids. Through the establishment of a dance school, kids not only had the opportunity to develop their talents, but also learn the value and importance of physical education, as well as living a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.

“My parents sacrificed so much for me. Instead of purchasing a family car, they bought me a piano and paid for my tuition. They tolerated extended hours of daily practicing, that sometimes drove me crazy. As a child, it was difficult for me to see how much they loved me but I realize it today. I can only imagine their sacrifices to raise a child who wanted to become a musician,” explains Egry. As a pop artist, Egry has opened for some of the most popular bands and artists, including Michael Jackson, the Backstreet Boys, ‘N Sync and others. A pianist, composer, performer and producer, this dashing Hungarian sensation is the total package that embodies extraordinary talent, skills, humbleness and honesty. If you open the package, you’ll find that there is a story about the man behind the music that will touch your heart. His childhood somewhat parallels that of Michael Jackson. He grew up under the rigid rules of his father, his childhood taken from him so that he would become a musical prodigy. “It was not until adulthood when I realized that without all of my father’s efforts and intense pressure, I would not have become the artist and man I am today. I understand why he did what he did to me,” explains Egry. From such childhood difficulties comes an impeccable gentleman who creates music that resonates with people from all backgrounds. Perhaps he will return to America to delight audiences with his eclectic style of classical arrangements and rich melodic tones. His music is a true reflection of what’s deeply rooted in his soul. The Founder of Exceptional People Magazine was delighted to have Egry share his story. He has graciously chosen to reveal his background so that others may know the man behind the music.

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