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Greetings to My Readers, Our July/August issue has arrived. We recently added our West Coast Bureau headed by Sharon Raiford Bush, an extraordinary, awarding-winning journalist. We want to thank all of our West Coast supporters who share our vision and believe in our mission to change the world. In the future we will honor celebrities who are not only excellent at their craft but also committed to making a difference in the world. On one cover of this issue, I am pleased to introduce Actor/Humanitarian Ernie Hudson whose extraordinary acting abilities have drawn support from diverse audiences. He not only shares details about his tough life experiences but he’s passionate about helping others such as Women of Destiny, an organization providing services to battered women and children. We are honored to feature exceptional Actor/Producer/Humanitarian Louis Herthum whose heroic acts of kindness helped rescue over 50 people during the devastation left by Hurricane Katrina. We also highlight successful entrepreneurs such as CEO and Networking Authority, George C. Fraser who shares priceless insights to building business and professional relationships. We have included other exciting features, as well. We are excited about the future of Exceptional People Magazine and we look forward to continuing to enrich the lives of people worldwide, both personally and professionally. Please send your comments to us at: 2961-A Hunter Mill Rd., Oakton, VA 22124 or visit our website at We look forward to hearing from you. As always, thank you for being a subscriber and for allowing us to inspire you. Without you, our vision would not be possible. Sincerely,

Herthum co-starred in CBS' Murder, She Wrote.

Louis Herthum

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Because of its heart-throbbing reputation of being the historic apex of fussy film studios and melodramatic movie stars, the word “Hollywood” is used regularly as a metonymy, or figure of speech, of American cinema. It is here in Tinseltown where promises are unrealized, feelings are oftentimes discarded and big dreams can, in fact, be made out of clay. A magnet for idealists, young hopefuls have migrated in droves to this starstruck locale on a daily basis for decades with little more than a money-clip of hope in one pocket and a prayer in the other. Actor/director/producer/activist/adjunct professor Louis Herthum was different. When he decided to bid farewell to his tranquil birthplace of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in 1982, the then-26-year-old handsome man -with piercing blue eyes, a thick mane of perfectly coiffed hair and photo-ready physique - had already sampled some of the toothsome spoils of show business. “My first desire was to be a stunt man,” said Herthum as he recalled sitting in a movie theater in 1968 with his father, watching Bullitt, starring action hero Steve McQueen. It was that famous car-chase scene that hooked the then-12-year-old. So Herthum did whatever he could to break into the industry. Throughout his teen years and well into his


20's, he modeled and appeared in television commercials. It was 1981, the year that marked Herthum's moment of absolute reckoning. That is when his agent arranged for him an audition for The Rainmaker, a Baton Rouge Little Theatre stage production. “This scared the hell out of me,” remembered Herthum. “I thought, literally, that if I can’t muster the courage to go read for this play, how will I ever muster the courage to jump off a six story building when I get to Hollywood?” The aspiring daredevil got the job, received ovations for his work and critical acclaim for his subsequent performances in such musicals as Oklahoma and Grease. Herthum quickly landed a small role in The Toy, a major motion picture starring the legendary comedic duo of Richard Pryor and Jackie Gleason. By 1984, Herthum was cast in Louisiana, a war drama starring Margot Kidder. There was no denying that this Southern gentleman with a firm grip and boylike charm was bitten by the Hollywood bug and stung by a swirling swarm of optimism. To read the entire article visit to purchase the issue or subscribe to Exceptional People Magazine.

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