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EMA Newsletter Upcoming Events Branson Belle 11/3 Show boat Trip @8p $15.00 EMA Meeting 11/4 Glass 102 @ 5p EMA Social Incredible Pizza


EMA Meeting 11/18 Glass 102 @ 5p Thanksgiving


Volume 5, Issue 4

Entertainment Management Association 2009-2010

Upcoming EMA activity… Fall Break is drawing near and we have many fun things to do this month! We have our exciting Branson Belle Show Boat Trip! Tuesday, November 2 @ 8pm. The cost is only $15, which is amazing so try to go if you can. It will be a fun time. The Incredible Pizza Social will be Wednesday, November 11 and

should be tons of fun! Jordan will have details at our next meeting. Fundraising this month is limited so if you need it for SOFAC make sure you sign up or contact Ty: baldwin787@live. So far this month we are fundraising November 2 and 28 @ 5pm in the JQH Arena. The Food and Wine Fest will be November 8

EMA Meeting 12/2 Glass 102 @ 5p

for those of you helping out, have a great time. Shifts are from 1-3p and 3-5pm.

Our Birthday ShoutJosh Pell—11/1 Mary Porzelt—11/4 Amanda Niemann—11/9 Gil Richardson—11/16 Jasmine Malone—11/18 Nicole Clement—11/29 Samantha Hogenson—11/30

moves to Chicago in a few

Member Profile


Featuring… Mary Porzelt

Fundraising 11/28 JQH Arena @ 5p

November , 2009

Her interests include sing-

Mary is from Florissant,

ing and keeping up on the

MO. She is majoring in

music industry.

Entertainment Manage-

A fun fact about Mary: she

ment and hopes to work in

has a few musical tattoos.

the music industry and

Favorite Quote:

manage up coming bands.

“Slappppen da bass!”

EMA has provided Mary with experience which she can use when she

- I Love You Man

Mary Porzelt Birthday 11/4

Birthday Shout-outs this month:

Amanda Niemann—11/9

Nicole Clement—11/29

Josh Pell—11/1

Gil Richardson—11/16

Samantha Hogenson—11/30

Mary Porzelt—11/4

Jasmine Malone—11/18

Member Profile

nda Niemann Nortonville, KS ainment Management, Minor in Communications10/27 s: Work for an event planning company dealing with business meetings and conventions pe to get out of EMA: Connections and awesome experiences st: singing with my A Cub Bella girls m Fact about yourself: I just won first place in the sorority division of a pie eating competition Reminder... ote: "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss you'll land among the stars."

EMA Weekly Newsletter  

November 2, 2009

EMA Weekly Newsletter  

November 2, 2009