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elysian is a space for exchange and celebration located in the Elysian Valley neighborhood of Los Angeles, but our food crew is available to cook for you at your home or anywhere you want. Let’s not call it catering, let’s say it’s us making your menu of delicious, seasonal food for a cocktail party, a sit-down dinner, or something else altogether. We make food on a modest scale with meticulous care. We cook dinners for up to 50 people, and lighter fares (small plates, apps) for up to 150. Our food is clean, fresh, tasty, and touched by human hands. And, stop us if you’ve heard this one before! We use organic sustainably-produced hypo-allergenic nongenetically modified free-range clinically proven doctor recommended direct-to-blu-ray dolphin-safe grass fed nonFed-Exed ingredients whenever possible.

Join us for night in, our regular Monday night dinner series: $40 prix fixe, three-courses. For more information, visit You can also have your dinner party at elysian! Ask about our special catering-inclusive packages for parties up to 40 guests. Rental rates start at $150/hr.

elysian venue — Wu Tsang (323) 207-6552 | food — David Thorne (213) 595-1375 | 2806 Clearwater St. Los Angeles, CA 90039 (323) 929-7972 |

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