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Does skin care make a difference?

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Hi Everyone, Hope you had a great xmas break. Mine was action packed . I went to Tassie to visit my relatives, we had the fires helped my aunty move out of her house which she had been in for 55 years. It can be very emotional moving. Shes 80 this year, so we moved her into a unit she loves it. Jess went camping and apparently loved it. Jordan hung out with her family. So we are all Ready for the year To begin Hope this is your best year yet. Take care Karen x

Routine skin care and the use of sunscreen cosmetic products are the best way to put off and minimize the visible effects of aging skin. Looking young is associated with an absence of wrinkles, uneven skin tone, age spots and sagging tissue. As time and environmental damage take their toll, these symptoms begin to appear. Without proper care, they appear sooner rather than later and may be much worse than they could have been. Moisturizing creams and lotions are proved to reduce the look of wrinkles. They prevent dryness, which can lead to itchy, scaly, unsightly skin.

Skin Immunity Moisturising cosmetic products seal out environmental dust and debris while they lock in water. Both of these factors are important to your immune system. The skin acts as a barrier to foreign substances that might harm the body, as well as a seal for internal fluids and nutrients. Using a moisturiser daily promotes healthy skin by strengthening this natural barrier, an area that the Skin Cancer Foundation notes is threatened daily by ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Poor hygiene or the wrong skin care products can dry the skin severely, damaging its self-repair abilities and creating irritation at the surface. Caring for skin and protecting it from the sun can prevent contact dermatitis, a painful skin condition, and skin cancer, some forms of which can be deadly. So the answer is yes skin care and looking after your skin is really Important, And makes a big difference. At Elysian we have a lot of training on skin care that keeps us up to date with what your skin needs! The girls will be doing FREE skin consultations this month so book yourself in! and let us educate you on your skins needs.

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