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Alice in Somberland Digital Arts Series by Megan McMillan

About this book In 2012, I decided to do a series based around Lewis Carrol’s Alice in Wonderland. Due to the more digital approach I was coming from, I titled the series: Alice in Somberland. It was an idea brainstormed by myself and my friend Tricia Ann who later modeled Alice. I would like to thank all people involved in this series: Patricia Ann Schwartz, Faith, Lianna Spinner, Daniel Hagan, Miranda Winburn, Katie Kearnes, Raisa Jones, and Jamarr Holmes. As for the rest of you, I hope you enjoy this portfolio!

Alice In Somberland By Megan McMillan

Alice Falls Through the Rabbit Hole

What Key?

Supersized Tears

Faith as the White Rabbit

Lianna Spinner as The Tweedle Twins

Miranda Winburn as the Catapiller

Crawling Catapillar

Clean Cup!

Jamarr Holmes as the Mad Hatter


Daniel Hagan as the Cheshire Cat

White Rabbit

Katie Kearns as the Queen of Hearts

Raisa Jones as the Red Queen

The Tea Party

Alice in Somberland by Megan Noelle McMillan

Alice in Somberland  

The twist on Alice in Wonderland, henceforth named "Alice in Somberland". Thanks to models: Tricia Ann