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Marketing Strategy.

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Our Mission:

We as a brand aim to capture an audience who appreciate personalised items at a high quality yet affordable price range. We aim to encourage higher education students to stay healthy and hydrated throughout the summer months, with an added sense of fun and individuality.

Our Personality:

Our personality is influenced by our audience who are fun and health conscious. We as a brand hope to create a fun and personal experience which is reflected through the personality of the brand. Ari is - fun, outgoing, confident and quirky.

Brand Identity:

Ari is a personalisation service that offers customisable water bottles and vinyl stickers for laptops and phone cases. That is affordable for ari’s target audience 16 - 26.

Customisable vinyl stickers sold individually, alternatively personalised water bottles with initials or names up to 12 characters available. In the choice of black and white stickers.

Essence Individuality, Customisable, Quirky and Fun.

Values Quality, On-Trend, Personal and a sense of Community.


The individual stickers will be sold as -£2 per name, initials or word requested. The water bottles will be sold at - £6 each with the personalised vinyl stickers. Packaging will be available at no extra cost to the consumer.

Differentiation A genderless personalisation service that is quirky yet affordable. Offering not only personalised water bottles but the facility to produce individual stickers in the design requested by the consumer.

Business Foundation Ari has been created to fundraise money for Graduate Fashion Week in June 2019 by Elysha Westcott and Sian Barlow. Allowing students to customise their personal items to their unique preference.


Ari is promoted through gorilla marketing, dominantly on social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook as these are the common platforms used by the consumers. Posters will also be placed around the Arts University Bournemouth and possibly Bournemouth University to create more awareness of the brand.


elysha westcott

Ari will be a pop up shop placed at the Arts University Bournemouth on Tuesday 21st May. Orders can also be placed through the social media accounts for pre-order.

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Fashion Image and Communication Portfolio  

Fashion Image and Communication Portfolio