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STORE EXPERIENCE I took a trip to the LUSH Cosmetics store in Bournemouth which has recently been refurbished. The store is extremely eye catching and smells amazing as expected. The store is very interactive with pots of the products everywhere for you to try from body creams to perfume, from shower gels to face masks. Being able to test the products and smell them makes the customers shop experience a lot more personal and interactive. This makes you more obliged to buy something as you are able to test it first which is very rare to be able to do in some shops. The idea of the naked cosmetics is an extremely good idea, most people

love to sample products and this brand allows you to do exactly that. If you want to sample bath bombs they have the facility which allows you to test one in the sink or in large metal bowls, making it extremely interactive.

STORE LAYOUT As soon as you enter the shop you just know they are an ethical brand. They incorporate leaves and plants into the shops decor which not only does make the shop looks really decorative but also symbolises the beliefs behind the brand. They have different sections which are separated into products all of which have naked cosmetics for you to touch and

sample whilst shopping in LUSH.

PRODUCTS The products are all in-keeping with one other with the same style stickers on the packaging written in white and all the pots and bottles a matte black colour. The black packaging is extremely effective against the bright and neutral colours of the products they provide. There is a variety of different products for many different purposes which offers the customers a lot to choose from, all fresh and handmade products from the local factory in Poole. The font style matches the signs and displays which is all in-keeping.

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Fashion Image and Communication Portfolio