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social media strategy

After receiving primary research from questionnaires answered by secondary school students aging from 11 - 16 years old. It has been proven that the common social media accounts currently used by teenagers consist of; Instagram, WhatsApp, Yubo, YouTube and Snapchat. The most common social media platform used the most by normality’s consumer at 37.3% is Instagram. With these results it is important that normality’s branding and promotion is extremely tailored to Instagram and its users. Instagram is very visual with little written content, the message of normality and its purpose needs to be evident throughout the content posted. The consumers will not have the time nor patience to read long captions, therefore they need to be punchy, short and to the point. The images posted need to be endearing and interesting but in a way that does not give too much content away to ruin the publication. Sneak peaks into photoshoots and articles is what could be featured on the instagram account. Enough to capture the audience and make them want to buy normality.

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Fashion Image and Communication Portfolio  

Fashion Image and Communication Portfolio