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DEMOGRAPHIC VARIABLES Age = 1 - 19 years old as the direct consumer (but can appeal to as young as 13, recommended by siblings)

Usage Rates = Dependant on income, just buying the publication or other items available online.

Gender = Catered to all genders.

Volume of purchases = Generally just one publication copy purchased.

Generation / Tribe = Gen Z Ethnicity = All ethnicities encouraged (shown by visuals)

Price Sensitivity = Would not be able to increase due to the minimal income of the consumer. If inflated could persuade the consumer to shop elsewhere and invest into another brand.

Life Stage = Young adult / teenager Occupation = In full time education Location = Mainly United Kingdom possibly Europe. Education = School, College, Sixth Form, Apprenticeship or University Income = Possible part time job Social Status = No status applicable

USAGE AND BENEFIT VARIABLES Benefits looked for in a product = Easy to read and understand,

elysha westcott

an ideal size for a handbag / ruck sack. Nothing too detailed, straight talking that isn’t too in-depth. More visual and interesting.

Brand Loyalty = Loyal customer if the brand posts regular content and updates the publication to cater to current demands.

GEOGRAPHIC VARIABLES Region = Mainly based in the United Kingdom, Ireland and possible chance to appeal to British spoken consumers throughout Europe. (If expanded into Urban Outfitters and ASOS consumer region would be a lot larger, could interest consumers from both United States of America and Australia.) Urban, Suburban or Rural = No particular status applicable if available in schools, all of which would have access.

City Size = London / Manchester, also Counties like Hampshire and Dorset based. Climate = Mid Climate (UK, Ireland and European based) Hot Climate (United States America / Australian Based)

PSYCHOGRAPHIC VARIABLES Lifestyle = Full time student in education with a possible part time job at the weekends. Very conscious about body image in relation to style and appearance. Social Aspirations = Comes across as slightly reserved and shy but does have an interest in style, well educated. Self Image = Very body conscious, reserved with new people but outgoing and chatty with friends and family. Very polite, independent person can be quite reserved. Value Perceptions = Appreciates quality items, high street retail. Buying Motives = freebies and discounts on items / purchase. Interests and Motives = Drawing / art, films, days out, spending time with friendship groups. Attitudes and Opinions = Very open minded and caring towards others, inquisitive and a great listener.

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Fashion Image and Communication Portfolio  

Fashion Image and Communication Portfolio