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From Your Spiritual Director Rev. Kathy Bishop

The other is the story of a Chinese missionary called Brother Yun who spread the word of God throughout China. He was persecuted for his faith and what sustained him was his knowledge of the Bible through which God spoke to him to sustain him in all the trials. In china Brother Yun faced physical torture but in the West he found such apathy towards God which was harder to bear. I believe he is still alive promoting the good news of Jesus to others. We are encouraged to follow our own vocation of following Christ through group reunions and Ultreyas. Our stories matter no matter how humble we think they are so we can support others as we journey on. May I encourage you all to pray for those you know to see if there is someone who needs to explore that desire to come closer to Christ to serve him in a new way. For them to explore a new part of their journey of faith.

Over the summer I have had a bit of time to read a couple of books I would not have normally had time for. I have been guided to read “A Nun’s Story”. It is about Sister Agnes who was from a wealthy background who was called to be a nun in the 1940’s. Her story is written by Richard Newman. It begins with how she this came about. She was engaged to be married and then when ordering a set of dining room chairs wrote to her future husband telling him what she was doing and then said she was going to be a nun. She could not believe that her pen had written this. Her fiancé was heartbroken at losing his soul mate. Nevertheless, she explored this vocation and found that this is what God wanted for her. It is an amazing story of obedience and yet still being the person, she was meant to be.

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Over the years I have sponsored may people and it is wonderful to see how God changes lives giving hope and confidence. It has been a privilege to attend the ordinations this year so congratulations to our new priests and deacons. May I encourage you all in your fourth day to pass onto others the opportunity to grow in Christ.


I wish you a Happy Christmas Love and prayers Rev. Kathy bishop Spiritual director for Ely diocese.

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Lay Directors’ Message A message from Dawn ( and Steven ) Ridley Welcome to our next edition of Rainbow I would like to start by congratulating our Ely Cursillistas, Mark, Paula, Anna and Ruth who were ordained at Ely Cathedral this June, alongside Janette Mullet (a previous Ely Cursillista) who was ordained in Truro this summer. (See page 14) Last year was rather a busy year for Steven and I, so it was with great appreciation that we were able to attend the day of prayer in January arranged by Sue Evans and her team, and then the retreat weekend in April lead by Kathy, Pam & Helen. Both these events were a time of refreshment for Steven and I, and I cannot express how grateful we were for these times of nourishment and refuelling, run by other members of our Cursillo community. Picking up on the theme of nourishing one another, leads me to sharing part of a conversation between Steven and Ruth in the celebrations following Ruth’s ordination. Not knowing every detail of my husband’s life (!) I learnt that Ruth was present when Steven committed his life to Christ, and what a “Wow” moment this was for Ruth. Ruth was one of the many people who nurtured Steven to build a relationship with God and she had the privilege of witnessing a hugely significant event in his life. Over the years Steven and I have shared in other significant events with Ruth and her family, sharing both good and not so good on both sides, supporting one another in prayer and at times practical support. Now here we were celebrating Ruth’s “Wow” moment of being ordained deacon, and what a privilege this was. Something I have learned through Cursillo is that not only are we are all accountable for our own faith, we are all called to help and encourage one another on the journey. 4 | Ely Cursillo | www.elycursillo.co.uk

Whether we are ordained or not, new or ‘long term’ Christians, we are all human and all need feeding and nurturing, and it is inspiring to see how Cursillistas nurture one another and those in the communities around them. Cursillo may or may not have been instrumental in leading Mark, Paula, Anna, Ruth and Janette toward the path they now find themselves on, however it has been part of their journey and I’m sure has nurtured them. From Steven’s and my experience, we know that Cursillo has had and does have a profound impact on people’s faith. We therefore ask you all to prayerfully consider who you know that might benefit from being introduced to the Cursillo community, either through joining a group reunion or being invited to an ultreya, or by going on a weekend. Maybe you too can experience a “Wow” moment through nurturing Christian friends and acquaintances. Ultreya! Dawn & Steven

We Praise God for our Cursillo friends who were ordained this Petertide! Ordained priest on 29th June: Mark Osborne, Ely 23, and is serving at the Good Shephard, Cambridge Paula Spalding, Ely 26, and is serving at Burwell and Reach Ordained Deacon on 30th June: Anna Jones, Ely 25, taking up her curacy in the 3 Rivers Group Ruth Barry, Ely 15, taking up her curacy at Cherry Hinton, Cambridge.

Ruth Barry

Paula Spalding

Mark Osborne

Anna Jones

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Ely Cursillo - Who’s Who CURRENT SECRETARIAT & 4th Day Roles

Spiritual Director Rev. Kathy Bishop

Joint Lay Directors Dawn & Steven Ridley

BACC Rep Jen Forester

Treasurer Sarah Tose

Group Reunion Coordinator David Wilson (picture to follow)

Ultreya Organiser & Stores Organiser Edna Brasher

Secretariat Secretary & Website Assistant Barbara Clayton

Art Angel Amy Darters (picture to follow) Weekend and Inter’l Palanca Secretary John Evans

Music Coordinator, Website & Magazine Editor Bridget Hickish

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One-Day Event Organiser Sue Evans

Weekend Booking Secretary Sally Smith

There are many opportunities to serve in the Cursillo fourth day. Here are some of the people who have specific roles. If you would like to get know more about serving in this way (without committing yourself) do get in touch with Dawn or Steven and they will tell you all that is involved.

CONTACT INFORMATION Ely Cursillo Website: www.elycursillo.co.uk Lay Directors: Dawn & Steven Ridley 01223 665303 - nursedawny@yahoo.co.uk Weekend Booking: Sally Smith 01223 891384 - sallyaesmith@btinternet.com Magazine submissions: Bridget Hickish 01353 662684 - hickishes@btinternet.com BACCS - British Anglican Cursillo Council - www.anglicancursillo.co.uk National Cursillo President: Trevor King president@anglicancursillo.co.uk National SD: Revd Stephen Bowring nsd@anglicancursillo.co.uk




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LOOKING UPWARD, ONWARD, OUTWARD At Ely Cursillo’s Lent 2019 Retreat Weekend, we reflected on Christ in the Wilderness. This article from Helen Randall is based on the last session, looking at our journey forward. The artist Stanley Spenser created a series of paintings, ‘Christ in the Wilderness’, drawing on his experiences of war and living among refugees from Nazi Germany in late-1930s London. He pictured Jesus’ solitude during his 40 days’ temptation, in unusual ways.

we follow Jesus, we’re never entirely at peace. Like him we’re invited to, metaphorically at least, leave home and family: “The trajectory of our lives will be redirected”. Foxes have holes; we have Jesus’ billowing sleeves - he has room for us too. We put roots down in this life, but our home is Christ. The Christian story embraces death as a new beginning, the doorway for our journey home. Both life and death are in Jesus. This is demanding discipleship; readiness to put hand to plough and not look back. As Cottrell comments, “the Son of Man has a home that is beyond the homes of this world ... to follow Jesus seems to mean going with him into the unknown”. But to follow him is heaven.

Travelling lightly

One painting, ‘The foxes have holes’, refers to this text: As they were walking along, a man said to him, “I will follow you wherever you go.” Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.” (Luke 9:57-58) Pause to look at this image. What do you see? Take time to notice the detail. Stephen Cottrell wrote a book of reflections on these images (Christ in the Wilderness: Reflections on the Paintings by Stanley Spencer). Considering this fox-holes one, he muses that his own favourite journeys are journeys home - but Jesus has no home here. He’s in a wartime foxhole. The trees look wintry or dead. The foxes are at ease, but Jesus looks haggard and can’t rest. One of his hands looks open and alive; one closed and grey. His posture is reminiscent of a cross shape. He is placeless. Although he fits into this landscape scene, his home is not of this world. He has a kingdom to proclaim: one of suffering love. Cottrell suggests that our journey in this life is a holy pilgrimage, taking us to another home beyond. As 8 | Ely Cursillo | www.elycursillo.co.uk

Matthew 8:18-22 gives another gospel account of the fox-holes conversation. The Message Bible translates Jesus reply as: “Are you ready to rough it? We’re not staying in the best inns, you know.” It then adds: Another follower said, “Master, excuse me for a couple of days, please. I have my father’s funeral to take care of.” Jesus refused. “First things first. Your business is life, not death. Follow me. Pursue life.” Pause now to reflect on these words. How do you feel or react? For me, a stand-out thing from the Spenser painting plus this text is: TRAVEL LIGHT! The Message Bible gives the Matthew text a subtitle: “Your business is life, not death”. Yes indeed. My own brush with serious illness in recent years, falling in between the death of my parents, was a difficult experience but at the same time very liberating in terms of my perspective on life. So much ‘stuff’, worry and expectation (mine and other people’s) doesn’t bother me anywhere near as much as it once did. What matters is love, friendship, and living life now. Learning to travel lightly really helps. This reminds me of the concept of ‘indifference’ and ‘disordered attachments’ that is found in the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius of Loyola. This prayer programme invites us to see Jesus more clearly, love him more dearly and follow him more nearly; to respond to his call in our lives, drawn by love and mercy rather than driven by guilt and duty.

The Exercises start by helping us to notice God in all things. Their foundational principle is, in a nutshell, that God made all things for our benefit BUT that we should enjoy and use them only in so far as they help us to fulfil our purpose to love, praise and serve God. Our desire for or attachment to possessions, roles, status, and even relationships, can tie us up. This doesn’t mean we should never love anyone, nor enjoy anything. Far from it. Jesus loved to share with his friends. Instead, the suggestion is that we attend to those aspects of our life where we are clinging on to status and/or stuff and have become (unwittingly) dependent. This is in line with Jesus’ exhortation to find treasure in heaven rather than in things that can be taken from us through rust, decay, robbery, etc (Matthew 6:19-20). Ignatius teaches that the more we become ‘indifferent’, the less we are held in un-freedom. Without this gradual renewal of our attitude - this travelling lightly - a major pitfall or ‘disordered attachment’ is that our response to Christ’s invitation to us can be distorted. We’ll tend to act on ‘shoulds and oughts’, and/or anxiety and fear. Rather, let’s follow his call on our lives by freely choosing to respond to his love. This helps us as we make choices and discern direction in our onward journey in the pilgrimage of life. Using some other metaphors, we can voluntarily sign up to join Jesus’ Great Commission, and with a light step and joyful anticipation follow him in his Great Dance, as a free and grateful response to God’s love and mercy, rather than being driven by guilt or ‘duty’. We’re part of the family now: Jesus called us friends, not servants (John 15:15).

What next?

Returning to Cottrell’s idea of life as a holy pilgrimage, and following a new trajectory towards heaven, what of our forward journey? As Cursillistas, we’re invited to consider our leadership or apostleship in our environments; how do we make a difference for God? Whether we realise it or not, we shine as a light in the circles that we move in, such as family, work, volunteering, social, community, neighbours, church and Ely Cursillo. But sometimes our light is shadowed or feels heavy. Jesus invites us to travel lightly with him. Perhaps Proverbs 3:5-6 helps: Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him

and he will make your paths straight. I also like the two following prayers. They help me to refocus on this simple principle. May each of us become increasingly able to tackle the ups, downs and choices of life with greater freedom, faith, hope and trust.

Two prayers for the journey My Lord God, I have no idea where I am going. I do not see the road ahead of me. I cannot know for certain where it will end, nor do I really know myself, and the fact that I think I am following your will does not mean that I am actually doing so. But I believe that the desire to please you does in fact please you. And I hope I have that desire in all that I am doing. I hope that I will never do anything apart from that desire. And I know that if I do this you will lead me by the right road, though I may know nothing about it. Therefore will I trust you always though I may seem to be lost and in the shadow of death. I will not fear, for you are ever with me, and you will never leave me to face my perils alone. Thomas Merton Lord, I will trust You, Help me to journey beyond the familiar and into the unknown. Give me faith to leave the old ways and break fresh ground with you. Christ of the mysteries, can I trust You to be stronger than each storm in me? Do I still yearn for Your glory to lighten me? I will show others the care You’ve given me. I will determine amidst all uncertainty always to trust. I choose to live beyond regret, and let You recreate my life. I believe You will make a way for me and provide for me, if only I trust You and obey. I will trust in the darkness and know that my times are still in Your hand. I will believe You for my future, chapter by chapter, until the story is written. Focus my mind and my heart upon You, my attention always on You without alteration. Strengthen me with Your blessing and appoint to me the task. Teach me to live with eternity in view. Tune my spirit to the music of heaven. Feed me, and, somehow, make my obedience count for You. Attributed to St Brendan www.elycursillo.co.uk | Ely Cursillo | 9

Christ in the Wilderness – A Lenten Retreat at Bishop Woodford House Trevor King, BAC National President It was a great pleasure and privilege to join over 20 Ely Cursillistas for this thought provoking and peaceful weekend at Bishop Woodford House in March. For me it was particularly timely after a very hectic six months or so with competing Cursillo, family and home church demands, and it was lovely to be able to just stop, rest and be fed both physically and spiritually. The retreat was ably led by Kathy, Pam and Helen and consisted of reflections taken from Bishop Steven Cottrell’s study of a series of works by the remarkable English painter Stanley Spencer entitled Christ in the Wilderness (1939-54). These beautiful and compelling images give an insight into Jesus’ vocation and his own understanding of his ministry. They show his great love for nature and affinity with all creation. We were invited to slow down and enter into the stillness of Stanley Spencer’s vision. We also had time to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the Bishop Woodford House gardens in early spring and even venture out to explore the Cathedral. For me the weekend was also a trip down memory lane. I had visited the house twice before: in about 1996 or 1997 I went for an interview there for the position of Assistant House Manager (unsuccessfully) and in 2003 my then fiancée and I attended an ‘Engaged Encounter Weekend’ held there (very successfully – we’ve just celebrated our 16th Anniversary!). Saturday evening was also a memory jogging experience. We watched the 1973 Franco Zeffirelli film ‘Brother Sun, Sister Moon’, which is an examination of the life of Saint Francis of Assisi. When it first came out the church Youth Club I was in had a trip 10 | Ely Cursillo | www.elycursillo.co.uk

to see it at the local Odeon. The title song by Donavan has always been a favourite of mine. I’ve been fortunate enough to attend a number of retreats like this in various Cursillo dioceses as National President and they have all been enjoyable, challenging and different. I would urge you to take the opportunity to go on one if the opportunity arises; you won’t regret it. p.s. When I attended that interview in the 1990s I was put up overnight by a Cursillo lady priest who was on the staff at the Cathedral and lived in an apartment in a gatehouse, I think. I can’t now remember who it was. Can anyone tell me who that might have been and if she’s still around? If you can please email me at president@anglicancursillo.co.uk Thanks.

A Day of Exploration On Saturday 3rd August we had our second day event of the year, our Day of Exploration - a feast of exploring that for some was more exploring than they had bargained for! But more on that later. This was a day in two halves: our morning was spent in study and small group discussion while the afternoon was turned over to more social activities - a group walk and crafts. We were blessed to have two guest speakers join us. Revd Stephen Bowring, our National Spiritual Director, kicked off our study giving the first talk covering the history and background to Cursillo then bringing this up-to-date with what is happening now nationally. Our second guest speaker Revd Tony Tucker, Spiritual Director of Southwell and Notts Cursillo, gave the next talk looking at the purpose and point of Cursillo. We then broke out into small groups to discuss what we had heard so far.

EXPLORE! Highlights of Stephen's talk: • Cursillo has its roots in the Spanish Civil War following the persecution of the Church. • The first Christian youth pilgrimage took place on 25th June 1948. To facilitate this, Edwardo Bonin created a course for the pilgrimage leaders this led to and was adapted into the 15 rollos we have today. • Cursillo #1, the very first weekend, took place in 1949 and was in the same format as our weekends today. • From Spain, Cursillo spread to the USA, where the first US weekend took place in Waco, Texas in 1968. At the time Waco was at the centre of a religious cult scandal/tragedy, and it is this that led to the secrecy that surrounds the USA movement

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and weekends. This is in contrast to the Spanish situation and origins where Cursillo was very much a public affair. For those wishing to find out more, London Cursillo have a good history piece on their website - https://www. londoncursillo.org.uk/history-of-cursillo. php Bringing us up-to-date, Stephen implored us to evangelise for Christ. In many ways we (Cursillo) are an organised set of house groups, and this is where the appetite for ‘church’ is in the population of today.

Highlights of Tony's talk: Tony opened by challenging us to support each other in group reunion, identifying mutual support as a fundamental tenet of our Christian journey with each other. We are asked to trust in God and where he is leading us. Tony used the metaphor of Sat Nav to illustrate this - how many of you look up and prepare your route beforehand when you have sat nav at your disposal? On the purpose of Cursillo: • Being in the presence of God • Allowing God to fill our lives - this is faith • Going the extra distance, stepping out and trusting God to catch us when we stumble or fall. In Cursillo we live our lives like a pilgrimage where we walk with others who help and support us, and in turn we help and support them. For our final two talks of the morning, Cursillistas from Ely shared their experiences and thoughts. The Burwell group reflected on their experiences of bringing people into Cursillo, and the Kimbolton group shared how they are using the 4th Day to continue supporting each other and building on the foundations of the Pilgrim Weekend. Both talks were each followed by small group discussion. Highlights from the Burwell group’s reflections: Sue Evans and Sarah Wingate surveyed the Burwell group and shared their feedback under four headings: Challenges of sharing, Approaching & engaging, Profile of a pilgrim, Good sponsorship. Challenges: • Removing the mystery surrounding Cursillo, both relating to the weekend and our Cursillo experiences. • More work is needed with incumbents to engage and explain Cursillo to them. • Cost of the weekend - can we as Cursillistas from the same parish/area support our Pilgrims more? • Being over enthusiastic!

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Approaching & Engaging: • Personal invitation - be patient, drip feed; it can be a slow burn… • Explaining the content of the weekend, all of it. The “surprises” will still have their impact as words are often inadequate to explain the true experience. • Some of the online material (from Google search results) can be off putting, particularly from American Cursillo websites. [Ref: Waco & US Cursillo origins - see Talk 1 above.] • Remember that Cursillo does not work for everyone. Good sponsorship is key here. Profile of a Pilgrim: • Burwell folks found the 3-fold leaflet and other materials on our website helpful to defining the type of person to offer Cursillo to. • Also suggested using time in Group Reunion to pray for pilgrims continually, not just in the run up to a weekend. Good Sponsorship: • Is key to the success of the weekend and the Pilgrim’s engagement in the weekend. • A good sponsor knows the person to be sponsored, and is prepared to support and hold them in prayer throughout the process - before, during and after. • Pilgrims can feel very privileged to be invited on a weekend. • “I felt when approached … so special, excited at the opportunity of experiencing a focused weekend on my spiritual journey. I was ready for a challenge!” Should there be more emphasis on 4th Day and pilgrims being made aware of the opportunities available to them through Cursillo? Perhaps it isn’t stressed enough at the moment.

Highlights from the Kimbolton group’s reflections: John & Fiona Fells, Jen Forster and Daphne Durrant shared how the South Leightonstone (Kimbolton and surrounding villages) group of 21 Cursillistas work together to organise group reunions and support each other in participating in diocesan and running local Cursillo events. Local Ultreyas: • The group holds 2 local Ultreya events each year, fitted into gaps in the Ely calendar. These are open to nonCursillistas and give opportunity to place (potential) pilgrims in group reunions before a weekend, and/or engage with/integrate with the whole church community. • Opportunity to organise themselves arrange car sharing for Ely events, do other group activities such as Christmas wreath making, DVD evenings, and book club. • Sociable and inclusive - supports those not meeting in groups. Group Reunions: • The 21 Cursillistas have fallen into two groups: a smaller set of working folks, and a larger group meeting during the day. • Organising gatherings can be challenging due to people’s lives. Should we consider a more fluid approach to grouping? • One of the challenges is knowing who is and who is not involved in groups. Working Together & Spiritual Growth Development of Leaders: • Take time to be quiet to listen to God. Support and encourage each other. • STUDY before acting - read the Bible the key is RTMF: Read The Manual First! • Be prepared to act, to serve. We can and should use our skills (gifts from God) to help others towards ACTION.

Our morning's study was concluded with worship and a bring and share lunch. We were blessed with glorious weather and the beautiful settings of Hildersham Church allowing us to take in the views of local fields and woods while enjoying an alfresco lunch and fellowship with friends. In the afternoon, we divided into two groups. Sally Smith led a walk with reflections based on the Cursillo method of Piety, Study and Action. Lindy Rainbow, Janene Pike and Vicki Brew laid on art and craft activities for the group staying back at the church. The walk proved popular with about 20 starting out. Sally led us on a circular route starting out from Hildersham church, walking via Linton and taking in Rivey Hill. It is fair to say that we learnt a lot from the walk. For some it turned out to be a little too strenuous and the group became quite strung out. This has not put us off doing a guided walk again in the future, but we learnt some important lessons about preparation and explaining to participants the possible effort involved. Overall, the day was well received and well supported. Our thanks go to Sue Evans and her team for organising the event, and to Stephen and Tony for taking the time to come and speak to us. Steven Ridley 5th November 2019

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Further afield... Congratulations to our Cursillo friend Janette Mullet who was ordained in Truro this summer! Janette was very active in Ely Cursillo and Lay Director on Ely#22. Then she answered God’s call to Cornwall to run Epiphany House.

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MY MONTSERRAT PILGRIMAGE by Sarah Wingate Montserrat is a mountain located in the Catalan Pre-Coastal range close to Barcelona. It was declared a Nature Park in 1987. We took the rack railway to reach Montserrat ascending 725m. Montserrat primarily is a place of pilgrimage and visitors come to worship the image of St Mary in the Basilica. There is a community of 70 Benedictine monks who follow the Order St Benedict whose main purpose is to administer to the pastoral needs of the 2.5 million visitors Montserrat receive each year as well as carrying out other duties. The Boys Choir (L’Escolania) comprises 55 boys who sing daily in the Abbey and are educated in Montserrat. Our group were fortunate to be able to stay in Montserrat. During the day the place is buzzing with visitors. Then when they all disperse the evening quietens apart from the sound of the Basilica’s eight bells which ring several times during the day and evening. During our time in Montserrat we attended worship in the Abbey – all in Catalan! A member of our group led us in silent prayer each evening in one of the Chapels to

reflect on our day. There are many walks to be explored around Montserrat some more challenging than others! The walk to St Michael’s Cross and the funicular to St Joan with stunning views of the monastery below. Together we walked the Way of the Cross meditating and praying at each station. Everywhere there are sculptures and statues commemorating important events the most notable are those of Pablo Casals and St Francis of Assisi. Mountain chapels can be spotted at every peak, the highest of which is St Jerome at 1,236m. Montserrat has its own museum housing a permanent collection of paintings and sculptures by many prominent artists. We gathered in Montserrat as a Christian community alongside many other pilgrims participating in a time of spiritual refreshment and relaxation together.

POETRY CORNER From Prayerful Prose and Poems By Marion Richards -reproduced with her permission & blessing

FREEDOM JOURNEY “Now the Lord is the spirit and where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom…” (2 Corinthians 3: v 17)

Prompted by the Holy Spirit Who teaches us to pray I come to you Lord Jesus Today and every day Prompted by the Holy Spirit I yearn to know you more To follow in your footsteps To learn what life is for Heavenly Holy Father I will no longer roam Your shepherd love enfolds me And brings me safely home With humble heart rejoicing I want to follow you Prompted by the Holy Spirit In everything I do The journey might be bumpy But with you, Lord, by my side I trust your Holy Spirit To be my constant guide.

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PEACE Jesus said: “My peace I give you…….. do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid..” (John 14:27) Peace is like a candle glowing In the darkest night Peace is God’s love bestowing Peace is Jesus’ Light Peace is my soul at rest Peace soothes my weary pain Peace is the light that helps me see The sunshine through the rain Peace is the cloak in faith I touch Peace is speaking Jesus’ name Peace is in knowing God hears my prayer Peace heals my reckless guilt and shame Peace is in every baby’s smile Peace is in every flower Peace is resting in God’s love Every second, every minute, every hour I know the secret of happiness I know how to be content: When I fix my eyes upon Jesus All my worries are peacefully spent.

BLESSED IN AGING Blessed are they who understand My faltering step and shaking hand Blessed, who know my ears today Must strain to hear the things they say. Blessed are those who seem to know My eyes are dim and my mind is slow Blessed are those who look away When I spilled tea that weary day. Blessed are they who, with cheery smile Stopped to chat for a little while Blessed are they who know the way To bring back memories of yesterday.

Blessed are those who never say “You’ve told that story twice today” Blessed are they who make it known That I am loved, respected and not alone. And blessed are they who ease the days Of my journey home, in loving ways. Anon

Sent in by Maggie Graves

Keep the Cursillo database up to date! Moved house in the last 3 years or changed your email address? Please let us know by completing the form below and email it to Dawn Ridley at: nursedawny@yahoo.co.uk OR POST TO 96 Gunhild Way, Cambridge, CB1 8RA



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Daphne Durrant’s talk from the Day of Exploration 3rd August 2019

There are three ways to develop spiritual growth and to grow as a leader. The first way is to take time to sit quietly, waiting for God to speak or just to get your thoughts straight in your own mind. This could be quiet preparation for giving a talk, again waiting for God. Quiet prayer, however long or short is always heard by God. Psalm 133:1 “Behold how good and how pleasant it is for Brethren to be together.” Church attendance and with our Reunion group is important - we need to be with other Christians to reap the benefit of a loving god and to gain knowledge from each other. The second way comes from Hebrews 13:2 “Read, mark, learn and inwardly digest.” Bible reading should be at the top of our list. Daily reading, with notes, is a wonderful way. I have been reading the Bible for many years - I am not gloating but glorying in the fact that we can all do this. R.T.M.F. is a mnemonic the some time ago - Read The Manual First. The Bible is our manual, read it first and you will know what to do. The third way to grow and develop as a leader is to be in an interregnum - not to be recommended - but one has to step up to the mark to help to keep things going. Cursillistas are the right people to help and so move forward on our 4th Day’s growth. The last 15 months have, at times, been painful - but to carry on with all that has been started, has meant that in some situations I have had to think more, organise more, certainly to pray more and just get on with the job in hand. See something that needs to be done, make it your own and do it. There are so many things to do for your church, for where you live and where you work. Cursillistas in our South Leightonstone benefice have places on the PCC, are Churchwarden, Secretary, Treasurer, serve at the altar, manage our website, ring the bells - yes these are special jobs but we can all read a lesson, say a prayer, make tea or coffee, or become a Sidesperson. There are people who help at our Wednesday Children’s group - just to be there, to talk to the Mums and carers, and play with the children. Someone is needed to fold and deliver the pew sheets, arrange the flowers, clean the Church, drive someone to Church or hospital. Not everyone can do everything but there is always something to do. In Kimbolton we read the Morning Office. With an empty chair to the right someone learns to lead this special service. I am a copier - I can copy a pattern set by another - so can you. There are Bible study evenings, Reunion evenings to organise and help with, and there is always a neighbour or two who needs help. This is putting into practice what we have been taught. If you think that this sounds familiar, it is of course P.S.A. - the Cursillo way of going into the 4th day, growing and learning to lead. Ultreya!

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DATES FOR YOUR DIARY local and national dates coming up Saturday 25th January 2020 - Quiet Day A Day of Piety – Join us for our new year Quiet Day focusing on individual and collective prayer. 9.30 for 10am start to 4pm with bring and share lunch, at Chippenham Village Hall. Guests and visitors welcome. Saturday 21st March 2020 - Ultreya Lent Ultreya & AGM – 9.30 for 10am start to 12.30 with bring & share lunch afterwards. St. Luke’s Church, Cambridge. 23rd - 26th April 2020 - Weekend Ely 36. Who will you invite? Applications cut-off is 23rd February. Please pray for your pilgrims. May 2020 – Ultreya Welcome Back for Ely36. A Saturday morning gathering with bring & share lunch. Date and venue details to follow. Guests and visitors welcome. Tuesday 7th July 2020 - Ultreya An evening Summer Ultreya at St. Andrew’s, Soham. 7.30-9pm Saturday 8th August 2020 “Do Action!” – our summer study day focusing on Action and Community action. 10am-4pm. Want to contribute? Contact Sue Evans or Steven Ridley with your ideas. 5th September 2020 - National Ultreya National Ultreya held at Southwark Cathedral, London & Southwark dioceses are hosting this all day gathering of Cursillistas from across the country. Details on their websites. To k e

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22nd - 25th October 2020 - Ely 37 Applications cut-off will be 22nd August.

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November 2020 - Ultreya Welcome Back for Ely37


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14th -15th November 2020 - Conference BACC Conference Open to all Cursillistas nationwide.

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Rainbow November 2019  

The magazine for Cursillo in the Diocese of Ely