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Meet Your New Lay Directors Dawn and Steven Ridley, your new joint Lay Directors, are excited by what God has in store for them. They can’t wait to get stuck in and see what God has in store for Ely Cursillo too! Steven and I both came to Cambridge for work opportunities. Steven moved here in 2000 and works in Information Systems. I arrived in 2004 to work as a newly qualified paediatric nurse at Addenbrookes, where I still work.

it allowed him to experience God on a practical level and taught him of a ‘heart’ faith alongside his pre-existing ‘head’ faith. It helped move him from a knowledge of God to a personal relationship with God.

Steven and I met at Holy Trinity church in 2005, became engaged in 2008 and a month later made our Cursillo on Ely #16. This had a profound effect on both of us and helped open us up to exploring our faith together and as individuals. For Steven in particular,

Six months later in April 2009 Steven and I got married and the appearance of a butterfly at the final blessing of our ceremony made me feel God was fully behind our marriage. – The butterfly being very symbolic from

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IN THIS ISSUE AUTUMN 2018 Meet Your New Lay Directors 2 - 3 Dawn and Steven Ridley take up the reins!

our Cursillo weekend. Steven and I have both served on many Cursillo weekends, although my response to Julie Robinson-Judd inviting me to staff for the first time was “only if I can be a gofor and do not have to do a talk.” Julie agreed to this; God however did not, and I ended up both being a table leader and doing a rollo. Suffice to say my confidence in both myself and God has somewhat developed since then! Taking on joint Lay Director for Ely Cursillo was through a definite prompting from God, and we ask for your patience as we ‘learn the ropes’ of our new role. Beyond the weekends, neither of us have served on Secretariat or in the 4th Day Group before so this is quite a big step ‘up’ for us. We have some of our own ideas for the future but our current hope is to inject some new energy into Cursillo, remain open to God and see where He is leading. We would very much appreciate your prayers for ourselves, secretariat, the fourth day group and the future of Cursillo, and we look forward to sharing the journey with you all.

A Message from our Spiritual Director 4 - 5 Encouragement from Rev. Kathy Bishop Ely Cursillo Who’s Who 6 - 7 Putting a face to a name. Ely #33 – A Pilgrim’s Reflection 8 - 9 By Bev Sweet - finding an oasis in the desert. Ely #33 - Lay Rector’s Report 10 - 11 Lay Rector, Sarah Wingate reflects on the most recent weekend and what it meant to her. From Pilgrim to Priest! 12 Pictures from the recent ordination services at Ely Cathedral, featuring three Ely Cursillistas. Ultreya GB 2018 13 Details of how to book your trip to Chelmsford Palanca on Pinterest! 14 Cursillo FAQs 15 Some frequently asked questions and their answers Ely Events and Study 16 Opportunities for study during the Autumn A Parish Nurse 17 Claire Gillett tells us how her Cursillo experience helped to shape her ministry as a Parish Nurse. Now I am one and seventy 18 A poem by Roger Simmonds Dates and Contact info 19

ULTREYA! Dawn & Steven Ridley Joint Lay Directors

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From Your Spiritual Director Rev. Kathy Bishop As you know we encourage good sponsorship including a group reunion ready when the pilgrim has finished their Cursillo. I too, will be doing that. Your prayers would be valued for staffing on Ely #34 as Dawn puts the team together. In morning prayer today I was struck by the story of St. Paul who was imprisoned because the Jews wanted to get rid of him. A plot was hatched to kill him on the way to meet the Tribune. Amazingly Paul’s nephew heard of the plot and went to the council to tell them what had happened.

Dear Fellow Pilgrims, I am privileged and delighted to be standing in for a short period as the Spiritual Director for Cursillo in the diocese once more. It was strange how this came about. I was seeing a spiritual director at Pleshey saying how things were at the moment. Her wise words were “I don’t think God has finished with you yet.” I am thrilled that already there are a few possible candidates for November 15th -18th for Ely #34. Please pray for those people who are in the wings waiting to be invited.

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Paul was escorted away from the situation to Caesarea under heavy guard to Felix the governor because Paul was a Roman soldier. This could be called a coincidence but I think it is more like a God incidence. We are given those special moments when we are used as channels of his love. Cursillo gives us courage to go the extra mile and to be aware of God at work in each of us. Recently I spent a couple of days at Launde Abbey with our Deanery Chapter and as I was preparing to leave I told a colleague that this was the office that I had accepted. The secretary heard

me and it turned out that she was completing a term of office as one of the coordinators for the BACC committee. We felt like old friends and of course had to have a hug. How amazing was that. The national Ultreya is on the 1st of September at Chelmsford. If you have never been, may I encourage you to go particularly as it is so close to us. Often the venues are miles away. Seize the moment. You will not regret it. I look forward to being with you all again soon. Ultreya! Rev.Kathy Bishop

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Ely Cursillo - Who’s Who CURRENT SECRETARIAT & 4th Day Roles

There are many opportunities to serve in the like to get know more about the vacant roles you all that is involved.

Spiritual Director: Rev. Kathy Bishop

BACC Rep: Jen Forester

4th Day Convenor: John Bridges

Treasurer: Derek Wilcox

Secretariat Secretary & Website Assistant: Barbara Clayton

Ultreya Organiser & Stores Organiser: Edna Brasher

One-Day Event Organiser: Sue Evans

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Group Reunion Coordinator: Sue Morley

Weekend and International Palanca Secretary: John Evans

Cursillo fourth day. Here are some of the people who have specific roles. If you would (without committing yourself) do get in touch with Dawn or Steven and they will tell Co Lay Directors: Dawn & Steven Ridley

Music Coordinator, Webmistress & Magazine Editor: Bridget Hickish

Sponsorship Secretary & Weekend Booking Secretary - Sally Smith

? ?

Weekend Support Coordinator: COULD THIS BE YOU? Art Angel: COULD THIS BE YOU?




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Ely #33 by Bev Sweet I was not sure what to expect when I turned up at Bishop Woodford House in Ely on a pleasant evening in April. I knew I was going on a retreat, I had been meaning to go on one for a while, but time and circumstances always got in the way. As I drove into the car park, I was nervous, unsure and, to be absolutely honest, feeling rather a lot of trepidation. As I got out of my car, I was met by a smiling face and a friendly ‘Hello, are you joining us at Cursillo 33’ I nodded and my suitcase was taken from me and I was shown inside where many more friendly faces looked up, smiled and said ‘Hello’.

I was greeted by name and taken to meet Dawn, who checked my details, gave me a name necklace and told me that from then on, I would be looked after, mind, body and soul. I was not to lift a finger to do anything- even make my bed, I was there to be cared for and to learn- and this for me was very difficult- to be served.

There was a unique safeness which allowed me to express my emotions openly. You start to lose all fears when you are greeted in such a kind way, and I could only smile back and say ‘Hello’, too.

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I was shown to my room, simple but pleasant, and then taken to a drinks reception, where I met my fellow pilgrims and the rest of what turned out to be, a most caring, friendly, supportive and fun team. A delicious meal was served, where, for me, my lesson on letting go and allowing others to do things for me, started.

Then Cursillo 33 began in earnest. A very moving reflection on the Stations of the Cross, followed by a meditation and then the rest of the evening and night, until the morning service, was then in silence. I had never experienced this before, and it was challenging and uplifting both at the same time. The weekend then followed a pattern of inspiring talks, discussions in our small groups, challenging our minds and encouraging us to be open and honest, thoughtful and reflective. The food was simple but delicious. Our bodies were taken care of with fruit and sweets and drinks in plentiful supply. It seemed that whenever I went into my room, someone had placed a small gift on my bed.

During the weekend I had gifts rained upon me from people who had been praying about me, people I had never met, but who had been praying for me by name. I have never felt so loved. There were times of fun as well as reflection. There were times of deep and personal searching, of moving services, and a unique safeness which allowed me to express my emotions openly - something that I very rarely do. At the end of the weekend at the special final service where we were joined by pilgrims from many previous Cursillo’s, we were asked to give our thoughts of the weekend. One of my fellow pilgrims summed up the weekend very succinctly ‘I feel that I have been in a desert, and God has sent me an oasis’ and he had. Ultreya!

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Lay Rector’s Report Ely #33 Sarah Wingate reflects on her time as Lay Rector It was a huge privilege to be asked to serve as Lay Rector on Ely 33 and feeling slightly overwhelmed at the prospect of the planning and preparation that goes into a weekend. Early on at a prayer and planning meeting we decided that Ely 33 would be a ‘community’ weekend of ‘old’ and ‘new’ pilgrims so we were all on a journey together. The team started to come together with a good mix of experience and gifts. There was no specific theme for the weekend and it would follow the Cursillo message of ‘make a friend, be a friend, bring a friend to Christ’. We arrived at Bishop Woodford House on a glorious spring day and all hands on to prepare the House for the weekend. There was a real sense of excitement and possibly a bit of anxiousness as well. It feels quite a responsibility but we are all in this together in the knowledge that God is with us on this path as well as the overwhelming prayer that drives the weekend forward. We waited patiently in excited anticipation for our six pilgrims to arrive. The weekend started with the quiet stillness of Thursday moving into Good Friday looking inwardly at oneself followed by the practical steps of the Saturday. We heard inspiring and uplifting rollos, singing heartily to each chosen song.

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The table group discussions seemed lively. We had the opportunity to receive a blessing and anointing at the Healing service and space to contemplate our hopes for the future at the Taize worship followed by the candlelit meditation looking towards the light of Christ. On Sunday we looked outwardly to our communities bringing together all three elements of the 3 legged stool of Piety, Study and Action culminating in the celebration of the closing Clausura. Thank you to everyone who provided all the wonderful prayer Palanca. Thank you also to everyone who participated so enthusiastically, graciously and willingly in our community weekend together. Ely Cursillo once again has achieved fulfilment and a sense of accomplishment for us all I hope. I describe myself as being led by the Holy Spirit to another place during the weekend. Perhaps I shouldn’t have been quite so apprehensive at the start after all! Instead place my trust in God’s hands ‘for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future’.

I have recently returned from a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela where the routes of Cursillo originate. (Just to clarify we didn’t do the walk this time!). We met pilgrims from all walks of life, departing from different points and making different types of pilgrimages. Some walk slowly, others challenge themselves by walking fast and giving themselves goals. Some ride bicycles, some go on horseback. There are those who walk the Camino in stages, and others who walk just a little. On a spiritual level, we are all undertaking our own unique journey, governed by the lessons that we need to learn, and the people that we are evolving into. No two pilgrims are alike, and though they walk the same roads on the outside, our inner pathways wind through very different emotional landscapes. The Scallop Shell (the emblem of St James’ and its symbolism relates to two layers of the human condition; the physical and the spiritual) it has many grooved lines that lead from the outer rim to a meeting point at the base. The shell itself represents the many different spiritual and religious pathways that lead to the

same place, to the universal centre of all life-forms, the spirit, the soul. When pilgrims carry the scallop shell it represents their personal journey, the sacred path that they must take within. We are all on the outer rim of the spirit, struggling to find our way back to our centre. The scallop shell reminds us why we are here together, especially at the points when the journey of life feels too hard and we want to give up. It reminds us to focus on our journey only, and that each person has their own story that is unfolding. It reminds us that we are all ultimately one sacred soul, and that each of our roads lead back to each other. The pilgrimage to Compostela seemed to correlate to that of a Cursillo weekend - a testament to the response we receive from attending the weekend. Let us give thanks and praise for God’s presence with us as we encounter every situation in relation to God. Spreading his word and encouraging other pilgrims to participate is a good reminder of the commitment we make to Christ. ‘CHRIST IS COUNTING ON YOU AND I ON HIM’. ULTREYA!

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From Pilgrim to Priest!

There was great cause to celebrate this Petertide as 3 of our Cursillo brothers and sisters were ordained. Paula Spalding and Mark Osborne were ordained Deacons and Kathryn Waite was priested at a separate service the previous evening. Both at Ely Cathedral. Congratulations to all of them!

ULTREYA GB 2018 For 2018 the National Ultreya is hosted by our Cursillo in the Chelmsford Diocese.

Details of the day and how to book

Programme of Events for Saturday 1st September 2018 Daytime 9:15am Registration in the Cathedral (coffee/tea available) 10:15 Welcome, notices for the day and worship 10:50 Trevor King, BACC President 11:00 Witness talk and follow up 11:45 Ultreya - floating groups 12:25 Introduction to National Ultreya 2019 12:30 Break for lunch (in Chelmsford or bring packed lunches) 14.00 Assemble for Walk of Witness along pedestrian High Street 15.00 Service in Cathedral 16.30 Finish of day activities Evening 18:30 for 19:00 Gather for supper and Ceilidh dance in the Cathedral 22:00 Finish of evening activities Events on the day start with registration in Chelmsford Cathedral at 9:15am but for those staying at Anglia Ruskin there will be the opportunity to register on Friday evening. Could we encourage you please to book in as soon as possible? This would be really helpful and for the evening entertainment numbers are limited. Booking forms can be downloaded from the website: http://www.chelmsfordcursillo.com/ultreya_18.html


A group of Ely Cursillistas will be going so please do get in touch with Steven or Dawn if you would like to go and arrange to share transport with others attending.

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Palanca on Pinterest!


Of course, we all know that the power of palanca is prayer, don’t we, but here are some really fun quotes and crafty ideas from off the interweb. Something that little bit different!

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CURSILLO F.A.Q.s Some frequently asked Cursillo questions and answers when introducing your friends and family to the idea of a weekend... What is Cursillo? The word “Cursillo” means “a short course” in Spanish but it has also been likened to ‘a modern version of the Acts of the Apostles’. It puts before us God’s call to us to be Saints (people transformed by the grace of God) and Apostles (people sent to play their part in God’s mission to the world). Cursillo offers to committed Christians a proven way of discipleship in which they are supported and encouraged. Is Cursillo a Lay led or a Clergy led organization? Leadership is predominantly Lay lead with spiritual guidance from ordained members. Cursillo is a movement of the whole Church in which all members, lay and ordained, are equipped to be apostles of Jesus Christ. It is a movement in which members of the the laity are empowered to develop and use the gifts that God has given them. And it is a movement in which the clergy, through the awakening of the laity, are enabled to assume their proper roles in the Body more naturally and effectively. Why use all these Spanish terms? The Spanish words used simply reflect the roots of the organization. What happens on a Cursillo ‘Three Day Weekend’ ? The weekends begin on a Thursday evening ending the following Sunday evening. Away from the everyday pressures of life the pilgrims and team form a Christian Community, learning, praying, sharing, singing and living

together. During the weekend the team of lay people and Spiritual Advisers give a series of talks covering the fundamental elements of Christianity and focussing on the mission concepts of prayer, study and action. What are the benefits of the ‘Three Day Weekend? As a result of the weekends many Christians become more active in their Churches as they become more aware of their gifts. Cursillistas (i.e. those who have taken part in a Three Day Weekend) may report a new confidence in mission. For some a sense of vocation is awakened as well and they go on to feel encouraged to offer themselves for the Licensed Lay or Ordained ministry. Perhaps the most frequently reported benefit of the Weekend is a powerful experience of the love of God. Is a Cursillo weekend suitable for everyone? Yes and No! Very Few people have a negative experience attending a weekend, but, it is a busy, social, and at times, challenging 3 days, so it is best to be in good mental and physical health in order to get the most out it. If you have suffered a recent trauma, it might be as well to wait awhile and attend a weekend in order participate fully. Discuss this with your sponsor or Priest if you are in any doubt. More next issue..... www.elycursillo.co.uk | Ely Cursillo | 15


If there are any good courses or church events near you in the Spring of 2019, please do send the info to Bridget for inclusion in the mext magazine.

Some opportunities to learn in Ely this Autumn

A selection of Autumn Days of Reflection and Quiet days at Bishop Woodford House, Barton rd, Ely See the full programme at: http://www.bishopwoodfordhouse.com/

ELY AL AT ) FESTIV poster D ll E D fu r N AL BLE back page fo ) N ir o IO h T NA ee pel C DRAL (s Pop-up Gos CATHE e Ely h T g n (Featuri

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Claire Gillett, Cursillista and Parish Nurse Claire tells us about her work and how Cursillo helped to shape her ministry as a Parish Nurse. Thankyou for asking me to write a short piece about my journey from Cursillo to Parish Nurse! I was challenge and encouraged by a talk at St Andrews Soham in early 2009 to consider attending a Cursillo weekend. I knew a few friends who had been pilgrims but was a little scared that it would change me and I wasn’t sure whether I was ready for that! Encouraged by those friends, I attended #Ely 18 Oct 2009. Well, I was changed, but in a way that only The Potter of my life could have sculpted. God met with me. The Lord Jesus met with me and I was filled to overflowing by the Holy Spirit. Don’t get me wrong and I am still ME, but more fulfilled and abundantly blessed. My unique relationship and intimacy with Jesus has guided and directly led me into MY purpose driven life. On the Cursillo weekend, we were able to reflect on our lives and build our hope in the future. During the weekend I was anointed with oil and encouraged to use the gifts, he has individually given to me, to develop and strengthen me and take me to places I didn’t imagine possible. Since that weekend 9 years ago, on return home, I appeared so transformed it encouraged my husband to attended Alpha and became a Christian. My friends in churches around Ely were so interest in the brightness of the light I was shining they wanted to know more and have also attended Cursillo as pilgrims and I applied and completed my back to nurse training at University to be able to then train as a Parish Nurse. Parish Nursing is a UK Christian charity that trains qualified nurses to bring their faith and nursing skills together and provide, with the support of their church, unique pastoral support that works alongside community and NHS care, by bringing Jesus’s love, compassion and healing to those vulnerable and in need. We work independently under P.N.M.U.K. ministries (parishnursing.org. uk) and with a team of supporters and fundraisers locally.

Regional Coordinator that has helped grow this ministry over the Uk and am privileged to journey with those struggling with changes in their lives, health and being a listening ear when needed. This all started from a seed planted by a speaker at Church and with God’s helped has blossomed into an amazing fruitful life’s work. I commend Cursillo and any other similar learning challenges to everyone. I continue to learn and hear God’s heart for his people. I have recently been blessed with time in East Africa on a YWAM mission base. I was able to teach, learn from and support the nurses working there. With God’s Grace the medical clinic has developed and grown . My desire is that I continually learn and develop spiritually, for His Glory! And this all started as a seed planted in good soil prepared and tended by friends, Cursillo and Church. Claire Gillett RN


I have been working as a Parish Nurse for 7 years now, in two different benefices. I have been a www.elycursillo.co.uk | Ely Cursillo | 17

NOW I’M ONE AND SEVENTY With homage to A E Housman by R J Simmonds August 2018

PRAYER Loveliest of trees, Horse Chestnuts now, Are hung with conkers on the bough. Young lads collect them; do they still play? As once they did, back in the day, Before 'The Rules' got in the way? Oh well, it's still a grand display. I've used up threescore years and ten, I won't be seeing them again, And through my self-inflicted ills I've lost those Blue Remembered Hills. I now forget my yellow pills. I'm over my allotted share And live through yet another year. The un-eked out treasures of the poor I've grasped, unearned; now I'm unsure I'll hear His knocking at my door. I've given up philosophies, And reading dull theologies: I listen to long symphonies, And never to the Daily News. But should I spend my little time, Ignoring all the dirt and grime, To ruminate on the sublime? I think, I hope, Our Lord agrees, I'll trade the time spent on my knees, For simple walks among the trees.

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FUTURE DATES local and national dates coming up 1st September

National Ultreya Chelmsford

25th September

4th Day Committee Meeting 7.30pm

9th October 15-18 Nov 2018

ULTREYA Mandeville hall, Kimbolton 7.30pm-9.30pm

1st Dec

Ely #34 WEEKEND at Bishop Woodford House Welcome Back 10-2 St James, Cambridge

26th January

All day gathering for existing Cursillistas; details to follow

10th March

4th Day Committee Meeting 7.30pm

CONTACT INFORMATION Ely Cursillo Website: www.elycursillo.co.uk Lay Directors: Dawn & Steven Ridley 01223 665303 - nursedawny@yahoo.co.uk Weekend Booking: Sally Smith 01223 891384 - sallyaesmith@btinternet.com Magazine submissions: Bridget Hickish 01353 662684 - hickishes@btinternet.com BACCS - British Anglican Cursillo Council - www.anglicancursillo.co.uk National Cursillo President: Trevor King president@anglicancursillo.co.uk National SD: Revd Canon Cynthia Hebden nsd@anglicancursillo.co.uk


Sue Morley is our Group reunion co-ordinator and is currently compiling a list of all groups. If you are in an existing group please get in touch with her to make sure she knows about you. Also if you are not in a group and would like to be Sue will try to help you find one. Ultreya! sue2morley@gmail.com www.elycursillo.co.uk | Ely Cursillo | 19

Profile for Ely Cursillo

Rainbow Autumn 2018  

The Magazine for Ely Cursillo

Rainbow Autumn 2018  

The Magazine for Ely Cursillo