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How To Find The Best Jiu Jitsu Gi

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A jiu jitsu gi is one of the most important items that adherents to this martial arts should have. It does not only show the personality of the one wearing it, the jiu jitsu gi is a symbol of status, and a mark of discipline and diligence since its wearers are expected to take the necessary measures so that these do not get tarnished or damaged. As an interested candidate searches for the best Jiu Jitsu gi, for himself, he may be taken aback by the sea of products available at any local retailer. To help you find the right BJJ gi for you, below are some pointers. One of the things you need to evaluate when shopping for jiu jitsu gis is their weave. There are two different types of weaves available for gis, and these are single and double weave. In recent years, there has been growing preference for the much lighter single weave Brazilian jiu jitsu gis instead of the double weave gis because the former is less expensive, lighter, and easier to move in. A closely related point is that shrunk uniforms are also available which can make the life of a martial artist pretty much easier. Remember that if your gi is pre-shrunk and already fits you correctly, you should not throw it into the dryer, as doing will shrink the apparel significantly. Instead, it should be hang dried. If competitions are what the shopper is aiming for, he or she should opt for the most common colors i.e. black, white or blue, though some tournaments do not allow black uniforms it will be astute to stick with a blue or white Jiu Jitsu gi.

Stitching of a BJJ gi is one of the most crucial aspects because it helps the player move and perform at his personal best level. A gi that is too loose can be distracting to the one wearing it, and one that is too tight can prevent someone from performing maneuvers effectively and quickly. Brazilian jiu jitsu gis can either have cotton or rubber filled lapels and collars. While those with cotton collars and lapels are more convenient, jiu jitsu gis that have those parts filled with rubber are generally more difficult for the opponent to grip or choke you with. The recommended measurements for these gis may vary among jurisdictions, so it is better to ask the organizer for rules on these apparels. Because of the stringent requirements on the measurements of these garbs, it would be best if you consult with the organization overseeing tournaments or this martial arts discipline in your area.

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Everything comes at a price and catching the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi can be difficult if the interested candidate does not know the price range. This type of martial arts garb can be sold anywhere between a hundred bucks to two hundred, depending on the weave and materials used. Having said this, it does not mean that a cheaper Jiu Jitsu gi cannot be found, but it is usually sensible to remain in this range because cheaper uniforms lack quality and are more of a burden for the wearer as compared to expensive uniforms. Obtaining word of mouth referrals from people you know who are also into jiu jitsu can be a great way for you to find where to buy your gi.

Considering that the player wants to perform at him finest and wants to win in Jiu Jitsu, his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi has to be the finest and most comfortable. Do not forget that while price is an important factor to consider when shopping for gis, it is not the only one. The best option can be to take a knowledgeable friend along before taking the final decision.

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