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I want to be as sustainable as possible when creating interiors.

Born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Lissette Ines Bajaña has become a renowned interior designer in her home country and is quickly growing in popularity around the world. She received her Bachelor’s degree at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia and her Masters at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark. She currently resides back in Ecuador and has been a number one option to families around her country. In an interview, Lissette says, “When it comes to constructing interiors. I want to display the concept--anything my clients desire whether it’s happiness and peace in a space or a relaxing area that will make people feel at home--just as long as it accomodates to their needs. I want to express integration of nature into my spaces as well. Humans are so related to nature, therefore, I feel that they should experience that organic feel in the area they live in.” With a background and love for art, science, and community projects, she has used those qualities to mold her into the phenomenal interior designer she is today.


CREATIVE process As Lissette has evolved as a designer, she has noticed the significance of process work. Every time she takes on a new project, she goes through extensive research and analysis. This has allowed her to be fully aware of her client’s needs so she can address them appropriately. With this extensive knowledge, it gives her a better feel for the environments she will create as well as enables her to easily choose the required materials.




The photos above are the final outcome of a Bali-inspired house.




So why interior design? Lissette tells us that it’s basically a culmination of her life from her childhood until now. “I have always been interested in the realms of arts and science. I feel that interior design is the perfect mix of those two.You definitely have the artsy side (like your basic principals of art and design) but there is also the mathematic and science part of it (dimensions, the construction of scaled models, and sustainability). Some out of the many things I like include fibers, textiles, and furniture. With those, I can come up with the perfect solution for home owners so they get the ultimate experience and good vibes out of the spaces I create for them--it’s my way of satistying people.” Lissette has also always been involved in her community and the programs they held so that’s partially

where her sense of family and desire to create spaces that attend to that originate from. It’s also where she bases her style of wholeness in her designs. “That’s why I am veering more towards residential within my field rather than corporate or other public spaces. While growing up, I have also seen so many people constantly throwing away things. But the thing is, there is still potential in each of those pieces. It’s not junk, it’s something that can be fixed up, redesigned, and re-used in a different way.” That’s where her strong sense of environmentalism and sustainability developed. Now she strives to merge these eco-friendly attributes and values into each interior she creates.

Besides the fact that she is preserving and altering found objects she founds in an innovative and thrifty ways, she also has this burning desire to just create better environments in each environment she designs, incorporating nature into the areas that humans live in. Whilst researching and completely delving into the story of each family or young adult she creates a home for, she can often be found thumbing through a plethora of Italian, Spanish, and English interior design magazines as well as endlessly clicking through blogs and websites such as ArchDaily and Interiorzine. A lot of her inspiration also comes from things in

her everyday life such as landscapes, nature, sustainable environments, furniture, and ergometrics (designs that fits the needs of the user). The fine art that she is generally inspired by is abstract art such as Kandinsky and Picasso and other modern avant garde painters. But ultimately, she is a dieheart fan of Scandanavian architecture.

All photos are works from Lissette Baja単a herself. If you would like these vibes to flow through your home, please contact her at




Lissette Bajana  

A hypothetical promotional booklet for upcoming interior designer, Lissette Bajaña

Lissette Bajana  

A hypothetical promotional booklet for upcoming interior designer, Lissette Bajaña