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INTRODUCTION This Research Report is the second in a series commenced by the School of Political Science and International Studies in 2009 to showcase the research activities and output of staff and maintain a record of our achievements. The earlier report covered the period 2007-2009, while this second report provides an overview of research activities during the period 2010-12. The School has experienced a number of changes since 2009, with the number of full-time academic staff members increasing from 24 to ** by December 2012, and ** new postdoctoral researchers commencing fellowships during 2010-12. At the end of 2012 the School had ** higher degree students enrolled... As the report documents, the School’s academic staff and research higher degree students are actively engaged in researching and publishing in their fields. Our research profile continues to span a diverse range of areas, including our traditional fields of international relations, peace and conflict studies, governance, Australian and regional politics, political economy, development and gender studies, as well as emerging areas such as visual politics. This report continues the task of providing a record of research achievements since the 2006 School Review, and is in line with the School’s strategic goals as outlined in its Operational Plans spanning the years 2010-15. Research goals as set out in these plans include increasing our competitive grant success, increasing the number and proportion of articles in highly-ranked journals and attracting more high quality research higher degree students in our areas of research strength.

CONTENTS Research Highlights Visiting Scholars Publications Research Grants Research Higher Degree Students

RESEARCH HIGHLIGHTS 2012 Field of Political Science at UQ receives maximum score in Excellence for Research in Australia AusAID renews funding for the Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect Dr Nicole George and Dr Andrew Phillips awarded Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Research Awards Dr Andrew Phillips awarded Crisp Prize for his first book, “War, Religion and Empire� Australia's Ambassador to Iraq, Lyndall Sachs, delivered the 3rd Annual Lecture in Politics and International Affairs Professor Andrew Hindmoor hosted the Australian Policy Agendas Symposium

2011 Professor Stephen Bell elected Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia Inaugural International Studies Association (ISA) AsiaPacific Regional Conference hosted by the School

Professor Katharine Gelber commenced her Australian Research Scholarship Future Fellowship The Honourable Kevin Rudd MP delivered the 2nd Annual Lecture in Politics and International Affairs Professor Tim Dunne, Dr Matt McDonald, and Professor Robyn Eckersley (Melbourne) hosted “Purposes Beyond Ourselves: Power and Principle in Foreign Policy� international relations workshop with the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia Professor Roland Bleiker awarded Q-Index Award for Top 10 University-wide Research Output, 2005-2011

2010 Dr Sebastian Kaempf, Dr Martin Weber and Associate Professor Eric Louw (SJC) awarded UQ Major Equipment and Infrastructure Grant Professor the Honourable Gareth Evans AO, QC delivered the 1st Annual Lecture in Politics and International Affairs

VISITING SCHOLARS The School continues to consolidate relationships with outstanding Australian and international scholars through its Visiting Scholars Program. This opportunity to collaborate with scholars in the School is keenly sought after and highly competitive. The program is ideally suited to those on sabbatical or research leave with specific interest in working with members of the School.




Professor John Williams is Professor of International Relations at Durham University.

John Williams' principal research interests lie in international ethics, particularly the ethics of violence in international relations, and the English school of Professor Campbell's research is organised around three international relations theory. He has published widely on main areas, with the main focus being on visual culture both and is presently working on a jointly edited book and international politics (especially photography and the (with Cian O'Driscoll of Glasgow University and Anthony representation of atrocity, famine and war). He is also F. Lang of St Andrews University) on contemporary just interested in political theory and global geopolitics war theory that is due for completion in late 2011. This (informed by poststructuralist philosophy and concerned arises from a workshop funded by the United States with questions identity, borders, representation, and Institute of Peace in 2010. He is also working on a wideresponsibility), and US foreign and security policy. The ranging study of the pluralist strand of English school latter areas of research are best represented by his theory, aiming to re-establish the significance of ethical books Writing Security and National Deconstruction, the diversity as central to the pluralist position. second of which won International Forum Bosnia's Bosnia-Herzegovina Book of the Year 1999, and was translated and published in Sarajevo in 2003. Professor David Campbell is Professor of Cultural and Political Geography at Durham University.




Professor Kimberly Hutchings is only the third woman to hold a professorial position in the Department of International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Professor Iver Neumann is Montague Burton Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science.

She is a leading scholar in international relations theory. She has extensively researched and published on international political theory in respect to Kantian and Hegelian philosophy, international and global ethics, Feminist theory and philosophy, and politics and violence. Her work is influenced by the scholarly tradition that produced the Frankfurt School and Critical Theory. She is the author of Kant, Critique and Politics, International Political Theory: rethinking ethics in a global era, Hegel and Feminist Philosophy and Time and World Politics: thinking the present. Her current focus is on the areas of global ethics, assumptions about time and history in theories of international relations, and the conceptual relationship between politics and violence in Western political thought.

His current research projects include cooperation with Serbian colleagues, a joint book project on the historical sociology of the Eurasian steppe with Einar Wigen and work on a diplomacy book for Hearst.

JAMES BRASSETT James Brassett is Associate Professor of International Political Economy at the University of Warwick. His research contributes to debates on ethics, global governance and the politics of resistance. He has published Cosmopolitanism and Global Financial Reform: A Pragmatic Approach to the Tobin Tax (Routledge/RIPE Studies in Global Political Economy, 2010) and several articles in journals such as European Journal of International Relations, International Political Sociology, and International Studies Quarterly.

In addition, he edited Special Issues on subjects including: 'Legitimacy and Global Governance', 'Deliberation and Global Governance', 'Governing Traumatic Events', 'Ethics in World Politics', and 'The Political Economy of the Sub-Prime Crisis'. He was a plenary speaker at the 2009 Political Studies Association (PSA) conference and an invited speaker at the University of Toronto, Lund University (Keynote), as well as several UK institutions. He has been a visiting fellow at the University of Queensland and the Universiteit van Amsterdam.

ROLAND AXTMANN Professor Roland Axtmann is Professor of Politics and International Relations at the University of Swansea. Professor Axtmann has published widely in the areas of democracy, globalization, macro-political change and (international) political theory. He is currently working on questions concerning democratic governance and the legitimacy of global public authority structures, focussing on issues such as global constitutionalism, cosmopolitanism, representation and participation in global governance, and transnational democracy.

2012 CHRISTOPHER BROWNING Chris Browning is Associate Professor of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick. His main research interests are in critical approaches to security, identity politics and geopolitics. Geographically his interests are focused on the Baltic Sea Region, Europe, and transatlantic relations. His published work includes The Struggle for the West: A Divided and Contested Legacy (eds. with Marko Lehti) (Routledge, 2010); Constructivism, Narrative and Foreign Policy Analysis: A Case Study of Finland (Peter Lang, 2008); Remaking Europe in the Margins: Northern Europe after the Enlargements (ed.) (Ashgate, 2005). He has also published in a number of international journals including: Alternatives, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Cooperation and Conflict, European Journal of International Relations, European Security, Geopolitics, Journal of International Relations and Development, Nationalities Papers, Problems of Post-Communism and Security Dialogue.

PUBLICATIONS Selected 2010-2012 Publications

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RESEARCH GRANTS Addressing Legitimacy Issues in Fragile PostConflict Situations to Advance Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding Berghof Foundation for Conflict Studies 2010-2012; $149,805 Anne Brown* Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect Core Funding AusAID-Australian Agency For International Development 2012-2015; $2,200,000 Tim Dunne Climate Change and Discourses of Security UQ Early Career Researcher Grant 2012; $16,337 Matt McDonald* Developing Dialogue Processes in the Pacific United Nations Development Programme - Regional Pacific Centre 2012; $21,505 Morgan Brigg* Drawing concrete pathways to skills acquisition in the curriculum for arts, humanities and social science students UQ New Staff Start-up Grants (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) 2009-2010; $11,947 Jean-Louis Durand Equity and Diversity in the Australian Architecture Profession: Women, Work, and Leadership Australian Research Council Linkage Project 2011-2014; $244,499 Naomi Stead*, Julie Willis, Sandra Kaji-O'Grady, Gillian Whitehouse, Susan Savage, Justine Clark, Karen L Burns, Amanda M Roan

* indicates First Chief Investigator

Extractive Resources, Conflict and Governance: the implications for advancing the responsibility to protect in the Asia-Pacific (Australian R2P Fund) AusAID-Australian Agency For International Development 2010-2011; $98,478 Daniel Franks*; Volker Boege Freedom of Speech in the Post 9/11 Era Australian Research Council Future Fellowship 2012-2015; $750,064 Katharine Gelber* Gender and Employment Equity: Strategies for Advancement in Australian Universities Australian Research Council Linkage Grant 2009-2012; $558,000 Glenda Strachan*, Gillian Whitehouse, David Peetz, Janis Bailey, Kaye Broadbent Governing vs. Opposition Parties and the Global Financial Crisis: Comparing the United Kingdom and Australia Australian Research Council Discovery Project 2010-2011; $80,000 Andrew Hindmoor*, Allan McConnell Healing the Achilles Heel: The Politics of China's Banking Reform since 1997 Australian Research Council Discovery Project 2010-2012; $370,000 Stephen Bell* How Disaster Images Constitute International Aid Cultures UQ New Staff Research Start-Up Fund 2012-2013; $11,931 Emma Hutchison* How Economic Prosperity Hardens Attitudes Towards Minorities Australian Research Council Discovery Project 2012-2014; $170,000 Jolanda Jetten*, Frank Mols

How Images Shape Responses to Humanitarian Crises Australian Research Council Discovery Project 2011-2014; $222,000 Roland Bleiker*; David Campbell How The East Was Won: War, Legitimacy and Sovereignty in the Indian Ocean Region, 1750Present UQ Early Career Researcher Grant 2012; $23,160 Andrew Phillips Hybrid Political Orders Group of Eight Australia - Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme 2010-2011; $10,000 Anne Brown* Identifying and Evaluating Factors influencing Community Resilience in a Crisis Queensland Centre for Social Science Innovation 2012-2013; $135,000 Peter Walters*, Lynda Shevellar, Lynda Cheshire, Peter Westoby, Rebecca Wickes, Nicole George, Wendy Madsen Institutional Change for Water Management (SEQ Urban Water Security Research Alliance) Commonwealth Scientific And Industrial Research Organisation Trust 2007-2012; $609,123 Brian Head*; Stephen Bell Intensive Training Program for Philippine Government Representatives on Responsibility to Protect Australian Leadership Awards Fellowships (AusAID) 2012; $55,220 Sarah Teitt* Internationalism and Foreign Policy under the Rudd Government UQ New Staff Research Start-Up Fund 2010-2012; $11,942 Matt McDonald*

Law and Policy Program in Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling UQ Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Strategic Research Funds 2011-2012; $88,000 Melissa Curley; Andreas Schloenhardt Paid Parental Leave Scheme Evaluation Commonwealth Department of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs 2012-2013; $2,992,000 Bill Martin*, Gillian Whitehouse, Janeen Baxter, Mark Western, Maria Zadoroznyj, Andrew Jones PRAGES: Practising Gender Equality in Science European Commission Seventh Framework Programme 2008-2010; $60,507 Gillian Whitehouse* Revitalizing Disarmament Debates in Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region through Continuation of Promotional Activities and Conducting Research into Trust Building, Cooperation and Development Royal Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Norway) 2009-2013; $134,941 Marianne Hanson* Socially and Conflict Sensitive Democratisation in Post-Conflict Societies: Investigating the impact of party competition at the local level on governance, stability and social cohesion in East Timor AusAID-Australian Agency For International Development 2010-2011; $179,879 Anne Brown*; Volker Boege 'Structured Ideas' and Crisis Management: Coordination during the Queensland Floods UQ New Staff Research Start-Up Fund 2012-2013; $11,716 Alastair Stark The Impact of Hate Speech Laws on Public Discourse in Australia Australian Research Council Discovery Project 2011; $35,245 Katharine Gelber*

The Institutional Dynamics of Banking Crisis and Reform in the UK, US, Australia and Canada Australian Research Council Discovery Project 2011-2013; $200,000 Stephen Bell*; Andrew Hindmoor The Politics of Climate Change in Australia UWA-UQ Bilateral Research Collaboration Award 2012; $14,622 Matt McDonald* Toward Integrated Governance for Improved Indigenous Outcomes Institute for Urban Indigenous Health Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council 2012-2013; $22,000 Morgan Brigg* UQ Promoting Women Fellowship UQ Equity Office 2011; $16,000 Melissa Curley* Vanuatu Kastom Governance Partnership AusAID-Australian Agency For International Development 2009-2012; $950,272 Anne Brown*; Volker Boege, Anna Nolan Waging War in the New Media Age: Virtuality as a strategic weapon and the ethics of contemporary warfare UQ New Staff Research Start-Up Fund 2009-2010; $12,000 Sebastian Kaempf* War 2.0: Waging war in the digital new media age UQ Early Career Researcher Grant 2011-2012; $20,000 Sebastian Kaempf* Working with Local Strengths: supporting states to build capacity to protect The Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect 2010-2012; $208,710 Anne Brown*, Morgan Brigg, Polly Walker




Britte Ahlhaus

A critical evaluation of humanitarian intervention: An Australian perspective

Associate Professor David Martin Jones

Timothy Aistrope

Conspiracy theory and the War on Terror

Professor Roland Bleiker Dr Martin Weber

Juli Raja Antoni

Religion and peacebuilding: A comparative study of the role of religious peacebuilders in protracted conflict in Ambon (Indonesia) and Mindanao (Philippines)

Dr Morgan Brigg Dr Volker Boege Dr Anne Brown

Leah Aylward

Development and violence: Local experiences and Dr Heloise Weber livelihoods in Latin America in a context of transnationally Dr Martin Weber extended social, economic and political change

Sally Barber

The aesthetics of identity: Arts as deliberative democracy Ms Diane Zetlin Dr Barbara Sullivan in action in Australia

Jennifer Bell

Knowledge brokering: Bridging the gap between academia and policy making in Australia?

Professor Brian Head Dr Adrian Cherney Emeritus Professor Paul Boreham

Helen Berents

Hearing forgotten voices: A feminist reconceptualization of violence and silencing of children in peace building processes

Ms Diane Zetlin Dr Anne Brown

Fiona Bucknall

The impact of the Internet on sex work

Dr Barbara Sullivan Dr Rae Wear

Hai Thiem Bui

The development of civil society and dynamics of governance in Vietnam’s one party rule

Dr Melissa Curley Professor Roland Bleiker

David Burgener

Selfhood within the quantum paradigm: and its implications for approaches to peace and conflict resolution.

Dr Morgan Brigg

Emma Campbell

PEMO Project: Development and evaluation of an ethical Dr Jean-Louis Durand decision making tool that considers human rights, for use Dr Merrill Turpin in health and social services




Julie-Ann Campbell

Modern political campaigning: Adapting to changing electoral systems

Dr Rae Wear Dr Ian Ward

Emily Chapman

How civil-military interaction during peace operations is connected to their effectiveness and legitimacy

Dr Andrew Phillips Dr Iean Russell Professor Alex Bellamy

William Church

Skeptical conservatism: An examination of Michael Oakeshott's political thought

Associate Professor David Martin Jones

Pauline Collins

An investigation into the jurisprudence of national Professor Alex Bellamy courts in relation to the military in the UK, Associate Professor Anthony Australia and USA and of the impact on the civilCassimatis military relationship

Marcel Curley

The privatisation of peacekeeping in the South Pacific

Jodie Curth

The AFP and capacity building: Locating the goal Professor Alex Bellamy Emeritus Professor Paul Boreham posts in a foreign policy space

Loranne Downer

Selling Kevin: The evolution of brand Rudd

Constance Duncombe

Dr Jean-Louis Durand 'Me and you and everyone we know': the case of Associate Professor David Martin Egypt, Iran and the politics of representation Jones

Tristan Dunning

Reinterpreting resistance: Hamas+ polysemic conceptions of Jihad and the search for popular legitimacy.

Professor Tim Dunne Dr Harmonie Toros

Jan Fadnes

Understanding emotions in conflict mediation

Professor Roland Bleiker

Mohammad Faisal

State structural and institutional transformation and the new dynamics of business power, corruption and clientism in Indonesia

Professor Stephen Bell Associate Professor David Martin Jones

Brona Farrelly

Negotiating career progression and parenthood: family adaptiveness in an Australian university

Professor Gillian Whitehouse Associate Professor Janis Bailey Dr Kaye Broadbent

Vickie Frater

Mind the gap: Contestations of legitimacy and legality in international politics

Dr Phil Orchard Associate Professor David Martin Jones

Damian Gerber

Naturphilosophie and the legacy of social ecology: The historical continuities of dialectial naturalism

Dr Martin Weber Dr Matt McDonald

Morgan Gibson

Anarchism, critical theory and emancipation: Towards the realisation of an ideal speech situation

Dr Martin Weber Professor Katharine Gelber

Professor Tim Dunne Dr Nicole George

Dr Ian Ward Dr Rae Wear




Jessica Gifkins

ASEAN and the responsibility to protect

Professor Alex Bellamy Dr Phil Orchard

Juliette Gout

The enlightenment project revisited: Kantian thinking in a contemporary context

Associate Professor Richard Devetak Dr Ryan Walter

Suzanne Grant

Reform and the Howard Government

Professor Andrew Hindmoor Dr Phil Orchard

Vicky Higgins

Globalization and Chinese state capacity: Economic and industrial transformation

Professor Stephen Bell Associate Professor David Martin Jones

Viet Thang Hoang

A critical study of the role of state meta governance in sustaining associative governance

Professor Stephen Bell

Joseph Hongoh

Assessing the Role of Regional and SubRegional intergovernmental initiatives in Dr Martin Weber resolving traditional-based cross-border interDr Morgan Brigg ethnic conflicts: The Case of Karamoja Cluster

Sheunesu Hove

A review of the effectiveness of the Rotary World Peace Fellowship program

Willem Janse van Rensburg

Climate change sceptics in New Zealand: Professor Brian Head Institutional capacities, overseas linkages and Dr Ian Ward political relevance

Elena Jeffreys

The International sex worker movement

Dr Barbara Sullivan

George Karavas

Western theories / non-Western world: Exploring alternative theoretical frameworks to understanding China's engagement with Africa

Dr Martin Weber Dr Sebastian Kaempf

Mark Kay

Information and Corporate Social Responsibility: The Influence of Corporate Emeritus Professor Paul Boreham Social Activity on Consumer and Investor Dr Michele Haynes Choice and its Implications for the Regulatory Role of the State

Michael King*

Hearing forgotten voices: A feminist reconceptualization of violence and silencing of children in peace building processes

Ms Diane Zetlin Dr Anne Brown

Fiona Bucknall

The changing role of biological weapons in the 21st century

Associate Professor Marianne Hanson Dr Matt McDonald

Miles Kitts

The development of civil society and dynamics of governance in Vietnam’s one party rule

Associate Professor David Martin Jones Dr Andrew Phillips

Dr Ian Ward




Bradley Lewis

Cooperation and competition in water resource management: governance, stakeholder engagement and policy development in SE Queensland

Katie Linnane

Keating, Howard and the Politics of Representation Associate Professor Richard Devetak Dr Matt McDonald in Australian Foreign Policy

Tania Miletic

National identity conflict: understanding ethnic group and national identity and collective memory in young Chinese people in the context of conflict in north east Asia

Professor Diane Bretherton Dr Guy Ramsay Dr Anne Brown

Daryl Morini

Preventive diplomacy: a synthesis of history, theory and practice

Associate Professor Marianne Hanson Dr Sebastian Kaempf

Lucie Newsome

The role of women in key positions in Australian politics in the development of a national paid parental leave scheme

Professor Gillian Whitehouse Dr Rae Wear

Chi Nguyen Ngo

The Asian Security Community (ASC): Challenges and Advantages in Building Security and Stability Dr Noel Morada in South East Asia

Hong Hai Nguyen

Grassroots democracy in Vietnam - A human rights Dr Melissa Curley based approach Asociate Professor David Martin Jones

Ky Son Nguyen

Democracy and human rights: US-Vietnam relations from 1975 to 2009

Thi Thanh Huyen Nguyen

Positioning grassroots democracy along Vietnam's Dr Noel Morada course for political reforms Dr Melissa Curley

Jane Nolan

Selling Sex and the 'Whore Stigma': Negotiating a Deviant Identity

Dr Barbara Sullivan Professor Gillian Whitehouse

Gregory Oliver

Institutional Dynamics of Intergrated Urban Water Management

Professor Stephen Bell

Jan Fadnes

Understanding emotions in conflict mediation

Professor Roland Bleiker

Oleg Parenta


Associate Professor Geoff Dow Professor Thomas O’Regan

Kristy Parker

An examination into the relationship between Indegenous ways of governance and the Australian settler state

Dr Morgan Brigg

Professor Brian Head Professor Stephen Bell

Dr Jean-Louis Durand Dr Richard Shapcott




Alexander Pound

Conflict environments: Dangers and opportunities for policing operations

Professor Alex Bellamy Dr Phil Orchard

Nilanjana Premaratna

Theatre for peace-building: the role of arts in post-conflict reconstruction in South Asia

Professor Roland Bleiker Dr Morgan Brigg

Kazi Rahman

Policymaking as civic negotiation: Influence of CSOs in trade policy making process in Bangladesh

Dr Heloise Weber Dr Martin Weber

Pedram Rashidi

Facilitating trust and cooperation between states? The role of advanced verification systems in weapons control

Dr Martin Weber Dr Matt McDonald

Eglantine Raux

The decision making process of a military humanitarian intervention: why is the need of a Professor Tim Dunne military humanitarian intervention justified in Associate Professor Richard Devetak some cases and ignored in others?

Nicola Reeves

The application of capability theory to the development of indigenous policy in Australia

Anouk Ride

Violence and Coexistence in the South Pacific: Professor Diane Bretherton Dr Anne Brown Escalation and De-escalation of Identity Conflicts Professor Tania Sourdin

Patricia Rooney

Gender inequity in the Australian labour market: casual and low paid employment

Professor Gillian Whitehouse Dr Rae Wear

Sonia Rossetti

Gender and political representatives abroad

Ms Diane Zetlin Dr Nicole George

Peter Run

South Sudan's path to secession: a case study Dr Morgan Brigg in African models of conflict resolution Dr Sebastian Kaempf

Aime Saba

Negotiating post-conflict state rebuilding in complex political environments: the United Nations and the African Union in Somalia

Angela Setterlund

The use of the death penalty for drug crimes in Professor Roland Bleiker Southeast Asia

Kamil Shah

The Security Development Nexus with Afghanistan as a Test Case

Dr Heloise Weber Dr Martin Weber

Rebecca Shaw

The state's monopoly of violence and the democratic ramifications of the privatisation of warfare

Dr Phil Orchard Dr Sebastian Kaempf

Professor Katherine Gelber Dr Heloise Weber

Ms Diane Zetlin Dr Barbara Sullivan




Michael Spann

Ressentiment in Development: A Philosophical Reading of the Formal Comparative Method

Dr Heloise Weber Dr Martin Weber

Caitlin Sparks

The role of imagination in IR: beyond the threshold of in/security

Dr Martin Weber Dr Andrew Phillips

Samid Suliman

Citizenship without border? The migrationdevelopment nexus and nationalism in the age of globalisation

Dr Andrew Phillips Professor Tim Dunne

Nicholas Taylor

The theory and practice of harm in modern warfare

Associate Professor Marianne Hanson Dr Richard Shapcott

Sarah Teitt

Sovereignty, Power and Responsibility: China's Role in Professor Alex Bellamy Dr Melissa Curley International Security Regimes

Sorcha Tormey

Dr Barbara Sullivan What is holding us back? Non indigenous Australia and Dr Elizabeth Strakosch the reconciliation process Dr Nicole George

Emma Townsend

Dr Barbara Sullivan Disparate Origins, Same Outcome: Roma, Indigenous Dr Deborah Mayersen Australians and an Understanding of Cultural Genocide Dr Elizabeth Strakosch

Ahmad Khoirul Umam

Politics of anti-corruption in the Indonesian postSoeharto administration

Shashi Van De Graaff

Associate Professor Andrew Nuclear Power Policy: Changing Government Attitudes Hindmoor and the Role of Business Power Dr Alastair Stark

Jenny van der Arend

Policy-maker perspectives on the use of externally produced social science research to inform policy development and program review - the factors that support its effective utillisation

Professor Brian Head Dr Adrian Cherney Emeritus Professor Paul Boreham

Kelly Wade-Johnson

Contesting legitimacy: terrorist organisations and legitimacy-seeking behaviours

Professor Tim Dunne Associate Professor David Martin Jones

Benjamin Walter

A model for chaos: finding a theoretical tool to understand civil war dynamics

Dr Martin Weber Dr Andrew Phillips

Sharon Wheller

Socio-spactial impacts on labour market transitional outcomes a study of disadvantage

Emeritus Professor Paul Boreham Dr Michele Haynes

Louise Wiuff Moe

Examining issues of political legitimacy in processes of Dr Volker Boege Dr Morgan Brigg post-conflict state formation: a comparative study of Somaliland and Bougainville Dr Anne Brown

Professor Gillian Whitehouse Dr Mohammed Khan Professor Brian Head




Shannon Brincat

Towards an Emancipatory Cosmopolitanism: Reconstructing the concept of emancipation in Critical International Relations Theory

Angelique Burguez

Banning Ethnicity, Rewriting History: Rwanda's Professor Alex Bellamy Prevention of Violent Ethnic Conflict After Ms Di Zetlin Genocide

Mark Chou

Democracy and Tragedy in Ancient Athens and Professor Roland Bleiker Today Dr Michael Ure

Amy Cooper

The Effect and Efficacy of E-government Administration

Associate Professor David Martin Jones Dr Ian Ward

Alexandra Copley

Transforming Australia’s Public Employment Service: The Job Network 1998-2003

Professor Gillian Whitehouse Emeritus Professor Paul Boreham

Lorinne du Toit

The good governance agenda: a case of policy Dr Anne Brown paradox in development? Dr Catharine Manathunga

Luke Glanville

Sovereignty and Responsibility

Professor Alex Bellamy Associate Professor Richard Devetak

Christopher Herde

Hartz revisited: German liberalism and the fragment cultures of 19th century Wisconsin and Queensland

Dr Rae Wear Dr Martin Weber

Scott Hook

The Role of Institutions in Economic Development: An Empirical Analysis of State Capacity and Economic Development in a

Emeritus Professor Paul Boreham Professor Stephen Bell

Charles Hunt

Policing Transformation, Transforming Police: Professor Alex Bellamy Monitoring and Evaluating the Impact of Police Emeritus Professor Paul Boreham in UN Peace Operations Dr Phil Orchard

Kwun Sun (Raymond) Lau

Responding to Mass Atrocities: The Responsibility to Protect and The Responsibility to Punish

Professor Alex Bellamy Dr Phil Orchard

Fiona Macdonald

Dignity at work? A case study of bookkeepers in diverse forms of employment

Professor Gillian Whitehouse Ms Di Zetlin

Alissa Macoun

Aboriginality and the Northern Territory intervention

Dr Barbara Sullivan Emeritus Professor Don Fletcher

Dr Martin Weber Associate Professor Richard Devetak




Bryan Mardle

An innovation system for Australia's minerals and mining sector: What works and what doesn't in the context of Australia's current public policy framework?

Emeritus Professor Paul Boreham Professor David Brereton

Jason McLeod

Civil Resistance in West Papua

Dr Anne Brown Dr Brian Martin Professor Kevin Clements

Stephen McLoughlin

Beyond Root Causes: Understanding Risk and Resilience in the Prevention of Mass Atrocities

Professor Alex Bellamy Dr Sara Davies

Steven Miles

Trade Union Renewal in Australia: rebuilding worker Emeritus Professor Paul Boreham Emeritus Professor Roger Scott involvement

Danielle Miller

ALP Premiers: Delegates of the Party, Autonomous Actors or Somewhere in Between?

Erin O’Brien

Legalised prostitution and sex trafficking: evaluating Dr Barbara Sullivan the influence of anti-prostitution activism on the Ms Di Zetlin development of human trafficking policy

Suman Ojha

An examination of the effectiveness of the lower houses of the legislatures of Queensland (Australia) Emeritus Professor Roger Scott and Uttar Pradesh (India) in scrutinising and Ms Di Zetlin influencing the executive

Jeffrey Payne

The Limits of Political Framing: The Political Implications of Heidegger's Ontological Difference as a Constraint to Total Politicisation

Dr Richard Shapcott Dr Martin Weber

Jillian Prideaux

Bali in the new Indonesia: Constructing compatible nationalisms

Dr Frank Mols Dr Barbara Sullivan

Lesley Pruitt

The Use of Music in Youth Peacebuilding Projects

Dr Barbara Sullivan Professor Roland Bleiker Dr Anita Harris

Brooke Rogers

'Un-Othering' Place: Renegotiating the Master Narrative of Place

Dr Jean-Louis Durand Ms Anne Brown

Aryana Satrya

Union strategy in developing countries: Lessons from Indonesian Enterprise Unions in the services sector

Emeritus Professor Paul Boreham Professor Gillian Whitehouse

Elizabeth Strakosch

Neoliberal Indigenous Policy in Australia: Government, Sovereignty and Colonialism

Dr Barbara Sullivan Dr Morgan Brigg

Chulanee Tantikulananta

Government-Business Relations and ASEAN Economic Integration in Trade in Services after the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis: Case Studies of Thailand and Malaysia

Associate Professor David Martin Jones Dr Melissa Curley

Monique Taylor

Fuelling China's Rise: Building Oil State Capacity

Professor Stephen Bell Professor Andrew Hindmoor

Dr Rae Wear Dr Ian Ward

The School of Political Science and International Studies The University of Queensland St Lucia QLD 4072 Australia Head of School Associate Professor Richard Devetak Chair of Research Professor Christian Reus-Smit Director of Research - Asia-Pacific Centre for the Responsibility to Protect Professor Tim Dunne Director Research Higher Degree Program Dr Barbara Sullivan

UQ School of Political Science and International Studies Research Report 2010-2012  

Profile and summary of research activities from the University of Queensland's School of Political Science and International Studies spannin...

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