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Bereavement Services

Bereavement Services

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Introduction Manchester City Council’s Bereavement Services provides a caring, sensitive, professional service to bereaved families and their loved ones offering support and advice regarding all aspects of funerals and memorials. Bereavement Services consists of five cemeteries across Manchester and also a Crematorium with three chapels situated at Blackley. This brochure contains information regarding The City Council’s Bereavement Services, contact information, the history of our cemeteries and information and advice.


Manchester City Council Bereavement Services operates five cemeteries in both North and South Manchester; Blackley Cemetery, Southern Cemetery, Philips Park, Gorton and also Manchester General Cemetery.

Blackley Cemetery Victoria Avenue Blackley M9 8JP Tel: 0161 227 3201 Blackley Cemetery situated in North Manchester originally opened in 1953. It has a Crematorium which was awarded the R.I.B.A Architects medal for design on opening in 1959, and has three stunning chapels with a beautiful stained glass window in the large centre chapel. Surrounded by lovely memorial gardens and herbaceous border gardens, the cemetery is located on sloping hills, offering peaceful, and stunning scenery. New plots (Cremation/burial plots) have been created close to Longhurst Road entrance and a woodland burial ground is planned with views across Heaton Park and Heaton Hall.

Philips Park Cemetery Riverpark Road Miles Platting Manchester M40 2XP Tel: 0161 227 3201 Philips Park Cemetery originally opened in 1866 and was the first municipal cemetery. The cemetery is adjacent to Philips Park opposite Manchester City Football Club’s stadium and is named after Mark Philips, a local businessman and MP; and was the first public park in Manchester. Famous people buried in Philips Park Cemetery include war heroes from Rorkes Drift. Situated inside the cemetery is a building, renovated by local people, known as the ‘Corner House’. The cemetery is built next to the River Medlock which promotes an array of birds and animals along its banks.

Southern Cemetery Barlow Moor Road Chorlton-Cum-Hardy M21 7GL Tel: 0161 227 3205 Southern Cemetery situated on Barlow Moor Road in South Manchester originally opened in 1879 and it is the largest municipal cemetery in the United Kingdom and the second largest in Europe. Over 40 famous people are buried there including Sir Matt Busby and the painter L.S Lowry. Their names are displayed in the new Remembrance Lodge where an entry in the Book of Remembrance is available. Stunning gardens and pathways surround the cemetery and there are four listed chapels, two of which are available for services for funerals.


Gorton Cemetery

Thornwood Avenue Gorton M18 7JF Tel: 0161 227 3201

Gorton Cemetery originally opened in the year 1900 and is a local suburban cemetery meeting the needs of the bereaved for over 100 years. Gorton Cemetery contains the historic NICO ditch, a small stream that runs through the cemetery. Beautiful gardens surround the site of the former chapels at Gorton and the cemetery has been awarded Green Flag status. Manchester General Cemetery

Rochdale Road Harpurhey M9 5SH Tel: 0161 227 3201

Manchester General Cemetery situated on Rochdale Road next to Queens Park originally opened in the year 1837 and was originally a privately owned Cemetery being adopted by Manchester City Council around the 1960’s. The cemetery is made up of both Non Conformist and Consecrated ground and the records are available at Manchester Central Library along with records for all of Manchester City cemeteries.

Manchester City Council Crematorium and Cemeteries opening times The cemetery offices are open Monday to Friday. 8.30am-4.30pm The last time for admission to the cemeteries varies according to the time of year as follows: January








March Summer Time 7.15pm

Oct Summer Time 5.45pm

March (G.M.T)


October (G.M.T)











Crematorium & Chapels Blackley Crematorium was originally opened in 1959 and is the only Crematorium owned by Manchester City Council. The Crematorium is easily accessible from any of our three entrances to the cemetery and there are a number of parking spaces available.

A tree lined avenue leads to the Crematorium where the centre chapel has a magnificent large stained glass window. The newly refurbished centre chapel can accommodate 300 people on modern seating and is ideal for larger memorial services.

Two smaller side chapels are also available for services which can seat up to 60 people, offering a peaceful intimate setting for a either a full service or committal or even for a service for burial before going to graveside. Music can be an important part of a service and it can provide a fitting background. Each chapel has a sound system and a library of different music, however families may wish to provide music of their own, offering a personal touch. A loop induction system is installed for members of the public who are hard of hearing.


Bereavement Memorials

Books of Remembrance

The Book of Remembrance are situated at Blackley & Southern Cemeteries and is a day-by-day record in date and month order, which displays names of the deceased along with a personal message. The entry can be 2, 5 or 8 lines in length, with the option to include an emblem, in memory of your loved one. The Book of Remembrance offers a permanent lasting memorial in perpetuity.

Kerb Plaques

Kerb plaques are for a period of 10 years with the option to renew after that time. We have dedicated areas around the lawns of the Gardens of Remembrance for kerb plaques with an option to have more than one name on the plaque.

Vase Plaques

Vase plaques are situated in the Book of Remembrance Chapel at Blackley and are for 1 year with the option to renew. There is a small vase for a floral tribute and a plaque with an inscription is included in the price of this memorial. For more information or to purchase a memorial Please contact Blackley Cemetery Office


Bereavement Memorials

Memorial Rose

Rose plaques are a floral tribute to a loved one and we have dedicated rose beds throughout the Crematorium. The plaque includes an inscription up to 60 letters and the rose memorial is for a period of 5 years with the option to renew.

Memorial Trees

Memorial trees are for a period of 5 years with the option to renew thereafter. A selection of established trees are available along with the option of planting a new sapling if desired. Memorial trees come complete with an inscribed plaque for your own personal message. Please contact the relevant cemetery for further information.

Memorial Benches

Bench’s may be purchased for a period of 10 years and include a standard inscription plaque. There is an option to add additional plaques to the bench and bench’s may be placed throughout the cemeteries including the Gardens of Remembrance in agreement with the cemetery. Please contact the office to make an appointment to find a suitable location.

For more information or to purchase a memorial Please contact Blackley Cemetery Office


Bereavement Memorials

Wall Plaques Wall plaques are dedicated for 5 years with an option to renew and are situated in the Book of Remembrance Chapel at Blackley and in the Remembrance Lodge at Southern Cemetery. An inscription of 60 letters is included and the use of flower vases is free of charge in the chapel for freshly cut flowers.

Memorial Tower Situated in the Gardens of Remembrance the Memorial Tower is available for the placement of cremated remains. The tower is hexagonal in shape with each individual niche enclosed by a modern black granite plaque bearing an inscription of your choice along with photographs and emblems if desired. Each niche is for a period of 10 years with an option to renew.

Cremation Plot Cremation Plots are available for the interment of cremated remains. Holding up to 6 caskets of cremated remains the C.P plots offer a lasting final resting place for your loved one. The plots are set within tranquil surroundings and are easily accessible with options including black granite desktop, black granite kerbs, photograph, flower vase and also emblem designs.

Gardens of Remembrance Beautiful Gardens of Remembrance are situated across the cemeteries. The gardens are surrounded by rose bushes and trees with dedicated strewing areas. Memorial roses and trees are available for purchase along with benches and kerb plaques for placement in memory of your loved one. Please contact the relevant cemetery for further information.


Woodland Burial Manchester City Council are now in the process of developing a Woodland Burial site at Blackley Cemetery. The site offers stunning views of Heaton hall and beyond to the Pennines. This environmentally friendly scheme offers bereaved families and individuals the option to commemorate their loved one within a woodland environment. The woodland burial area is a non denominational site in terms of religion. The choice of service therefore, is down to individual preference. The chapels at Blackley are available for a formal service prior to interment, or alternatively families may wish to organise there own grave side service. The woodland burial site has been created to hand something back to nature by protecting the woodland for future generations. None or very little cultivation will be carried out in the woodland in order to encourage natural growth and wildlife. Only essential and chemical free maintenance will be performed. Grave spaces within the woodland may be purchased for single or double interments; they may also be purchased in advance without interment. No memorialisation of any kind will be permitted in the woodland area, and any artefacts or tributes will be removed. Floral tributes may be placed on the day of the burial; these will be removed within 7 days of the interment taking place. At the present time access may not be suitable for people with restricted mobility due to the nature of this area. There are various memorial schemes available, details of which are available from Blackley Cemetery office.


Burial Services, Graves & Genealogy

Burial Services Services may be held in the chapels at Blackley and Southern Cemetery if required, followed by an interment. Alternatively should you not wish for a service, or arrange one elsewhere, burials can take place directly to the grave. A professional Funeral Director will be able to advise you on what options are available and Manchester is fortunate in having may fine Funeral Directors who will be able to assist you at this extremely difficult time.

Graves Graves are prepared by Bereavement Services and may need to be topped up with extra soil after approximately 3 months at your request. The exclusive rights of burial in a grave are purchased for a period of 100 years and may be purchased in advance without interment if desired. Please contact the relevant cemetery for further details. When the exclusive right of burial in a grave is purchased a Deed of Grant is issued which you would keep in a safe place as you will need to produce it should the grave be required for further burials. We always endeavour to dig graves to take up to four burials however due to ground conditions is may not always be possible.

Genealogy Genealogy is a very popular activity and all of Manchester City Council's burial records are available for viewing free of charge at Central Library in St. Peter's Square, Manchester. Alternatively a convenient way of researching family trees or searching for burial records is by visiting our website at There is a small charge for viewing this online service.



JAMES HILTON MONUMENTAL MASONS 245D, Barlow Moor Road, Chorlton, Manchester, M21 7QL

We are an Independent Family Company. We offer you an opportunity to remember your loved ones through our expert craftsmanship. We also carry out any restoration work that you may require. Genuine advice given on all types of memorials at competitive rates. Please contact us for advice: Tel; 0161 881 3455

516 Wilmslow Road Withington Manchester M20 4BS

Tel: 0161445 6461

At Hargreaves & Co. Solicitors we understand the difficulties people face when coping with the death of a loved one. Aside from dealing with the natural grief there is often the added stress of not knowing what to do so far as the legalities are concerned. In simple terms, action has to be taken to ensure that they get what they are entitled to. In the case of some small estates this can be achieved by the taking of informal steps but in many cases it will mean taking out a Grant to the Estate from the Probate Registry. If the deceased left a Will a Grant of Probate would be obtained. If the deceased died without making a Will a Grant of Letters of Administration would be obtained. We can let you know whether it is necessary to take out a Grant, obtain a Grant if appropriate, and we can also deal with the administration of the Estate, which involves taking the necessary action to collect in monies due to the Estate, paying any debts and accounting to those entitled to money or other assets which are due to them. For a friendly and sympathetic service contact us and ask to speak to Gerald Peacock. We are happy to make home visits.



“During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you”.

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Let Glaisyers carry the burden of dealing with the administration of a loved one’s estate with our comprehensive affordable Fixed Fee Probate Service. For further information contact: Paula Wrigley on 0161 832 4666 One St James’s Square, Manchester, M2 6DN. E:

All information will be treated with the strictest confidence.


Licensee, Cindy Dwyer, runs a no nonsense community local that’s popular with the young and old alike. All, at the Pineapple, would wish to extend a warm and sympathetic welcome to those families who would like to use our facilities at this sad time. The Pineapple has benefited from a recent refurbishment and can cater for up to 200 people. We have disability access and excellent on site parking. On fine days a beer garden is available for the patrons. The Pineapple, Garratt Way, Gorton, Manchester, M18 8HE Please Contact us on: Tel: 0161 231 420

We offer a professional, friendly and relaxed environment. Bespoke hot and cold buffets designed to meet your requirements and budget. We can cater for up to 70 people for plated meals, up to 200 people for finger buffets and larger groups up to 450 people a marquee can be arranged to cover your requirements Disabled access, facilities and parking for up to 55 vehicles is available.

Stretford Memorials Ltd

36, Lime Road, Stretford, Manchester, M32 8HT Tel: 0161 865 2394...Fax: 0161 865 8024 e-mail: website: .. For a professional and compassionate Service by a long established family business . New Memorials on display . Inscriptions to existing memorials . Plaques and vases . Personal Designs . Full restoration and cleaning service . Insurance available for all memorials . Free colour brochure


THE GRIEF CENTRE MACHESTER AREA BEREAVEMENT FORUM (M.A.B.F) MABF was formed in 1993.It was composed of a group of People working professionally and in the voluntary sector with the bereaved and those suffering loss. Membership is open to anyone working with loss and bereavement issues and will entitle members/groups to receive reports, literature and information regarding study/training days and annual conference. The Forum meets at least 4 times a year and holds an AGM that includes a business section, a report and financial statement. Funds are used to cover the administrative costs and to provide information and resources, literature and any other purpose agreed by the Members.

362 Manchester Road, Droylsden, Manchester, M43 6QX Tel: 0161 371 8860

Facsimile: 0161 371 8860 e-mail:

Website Address:


TEMPERLEY TAYLOR LLP Temperley Taylor LLP is a long-established firm of solicitors in the North Manchester area. We have offices in Middleton, Heywood and Manchester. We can offer advice and assistance dealing with administration of estates and applications to the Probate Registry. We also advise on wills, powers of attorney and the Court of Protection. We offer home visits and are willing to see clients out of office hours. Please feel free to look at our website. or contact: Nicola Finbow at our Middleton office for an appointment. Suffield House, Middleton, Manchester, M24 4EL Tel: 0161 643 2411 Fax: 0161 655 3015 Email: PARTNERS IN MANAGING YOUR WEALTH


During difficult times we have the knowledge and Experience to help you successfully secure and enhance your financial future by offering specialist advice in a wide range of areas including: • Investment Growth • Inheritance Tax Saving For further details or to request one of our guides to Wealth Management, Inheritance Tax or Retirement Planning, contact our office: Phillip Walton and Chris Sedgwick Partners of the St. James's Place Partnership

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Manchester Memorials We are an Independent business, always providing a caring and honest professional service. We offer home visits on request. Please contact us: By Tel: 0161 231 7973 794 Hyde Rd. Gorton, Manchester. M18 7JD 14

Bereavement Counselling If you are suffering the pain of the loss of a loved one then counselling may help you. I offer bereavement counselling in a safe supportive and confidential environment. Contact:

Eileen O’Gorman Diploma in Counselling Member of BACP 0161 256 2661

The Lexicon 10 - 12 Mount Street Manchester M2 5NT 0161 832 0050 0161 819 2063 How Can We Help You…….? Ozon Solicitors is a modern law firm which prides itself on its client care and commitment to excellence. We fully appreciate the difficulties associated with bereavement and the stress of not knowing what to do next. We can offer expert advice and assist with: Administration of Estates Obtaining Grant of Probate Appling for Letters of Administration Contesting Wills & Inheritance Disputes. Contact us to arrange a free initial consultation.


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We are a well-respected local firm of Solicitors who pride ourselves on being

'Large enough to specialise, small enough to care" Bereavement in the family can be one of the most difficult times of our lives. In addition to the emotional strain there is the pressing need to deal with your loved one’s assets and to administer their estate This can be a tremendous burden to take on alone. We can ease that burden by dealing with matters on your behalf. For a caring and professional service please contact your local branch:

Manchester 0161 834 066 Artillery House, 1 5 Byrom Street, Manchester, M3 4PF

Urmston 0161 747 321 Primrose Avenue. Urmston, Manchester, M41OTY

Knutsford 01565 652411 131 King Street Knutsford. Cheshire, WA16 6EJ

Macclesfield 01625 61648O 36 Park Green, Macclesfield. Cheshire. SK 11 7NE


Remember with the Renaissance Manchester Hotel. Situated right in the heart of the city centre, the Renaissance Manchester Hotel has a variety of function suites ideal for family and friends to gather after the funeral service in friendly surroundings. We can cater from a small to large gathering up to 320 people. Please contact us on 0161 831 6015 to discuss your arrangements.

Acknowledgements Brochures UK would like to thank all the advertisers that have kindly participated in the production of this brochure. The support you have offered to the Blackley Crematorium and The Manchester Cemeteries is greatly appreciated. Manchester City Council have compiled this brochure to help and guide the bereaved families through what can be a hard and difficult time, and we feel that these brochures are there to help them. We hope that you will be rewarded for your help and support and that we will be able to call on your support again in the future.


Sources of help and further information

Bereavement Support

County Records Office 56 Marshall Street, Manchester

Cruse Bereavement Care

Tel: 0161 832 5284

Tel: 0870 167 1677

Burial Records Online

The Samaritans

Grave searches, Geneaology

Tel: 08457 90 90 90

Web: The National Association of Bereavement Services Has a national directory of bereavement and loss services. Tel: 020 7709 9090

The Grief Centre (MABF) Tel: 0161 371 8860 For more information about Manchester City Council Please visit:

Frequently Asked Questions? Who should I contact? For enquiries about Blackley Cemetery & Crematorium, Gorton, Philips Park and Manchester General Cemeteries please contact the Main office situated at Blackley Cemetery. Enquiries regarding Southern Cemetery should be forwarded to the office situated in Chorlton Cum Hardy. When can I visit? The cemetery opens for visitors from 8am weekdays and from 10am Saturday, Sunday and on Bank Holidays. Times may vary according to British Summer Time. Does the closing time change during the year? Yes. As the seasons change so do the closing times. (See page 3 of this guide for the times). What support can I get in times of Bereavement and loss? There are a number of local and national organisations to support and advise families and individuals in Manchester during times of bereavement please look at Sources of help and information. What are the contact details for the cemetery offices? Enquiries about Blackley, Philips Park,. Gorton or Manchester General Cemeteries ring 0161 227 3201. Enquiries for Southern Cemetery ring 0161 227 3205.

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