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Elvan Asutay Business communication- Nikki P5

Elvan Asutay Business communication- Nikki P5

P5- Explain the legal and ethical issues in relation to the use of business information In this assignment I will be explaining the legal and ethical issues in relation to the use of business information, in this case will be referring to my chosen organisation, Selfridges & Co. Legal issues: Legal issues are different items of legalisation; these are mainly law, regulations and rules. The reason for the use of this is to protect the business information. In order to sustain these items of legalisation, there have been some Acts put into place: Not only big businesses/companies but also all companies and businesses store information about people, mainly their customers in order for them to be able to use it when needed. An example from my chosen business, Selfridges & CO is, that they store information of customers that are signed up to their official webpage and customers that want to get emails about their offers. They store personal details such as their name, telephone number and address. The company also asks the customers about their usual shopping habits, this is done so that the customer could receive emails or text messages on special promotions and offers that interest each and every customer of Selfridges. This is a very good example of good customer service. The Freedom of Information Act 2000: provides individuals or organizations with the right to access to information held by public authorities. If the applicant does think that the organization or company has withheld information about them without their consent, they must supply them with the information by twenty days. There could be cases where there is a dispute between an applicant and public authority. In this case, the Information Commissioners Office may investigate and consider whether the information should be announced or not. The Data Protection Act 1998: protects information held about people, being misused. The information stored by business on database must be: not kept for longer than necessary, processed in line with your rights, obtained lawfully and fairly, accurate and up-to-date etc... An example is of a business who has gone against the Data Protection Act. Sony was charged £250,000 after the PlayStation was hacked, putting millions of customer’s personal details at risk, and this includes their names, addresses, ages, payment card details and allot more. After the investigation it was discovered that the attack could have been prevented if only Sony had updated their software.

Elvan Asutay Business communication- Nikki P5 The Computer Misuse Act 1990- is a law within the United Kingdom that legislates against specific activities using computers such as, hacking other peoples computers, misusing software and helping someone gain accesses to protected files on someone else’s computer.

Ethical issues: Business ethics are moral principles that guide the way a business behaves. The same principles that decide an individual’s actions also apply to business. These include things like using email properly and in a mature way. If there are customers of a business that are frequently getting emails that are junk this may lead to the customer getting annoyed and complaining. When a customer applies to a business to get emails, they tick the options that they want to be informed about not information about things that do not concern them. A vital job of employees in a business is for them to be able to maintain a safe workplace by protecting all the information and keeping the reputation of the business high as possible. In the past years as everyone knows there has been an example of ‘WikiLeaks’ being one of the biggest whistleblowing cases in the business industry. Organizational policies and code of practice within a business Organizations/businesses have to deal/manage with several information with some being more important than others. Businesses must make sure that they receive the information that they require and they must make sure that decent amount of staff receive this information. To make sure that these inform actions are managed properly, there are some things a business will need to do. These are: security of information, backups, health and safety etc. Legally every business should be able to keep all of their customer’s information private and safe.

Selfridges uses their privacy policy like this:

Elvan Asutay Business communication- Nikki P5 When explaining the privacy policy they explain what the business will use the consumer’s information for and why so that in further stages there will be no problems caused.

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