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RESEARCH DATABASES SINGLE SEARCH You can search simultaneously across multiple research databases, including: • full text articles from Australian and international journals, magazines and newspapers • online encyclopedias, dictionaries and other reference sources Please note that these databases are for personal use only. 1. 2. 3. 4.

go to Click on “Research Databases” Select “Single Search Login” Log in with your library barcode number and PIN

Enter your search terms eg “global warming” and “Queensland”

Select a category of databases to search Click on “search”


Select and search individual databases from the Alphabetical List

Results are retrieved and grouped according to source database

To print/save/email the full-text of an article, click “View� and use the database links

Searches on library computers: you can read the information from the results of your search on a library catalogue computer, but to save the information from your search, please book an Internet or Learning Lounge computer. A number of databases are not included in Single Search. These are listed on the login page, and are subject to change. You can search these databases individually. Most of the information contained on the research databases is full-text. However, some articles may contain citation only. Please ask reference staff at your library if you would like full text articles.

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Single Search  

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