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Three outstanding campuses for istituto marangoni, one common goal: the world of fashion. it’s here that the major fashion designers work, and tastes are international by definition. it’s here that the worlds most important fashion and prêt-à-porter companies have their headquarters. and it’s here that you’ll find the best job opportunities. that’s why we have chosen them for our campuses. only istituto marangoni gives you the opportunity to study in such creative environments, with students from 92 different nations. the teaching system is the same in the three sites, so it’s possible to transfer from one city to another, with no extra costs and no extra exams to take. as long as places are available, all you have to do is pass a language test and re-enrol, indicating the campus where you would prefer to spend the next academic year. Milano: the undisputed centre of international style, taste and fashion. this is milan, the capital of fashion and design, where the most important fashion houses emerged, grew and still have their headquarters. it is not unusual to bump into hollywood stars and world-famous celebrities, because milan’s appeal goes beyond fashions. it is here that, 77 years ago, the story of istituto marangoni began, accompanying the city in the development of the italian prêt-à-porter industry. the school is located in the bustling heart of the city, just a stone’s throw away from the offices of the most important fashion companies and the celebrated via montenapoleone, the world-famous hub of fashion and luxury. a famous worldwide crossroad for its elegant boutiques and for its fashion allure that you can almost touch. Paris: the historic capital of haute couture, that symbolises taste and luxury. this is the place where the most important french fashion “maisons” are located and luxury brands. the famous ‘maisons’ that through their super wellknown couturier launch legendary creations and shows every year. to be here is to breathe the european atmosphere of fashion and to experience its charm from within. the paris campus is in the heart of the 16th arrondisement, just around the corner from trocadéro, the eiffel tower and the arc du triomphe. London: the most cosmopolitan city on the planet, the only true “world capital” in europe. a place where new trends and new styles emerge and where fashion and contemporary design thrive like nowhere else. the london campus is in the east of the city, in the new creative district of london, shoreditch, close to where the olympic games “London 2012” will be held. an area that rose from the rubble of old factories, becoming a vibrant focus for different styles and cultures that merged in an imaginative melting pot to give birth to new trends that will influence the world. in other words, the obvious choice if you want to experience that pure “made in london” creativity, a place where the inspiration to create is everywhere.

n o i h s a F l e o h o T Sch o t e m o c l e W

This is your opportunity to study at europe’s top fashion and design school. We welcome students from all over the world. Wherever they come from, they are consistently amazed at the progress they make in just a few short weeks with us. We offer a wide range of courses in the fields of fashion and design, bringing professionals into the classroom to transfer their valuable experience to our students. You’ll love the atmosphere of our three campuses. You can choose between milano, where the great designers work, paris, the birthplace of luxury, or london, a melting pot of cutting-edge ideas.

London, Milano or Paris?

Which one will you choose?

Fashion 3 Capitals

The World of across

This unique experience will give you a truly international insight into the european approach to creativity and the business of fashion. The diverse cultural histories of each of the 3 world fashion capitals give each city its own individual take on the global fashion industry, this experience is designed to highlight the variety of mechanisms and processes that make the fashion industry with the historical and cultural context. In each city the students will have the opportunity to develop a creative project related to a subject specialism. An exciting opportunity to visit internationally acclaimed fashion shows and exhibitions will be offered whenever possible. Week 1 in London - The Design Week the diversity of style and the culture behind it in london is underlined by the different approach to the fashion commerce of the city. in london students will be introduced to design research and a project drawing on the inspiration that top designs find inspiring about this city. leading on to fashion drawing students will then put together a mini collection of ideas, developing mood boards and trend analysis to underpin their ideas. london is a source of inspiration, experimentation and cutting-edge concepts where fashion design meets contemporary art. london lives for all that is fresh and new, finding original approaches to our subject, questioning the rules and pushing the boundaries of style and taste. Week 2 in Milano - The Styling Week style is in italy’s dna and milan celebrates this through its fashion culture reflected in it’s own unique interpretation of styling and fashion communication publishing. the multiplicity of fashion business in the city that supports one of the worlds biggest fashion industries. it is in this city that styling and fashion photography was bourn, where the worlds most acclaimed fashion publicity and editorial campaigns are produced. students will have the opportunity choose a season, an italian brand and identify the styles and trends to develop a basic research this will lead them to make their own photo-shooting. through contacts developed with showrooms students will be able to make a coherent choice of the garments and accessories in relation with the research as real stylists do before shooting. milano is the home of contemporary fashion with a refined and focused outlook. milano is renowned for making trends reality and turning the creative fantasies of designers into proposals that work in every market. Week 3 in Paris - The Business Week paris is the birthplace of fashion. here students will look at marketing and will get a real taste of the business though a inspiring project. paris is in “the business of elegance” after carrying out research into the luxury aspect of fashion and the city students will create a visual business plan to launch a new line for an existing label of their choice guided by the informative seminars on contemporary fashion marketing. with the history of couture still rooted in the heart of the french fashion industry, paris combines a chic outlook with a winning formula for quality and design. the rules of fashion are created here, through an understanding and appreciation of glamour and tradition. the history of couture reflects in the design process of all the major fashion houses of paris this has a profound effect on the other related subject be it business or communication.

Fashion & The Cities Week 4 optional extension in Shanghai - The “New World” Week after the renowned european capitals of fashion milano, paris and london, shanghai is going to claim and candidate to become the oriental fashion capital, without doubt the fashion capital of the future. the centre for production, technology and fashion innovation in the world’s new leading economy cannot be ignored and the exciting culture needs to be experienced first hand. looking at what makes shanghai new and unique and what contribution it will make in the near future to the industry form commercial, technological and creative prospective. students will build a portfolio of ideas based upon what they have learned and reflected upon the new verses the old capitals and where is technology taking fashion.





Short Courses Fashion & The Cities

_ 5 _

Experience the World of

Fashion Design

The time for improvisation is over. starting from practical drawing lessons, you’ll study every aspect of putting together a fashion collection, from colour charts, fabrics and accessories to the right number of outfits to include, as well as the relevant financial and commercial considerations. Week 1 commences with fashion drawing and illustration and to later developing a personal style of illustration. analysing image strategies of leading pret-a porter designers, the fashion market and positioning a collection is essential learning at this point. Week 2 progressing to conducting research for a personal collection, developing and coordinating designs for collection as a result of a personal inspiration, fabrics and colour research, exercises for creativity development. researching trends, how they originate and trend analysis leads to a fashion marketing seminar, which will be both informative and stimulating during the second week. Week 3 filially designing a collection based on individual theme, backed up by technical drawings and working on presentation skills you will start to have a complete feel for the subject. group discussion and final evaluation of the students’ collections and other work give you essential feedback.

Short Courses Essential Fashion Design

_ 7 _

Essential Fashion Design




Are you drawn to


This short course will prepare and sharpen your visual communication skills directed to fashion. there are many different methods of communicating ideas, through drawing, that fashion designers and illustrators use according to the technical particularities of their job. Week 1 the fashion figure: proportions and features, sketching ideas for fashion, rendering understanding form, shape and the natural body by using various mediums pens pencils, brush and pen. ink history of fashion illustration over the last century and how the power of illustration has changed the 21st century of advertising, publishing and marketing. Week 2 the two extremes of experimental fashion illustration and technical drawing. collage technical drawing: understanding measured drawing, line rendering, drawing techniques (eg. negative space, wireframing, pencil measuring). creative drawing: experimental drawing using all mediums of art materials, capturing the essence and mood rather than the realistic image. Week 3 new media, photoshop, fabric rendering, learning. how to render fabrics by hand and by computer using pantone pens and adobe photoshop. creating a series of fashion illustrations used to either depict a fashion collection or for an editorial/advertising campaign. applying new media (adobe photoshop) to colour and render illustrations, used in a contemporary market globally.

Fashion Drawing


Short Courses Fashion Drawing

_ 9 _


Cut above the Rest

Cut is the key to contemporary design and all fashion designers need an in depth understanding of it. Design a new cut, shape, silhouette and construction process is often fundamental. this short course will give you the opportunity to discover some of the technical skills involved in creating fashion garments. as well as gaining an understanding of the principals of flat pattern cutting, you will also look at draping on the stand and how to take 3d ideas onto a flat pattern. Week1 understanding the use of and creating a basic block. pattern-cutting and the skill to forming a garment shape. understanding fabric and how they work on the body, grain lines, straight grain and bias cut. reading and interpretation of a design. important techniques such as dart manipulation and cut & spread. gain lines. Week 2 garment construction, seams and panels and personalise block shapes and creating an individual style through cut. fullness and volume through roushing, gathering and pleats. fitting techniques. deconstruction research. Week 3 contour line research and the development of support structure such as corsetry. drape, personalisation and interpretation. finishings, facings and fastenings. silhouette, experimentation and the construction of toils for the fashion industry.

Fashion Creative Cutting


Short Courses Fashion Creative Cutting

_ 11 _

Marketing, Business & we answer all these and many more

Sales Promotions: Key Questions

How do you position a collection? How do you manage a fashion business? How do you analyse your competition? How are the top brands structured? How do you sell a collection? Week 1 analysis of economic and social trends, understanding economic and social evolution and how this influences fashion consumption. the new markets and how fashion can expand in them. expansion strategies: new brands, luxury brands and distribution chain stores. comparison of models. Week 2 analysis of fashion: textiles, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, eyeglasses jewels. the critical factors for the success of leading brands such as prada, louis vuitton, gucci, dolce & gabbana, cavalli, benetton, zara, h&m, adidas, nike and puma. creating a winning position for your product through definition and analysis of the competitors. Week 3 the product: definition of portfolio and life cycle. function and determination of price. integrated communication: brand identity, brand image and brand equity. distribution: the different distribution channels, evolution and future prospects. licensing and the importance of branding: policies, advantages and risks.

Short Courses The Business of Fashion

_ 13 _

The Business of Fashion




Do you have an for

Eye Style?

This short course focuses on the new fashion professions of image consultant and personal shopper. you’ll know it all: from defining fashion moods to understanding the importance of accessories; from analysing traits of the face and body to emphasising physical features; from affirming a style to constructing a look. Week 1 style overview: study of past, present and future fashion trends as well as the elements that characterise them, such as colour, lines, garment details and accessories. acquire useful information through the analysis of styles and looks taken from newspapers, magazines and videos. Week 2 personal identity: you’ll analyze the different typologies of human faces and bodies, study the methods and instruments used to emphasize particular physical features such as hairstyling, make-up, skin-care and camouflage. wardrobe analysis: conduct an in-depth study of the fundamental elements used to dictate a style (i.e. the importance of colour, lines, accessories and their combination). learn methods and secrets of personal shopping. Week 3 finaly style definition: create a styling portfolio, a true book on style. learning to define, develop and present a particular style which is coherent in all of its visual elements. discussion and final evaluation of the students’ portfolios give you essential feedback duration of the course.

Fashion Image Consultant




Short Courses Fashion Image Consultant

_ 15 _

The world of

Fashion Advertising is influenced by Elements over and above simple Graphics

Image and message are fundamental aspects in fashion brand communication. this course analyses the most important advertising campaigns in the luxury and mass-market fashion sectors, thus defining the principles of modern communication. furthermore, we explore the necessary tools needed to better define a contemporary fashion advertising message: colour sense, photography, styling and visual perception. Week 1 concept overview: the meaning of an advertising message and how to recognise it through the critical analysis of fashion campaigns. style trends: study of graphic and colour trends in contemporary fashion communication. Week 2 fashion photography and fashion communication: study of image and styling in contemporary photography and their application in fashion advertising. workshop: quick creative exercises aimed at harmonising advertising campaigns, aesthetic sense and visual perception. Week 3 final project: definition, development and creation of a fashion communication campaign through the analysis of all its elments. discussion and final evaluation of the project.

Short Courses Fashion Advertising

_ 17 _

Fashion Advertising



Discover the world of

Visual Communication and the valorisation of Fashion Products within a Boutique

This course will give you the opportunity to discover the techniques of visual merchandising and visual display in order to maximise the profitability of a display or of a store. additionally you will learn the concepts of customer experience necessary to create a unique buying engagement for every customer. Week 1 merchandising techniques: emotional visual and organisational visual. visual elements of communication outside the retail store: location, analysis of the external sign, the façade, accesses and windows (distinguishing between commercial, prestigious and advertising). focus on window displays: research and tools to create windows. project 1 - merchandising book. the guidelines: uses and purposes. Week 2 layout of a retail point. elements of visual communication within the shop: analysis of the area, space assignment according to sales objectives. identify the ideal consumer path, product and equipment display. giving importance to product grouping. project 2 - merchandising book. the shop: image and window display. Week 3 display techniques. walls: research and creation techniques. levels of displaying, sales and analysis of the “reading” process from the consumer side. vertical and horizontal display: meaning and creation criterias. the costumer loyalty, after selling techniques and focus on the overall “customer experience”. project 3 - merchandising book. the product: display and layout.

Fashion Visual Merchandising



Short Courses Fashion Visual Merchandising

_ 19 _

The role of the

Interior Designer and the latest Trends in Interior & Lifestyle

This course will help refine your sense of the aesthetic and dĂŠcor. from defining style to furnishing a shop or a hotel, this course will will help refine your sense of the aesthetic and dĂŠcor, as well as providing an in-depth analysis of modern expressive trends. finally, you will be challenged to interpret it all in the world of interiors, a complementary universe of style, colours, light and objects. Week 1 an introduction to the planning of an interior design through the careful analysis of contemporary trends. understand what style and aesthetical sense is best to use in housing spaces and use creatively researched elements and images to elaborate the concept. workshop: use the correct techniques of planning to present the project. Week 2 create a plan of an interior space by analysing the materials used. participate in a creative exercise that uses the best colours and creates harmony in the contemporary decoration. study an overview of product designs that are trendy to understand the evolution of the home collections including choice of the furnishings, lighting and other interior products. workshop: exercises on aesthetical perception and style applied to the interior design.

fashion design • one year intesive programme

Week 3 lighting design solutions are used to create emotional and unique atmospheres. the final elaboration of the project will define and harmonise every aspect of the planning process through a global vision of a luxury lifestyle. workshop: create a project layout along with a visual presentation. discussion and final evaluation.

Emotional Basic Interior Design


Short Courses Emotional Basic Interior Design

_ 21 _

Selling is an Art

This intensive short course will introduce some of the core skills involved in the high-end international luxury retail industry. the course is aimed at individuals who wish to enter this specialist sector or who are currently working in the industry and would like to advance their career in international luxury fashion, with a particular focus on retail and management. Week 1 understanding and using core skills such as negotiation, presentation, team building, and networking. an understanding of the retail system and merchandising techniques to add to your informed selling skills. Week 2 critical analysis of leading international retail organisations and business models. understanding the identity of luxury brands, its application and relation to your sales technique and personal appearance. appreciating retail roles and responsibilities (sales supervisor, buyer, merchandiser, manager). Week 3 essential management skills for career-minded individuals. knowledge of marketing and public relations for fashion retail to add to your portfolio of skills. fashion panorama: the broader view of fashion industry mechanisms, as well as an understanding of fabrics, materials and contemporary construction techniques.

Short Courses The Showroom Experience

_ 23 _

The Showroom Experience


The who’s who of Istituto Marangoni’s graduates is enriched every year by internationally renowned names in the fashion industry. Franco Moschino - Domenico Dolce (Dolce & Gabbana) - Stefano Guerriero - Maurizio Pecoraro - Alessandro De Benedetti - Alexsandro Palombo Rafael Lopez - Nicole Brundage - Marios Loizoi - Katarina Mootich - Alessandra Facchinetti

_ 24 _

federica viero (dsquared), giulia bedoni (prada), kim hyoung yung (dolce & gabbana), federica turelli (valentino), rocco iannone (giorgio armani), paula cademartori (versace), francesca caridi (galliano), antonio fontana (miu miu), emanuela cocci (costume national), andrea marchesi (dolce & gabbana), marco lorenzetto (john galliano), chiara turati (valextra), thomas brigger (sonia rykiel), lucia croce (gentry portofino), alberto cantù (giorgio armani), paolo trillini (krizia), rodolfo paglialunga (prada), marina fausti (gioia), monica curcetti (elle), paola acquati (nonsolomoda), romina baido (free lance), diana brambati (alias), alessandro caucci (mantero), barbara croce (hugo boss), riccardo chiarot (zegna), leonardo gussoni (verri), ilaria icardi (yves saint laurent), marianna jonghi (benetton), lisa boiardi (maska), alberto fiaschini (costume national), andrea ciccolo (martino midali), raffaella colombo (neil barrett), lucia croce (ter & bantine), fabio de matteis (meltin’ pot), roberta giacobbe (giorgio armani), denise picca (robe di kappa), massimiliano spadola (sergio tacchini), giulia bertacchini (prada), chiara dalle luche (valentino), serena signorini (romeo gigli), daniele mello grand (prada), marco dusi (ferré), guido boragno (romeo gigli), adele calvani (genny), christina schulte (roberto cavalli), nino corito (trussardi), nicoletta pareschi (champion), eva sala (diesel), elena stoppa (prada), claudia arlati (colmar), carmen bonsignore (prada), stefania cilano (guerriero), raffaella filippini (prada), ilenia moreni (sergio tacchini), andrea pompilio dell’acqua (calvin klein ny), massimo vita (fusco), juan david garavito (valentino), angela ferrario (fila sport), barbara moranti (vestebene), andrea fagioli (versace), isabella ravasini (maska), omar bertona (incanuti), elena banca (bally), francesca raimo (gentry portofino), lara vai (d&g), lorena colombo (la fornarina), alessia (maurizio baldassarri), gioacchino larice (moschino), francesco russo (yves saint laurent), diana giostra (givenchy paris), katia minniti (prada), roberta raeli (benetton), selin kaya (fusco), joon hee park (etro), yoo jeong ah (krizia), emanuela birigozzi (chicco), alvarez (kina fernandez), chiara oligini (prada), daniela magli (trussardi), manuela sapienza (ferragamo), elena turelli (versace), elisa fabbri (maurizio baldassarre), erika ferrara (henry cottons), giuseppina lara (etro), mascia pedroni (hugo boss), mette bjrgaard (prada), chiara bongiorno (fiorucci), irene rasetti (ferré), diego lazzaroni (versace), claudia d’angelo (moschino), ivan zinna (geraci), marco golferini (alviero martini), kazuko yamanaka (aspesi), andrea sturla (donna karan ny), nancy konijnemburg (gas), debora delli (martino midali), marianna leardini (stefanel), beatrice campagnol (marzotto), jessica coratto (dolce & gabbana), cristina garatti (gianfranco ferré), nirvana iuso (ferré), keren kalderon (daneri & machetti), maria teresa tropea (samsonite), ahn soo hyun (prada), min young jung (prada), silvia mealli (anteprime), luisella micchetti (space e), coen park (giorgio armani), flavia rusescu (samsonite), an ji won (giorgio armani), cora cogliati (colmar), leonardo desimini (jil sander), alessandro frigo (sahzá), soledad ibanez (valentino), gianluca secchi (trussardi), mara vicini (dolce & gabbana), ida aiello (saverio palatella), sonia bertolotti (maurizio baldassarri), katia casiraghi (valentino), monica cervini (versace), claudia cetti (dolce & gabbana), anna correale (d&g), elisabetta finardi (prada), cristina klarin (etro), erez ovadia (coveri), sara parvo (etro), tania pecikoza (valentino), elisa schiatti (zegna), sonia vecchio (swish), ioanna soleas (valentino), lee hyun wook (versace), elisabetta leuci (sergio tacchini), veronica lucca (outrage), claudia raverta (giorgio kauten), tai sob kim (giorgio armani), youri ahn (helmut lang), maria andesilic (giorgio armani), monica auricchio (valentino), federica barberi (gucci), dianna barrenechea (monsieur), stefania betti (it holding), ileana bianchi (guido di riccio), ilaria bovassi (polis), giorgio bressana (santacroce), silvia campagnolo (designer free lance), cristina carrara (free lance), barbara colavecchia (giorgio armani), sabrina cuniberto (giorgio rizzotto), francesco del core (anthony tarassì), annalisa de luca (meltin’ pot), andrea de vitiis (prada), alessandro di lorenzo (guerriero), omar el assidi (giorgio sogari), laura galli (valentino), wanna granatelli (maglificio talenti), hwa hong min (studio m&g), genevieve davies howell (coveri), tatiana laganà (montana), ubaldo lanzo (kookai), francesca marchisio (max mara), cristina miraglia (beat box), angelica meli (helmut lang), lucia padrini (kina fernandez), michela peruffo (giorgio rizzotti), nicoletta piatti (filippo mori), jurica piric (zes studio), maria san miguel (marella), ji yong soo (nortons), banu bornovali (m.b. trend), tomiyasu atsuko (sahzá), andrea carbone (midali), adriana gaetano (kookai), ketty giorgianni (etro), jennifer prada (versace), sara burke (donna karan), barbara della maggiore (gucci), michela lozzi (donna karan), raffaella fruttarol (dolce & gabbana), francesca trezzi (gianfranco ferré), nicole marcovici (nicoletta ruggero), maria serra (la rinascente), brieane olson (la rinascente), noemi bersano (marzotto), silvia borri (ferré), alessandra cassetta (giorgio armani), ceyda catalkaya (green morgan), nadia christof (chantal), alessandra cirulli (etro), carola clemente (fila sport), sergio daricello (etro), monica de duro (nose), clara de paulis (trussardi), simona de santis (bally), dania durante (space e), linda forlì (drive in), francesco gaffurini (alessandro de benedetti), patrizia galatro (stefanelli), bianca maria gervasio (mila schön), elisa benedetta gnocchi (tod’s), tatiana goloubeva (replay), kerstin koerber (designer industry), rita pagani (giorgio armani), nadine pedrotta (filasport), maria elena pino (marco rossi), alessandra piano (bottega veneta), francesca rodi (versace), elisa soldini (stefano guerriero), lina wu (replay), renè zibold (battaglia & ponte), laura malagoli (pitti immagine), camila romero (ratti), son seo young (balestra), seo youn jung (balestra), renè monroy (yossi), jennifer fregoni (marzotto), elia kim (fila sport), lucilla di curzio (gucci), naoko seto (b&a), federico ingrao (b&a), mami takeoka (massimo bonini), ji young park (hypsos), an you ri (helmut lang), hong min hwa (m&g), candela salis (costume national), sonia tebè (serena signorini), makida michiko (les tropeziennes), jung yun yang (alviero martini), delia robuschi (giorgio armani), osaki hiromi (calzature beccaccini), valentina melet (jil sander), ana heleno (look now), giulia maresca (giorgio armani), alessandra plano (bottega veneta), delia robuschi (giorgio armani), pierpaolo di russo (yossi), carolina ozan (marzotto), arianna artusi (pitti immagine), alison reisner (mtv), jung yoon hee (green morgan).

Who’s Who

Career Service 2011

In 2011 through the career service office of our 3 campuses of Milan, Paris and London we arranged over 500 placements at top fashion companies in Europe. Mc Queen - Bottega Veneta - Burberry - Dior - Costume National - Diesel - Dolce & Gabbana - Dsquared2 - Zegna - Fendi Ferrè - Versace - Armani Hérmes - Gaultier - Jil Sander - Jimmy Choo - Vuitton - Margiela - Moschino - Cavalli - Ferragamo Rossi - Tom Ford - Hilfinger - Valentino - Westwood Yves Saint Laurant

10 corso como, aeffe, albert & mildred, alberto guardiani, alcott, alexander mcqueen, anci, aquascutum limited, architectural digest, ballantyne, bally ag, banana republic, belle sauvage, betty blue, bottega veneta, brian atwood, brunelli & co., bruno magli, burberry, buy vip, calvin klein, calzedonia, christian dior, conte oggioni partners, costume national, david carter designs, dazed and confused, de beers, diesel, dolce & gabbana, dsquared2, edizioni condé nast, ermanno scervino, ermenegildo zegna, estee lauder, etro, fai, fashion box industries, fendi, fenn wright manson, ferrari, fornarina, forward fashion, francesco scognamiglio, frankie morello, fred perry, frette, furla, ghg resorts, gianfranco ferré, gianni versace, giglio, giorgio armani, glass magazine, gruppo coin, gucci, harrys of london, hermes, hugo boss, i love brands, industries, interbrand, isaseta, jean paul gaultier, jil sander, jimmy choo, karla otto, karma, kristian aadnevik, larusmiani, liberty of london, livia gregoretti, loro piana, luciano barbera, lvmh italia, maison martin margiela, malerba group, malloy distribution, malo, marc o’polo international gmbh, marni, maurizio pecoraro, maurizio quaglia, max company, max mara, mcq, meltin’pot, messori production, michael kors, missoni, moschino, mtv, mulberry, alessandro dell’acqua, nanni strada, neil barrett, net-a-porter, nexus productions, nh hotels, opinion leader, parosh, pasquale bruni, paul smith, pennyblack, peter jensen, pitti immagine, pollini, pomellato, prada, puma, ralph lauren, ratti, renato corti, replay, roberta furlanetto, roberto cavalli, salvatore ferragamo, sergio rossi, simon hamilton & associates, swarovski, swinger international, the global party, tod’s, tom ford, tommy hilfiger, valentino, vintage 55 mediterranea, vivienne westwood, wallpaper, wgsn, yo dona, yoox group, yves saint laurent, zeiss, zuber & cie.

“The Istituto Marangoni World” is the editorial project winner of the competition issued by istituto marangoni headquarters aimed at 3rd year students of the 2010-2011 fashion graphic course in milan. Teresa Piardi, winner of the competition, whose concept was coordinated by the fashion graphic teacher francesco ponzi, relied on the collaboration of her classmates viktoria martyniuk and carlo miglietta for the creation of the graphic layout of the project. Photographer: Cosimo Buccolieri Assistant photographers: Bruno Montefusco Paolo Musa Stylist: Rosamaria Coniglio _ 25 _

Stylist’s assistants: Giulia Coppola Stefano Manclossi Make-up: Rachid Tahar@Freelancer Rosario Belmonte@CloseupMilano Andrea Pallanca Hair: Mimmo Di Maggio@Freelancer Dora Roberti@W-Mmanagement Michele Qureshi@Freelancer Printed in Italy by Lost Time


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I pay the following fee: full package eur 4.900

tuition-only fee eur 3.500

fashion & the cities eur 6.200

fashion & the cities + additional week in shanghai eur 9.900

the full package includes tuition, translation services and accommodation. you’ll stay in a residence hotel or in a flat for two people, complete with double-occupancy bedroom and kitchen, for the duration of the course. the fashion & the cities - full package - includes also flights between london and milano, and between milano and paris, and/or between paris and shanghai (return flight) plus transfers to the city center. flights are on fixed dates, on selected airlines and will be communicated at the time of the enrollment by the admission offices. the start of the course will be in london. the payment for the fashion & the cities fees must be done to istituto marangoni london (see below for details). the closing date for applications for the ‘fashion & the cities’ courses is 27/05/2012 for the 18/06/2012 start, and 13/06/2012 for the 02/07/2012 start.

istituto marangoni / milano campus bank: intesasanpaolo via marconi 2, ang. piazza diaz - 20123 milan account: 1000 0006 1585 swift: BCITITMM iban: IT 29 M 030 6901 6291 0000 0061 585

istituto marangoni / paris campus bank: bnp paris bank 87, avenue kléber - 75116 paris account: 00010088264 swift: BNPAFRPPPAK iban: FR 76 3000 4025 8700 0100 8826 433

istituto marangoni / london campus bank: rbs - royal bank of scotland 62/63, threadneedle st. - ec2r 8la london account: istmar-eurc swift: RBOSGB2L iban: GB53 RBOS 1610 7010 1180 41

in the reason of payment of the bank transfer write last name and name as written in passport

in the reason of payment of the bank transfer write last name and name as written in passport

in the reason of payment of the bank transfer write last name and name as written in passport

please send a copy of the bank transfer together with the application form

please send a copy of the bank transfer together with the application form

please send a copy of the bank transfer together with the application form

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I would like to enroll in the following short course: fashion & the cities june 18 - july 6, 2012 (first week in london, second week in milano and third week in paris) july 2-20, 2012 (first week in london, second week in milano and third week in paris)

Milano july 2-20, 2012 essential fashion design italian english portuguese

fashion image consultant english portuguese

the business of fashion italian english portuguese

fashion visual merchandising italian english portuguese

fashion advertising english fashion drawing english

extension in shanghai (week 4)



july 2-20, 2012 essential fashion design english portuguese

july 2-20, 2012 essential fashion design english

the business of fashion english portuguese

the business of fashion english

fashion image consultant english

fashion image consultant english portuguese

august 27 - september 14, 2012 fashion image consultant english spanish the business of fashion english spanish

essential fashion design english spanish

emotional basic interior design italian english portuguese the showroom experience italian english

august 6-24, 2012 essential fashion design english

fashion image consultant english

the business of fashion english

fashion creative cutting english

november 26 - december 14, 2012 the business of fashion english january 28 - february 15, 2013 the business of fashion english

fashion advertising english

fashion visual merchandising english

july 16 - august 3, 2012 essential fashion design english spanish

the business of fashion english spanish

fashion image consultant italian english spanish september 3-21, 2012 essential fashion design italian english

the business of fashion italian english

fashion image consultant italian english

in certain circumstances, istituto marangoni reserves the right to cancel an advertised course. for example, if it is judged that the number of enrolled students is likely to compromise our exacting standard and if certain other unforeseen situation arises. in these circumstances notification will be made to all concerned, a month before the beginning of the course. the institute is not legally bound. all students already enrolled will receive a full refund. i have read the present brochure and i agree to the general conditions concerning the courses and to the cancellation policy. only for milan and paris campus this application form must be signed by a parent or guardian if the student is between 17 and 18 years of age. only students above 18 years will be accepted by london campus. date signature

page 2/2

Our history 77 years in the fashion industry. 3 generations of professionals: our true legacy. founded in 1935, istituto marangoni has a history that is inextricably linked to the fashion industry, with a central role in its growth. in the last 77 years, 3 generations of fashion professionals have been educated from istituto marangoni: over 40,000 graduates, coming from the 4 different corners of the world. these people represent our historical and contemporary heritage, a legacy that successfully links us to the fashion industry throughout the world. Leadership being a leader in training for the fashion sector means being trusted by the most important companies in the industry: this is the highest recognition of our students’ level of proficiency. istituto marangoni opens many doors for its students, most importantly the door to their first professional job. companies are interested in what happens at the institute and at the same time they keep us up-todate on their news and activities. it’s a continuous exchange of reqirements and ideas: they offer our students their experience and from our students they choose their future employees. in 2010, we have finalized over 500 internships and jobs with europe’s major fashion houses. Teaching who better than professionals working in the fashion industry to convey a top-class understanding to students? at istituto marangoni, we combine their experience with the knowledge of respected academic lecturers. fashion designers, product managers, marketing experts,consultants, photographers, buyers, fashion editors, these are just some examples of the people in the teaching staff. professionals who bring their experience directly from fashion companies, from design studios, from consultancy firms and from fashion distribution, marketing and publishing. because the people who really know how the fashion industry works are the ones who can bring added value to the education of our students. experts in their field with real responsibility in their jobs, whose week is split between their work commitments and their teaching hours at istituto marangoni. here, they know they are training the professionals of the future. each year, to further enrich their studies, students have the opportunity to attend a series of visits, meetings and workshops held by these practitioners, in the context of specific creative projects. International approach istituto marangoni is a school where distant cultures, different ideas and young people from all over the world are united by a passion for fashion. to enrol with istituto marangoni is to become part of a specialist community, where fashion, in all its most cosmopolitan aspects, is the common denominator. istituto marangoni is truly one of the most international student environments in the world, with over 2,400 students from 92 countries, each with countless interests, styles and skills. attending this school is a unique life experience, surrounded by enthusiasm for fashion, one is also exposed to and positively influenced by a wide variety of fascinating cultures.

Useful Information Applying is easy we want people who have a feeling for fashion, design and creativity. you do not need a portfolio to get started, only the desire to develop your creativity. To apply: online

apply on our website by fax or mail

fill out the application form and send it by mail or fax to the campus where you decide to attend your summer course. Payments your payment of the full package or tuition-only fee must accompany your application form. your fee does not include air fare, transportation, personal expenses, art supplies or meals. for these expenses, students should budget an extra usd 1000 / eur 700 per month. for the triple city full package see page 20. Cancellation cancel 60 days before the course starting date and you’ll get a full refund. cancel 59-30 days before the course starting date and you’ll get a 50% refund. cancel within 29 days of the course starting date, no refunds will be issued. Do you need a Visa? check with your italian, french or british embassy or consulate whether you need an entry visa for a three-weeks stay in italy, france or uk. if you do, we will provide you with the relevant documents to obtain your visa.

Summer Marangoni 2012-2013  

cursos de verano marangoni

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