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PRESENT T he Seattle University Visual Artist in Residence Program was

formed to facilitate research and support for artists in their creative process. This program is designed to foster a unique environment for artists and students from which new ideas emerge that can change the way we all see the world. The residency will provide artists with the valuable resources of time and space for open-ended investigation, experimentation and collaboration. The program gives artists the opportunity to push the boundaries of their own practice. This freedom sparks collaborations that promote new approaches to arts education, foster community building and provide a catalyst for social change. Carolina Silva is a seasoned international artist, collected by important private collections and major institutions around the world. A Fulbright Scholar from Spain she received her MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, after receiving her bachelors degree from Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain. She also attended the Artist Research Program at the Center for Contemporary Art, in Kitakyushu, Japan. Carolina brings to Seattle University a breadth of international exhibiting experience to share with students and faculty. Previously, Carolina’s work has used drawing, sculpture, and installation to bring to light the secrets and the unspeakable in surreal tableaus and images, that takes the ordinary into the fantastic. In PRESENT Carolina has, for the first time, used ceramics to create a disquieting, yet endearing, set off sculptures that speak to memories of domestic life with an air of melancholia. The fragile construction and tender gestures of childrens toys bring to the fore the precarious nature of childhood and in particular our recollection of that childhood. Seattle University Fine Arts Department is pleased to bring you PRESENT by Carolina Silva our 2011 Visual Artist in Residence. Francisco Guerrero

We lc o m e G la z e d c e r a mics 20 1 2 i n c lu d in g P R E SE N T i n st a lla t io n v iew

A p ile o f lov e G la z e d c e r a mics 20 1 2

d e t a il A p ile of lov e

d e t a il A p ile of lov e

d e t a il A p ile of lov e

A p ile of lov e G la z ed cer amics 2012

O ld Ne ws G laz e d Ceramic s 2012

deta il H ooked

Ho o k e d G laz e d Ceramic s and S t ring 2012

Hooked Gla z ed Cer a m i cs and St ri ng 2012

S o m e th in g sex y ab ou t it G la xe d cer amics 2012

M o t h er & Ch ild G la z ed cer a mics a n d w i re 2012

B ro k e n t ime C e r a m ic s a n d g u itar str in g 2012

u n t it led C e r a mics an d stick 2012

C o lle c tor C e r a mics an d stick 2012

H e re F o re v er S t e e l, L igh t b u lb s, a n d ca b les 20 1 1

T h e re is a lwa y s smoke com i ng out of t hi s house. Wa t e rcolou r a n d in k on paper 2011

C h a ir s in th is h ou se are al l upsi d e dow n. Wa t e rcolou r a n d in k on paper 2011

T h is h ou se smells of sea w ater. Wa t e rcolou r a n d in k on paper 2011

Ch ildren in th is h ouse onl y pl ay w i th paper. Wa tercolou r on p a per 2011

T h is h ou se ca n h a rdly b e seen Wa t e rcolou r a n d in on paper 2011

PRESENT, by Carolina Silva  

2011 Seattle University Artist in Residence, Carolina Silva's exhibition catalog for PRESENT.

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