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My Neighborhood.

My neighborhood were I live in Bosques de las Lomas, I like it because is a very pretty condo ere I have my friends and some of my family near to me so when I need something I ask for it and is to near all like the restaurants I go to take lunch or dinner or the gym or classes I go in the afternoons or the nightclubs and coees that I go with my friends in Saturdays, or at last the malls I go when I need something,.

Games or Favorite Toys from your Childhood.

Some games from my Childhood was that I like a lot to play with barbies, and to play like the kitchen with my big sister and also I always like to design clothes for the barbies so they can have dierent clothes each time and be fashioned, and I always like to make like accessories and sell them so I can get or earn some money.

A Time You Got Into Trouble. Some times I remember I get in trouble was when in middle school I went to take my 1 final or my 1 semestral exam so I get in trouble because I don’t have idea of how to study or how to pass the exam with a good grade so that was a time I get into treble. Also when I get mad with some friend’s or family I get in trouble because I know I do bad so I cant be good with myself.

A Time You Saw Someone Else Get Into Trouble.

One day I was in the airport and I saw a little girl in trouble because she missed her passport had her visa and the only day she can go to that flight was only 1 day per week and she needs to go because she was going to study outside Mexico, and if she doesn’t’t go in that flight the school will doesn’t accept her, but finally she was accepted in the school.

Advice From an Adult. Some advice I get from an adult or from my parents was one day that I got a fight with my friend’s when I was 15 and I was worried because I think that anyone want to be with me anytime, but finally my parents talk to me and transmit me information that fights are common but we have to be patient to know how to solve problems and be happy, and thanks’ to them I have a lot of friends today because I follow their steps they show me to know how to have friends.

A Positive Story From Your Experiences at School.

A positive story from my experiences at school is when the one day I was with my friends having fun in recess and someone came to school a very nice and hot guy enter our school and we hang out many times to many parties and I have fun, and it’s a positive experience of school because here I meet him.

A Negative Story From Your Experiences at School. A negative story I have passed in school was when I pass to middle school, because I was the smallest girl of all middle school and nobody older than me wants to be with me, also another negative story was when I have to present my first semestral exam of all my life that it was during this year of high school I was afraid because I didn’t’t pass it but later on I pass it at the 2 chance.

A Special Family Member. A special family member is when my little brother was born, it was so especial for me because today I have many good and funny experiences with him, also it was a big surprise because it was a good time when he was born because we made a party with all the family and my friends, and I have a lot of fun time.

A Happy Time For You. A happy time form me was when I went to Israel with all my generation we have a good time and many good memories because we went 1 month of the summer to get unite and have many good things to record today a days. Â

Going to Work. Something for me going to work was when I went to a Social Service with girls that have been rape, or abandoned so I help them and I went to that house to make them activities and give them clothes, games, and play with them, also to have fun and we eat there and then we saw a movie and we read magazines.

A Special Holiday. A especial holiday for me was when I got my Bat/Mitzvah because o meet many girls that today a days I hang out with them they were kinds of all girls of my same age, and they make us a party after the religious ceremony and we have a good dinner after and many good moments, and it that year I have many parties of 4 girls each party and all Saturdays I have those kinds of parties of dierent ideas each one, and today a days with the photos and many other things I see them with all me friends I make out there.

A Special Birthday. A special birthday for me was when I get my XV years and I make like a reunion with many people and friends of all ages, also because in that year I meet many kinds of guys, and also each Saturday and each Thursday I have many parties because of the xv years parties of my friends, and also I like that birthday for me because thanks I get xv years many permit ions that before I don’t have it my parents start letting me to make more things.

A Birth.

A birth or a born that was special is when it was born my nephew because he make me aunt, he makes my parent’s a grandparent’s and special he make my sister a mom, also I it was special for me because since that time I start to have more luck and I have many parties since he was born, also at last he make us very happy to me and to all my family special my sister.

Being Jewish and living in Mexico. Being a Jew in Mexico is diďŹƒcult because many people don’t like us, but is special because we have many things to learn about, and also is good because we have been adopted many things of Mexico, and is good because we are a little community so we know each other very well and is good also because many people like us because they like our costumes and also is good because many good things are have been passed in Mexico thanks to us.

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This is a book of some secial eventsi n my life.