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Autumn/winter 2011


SAFETY LAST! Picture yourself a bunch of posh 1930s students at Cambridge, beautifully illuminated by the moon, many in blazers and ties, about to climb their campus’ buildings. Doing it as part of one of the university’s oldest secret societies, they would follow instructions found in the cult book “The Night Climbers of Cambridge,” first published in 1937. As with today’s graffiti culture, their identities were obscured in pseudonyms. But unlike the graffiti world, getting caught was the least of their worries, as the following excerpt from the book reveals: “As you pass round each pillar, the whole of your body except your hands and feet are over black emptiness […] and the ground is precisely one hundred feet directly below you. If you slip, you will still have three seconds to live.” Their adventures, forever eternalized in prose, are still to this day inspiring students at Cambridge to join the nameless club of night climbers (probably best described as a cross between the Alpine Adventure Club and the Dead Poets Society), all embodying the spirit of Elvine – sophisticated clothes for unsophisticated behavior.

Jacket: Clark, khaki Knit: Emil, multi Pants: Woodson, brownish melange Scarf: Helsinki, sand melange

Shirt: Clint, dark green Pants: Slimson, wine

Knit: Barker, sand melange Pants: Gibson, dark blue raw T-shirt: Pocket tee, dark green

Jacket: Storm, black Knit: Barker, sand melange Pants: Gibson, dark blue raw Scarf: Helsinki, sand melange

Knit: Josef, Navy Pants: Slimson, dark green

Jacket: Mountain Parka, forrest green Pants: Gibson, dark blue raw Shirt: Chase, red check

Jacket: Clark, khaki Pants: Svensson, raw Sweater: Alvin, dark navy

Shirt: Scott, blue/red check Pants: Woodson, khaki melange

Jacket: Melanie, dark navy Scarf: Helsinki, sand melange

Top: Tille, black

Cardigan: Ulrika, sand melange Shirt: Chase, orange check Pants: Slimson, brown

Jacket: Melissa, dark navy Pants: Slimson, brown

Knit: Maya, Grey Melange Cardigan: Petronella, autumn brown Scarf: Helsinki, sand melange

Jacket: Milka, black

Knit: Maya, grey melange

Jacket: Storm, black Knit: Barker, sand melange Pants: Gibson, dark blue raw Scarf: Helsinki, sand melange

Cardigan: Ulrika, sand melange Shirt: Chase, orange check Pants: Slimson, brown





Element Wear Oy Slottsgatan 11 a 1 20100 Åbo Finland

Fuel Fashion AS Birkebeinerveien 21B, 3 etg 2316 Hamar Norway

Menta Clothing Sandvångsgatan 3 216 15 Limhamn Sweden

Phone: +358 20 750 0393 Fax: +358 20 750 0399 E–mail: Contact: Stefan Grönlund

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Kemner Distribution GmbH & Co. KG Weender Landstr. 1 37073 Göttingen Germany

Lexson Brands BV De Roy van Zuidewijnlaan 2 / 4 4818 GB Breda The Netherlands

Red Page Via delle pesche 721 47020 Pievesestina Italy

Phone: +31 76 52 23 186 E–mail: Contact: Maarten Janse

Phone: +39 54 74 15 163 E–mail: Contact: Gianluca Giombolini




MAD Trendy SL C/Pelayo 72 3 DCHA 28004 Madrid Spain

Fashion Trade 21-32 Sivtsev Vrazhek side-street 119002 Moscow Russia

Projectile / Sacamalice 10 rue de Milan 75009 Paris France

Phone: +34 91 31 92 634 E–mail: Contact: Cesar Hervada

Phone: +79 03000 60 80 E–mail: Contact: Yury Krotov

Phone: +33 153 25 14 50 E–mail: Contact: Joel Travers

Phone: +49 551 500 83 0 Fax: +49 551 500 83 78

Elvine AB Järntorget 2 S–413 04 Gothenburg Sweden Phone : +46 31 556 960 Fax : +46 31 556 961 Email : Export Manager Mattias Edenholm Direct: +46 31 857 448 Cell: +46 73 370 35 80 Email :

ELVINE MÄND may not be known by a lot of people, but her legacy and name is embroidered on the behinds and across the hearts of many. Elvine worked as a seamstress in Estonia during the Second World War. When the Russians invaded, Elvine made a run for Estonia’s neighbour, Sweden. In 1975, Elvine’s daughter gave birth to a boy named Daniel Mänd, who would revive Elvine in a whole new way. Daniel grew up in the outskirts of Gothenburg, and quickly became one with the streets and its graffiti culture. With the opening of his own street wear store, Daniel realized what it was he and his friends weren’t able to find in the clothing industry. He wanted to create something that came entirely from him and Gothenburg’s unrefined street culture, but made in the tradition of his grandmother. Wanting to reach people from the street, Daniel found inspiration in his everyday life, and more importantly, in his friends. It was about having a good time and bringing his community closer together. And somehow, the founder had become the very essence of his own brand. The unsophisticated boy from the streets became obsessed with quality and sophisticated craftsmanship. Daniel’s life on the streets merged with his grandmother’s functional legacy to create a new kind of Elvine: Sophisticated clothes for unsophisticated behavior

Elvine Look Book autum/winter 2011  

Elvine proudly presents our autumn/winter collection 2011

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