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1. A customer wants to give an external Business Partner access to their iSeries to do remote maintenance. What product would enable access to 5250 emulation through a browser with the least amount of development effort? A. HATS B. HATS LE C. WebSphere Portal - Express D. WebFacing Answer: B 2. An iSeries customer requires custom reports be created and distributed on a regular basis. Without requiring Java programming effort, which of the following products can be used to generate reports and securely distribute them to browser-based users? A. iSeries Access for Web B. WebSphere Portal Server C. WebSphere Commerce Server D. DB2 Content Manager for iSeries Answer: A 3. Which of the following describes the major technical difference between WebSphere Application Server Express V5 and the WebSphere Application Server (Base) or Network Deployment versions? A. WAS - Express runs CGI scripts. B. WAS - Express requires zero 5250 workload. C. WAS - Express does not support dynamic caching. D. WAS - Express does not support JDBC connection pooling. Answer: C 4. Which of the following best describes a benefit from using a data source object instead of the driver manager interface when connecting to a database? A. Access is available to a pool of connections. B. Connections are created each time the database is accessed. C. Resources can be allocated from arbitrary places in the code. D. A Java Native Directory Interface (JNDI) server is not needed. Answer: A 5. A customer will be deploying a J2EE application on WAS, which uses SQL to access DB2 UDB for iSeries from several servers in the network.

How can they directly access the iSeries production database

from any WAS instance in the network? A. Utilize the IBM Toolbox for Java JDBC driver directly on the WAS server. B. Utilize DB2 UDB on a PC server to consolidate the data for access from the WAS server.    

C. Utilize the IBM Toolbox for Java record level access classes directly on the WAS server. D. Utilize the iSeries Access OBDC driver directly on the WAS server using Java Toolbox for iSeries. Answer: A 6. A new WAS application makes extensive use of Java Server Pages (JSP) for the user interface. Which of the following provides the lowest cost solution for enabling the WAS Dynacache capability to efficiently serve frequently accessed JSP output? A. WAS V5.1 B. WAS ND V5.1 C. WBI Server Foundation V5.1 D. WAS - Express V5.1 for iSeries Answer: A 7. A customer has WAS 5 ND running on their model 740 server.

They are experiencing TCP/IP port

conflicts. Which of the following techniques provides the best way to view all ports currently in use? A. OS/400 NETSTAT *CNN command B. WAS dspwasinst Qshell script C. WAS 5 Administrative Console Resources section D. WAS wsadmin interface and Java Command Language scripts Answer: A 8. A customer is implementing a new EJB-based financial application that requires transactional support. Which of the following techniques should they use to ensure optimal performance? A. Access the Entity beans directly. B. Define all EJB methods as read/write capable. C. Maximize the size of all HTTP session objects. D. Set the appropriate transaction isolation level. Answer: D 9. For an iSeries customer, which of the following describes a significant advantage of an application written using JSPs and servlets and deployed in WAS over the same application implemented in Net.Data? A. The servlet/JSP WebSphere application is written in Java. B. The WAS application uses faster QZDASOINIT jobs to access the data. C. By default, the servlet/JSP application runs as a higher priority job on the iSeries. D. WAS applications can take advantage of DB connection pool management when accessing data. Answer: D 10. A customer wants to allow external, browser-based users to lookup product prices and inventory levels on their production i830 server running behind the corporate firewall. Express running outside the firewall.

Which of the following techniques will most economically    

They have an i270 with WAS -

Web-enable the DB2 UDB for iSeries product information? A. Write JDBC EJB-based applications to query the production data. B. Write JDBC servlet-based applications to query the production data. C. Replicate the i830 data to the i270 and utilize iSeries Access for Web. D. Upgrade the i830 to an i870 to take advantage of the WebFacing zero interactive workload capability. Answer: B 11. An existing iSeries customer does RPG-based application development with host tools such as PDM and SEU.

They are on i5/OS V5R3 and have software subscription.

Which of the following

workstation-based application development tools are they entitled to at no additional charge? A. WSAD B. WDSc for iSeries C. WSAD Integration Edition D. WDSc Advanced Edition for iSeries Answer: B 12. A three-way i825 Enterprise Edition customer is running only interactive 5250 OLTP applications. They plan to add a partition for WAS - Express with two additional processors. How many additional WAS - Express licenses are required to support this upgrade? A. 0 B. 2 C. 3 D. 5 Answer: A 13. What part of WDSc is used to debug servlets and JavaServer Pages? A. Integrated HTTP Server B. Remote System Explorer C. Integrated Debugger and Test Environment D. iSeries integrated debugger (STRDBG command) Answer: C 14. A customer has WAS - Express installed and plans to use the IBM Telephone Directory (ITD) application. How is appropriate access to modifying or deleting ITD entries implemented? A. WAS authentication using LDAP B. HTTP server authentication using LDAP C. WAS authentication using OS/400 user profiles D. HTTP server authentication using OS/400 validation lists Answer: B    

15. A WAS-based J2EE application is running on an i810.

It must interact with RPG-based business logic

on the customer's centrally located eServer i5 570. Which of the following will cause the LEAST change to the RPG-based business logic? A. Java Mail and Activation Framework B. IBM Toolbox for Java Program Call classes C. IBM Toolbox for Java for iSeries JDBC classes D. Java Message Service and Message Driven Beans Answer: B 16. Which of the following features is unique to WebSphere Commerce Business Edition? A. Order Management B. Online Storefront C. Catalog Management D. Collaborative Workspaces Answer: D 17. A WDSc developer can use the internal WAS test environment to test and debug their code. What WDSc functionality can be used to test and profile the WAS application running on the iSeries? A. TCP/IP Server Monitor B. iSeries WebSphere Debug Tool C. Remote Agent Controller (RAC) D. Interactive Network Debug Workbench Answer: C 18. Which of the following options provides transactional integrity, including commits and rollbacks? A. WebSphere MQ B. JavaServer Pages C. Web Services SOAP D. Jakarta Struts Framework Answer: A 19. A customer has Internet-accessible Web applications.

Of the following topologies, which will provide

maximum security for the customer's iSeries data and business logic within a single iSeries system? A. HTTP Server and WAS in separate OS/400 partitions, both behind a Linux partition-based protocol firewall B. HTTP Server and WAS in a single OS/400 partition, both behind a Linux partition-based protocol firewall, with SSL enabled on the HTTP Server C. HTTP Server and WAS in a single OS/400 partition, both behind a Linux partition-based protocol firewall, with SSL enabled on both the HTTP Server and WAS    

D. HTTP Server and WAS in separate OS/400 partitions, both behind a Linux partition-based protocol firewall and separated by a Linux partition-based domain firewall Answer: D 20. A customer has deployed a new J2EE-based application running on their iSeries with WAS 5 (Base). The transaction response time is slow, and they want to determine the relative response time of each servlet component. Which of the following tools should be used? A. iDoctor for iSeries B. OS/400 Performance Tools C. Tivoli Performance Viewer D. Performance Trace Data Visualizer Answer: C 21. Windows, UNIX, AIX, zOS, and OS/400 support Java applications running in WAS. Which of the following operating systems support .NET applications? A. Windows XP and OS/400 B. Windows 2003 and HP-UX C. Windows NT and Sun Solaris D. Windows 2003 and Windows XP Answer: D 22. Which of the following Java component types can be used in J2EE applications, Web Services applications, and directly within visual development tools such as WDSc Advanced Edition for iSeries? A. JavaBeans B. EJB Entity Beans C. EJB Session Beans D. EJB Message Driven Beans Answer: A 23. A customer is building a Web-based, order-entry application that will be deployed to WAS 5 ND. They will use session management and clustering services.

Which of the following will further increase

application availability and scalability? A. Web Services B. Edge Component caching proxy server C. Tivoli Performance Viewer D. Deploying an HTTP Server on a Linux-based partition Answer: B 24. An iSeries customer has WAS 5.0 installed.

They would like to measure how many database

connections are being used and how long the connection wait time is so they can properly set the    

connection pool size in WAS. Which performance tool provides this capability? A. Performance Explorer B. WebSphere Resource Analyzer C. IBM Tivoli Performance Viewer D. Performance Tools for iSeries Answer: C 25. An iSeries customer running V5R3 would like to add IBM Telephone Directory to an existing WAS Express server.

Which of the following tasks must be completed?

A. Install Option 2 of WAS - Express B. Install Directory Services (LDAP) C. Add LDAP directives to the HTTP server configuration D. Create a Digital Certificate and import it into the LDAP directory Answer: C 26. An iSeries customer has a 5250 based accounting package installed.

They have limited in-house

programming skill, and they have no access to the application screen DDS or application code. However, they would like to provide a selected subset of screens to customers via the Web. Which of the following would meet this goal? A. Use HATS to provide the selected screen subset to their customers. B. Configure the iSeries Workstation Gateway to publish the application to the Web. C. Use WSDc to develop a new Java based web application extension for their selected customers. D. Use HATS LE included in iSeries Access Family to provide the selected screen subset to their customers. Answer: A 27. A customer would like to web enable a subset of their DB2 UDB resources, but they do not have Java development skills.

How can they use WDSc to provide a solution?

A. Build SQL statements to define the database interactions. B. Build SQL stored procedures to define the database interactions. C. Use the WDSc wizards to define the database interactions and SQL indexes. D. Use the WDSc wizards to define the database interactions and create the necessary Java code and web pages. Answer: D 28. A customer has purchased a prepackaged J2EE application and will be deploying it on their iSeries server with WAS 5 installed. Which of the following techniques should be utilized to achieve maximum application runtime performance? A. Enable persistent HTTP sessions within the WAS instance.    

B. Use precompiled JSPs as one of the installation options. C. Run the CRTJVAPGM command against the class and JAR files. D. Disable class reloading as one of the installation options. Answer: D 29. An i5/OS customer with WebSphere Portal - Express plans to create a portlet for wireless access. Which of the following can be used to develop this portlet? A. Mobile Application Builder B. WDSc Advanced Edition C. WebSphere Studio Device Developer D. WebSphere Portal Application Integrator Answer: B 30. A new WAS 5 application that reads data from DB2 UDB for iSeries is being developed. Which of the following techniques provides secure database access controlled by OS/400 security? A. Code the user profile and password in the application and have the implementor create and configure the necessary OS/400 objects. B. Put the user profile and password as parameters in the web.xml file and code the application to read these parameters at startup time. C. Omit the user profile and password in the code and have the implementer configure a container managed authentication alias at the WAS console. D. Put the user profile and password as parameters in a properties file and code the application to read these parameters at an appropriate time. Answer: C 31. A customer plans to use WAS Network Deployment in a cluster of iSeries servers.

They also plan to

use iSeries Access for Web. Which of the following configuration tasks are required? A. Install and configure iSeries Access for Web from the WAS Admin Console. B. Install and configure iSeries Access for Web on a standalone iSeries server. C. Install and configure iSeries Access for Web using the WSAdmin command utility. D. Install and configure iSeries Access for Web using the InstWASApp command within the Qshell environment. Answer: B 32. A customer has a model 270 running an HTTP server in their DMZ. They also have an i825 running WAS and the core business logic behind the firewall in the internal network. end user and the HTTP server.

Which of the following describes the security issue that still exists?

A. Server identification for the client B. Data integrity between the client and HTTP Server    

SSL is set up between the

C. Data confidentiality between the HTTP Server and WAS D. Data confidentiality between WAS and the core business logic Answer: C 33. A WAS-based solution serves static content that requires authenticated access. Which of the following techniques can be used to improve performance and not compromise the security requirements? A. 4758 PCI Cryptographic Coprocessor B. IBM HTTP Server's (powered by Apache) local cache C. WebSphere Application Server's Prepared Statement Cache D. IBM HTTP Server's (powered by Apache) Fast Response Cache Accelerator (FRCA) Answer: B 34. The HTTP Server Administration Interface can perform most WAS - Express administrative tasks. However, the full function WAS Administrative console must be used for which of the following tasks? A. Configuring a virtual host B. Configuring a JDBC resource reference C. Configuring a JDBC provider and data source D. Installing, starting, or stopping an application Answer: B 35. An iSeries customer running a WebFacing application on a Model 720 at V5R2 would like to run this application without 5250 OLTP. Which of the following options would provide this capability at the lowest cost? A. Upgrade the Licensed Internal Code to RSB. B. Install the WebSphere Group PTF. C. Upgrade to i5/OS V5R3. D. Migrate to an i810 Standard Edition. Answer: D 36. A customer is architecting a new WAS-based solution and is analyzing security requirements. Which of the following user profiles should be granted read and/or write access for all objects and files that the Web application needs to access? A. QUSER B. *PUBLIC C. QEJBSVR D. QTMHHTTP Answer: C 37. A customer will soon implement several Web-enabled Domino applications on their i820 in an intranet environment. Longer term, they plan to add WAS-based applications to this environment.    

How can they

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