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MAD ABOUT YOU Elvert Xavier Barnes WRITINGS ON THE WALL 1500 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, WDC . Thursday, 30 March 1995 _________________________________________________________________

South Beach Miami, Florida . Saturday, 28 February 1995 _____________________________________________________

I sometimes laugh to keep from crying but, that, too, only confirms for you that lie about that you so cleverly choreographed and orchestrated knowing that because I am ‘mad about you’ that you could twist my love for you to mean, semantically, that I am paranoid about you. And crazy too! And because I be black, gay and everything whatever it is that you fabricate about me many will treat me, accordingly, with you being white and everything! This is how my friends, my family, my communities and enemies have always treated me. “Dissin’ me!”

I watched a show this evening called “Mad About You” in which the couple, Paul and Jaime, went on vacation. As you and I have done! And when caught in lies that they both had told while pretending to be Paul’s parents which is who the non-refundable trip had been booked for the wife pretended to the resort staff and security guards that her husband was crazy and had multi-personalities. As you have done to me. Yet, it was she, who began and then convinced her husband to “play that game”. Just like us! But, the joke was on he. As it has always been on me. Just for fun! One by one each and everyone pointed him out and eye-balled him down as many do me … with me being black and everything supporting and surrounding her … as many do you, with you being white and everything! He, then, attempts to explain that it was just a game coerced and ‘sat up’ by her. Not unlike us! As she, secretly and connivingly, denies the truth … gesturing from behind his back ... while touching her head but eye-ballin’ him down As you each do to me! As the show but lie must go on, as many rehearse their lines and stage their movements … about me … and audiences of our friends and our families and communities clap and shout “Bravo! Bravo!”

in standing ovations but, sacrificing me! … with me being black and everything ... Vacations are just mind-trips but mind-traps and dressed rehearsals for a Hitchcock-like play called “Mad About You”. ___________________ BLACKOUT: The Resurrection of an Oppressed Soul An anthology about being black, gay & everything! Elvert Xavier Barnes WRITINGS ON THE WALL Chapter #8: Mad About You (Title poem)

Mad About You