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Hi, my name is Elvis & This is my portfolio

Works from 2015-2018

Contents 01. Profile 05. Product Design 07 - Flow 27 - Synble 43 - Relieve 55 - Goat

65. More Works 67 - 2018 ‘Dong’/ Dobo 69- Scissor / Sketches 71 - Modelling / 3D




Hi, my name is Elvis. It has always been difficult for me to introduce myself, as I had always found it a great challenge to define myself. My wish is that I always be real and stay true to myself, and one day my work and my philosophy will show out to the world, and what I stand for can be self-explanatory.


To say with confidence, I can adapt to and learn from any environment. I am open to anything and always eager to learn everything! I am also constantly seeking valuable experiences that can elevate my growth, as I learn best from absorbing and digesting my actions and their following experiences.

- Chinese ( Native ) - English ( TOEFL 118 ) - Taiwanese ( Fluent )

With an open mind, I love to work and just hang around with amazing people, discuss different thoughts, ideas and concepts, learn new perspectives, and hopefully do something amazinig!

National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan. Junior, double majoring in: - Industrial Design - Mechanical Engineering


Experience 2018.09 - CreativeID Co-founder 2018.08 - ID Newcomers camp staff 2018.07 ~ 09 - PINOH appliances intern 2018.03 ~ 06 - AI robotics for elders workshop 2018.02 ~ 06 - CXB design lab research assistant 2018.01 - Sophomore Class Exhibition curator 2017.12 - 5 aixs CNC competition 1st prize 2017.09~2018.06 - NCKU ID Journal editor 2017.08 - SPOSAD staff


2017.01 - Speculative Design workshop member


Product Design

‘Product design’ consists of projects which I consider are my more successful works.


Urban folding-bike

Flow is a folding bicycle designed to create a new city experience



Flow : Design for experience Flow is a product design project which aims to create a whole new experience through the capabilities of a physical product.

Group project: 2 people




- The city

The city is our home. We live in it and we feel it everyday. It is lively and energetic while cool and fluent. Exploring the city is a comfortable activity many people do, with two main types of movement. The bicycle is an amazing means of movement in the city. The speed is just right, agility and convenience incredible, adding up to a perfect way of transport for the urban explorer. The one problem is the range of cycling is limited to around 5km due to physical constraints. Cities also have highly convenient public transportations such as buses, metro, trains etc, which increases people’s range, allowing people to get wherever they want with ease. The down side is having to walk afterwards and missing out on the entire exploration of the journey. Seemingly the combination of bicycles and public transport should complement each other to allow an incredible experience for urban exploring, but currently the inconvenience and influency of transferring kills the flow of exploration and spoils the entire experience.



- Crucial problems

Users show a strong need for transfers, where is it failing? Through our understanding of the city and of urban exploration, combined with observations and interviews, it is validated that people who love to ride their bikes in the city need and want to go on public transportation. The funny part is they are not doing it. Users want to go on public transport, but they do not want to transfer with their bicycles. To find out why, we analyzed the two prominent types of bicycles, and why people might not want to adopt them.

Regular bicycles - Size is overall big - Difficult to carry - Hard to attend on vehicle

Folding bicycles - Unpleasant to ride - Time-consuming to fold - Difficult to maneuver


Interview captures

I’m a cyclist, so I do road bikes rides up and down the county, but I still ride around the city from time to time, it’s just very relaxing.


Just a shame I can’t get to other parts of the city without breaking a sweat, cause I don’t want to get tired while trying to relax.

Riding around the city is my type of leisure. I love to look around the city with a gentle pace, it feels real chill.


I really want to go further with my bike, so I could see different parts of the city but I just can’t ride that far. It really gets me pretty disappointed sometimes.

A bicycle is the best transportation in a city. It’s perfect, not just easy and comfortable to ride, you also get a much better understanding of the whole environment you’re living in.


It’s just annoying sometimes when I have to go far, I have to change for a cab or the MRT.



- A whole new experience


We wanted to create a bicycle which can combine the advantages of the bicycle and of public transportation, allowing the action of transferring with a bicycle to be as swift and comfortable as riding the bicycle itself, and thus create a whole new experience for city exploration.



Objective : “ Transfer with a bike as fluently as you ride it. ” 15


- Ideas, concepts & pr

To create a bicycle which can yield the advantages of both a bike and public transport, we focused on the seam, transferring. Our direction was a folding bicycle with a completely new folding technique. It would be swift, quick, and flow fluently through the entire process of the transfer.



We made models and prototypes of the ideas we liked. We did numerous scale models and three 1:1 prototypes before finalizing the concept 17


- Flow : Urban folding bike

Flow is a folding bicycle with a new, quick, and easy folding sequence. Three easy and motion-continuous steps: unlock and lift the down tube—pull the head in— push the seat in, and the bike is folded. An extra step of folding the top tube makes the bike even smaller.

Main lock

Biking mode


Lift down tube


Spring hinge

Slide clutch

Pull head in

Top-tube lock

Push seat in

Folded mode



Intra-city transfers Flow, an urban folding bicycle, makes the experience of intra-city transferring very easy and comfortable for users. Intra-city transfers include public transportation like subways, and buses etc, which in most cases, regulation does not require the bicycle to be bagged. Flow’s new folding technique lets users fold the bicycle very easily without stress, and the whole process can be done within seconds. The bicycle is also very easy to maneuver when in folded mode. Parallel wheels allow it to be push and pulled, and the slender form gives users easier and more comfortable control over the bike.


Inter-city travels When developing the concept of Flow, we thought since the target user, city explorers, want ot explore different scenes of the city landscape, why can’t we make we help them and make inter-city traveling as easy as a transfer? So we did. Flow’s design takes every part of inter-city travelling into consideration. The size of Flow’s folded mode is compact enough to fit inside a regular big suitcase. With the use of internal gear hubs and hidden wiring, the bicycle can be directly packed without further protection. Users can fold their bikes up, throw it into the suitcase with some clothes, and be off to anywhere!


Specifications & Features

Specifications: - 20inch tire - Foot brakes - Inner-tube wiring - Carbon belt drive


- LED head & tail lights - Internal rear gear hub - Battery slot (AA battery *3) - Folding handlebars & pedal

Integrated head & tail lights

Foldable handlebars & pedals

Parallel, magnet-clipped wheels

Single-side fork & rear dropout




see the table

Synble, a food court table designed to help customers find a seat



Synble : Design for problem solving Synble is a product design project, aiming to solve a problem. We followed the design process of the double diamond.

Group project: 2 people



- The food-court

“ I spent one whole hour, just trying to fi Product_Synble

find a seat. �

The situation Food courts are great spaces for people to gather and have meals, but currently there are still major problems. During rush hour times, an immense flow of people leads the food court into chaos. People move around in difficulty whilst worrying for their safety, and visibility is diminished with all that’s going on. The situation only gets worse for those who are carrying food back to their seat. All this leads to the core problem, that people who come to enjoy a meal, the eaters, cannot find a seat.

Define Problem After observation, research and analysis, we defined the problem into four major causes.

/ / / / / / / Eaters cannot find seats

= Difficulty of movement + Extremely low visibility + Available seats unobvious + Scarce number of available seats 31

The insight

- Crucial point

We looked at our definition of the problem and asked ourselves: “What can we do with this?”. As a product design project, we had restrictions, we cannot alter the environment itself or change the service system, how do we solve the problem within the current circumstance? To find direction, we dived deeper into the scenario, there, we discovered our insight.

“ There are two groups of target users, not just the eaters, but also the janitors.”

Janitors Scarce number of available seats

We realized we could increase the number of available seats without changing the original environment. Just help the janitors! If the janitors can restore used seats faster, the number of available seats will increase, helping eaters find seats easier.


Eaters: Available seats unobvious

We can directly help the eaters find seats, we just had to make the available seats obvious. We need clear and vivid signals to let the eaters spot them instantly even midst chaos.


- Thoughts & experiments

We sketch, discuss, and made quick prototypes to brainstorm ideas.




- Concept, features & the mode


Concept A table which displays its status in a clear & comfortable way.

System flow

Occupied Available Seats that are available show a yellow tabletop.

Once an eater sits down, the color changes to white. It will not change within the course of the meal.

Used The eater finished and left, the color changes to red. Only janitors with their workIDs can turn Synble back to yellow.





Targeted Signal Two separate color signals are put in for each category of target users. (1) The yellow is shown for the eaters, signifying a free spot, while (2) the red is for the janitors, showing the table’s need for care.

Features The tabletop The tabletop is the most direct for the users. It works perfect 360° around, and users do not have to correspond the position of the table like with an app or an top-view display board.

The colors We choose yellow and red because they are the colors that fit our scenario, the rush-hour food court, colors filled with energy but not disturbing to eating.

The seating arrangement The seating is arranged by per seat, not by per table. Because of rush-hour’s scarcity of available seats, we needed to show every single seat for the users.


The model

Top: Making process. Model’s tabletop was piece of 3mm off-white acrylic.

Left: RFID sensor chip for janitor’s workID.

Bottom left: Infrared sensor for sensing eater. Bottom right: Arduino chip and relay.


s a

Layout of the cocept model.




see the table


caressive touch

Relieve is a night-lamp designed to elicit contentment



Relieve : Design for emotion Relieve is an product design project aiming to elicit emotion. I wanted users to feel emotion through this product.

Solo project


Goal experience -the emotion

Image board.

The goal emotion I want ‘Relieve’ to bring to its user is gentle and peaceful contentment. I feel people nowadays are too stiffed. We work hard to strive for improvement, better work and greatness everyday, so much as our peace-of-mind is lost. I want to convey a very soft, very gentle, just right amount of care, to help people find that serenity within, and to bring back the gentle smile on their faces.

“Gentle and peaceful contentment.” Product_Relieve

Define scenario

-the user, environment & object

After research and analysis, I defined the most suitable scenario to design my product for. Using the 5Ws, I started with the user, ‘who?’, and worked it down. The last is ‘What?’, which defined the product that I would design.

Who? -People who live alone Who needs a product like this? The current best way for people to get my goal experience is through other people, and to connect with those intimate relationships, but not all people have someone that’s always available. To them, my product can help. So I focused on people who live alone.

When &Where? -Night-time in bed In what environment will people need the product the most? I see people coming home from a day of work tired and weared-out, and the weariness accumulates to bed. For those lone at night, lying in bed, is when a gentle and peaceful contentment can be most helpful.

What? -A night lamp Taking into consideration my goal experience, the entire defined scenario, and the guidelines of emotional design, I decided to design a night lamp. A night lamp for the weared-out user in bed, to help them gain some inner serenity and peaceful contentment.


Design goal

-guidelines from emotional design

Visceral -first impressions To tackle the first impression users have of this product, I focused on first contact, sight, touch etc. The form, the light, and the texture is my focus.

Behavioral -the using experience For the using experience, I really focused on how the users can touch the lamp and how the light will react to that touch, for it is touch that can most elicit the gentle contentment that I pursue.

Reflective -create impact With the right scenario and fulfillment of the other two levels, I believe that the product will elicit the correct emotion. And this experience is what will make the meaning of this product to the user.


Ideation -possibilities

Quick thumbnail sketches to explore the general form of shape & lighting. Polyurethane foam models for physically experiencing the form and explore the method of manufacture. 49


- Concept, features and the mo

Concept :

Elicit contentment through intimate interactions of visual, tactile & ol Product_Relieve



Features The form & light The form is gentle, the size and the curves are all just right for touching and holding in the hand. The lighting follows the form and gives a warm feeling.

The material Solid wood is the ideal material for ‘Relieve’. Solid wood has an innate warmth and serenity, an inherent aroma, and sense of life.

The surface The whole surface has to be smooth for a user experience that’s smooth, so it can’t allow any holes. Therefore the manufacturing process would include making the solid wood translucent in the right places to show the light. I was lucky enough to come across a competition for product application of five-axis CNC machining, which is both precise and agile, a perfect method for ‘Relieve”.

No constraints ‘Relieve’ mustn’t have physical constraints since intimate interaction is essential, which means no power cord and ordinary switch. ‘Relieve’ is fitted with a compact module of, a LED light, a Li-ion battery, and a touch switch, to reach no constraints during use.




caressive touch


revisit culture

Goat is a bookmark designed with the Tainan’s culture as inspiration



Goat : Design from culture Goat is a product design project taking inspiration from my culture. I wanted this product to show our culture in new medium.

Solo project



-exploring my culture Wooden windows & steel tracery In Tainan, the history is interesting diverse, having been colonized by more than 4 governments, and the different styles merged into a distinct image. Wooden windows and steel traceries are clear displays of this image. To me, the wooden windows and steel traceries of Tainan are discreet, since they blend into the architecture of the city, yet presents a subtle beauty with historic legacy behind it.

Paper cutouts & the zodiac Paper cutouts has always been an arts in the Chinese culture, and we have been doing it for centuries with unbelievable skills. There are sophisticated studies on displays and arrangements, and the advancements of method and skills are incredible. The zodiac is also a big part of the Chinese culture, with 12 animals representing each year, in a cycle. Also, it has always been a popular theme for paper cutouts.


Ideation & Graphic -mold the elements

Ideas I extracted some elements which can resonate with the culture, and tried to work them.

-Aged wood -Openwork -The goat year

Graphic The result was a graphic of a goat , corresponding with the goat year. It consists of only lines from an arcs of circles.

Using this graphic as base, I developed the product.



-the bookmark

The goat During this project’s timescape, it was the year of the goat in the Chinese zodiac. Drawn with circles, which is ‘圓’ in chinese, the graphic also implies a blessing of fulfillment.


The cut & the paper I laser cut the graphic inversely on Kraft-paper to create an openwork. I choose Kraft-paper for it’s strength and resemblance of aged wood.




revisit culture 41

More Works

‘More works’ contains work I regard as mentionable These work represent some of what I have learned and practiced


2018 ‘Dong’

-curation of class exhibition

I was the class representative of our end-of-semester exhibition, 2018 ‘Dong’. I curated our class’s space and also designed and made the comment board. It was my first curation and making of large structures, and it was a valuable experience.

Exhibition area & layout

Comment board which can spin.

More works


-practice of design methods

Dobo was a group project focusing on practicing different design methods, and gaining a full understanding on each method.





AEIOU observation Shadowing User interview

Header cards Persona User Journey Map

DWI Cards Brainstorming

Weighting Matrix



-product form practice

A product form practice, creating a form resembling the Alpine Ibex. Material: Polyester

More works

Sketches -fine sketches



-foamcore & clay practice

Foamcore model. Size: 45x40x45 cm

Clay model. Size: 50x30x35 cm More works

3D modelling -solidworks & keyshot

3D modelling and rendering of a headphone 71

“Embrace life, you can change it, improve it, make your mark upon it. Shake off that erroneous notion that life is there and you’re just gonna live in it.” “Once you learn that you’ll never be the same again.” - Steve Jobs

Elvis Hsu +886-956116928

Elvis Hsu Industrial Design Portfolio  

Elvis Hsu Industrial design portfolio 2015-2018 NCKU ID, Taiwan, Tainan

Elvis Hsu Industrial Design Portfolio  

Elvis Hsu Industrial design portfolio 2015-2018 NCKU ID, Taiwan, Tainan