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the web was invented for universal access Website, 2010. Design: Dan Mall and Kevin Sharon, Happy Cog. Front-end code: Jenn Lukas. Information architecure: Kevin Hoffman. Accessibility research and testing: Angela Colter and Jennifer Sutton. The visual layout of this website (left) is optimized for sighted users, while the source order of the code (below) is optimized for the visually impaired, allowing users to linearize the text with an automated screen reader. For example, in the visual display the navigation menu appears immediately below the logo. In the source code, however, the organization name is followed directly by the tagline, preventing the top of the page from clogging up with navigation elements. Such differences between the visual display and the source order are kept to a minimum because not everyone who uses a screen reader is blind, and some people with disabilities who navigate via source order can see the visual layout with their eyes. If the visual layout differs too much from the source code, these users would be confused. The relationship between the visual layout and the source order is also optimized for search engines.

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Thinking with Type, 2nd Edition: Sample Pages  

A completely revised, expanded edition of "Thinking with Type" will be published in September 2010, with 48 pages of new content and dozens...

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