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captions change the meaning of pictures

Why is the clown sad? How to artfully display a work of art.

Avoid overpowering a delicate work of art with a heavy frame.

Don’t put a tiny piece of furniture under a large painting, or vice versa.

Don’t hang objects over a child’s bed, especially depressing objects.

captions for the web Online content management systems coordinate pictures and captions in a database. Designers use rules, frames, overlays, and color blocks to visually connect images and captions, creating coherent units. Shown here are four different ways to style captions for the web. interactive web captions: Design director: Mark Porter. A secondary caption reveals itself when users rolls over this image on the Guardian’s home page.

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Thinking with Type, 2nd Edition: Sample Pages  

A completely revised, expanded edition of "Thinking with Type" will be published in September 2010, with 48 pages of new content and dozens...

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