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The Beacon Bishop Machebeuf High School ~ Back to School, 2012

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Celebrate With Us!

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For 3 years in a row, Bishop Machebeuf High School is celebrating 100% of its graduating class gaining admission to colleges and universities nationwide (and even worldwide). This is another testament to the value of Catholic Education!

A Look Inside...

The Gospel of Life

at Boys State

Peru Mission Trip

Prom 2012

A Look Ahead...

Two Bishop Machebeuf seniors fight for pro-life legislation at Boys State.

August 4 Class of 1982 Reunion 6-9 Jump Start Program 10-12 Class of 1962 Reunion 15 Assumption of Mary (Office Closed) 16 Freshman Formation Day 17 Freshman Orientation Day 17 Welcome Back BBQ 20 First Day of School 22 All-School Mass 24 Morning Assembly Schedule 29 Back to School Night Colorado Schools 30 Late Start Schedule 50 students Gonzaga University

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Principal Mr. Jessie Skipwith Assistant Principal - Dean of Students Sr. Helen Marie Glaser, O.P. Assistant Principal - Dean of Academics Mrs. Tuyet Nguyen

Where’s the class of 2012?

Spokane, Washington 1 student


St. Paul, Minnesota

The George Washington University

1 student

Washington D.C.

2 students

Laramie, Wyoming

University of Notre Dame

Wyotech Institute

1 student

ll o R r o n Ho

San Francisco, California 3 Labor Day (No School) 1 student 14 Freshman Retreat University of California - Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, California 23 Machebeuf 5K 1 student 23 Powderpuff Football Game 24-29 Spirit Week 26 All-School Mass 28 Homecoming Dance (No School) University of New Mexico Albuquerque, New Mexico 29 Homecoming Football Game 1 student

Prinhocimpoarel’ss List

Benedictine College

1 student

Atchison, Kansas

3 students

Franciscan Univ. of Steubenville

Rockhurst University Kansas City, Missouri

1 student Kansas State University Manhattan, Kansas

1 student

1st Honor Roll Texas Wesleyan University Fort Worth, Texas

1 student

ores Sophom garty

Catherine Hesen Elizabeth Jen ry ine Land CarolUniversity of Northern Colorado Colorado State University Greeley Clare Lowreyres Fort Collins Madison Ma4 students 4 students ole Keara O’ To ey Denise Overbyes Nathaniel Re Jaida Rollins val Regis University do Denver George Sano University 7 studentsLily Tovad er of Denver Colin Turn Denver

Howard Univ

Norissa McKinney

South Bend, Indiana

Laramie, Wyoming

Editor Mr. Eduard Lugo Colorado State University Academy of Art

Director of Campus Ministry and Communications Ft. Collins, CO University Washington Julio Becerril San Francisco, CA Cayla Har Ashanti Gosha Staja Thomas

University of Wyoming

Academy of Art Institute


Machebeuf Beacon

University of St. Thomas

2 students


Here’s where the c

Steubenville, Ohio

1 student

Tuskegee University Tuskegee, Alabama

1 student

onosr Roll 2ndhH omore Sop

aga Valeria Burci n Rebecca Clevee Jake Donahupinola Benjamin Es dez an Felicia Hern ton Torie Huddles Marcos Lipic alczyk Zachary Mich n hto Aidan Naug Lea Nichols cci olu Pa is nc Fra Anna Pham Riley Thielke l rgi Elizabeth Ve

Contributing Editors Alexandria Tina

Ms. Monica Everhart Director of Admissions Howard University

Ms. Laura Henry Director of Alumni & Events Washington D.C. Johnson and 1 student Arapahoe Community Universit College Denver, C Contributing Writers Contributing Photographers Denver, CO Emily Lan Catherine Meyer Mr. Jessie Skipwith Sr.Community Helen Marie College Glaser, O.P. Principal of Denver Dean of Students Denver, CO Sergio Armas Mr. John Knetemann Cintya Cham Mr. Alejandro Daniel Delgado Molina BMHS Senior Jesse Douglas Claudia Vazquez Kansas State Un Art Institute of Manhattan Colorado Abel Des Denver, CO Le’nia Stitt Andraya Williams

University of Hawaii at Manoa 8 FOCUS 11 Lily Jansen rk Honolulu, Hawaii Hae Won Pailly 1 student Fort Lewis College Re en ure Ma 10 All-School Mass Durango, CO Rose Sabin hr Metropolitan Thomas Cogger Benjamin Su College 12 Faculty Retreat (No School) Nguyen Tramakland Denver, C We da Myran Sam Ambr 15 Parent-Teacher Conf. (No School) Fernanda An iorsof Colorado Benedictine College Jun University Joshua Co Boulder Atchison, KS tuello 16 Late Start Schedule Dominic5Ba Kevin Die students an Gabriella Miller 3 students Aaron Beckm Jack Gra on Veronica Miller 17 PSAT Testing Rhett Crism van Arapahoe Community rs Marrissa Jo Juniors io n Colorado Mesa University Ju r Dono Nicholas Suhr na Art Institute of Colorado Co College Cecelia Lan Grand Junction ia Berry cil eau n Ce ap Denver Denver ilo Dr Ba al Op Alexa 1 student Cinthia Mar 24 PLAN/EXPLORE Testing 2 students rtosz Hannah Boldtmedhin William KeissMartinez 1 student Benjamin Baales Henry Ruthe Mussie Gebre Arturo Mata- nald Celina Gonz ut Johnson and Wales John Gieger Jessenia S Do 25 Donum et Gratia Reception Mc rlb las Hu co gh Ni University don Halei rkowski Kirsten Gran n Denver Rachel Napie roni Ji Hyun Park agosa 1 student Ashanti Johnso Franciscan University Sar University of Colorado a 26 Teacher Inservice (No School) Caroline Pacia r ell bri na Ga Daisy Me Denver of303.344.0082 Steubenville seiUniversity of Hong Kong 458 Uinta Way Johniece Parke an Giorgia TeCity yes 2 students Rebecca Naimaring wleHong Kong e ReState Celin Steubenville, OH Western 28 Open House Annabelle To 1 student University of Alexandra Ne n College Huy TraGunnison Denver, CO City 80230 John Mares unham Nitz Fort Lewis College Durango

1 student

Metropolitan State Hong Kong Warren affer College of Denver Hong Kong Katherine Sch Seniors Denver ith Community College ggie Sm rs Non-Discrimination Statement: The CatholicMa schools ofnthe Archdiocese of Denver, underJac theobjurisdiction ofDam the Secretary for Catholic Schools, state that all of Hee Yoon rrillo of the Archbishop, and at the discretion 11 students Senio Ca na of Denver Ty Mary dge d

lker-D 1 student Alexis Wa

rd-Ho admits rmannor ethnic origin to all the rights, theirrra Catholichaschools students of any race, color, national Crawfor programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at schools. FurDenver Taylorprivileges, Sie Blanc Tristin Zimme xter concerning student admission. These schools do not discriminate on the basis of race, age, Regis Unive 5schools students admit handicapped a De ere thermore, students in accord with ArchdiocesanMi Policy 2000 chaelNo. Jack CorriArchdiocesan emannational or ethnic origin in the administration of their educational policies, Te Denver, C mer Gaim practices, handicap, color, employment Wynter Fre ton scholarship and loan programs or athletic or other school administered programs. ang nnon Huddles


A Message from the Principal The Catholic Intellectual Tradition Dear Students, Parents and Friends of Bishop Machebeuf High School, I hope that you each were able to find a cool place to enjoy rest, relaxation and renewal during this extraordinarily HOT summer! This time of rejuvenation is very important to all of us as we take some time to get away from the very busy days of the school year. These summer months have also provided the school leadership with the much needed time to reflect upon and evaluate the many strengths that we bring to our families as an academic community of faith. With this time of reflection we are thrilled and anxious to bring some new and exciting energy to this upcoming 2012-13 school year! This year, I would like to call your attention to our purposeful efforts towards a renewal and strengthening of our faith development and intellectual formation throughout our school community. These efforts are not geared towards “fixing” something that is broken. Rather, they are directed towards actively engaging the highly valued process of continuous improvement, in order to make what we already do very well even better! These purposeful efforts have been underway for the past two years and have included internal administrative activities ranging from investigative inquiry and understanding to surveys and professional development workshops. We have collectively evaluated our school’s many strengths and points of success and have sought many ways of increasing our school’s effectiveness in forming students’ hearts and minds by allowing them to grow in virtue, to live as faithful witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to study and love the beauty of the Catholic faith, and to come to know the truth through a personal encounter with Jesus, “the way, the truth, and the life.” Through our extensive committee work and curricular investigation, we have come to know and refer to this process of renewal as a return to the Catholic Intellectual Tradition. For 2000 years, the Catholic Church has been educating its flock in pursuit of the truth. Through Scripture and Tradition, we are shown that the truth exists, that it is knowable by humanity, and that it is not an idea but a person, Jesus Christ. At first glance, one might be tempted to confuse this renewal as a restructuring of the school’s curriculum to look like Classical Education. This is not the case. Although there will be many similarities between the ancient practices of the classical world and this renewal of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition implemented here at Machebeuf, it is important to understand that it is the Church that transformed education in the world in light of the missionary mandate of Jesus. As educators, we understand this task as being inspired by a supernatural vision; that built from the fruitful interactions between Jerusalem, Athens and Rome, we are still today called to evangelize all ends of the earth with the truth. This is the basis upon which this process of renewal is founded. In a recent address to U.S. Bishops, Pope Benedict XVI stated, “Before all else, I would acknowledge the great progress that has been made in recent years in improving catechesis, reviewing texts and bringing them into conformity with the Catechism of the Catholic Church. Catholic schools remain an essential resource for the New Evangelization, and the significant contribution that they make to American society as a whole ought to be better appreciated and more generously supported. Catholic schools need to reaffirm their distinctive identity in fidelity to their founding ideals and the Church’s mission in service of the Gospel. Providing young people with a sound education in the faith represents the most urgent internal challenge facing the Catholic community in our country. The deposit of faith is a priceless treasure which each generation must pass on to the next by winning hearts to Jesus Christ and shaping minds in the knowledge, understanding and love of his Church.” In response to these points of recognition, the Catholic Intellectual Tradition Committee focused directly on efforts leading first and foremost to the strengthening of catechesis in both our students and faculty by creating a lecture series that featured professors from the Augustine Institute, the Seminary, and the Biblical School. In these lectures, we have studied papal documents, such as Archbishop Michael Miller’s Holy See’s Teaching on Catholic Schools, and have revisited


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An Evening of Entertainment This past spring, the Bishop Machebeuf Drama department held their annual “Evening of Entertainment�. The audience was treated to musical numbers performed by the choir, guitar and piano solos and short skits.

Fond Farewell On May 7, the BMHS faculty and staff hosted the annual Senior Breakfast, our way of saying thank you to the class of 2012 and their parents.

Donor Dedication On the evening of May 2, the plaque commemorating the donors of the Building on a Tradition of Excellence Capital Campaign was unveiled by Board of Trustees Chair Nancy Bauman with her husband Mark and blessed by Fr. Douglas Grandon. The plaque honors the 264 individuals and families who contributed to the $2,200,633.59 campaign.


Scene a

at Machebeuf

Peru Mission Trip

20 12

18 Students. 10 days in Peru. 7 tons of rock. Life-changing. by Mr. Eduard Lugo, Director of Campus Ministry

Ok, I don’t know if it was really seven tons, but after moving rocks by hand for three days straight, it sure felt like seven tons. In the past seven years, I’ve brought young men and women on mission trips to Panama twice, Samoa twice and New Orleans five times. I’ve never had an experience as complete as our mission trip to Peru. I’ve also never had a group be asked to remove several tons of rock from a hill only using shovels and buckets. I’ve never been asked to build a cement wall sixteen feet tall and thirty-two feet wide. I’ve also never seen a group of eighteen teenagers work so hard. I watched as lives changed over those ten days.

Here’s what we did....

We built a retaining wall in a “shanty-town” for a school. Peru is a desert surrounded by hills made of loose, shale rock. The poorest people live in 10 foot by 10 foot shacks in the hills. They have no running water, makeshift electricity and the loos shale rocks create constant rock slides that slide into their homes. The school that we built a retaining wall for was literally being covered by rocks. Our first job was to remove several tons of rock in order to clear space for the wall and find the solid rock for the wall’s foundation. I’ll let the students tell the story through the daily blog put up on our website...

June 5

Day 1travel

We made it safely to Peru and we are ready for some sleep! This morning we gathered at Machebeuf at 3 am! After 17 hours of travel, we arrived at our convent/retreat center in Peru at about 12:30 am, said morning prayer and quickly fell asleep. The traffic in Peru is bad all the time, even at 12:30 in the morning! There’s one gigantic foggy cloud that hangs over the city for about 6 months. It’s cool and humid, but not too cold. We can’t wait to get out and explore tomorrow! Pray for us!

June 6

Day 2visit

Hola from Peru! Today we went and checked out two schools called Villa Caritas (All-Girls) and San Pedro (All-Boys). Both schools are built at the base of the mountains! After that, we got a brief history of Peru and a quick overview of the area we are working in. Learning about the super-high poverty percentage made me so thankful for everything I have. When the presentations were done, Alejandro and David, our guides for the week from the Christian Life Movement, decided to take us out for some fun. We went to a park filled with fountains, two of which you can walk through. Needless to say, all of us were extremely wet by the end of our visit. We then came back home, where we changed and sat down for a ridiculously good dinner, after which we had a quick talk and then went off to bed. Oh, I almost forgot Sr. Paulina. She is the cutest and sweetest nun I have ever met! She is about 4 feet 10 inches tall and about 80 years old. Everytime she sees us, she gives us hugs and speaks to us in Spanish. It’s been a great first day here and I can’t wait to see what happens next! See y’all in 8 days!

- Jackie Mock 10

June 7

Day 3move rocks

Today we started working on the retaining wall. The area that we worked was the poorest place that any of us have ever seen. There were a lot of stray dogs and people living in makeshift shacks. Our first job is to clear rocks. The work was very strenuous! Four of us worked with the children in the school, who were around age 4-5. We taught them how to count from 1-10 in English. Then we taught them how to play musical chairs and duck, duck, goose. They loved it and were excited and happy.

After work, we went to a parish that is a community center for the CLM. We had Mass in the beautiful church there, and the Peruvian teenagers there played some traditional Peruvian music for us. For dinner we ate cow heart, which most of us liked even though some of us didn’t know that’s what we were eating. After more games and lots of conversation with the Peruvians, we were ready for some sleep.

- Reid Lochmiller

June 8

Day 4move more rocks

We woke up this morning earlier than I would have liked! We worked at the school still digging up rock and dirt to make a flat surface in order to build the wall. The work went on forever!

After hammerin’ out some work, we went to a Peruvian buffet on the coast and it was delicious! After eating, we walked around the area and took pictures by the water with a beautiful view of the coast.

We finished the day off playing basketball and volleyball with guys from the Christian Life Movement. I’m not sure how basketball went, but we had a very intense game of volleyball between the guys and girls. If you know ANYTHING about the Machebeuf Volleyball Team, you would know that those girls take volleyball way too seriously... but the girls lost after a hard fought game. That, friends, family, and loved ones, was our day!!! - Liz Griffin

June 9

Day 5zoo and fútbol

Greetings from Peru! It is now day 5 and we had to wake up at 6:45 and head to morning prayer. After breakfast, we drove to the zoo and met up with about 80 kindergarten kids from the shanty towns.

Our job was to walk around the zoo with the kids and make sure that none of them got lost. It was a fun adventure with them. Seeing the kids faces light up when they saw the animals was great. We walked around to see all of the animals and had a lot of fun playing with the little kids. We left the kids with high fives and giving them piggy-back rides to the bus. After arriving back at our retreat center, we got dressed up and played soccer at the “School of Reconciliation,” and everyone was so excited. We split up into teams after we got to the school and had at least one Peruvian and one American on each team. Afterwards, we went to “Bembos” for dinner, which is the Peruvian version of McDonald’s, and it was interesting. Some of the burgers even had fried bananas on them! We had night prayer on our bus on the way back to the retreat center and went to sleep! -Nick Owen


June 10

Day 6Corpus Christi

Hola! Today we took a trip downtown to partake in the feast of Corpus Christi. Over 50,000 people came to celebrate Mass and to witness the procession. The streets surrounding the Cathedral were lined with enormous, extravagant “carpets” made with colorful flower petals. The real beauty, however, was in the Peruvian people themselves. Everyone was dancing and singing; they were filled with so much joy and life. It was truly inspiring to see the heart and passion for the Lord present in those people. In the afternoon we went to the park. We started out playing ultimate frisbee, but then ended up playing “World Cup” in soccer. Epic goals were scored, ridiculous saves were made, and great fun was had. We’re more than halfway through our mission trip, and the experience so far can hardly be put into words. We’re all a little bit tired, but we’re looking forward to the many adventures still in store for us. - Angeli Mata

June 11

Day 7begin the wall

Hola! Today we worked very hard. First, we moved more rocks off of the hill. After that, the men we were working with kept pushing more rocks into the areas that we already excavated. This made us a little angry, but by the end of the day we were laying the base of the wall that we are building. Mr. Lugo proved to be the master cement mixer, although Angeli did pretty much everything. She made the rest of us look like slackers.

After we were done working, we went to a mall, named Larcomar, that was built on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It was very relaxing and very beautiful. We had dinner there at a restaurant, enjoyed walking around, went home and fell right to sleep. - Nic McDonald

June 12


Day 8más cemento. más piedras.

More cement. More rocks. All day long we mixed cement, moved rocks and continued with the construction of the wall.

The beginning of the day was very interesting. When we arrived at our worksite, there was a large gathering of people from the community arguing about where the wall should be placed. Our leader, Alejandro explained to us that these conflicts are frequent because nobody actually owns the land in the shanty-towns. When all that the people there have in the world is a 10x10 square of land, then they fight for every inch. One group thought the wall should be moved back two feet; another group said it should stay where it is. The conflict was resolved and we continued to work.

In the evening, we visited the Church of San Francisco, which was built in the late 1500s. The church was beautiful and underneath the church was a crypt containing the bones of almost 25,000 people! It was a bit creepy for many of us. We visited another church just down the road named San Pedro, which was built in the early 1600s. At one time in Lima, there were 15 churches within 2 square miles! - Mr. Lugo

June 13

Day 9finished

We finished our wall! We worked all morning long and mixed two more batches of cement and moved more rocks than we could count, but we finished! It was exhausting work, but well worth it to see how happy the community was.

We even got a special visit from the mayor of the district where we worked. We christened the wall by breaking a bottle of champagne over it, wrote our names on the wall, the community cooked us a delicious meal and threw us a small party. To celebrate, we played with the kids, ate, drank a Peruvian drink called “chicha” and danced. It was a lot of fun. After all of this we headed back to downtown Lima and visited the Cathedral of Lima and had an excellent tour guide. We also visited the tombs of St. Rose of Lima and St. Martin de Porres. These were two saints who lived in Lima in the 1500s. St. Rose of Lima is the first native born saint from the Americas. We’re sad to be saying our goodbyes tomorrow!

June 14

Day 10retreat and goodbyes

Today we said goodbye to Peru. In the morning we had a small retreat. It was a good way to wrap up our time down here and to bring our focus back to the Lord.

In the afternoon we went to a school named, “La alegría del Señor”, which in English means, “The Joy of the Lord”, and man was it JOYFUL! It is a school for physically handicapped students. We had so much fun! We helped the kids eat their lunch, which can be very difficult with some of their handicaps and then we played with them. Some of us played soccer or just talked and played games. It was so much fun! None of us wanted to leave.

We then wrapped up our trip with a quick stop at the Inca Market, the “flea market” of Lima, where we purchased lots of souvenirs and enjoyed haggling prices. With that our trip was complete and we headed to the airport, grateful for these fulfilling and life-changing ten days in Peru!

There’s 3 ways:

Want to get involved? Donations

Student Trip

BMHS Attn: Peru 458 Uinta Way Denver, CO 80230

Tentativeley Scheduled for:

Checks payable to:

100% of Donations will go directly to the Christian Life Movement to help finish the rest of the wall and rebuild the school.

June, 2013

Please join us for the parent information meeting

@ BMHS Wednesday, September 19th 6:30 pm Room #101

Parent Trip We would like to give parents of all skill sets the opportunity to participate in a parent mission trip. If you are interested, please contact Mr. Eduard Lugo for more information:

303.344.0082 ext. 158

If we have enough interest, we will set a meeting date and begin the planning process.


Where’s the class of 2012? University of St. Thomas

Gonzaga University Spokane, Washington 1 student

St. Paul, Minnesota

The George Washington University

1 student

Colorado Schools 50 students

Washington D.C.

2 students

University of Wyoming Laramie, Wyoming

2 students

University of Notre Dame

Wyotech Institute

Academy of Art Institute

South Bend, Indiana

1 student

Laramie, Wyoming

San Francisco, California

Benedictine College

1 student

1 student

Atchison, Kansas

3 students

Franciscan Univ. of Steubenville

Rockhurst University

University of California - Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, California

Kansas City, Missouri

1 student Kansas State University

1 student

Manhattan, Kansas

1 student

Howard University

Steubenville, Ohio

1 student

Washington D.C.

1 student

Tuskegee University Tuskegee, Alabama

1 student

University of New Mexico Albuquerque, New Mexico

Texas Wesleyan University

1 student

Fort Worth, Texas

1 student

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Colorado State University University of Northern Colorado Greeley Fort Collins 4 students 4 students

Honolulu, Hawaii

1 student

Regis University Denver

7 students

University of Colorado Boulder


5 students Colorado Mesa University Grand Junction

3 students Arapahoe Community College

Art Institute of Colorado

1 student

2 students



1 student

University of Denver

Johnson and Wales University Denver

1 student

Fort Lewis College Durango

1 student


2 students

Western State College Gunnison

1 student

Community College of Denver Denver

5 students

University of Colorado


University of Colorado

Colorado Springs

2 students

Metropolitan State College of Denver Denver

11 students

City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong

1 student

Here’s where the class of 2012 will be this fall:

Academy of Art University San Francisco, CA Staja Thomas

Arapahoe Community College Denver, CO Catherine Meyer

Art Institute of Colorado Denver, CO Le’nia Stitt Andraya Williams

Colorado State University Ft. Collins, CO Julio Becerril Ashanti Gosha Norissa McKinney Alexandria Tina

Community College of Denver Denver, CO Sergio Armas Cintya Cham Daniel Delgado Jesse Douglas Claudia Vazquez

Fort Lewis College Durango, CO Thomas Cogger Benedictine College Atchison, KS Gabriella Miller Veronica Miller Nicholas Suhr

City University of Hong Kong Hong Kong Hee Dam Yoon

Colorado Mesa University Grand Junction, CO Jeffrey Clark

Howard University Washington D.C. Cayla Harris

Johnson and Wales University Denver, CO Emily Landry

Kansas State University Manhattan, KS Abel Desta

Metropolitan State College Denver, CO Sam Ambrose Fernanda Antunez Joshua Correa Kevin Dietel Jack Graas Marrissa Jones Cecelia Landis Cinthia Martinez Henry Rutherford Jessenia Sosa

Franciscan University of Steubenville Steubenville, OH John Mares

Gonzaga University Spokane, WA Reba Nazish

Regis University Denver, CO Kimberly Bell Jennifer Campos Maria Crossland David Lovell Jordan MadridAndrews John Marriott

Rockhurst University Kansas City, MO Andrea Lazzara

University of Colorado Denver, CO Manuel Lipic Nevan McCabe

University of Notre Dame South Bend, IN Joshua Napierkowski

Texas Wesleyan University Fort Worth, TX Gloria Sandoval University of Denver Denver, CO Lucy Constantino Alyssa Kucera

University of St. Thomas St. Paul, MN Olivia Lang

Tuskegee University Tuskegee, AL Jaron Walker

University of California - Santa Barbara Santa Barbara, CA Alex Meallet

University of Colorado Boulder, CO Alula Fitsum Bria May Kevin Murphy Nicholas Richards Damian Siu

University of Colorado Colorado Springs, CO CJ Gates David Jones Jr.

University of Hawaii at Manoa Honolulu, HI Tyler Iwasaki

University of Wyoming Laramie, WY Skylyn Borne Brianna O’Shea

University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM Dianna Montoya Western State College Gunnison, CO Pierce Moynihan

University of Northern Colorado Greeley, CO Misgana Alem Rebecca Howell Antonio Murdock Jessica Tovado

Wyotech Institute Laramie, WY Eric Flageolle

The Gospel of Life at Boys State

This summer, BMHS Seniors John Knetemann and Jack Corriere attended Boys State. Boys State is a summer leadership program during which program participants elect mock municipal and state officials and pass bills in a similar manner to the legislative process of the United States. This is their story of introducing pro-life legislation at Boys State. Boys State was an interesting and incredibly rewarding program in which we learned about the United States Government and how to be a successful politician. We campaigned for different offices, participated or led party conventions, and created a state government. The most important part of the week for me was my advocacy of the pro-life bill that Jack Corriere (BMHS Senior) and others submitted. This bill called for a ban on abortions. I was given a few minutes to speak about the bill before the House and I gave a quick four minute speech and opened up the floor for questions. This question period made me realize that not only is the pro-life argument strong, but the pro-choice argument is groundless. The bill passed the House, with NO amendments, meaning the bill was unchanged (which was perfect). I knew that the Senate would be a much more difficult task, as it was filled with many relativists. I gave a speech and answered questions in this chamber of Congress, and this experience helped me to realize the dangers and evils in the prevelant mind-set of relativism. One Senator asked me the question, “Legally, the Government has no right in regulating us in such a way. How can you justify the regulation of a woman’s body?” My response was that the Government does what it needs to protect ALL its citizens and the Declaration of Independence places LIFE before


LIBERTY. How can one have liberty, anyways, if they are never given life? I later brought up the point that the US Government protects bird eggs as an endangered life with a multi-thousand dollar fine if destroyed. How could the Government protect a bird egg over a human fetus? Of course, being on a groundless argument, the pro-choice supporters brushed it off as a joke saying, “Does that mean when I eat eggs in the morning I am killing and aborting?” This wasn’t my point at all, and they knew that. The bill passed the Senate by a majority of only 2 votes. The bill was then taken to the Governor to be signed. For the past day, in between congress meetings, I had lobbied both the Lt. Governor and the Governor for hours to sign this bill. The Lt. Governor was a pro-life advocate and agreed to sign it and push the Governor to sign the bill. I had sat with the Governor for the past couple meals speaking with him and lobbying the passage of the pro-life bill. I seemed to strike a deal with him and it seemed our pro-life bill had passed. The last day of attendance, we had an address by the Governor describing the bills he passed into law. Unfortunately, no pro-life bill was ever mentioned. This shocked all those under the pro-life agenda. When asked about it he said it never reached his office or to his desk for signing. I only hope that what he said was a lie because if what he is saying is

true, it just shows the fear in the prochoice movement. The pro-choice movement knows its argument is weak. They have to push it out of question altogether instead of fighting it through debate. You may be wondering what the importance of this bill was. “It is only Boys State,” you may be thinking. But it is not! The point is to change the minds of those attending. Not only that, but all bills passed into law through Boys State are introduced to the Colorado State Legislature and have a chance to actually become law. Earlier in the year, I was asked what I have done in the pro-life movement in Mr. Lenzini’s class. Unfortunately, my answer was truthfully nothing! I hadn’t put enough thought into becoming active about it. BUT NOW, I feel that I have done more than a majority of people will ever do in a lifetime. What I would like to bring to your attention, and all the students of BMHS, is that political activism is important, and if you are not politically active, you are letting someone else choose for you. That is the only problem with the pro-life movement today, it has the perfect arguments and points, but not the proper political activism. I encourage everyone, teachers and students, to write their state and national legislatures, ALL OF THEM (Democrats and Republicans). I assure you it will make a difference. - John Knetemann BMHS Senior

PROM 2012

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Spring Semester Honor Roll

Principal’s List

1st Honor Roll

2nd Honor Roll

Lily Jansen Hae Won Park Maureen Reilly Rose Sabin Benjamin Suhr Nguyen Tram Myranda Weakland

Catherine Hegarty Elizabeth Jensen Caroline Landry Clare Lowrey Madison Mares Keara O’Toole Denise Overbey Nathaniel Reyes Jaida Rollins George Sandoval Lily Tovado Colin Turner

Valeria Burciaga Rebecca Cleven Jake Donahue Benjamin Espinola Felicia Hernandez Torie Huddleston Marcos Lipic Zachary Michalczyk Aidan Naughton Lea Nichols Francis Paolucci Anna Pham Riley Thielke Elizabeth Vergil



Dominic Batuello Aaron Beckman Rhett Crismon Conar Donovan Opal Drapeau William Keiss Arturo Mata-Martinez Nicolas McDonald Rachel Napierkowski Caroline Paciaroni Johniece Parker Celine Reyes Huy Tran Alexis Walker-Dunham


Sierra Blanchard-Hodge Jack Corriere Wynter Freeman Min Kang Francis Knafelc John Knetemann Joseph Lemming Elisabeth Lilles Paulina Limasalle Angeli Mata Jaclyn Mock Sydney Moser Abigail Neirynck Truc Nguyen Hattie Orzolek Monica Paolucci Anna Sidor Asni Solomon Daniela Ukuni Eleanor Usick Sebastian Vazquez-Carson Jonathan Whiteley

The Class of 2012


Maria Crossland Rebecca Howell Andrea Lazzara David Lovell John Marriott Joni Maxson Norissa McKinney Alexandra Meallet Catherine Meyer Veronica Miller Kevin Murphy Joshua Napierkowski Reba Nazish Brianna O’Shea Nicholas Suhr Alexandria Tina Hee Dam Yoon




Cecilia Berry Hannah Boldt Mussie Gebremedhin John Gieger Kirsten Grandon Ashanti Johnson Daisy Mena Rebecca Naiman Alexandra Nearing Warren Nitz Katherine Schaffer Maggie Smith Mary Tynan Tristin Zimmermann

Alexa Bailon Benjamin Bartosz Celina Gonzales Haleigh Hurlbut Ji Hyun Park Gabriella Saragosa Giorgia Tesei Annabelle Towle



Finnuella Carey Kelly Daly Taylor Kipp Aisha May Samuel Mellentine Anna Moran Luis Ortiz Cyril Waymel

The Class of 2012 Kimberly Bell Jennifer Campos Lucinda Constantino Alyssa Kucera Olivia Lang Bria May Gabriella Miller Dianna Montoya Kaleigh Nitz Damian Siu


Jacob Carrillo Taylor Crawford Michaela Dexter Temer Gaim Shannon Huddleston Kaitlyn Lawlor Miriam Luevano Carmen Lujan Paris McManus Kelsey Moore Lauren Riley Lucy Rodgers Casey Splane

The Class of 2012 Skylyn Borne Christopher Gates Ashanti Gosha John Graas Cayla Harris Gloria Sandoval Jaron Walker

We sure could use a .... Our maintenance department could use the following: Freezer (chest or upright) Refrigerator Washing Machine If you would like to donate an item, please contact Gary Graf 303.344.0082 ext. 121

Summa Cum Laude! Medal Winners from the National Latin Exam Congratulations to the students who received medals in the National Latin Exam. The National Latin Exam is a test given to over 136,000 Latin students worldwide. The test covers general knowledge of Latin grammar, vocabulary, mythology, customs, derivatives, and translation abilities. From Top Left: Kate Espinola Silver Medal, Maxima Cum Laude for Latin I; Argel Almeraz Silver Medal, Maxima Cum Laude For Latin I

Top Right: Sebastian Vazquez-Carson Silver Medal, Maxima Cum Laude For Latin III

At Left: Caroline Paciaroni Gold Medal, Summa Cum Laude for Latin II; Aaron Beckman Silver Medal, Maxima Cum Laude for Latin II;

Right: Joni Maxson Silver Medal, Maxima Cum Laude for Latin IV

...Continued from Page 4 the ancient method of prayer, the Lectio Divina. The administration is committed to the continuation of this catechesis and formation of the faculty and students as we focus on this on-going renewal that will absolutely strengthen our ability to serve the mission of Bishop Machebeuf High School and the Catholic Church. As we move into this next year, following the extensive investigative and committee work that has been completed, the Catholic Intellectual Tradition Committee will continue to evaluate the effectiveness of our curriculum to lead students to the truth by pursuing the true nature of things from their true point and source of origin – God. We will be modifying and enhancing the delivery of our currently existing academically rigorous curriculum by assisting faculty in facilitating in our students the ability to critically examine the ethical and political principles drawn from the tradition of natural law. Finally, one key goal and outcome will be to equip our students to engage as competent citizens in contemporary society by living and articulating their convictions in accordance with revelation as it has been passed on through the living Tradition of the Catholic Church. Through these efforts of renewal of the Catholic Intellectual Tradition, we will see changes in how our students learn, live, and lead with an increased understanding of both faith and reason (fides et ratio). At his address to the United Nations in 1995, the Blessed Pope John Paul II suggested that, “the truths of the natural moral law – the moral logic which is built into human life, could serve as a universal grammar enabling cross-cultural dialogue throughout the world.” As Catholics, we should bring to bear in public life the moral truths we hold through perspectives framed by the grammar and vocabulary of the natural moral law. I invite you to join in this exciting new endeavor as we partner with our the parents, as the primary educators of their children. We will be enhancing our curriculum to reflect a Catholic worldview even better than before, as we continue to strive to bring personal relationships to our students that reflect a transparent, living witness to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I wish you many blessings on this new school year. In Christ, Jessie Skipwith Principal


magazine - Back to School Beacon 2012  

magazine - Back to School Beacon 2012

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