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“Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy.” Kimora Lee

This time we recreated Elucid from scratch. The recipe is Fashion, Art and New York. We were determined to create something inspiring, evoking and we wanted to be the voice of New York.

ElucidNY Elucid Magazine 51 west 8th street New York - NY- 10011 Studio 216 Plymouth St. Brooklyn, NY,11201 Advertising inquiries 646 492 9557 Submission


Founder / Creative Director Ankit Rauniyar

“Even a broken clock shows the right time twice a day” Editor Whitney Marquise “Treat each day as your last. One day you will be right” Fashion Director Danielle Sosalski “I didn’t come for the pizza, but if you’re offering” Style Director Reiss Le Vu “Fashion is an indefinable concept because it’s a way of life, dynamic & personal.” Business Development Alina Henderson “Life is beautiful” Director of Marketing Georgina Chen “If it’s your own gain, it’s manipulating. If its their own gain, It’s motivating” Director of Digital Arts Mayada Farawlo “Better to be the one who smiled than the one who didnt smile back.” Director of Arts Carolina Lebrun “Did you see a hyper halo on top my head ?” Director of Design Anna Laitinen “There is no need to be accepted, stay original” Director of special events Sara Ray “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.”

Photographer : Model :

Oscar Picazo Tygeria Notyard (TDM Agency)

Elucid Magazine Fashion


“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.” — Ralph Lauren

Williamsburg is the best, that's because you really get to see people be creative. Being in Williamsburg is like a whole new world. You'll see a lot of styles from the 70's and 80's mixed together. Including a couple of things your parents may have worn. Honestly, there are probably trends from your childhood mixed in there too somewhere. It sounds wild, but It's all done in such a creative way. If you're Tom boy chic, or got a little punk rock in you, this is the perfect place to be for ideas. You will definitely see a lot of cool ways to dress up and dress down. Funky bold patterns and a cute platform shoe are like a requirement to get in though , so, dress accordingly.

WILLIAMSBURGFASHION Photographer : Richard Cordero Stylist : Reiss Le Vu Hair & Make up artist: Takashi Ashizawa Model : Karin Agstam Art directed: Carolina Lebrun Manicurist: Mia Shimura Sponsored By: Oribe hair care, make up M.A.C. Cosmetics


Elucid Magazine Fashion

13 Natty Paint Melon Co-Ordinates $250.00


The Pyramid Ring $1,680

WILLIAMSBURGBRUNCH Dur Doux white floral skirt Handbag , BLACKSEA Bullet necklace Raw Design by Wei-Tung Yeh 50.00 Elucid Magazine Fashion


WILLIAMSBURG FORMAL Whiskey Sangaree recipe 1 1/2 oz blended whiskey 1/2 oz tawny port 2 1/2 oz club soda 2 tsp water 1 tsp superfine sugar 1 pinch grated nutmeg 1 pinch ground cinnamon Dissolve the sugar in the water and whiskey in a highball glass. Almost fill the glass with crushed ice and add club soda. Float tawny port on top. Garnish with a lemon twist, and dust with nutmeg and cinnamon. Serve.


Serve in: Highball Glass


Modern indigenous charm necklace Raw Design by Wei-Tung Yeh ShadowPlayNYC lightening swimsuit Rings: Raw Design by Wei-Tung Yeh

Elucid Magazine Fashion


The Prime Necklace $2,500

WILLIAMSBURG SHOPPING Natty Paint Moto Jacket Natty Paint Checkered Shorts



The Foreign Archives earring dragon fly duster Rings: Raw Design by Wei-Tung Yeh

Elucid Magazine Fashion


WILLIAMSBURG NIGHTCAP ImPishlee (custom handmade lingerie)


Vertalor Tourbillon

“To draw, you must close your eyes and sing” Pablo Picasso

CONTEST While there are a lot of topics out there, we are holding a competition to feature something special. “ Equality in pay between genders ”. Entering to win is pretty simple. Send us your illustrated designs to email provided below and the best design will bring you a $500 gift card and a feature here.



Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor


Tell us a little about yourself I am a 25 year old illustrator and artist from Colombia. I live in Bogota, my usual days consist of going to boxing training and then going home to work on an image. For years I’ve tried to take advantage of all media and visual resources that I could to develop images; from pencil and paper to digital painting. I like to build bridges between alternate universes and reality, creating forms of life capable to live in fantasy and illusion.

How do you describe your personal style?

Do you have a go to place for your art inspirations ?

I don’t know, I don’t have any I guess. I’m the mix of multiple styles and other artists views. I guess the only personal style I own comes from the intentions of every image and the idea behind it.

I have some spots where I’m calm and easy, but more than that I find very inspirational to watch things grow, things move, people talking, doing stuff and feeling stuff, sometimes from my window home. Sometimes from anywhere.

What do you think of New York City ? Hum, I’ve never been there, but I guess it must be a crazy place, with a lot of crazy people, which is good. A place with a lot of options for everybody, which is uncommon.

Do you have a message to the readers ? Hello to everybody who’s doing creative things.

Carolina Rodriguez Fuenmayor


Elucid Magazine Fashion


Horse Whispers

by Johny Dar Interviewed by: Whitney Marquise

Fear is just a lie that can stop you from furthering your exploration or furthering your possibilities in life. I definitely romanced fear quite a bit before entering this project because many people thought it would be a financial and artistic disaster - or that it just wouldn’t be possible. But the impossible is just what lies behind the fears of the possibilities.

What was the exact moment that you realized this is my next project? When I realized how challenging this project would be, and that it would be the next chapter in the story that I started with Tuuli by Dar. It’s the next series within a sequence of artistic expressions, created through the art of photography mixed with the art of painting a living medium. 26

ELUCIDINTERVIEWS How much preparing did you have to do in order to make it work? First of all I needed to be able to study the movement of the horse. For instance a horse’s skin jitters whenever a fly lands on it, and horses react to the brush the same way, so that part was quite challenging. I had to understand that movement and be able to work around it. The other thing was calming the horse enough for him to let me paint his face, and I chose a stallion to work with which made it more challenging. I had to spend some time – about a week – with the horse before we started painting, to become friends. There was a process of establishing communication between us and making sure that he didn’t feel like he was just a canvas for me - I wanted him to know that I was a medium for him to be able to share his expression too.

Did you paint a real horse and if so how many did you use? It was a real horse. At first we were going for 4 or 5 horses but I really wanted this project to be a continuation from Tuuli by Dar, which was a woman painted 12 different ways, so I decided to paint one horse 12 different ways. What inspired the 12 different looks? Some of them were inspired by the way that horses move - the way they run and the shapes and forms that they create through their fur, or their muscles and skin - and bringing that motion into colour and form through the patterns. In what ways did you have to bond with Bader to achieve stillness for that long? Well you know after a week of hanging out we came to feel really comfortable with each other, and I believe once he knew my intention he was very up for it. He let me paint his face in such detail, which no other horse would have. It really wouldn’t have been possible to do this with any other horse that I have come across - we just bonded right from the start.

How many people did you need to complete the project and how long did it take? It was quite a team. I worked with a very talented hairstylist Shindescu and his assistant and a few other hair stylists came to help out too. And there were 3 to 4 assistant painters filling in the lines. Then there was the horse trainer and his assistant, who were maintaining the horse and keeping him fed and happy. It took between 12 and 14 hours each day and about 6 days give or take. What was your favorite moment from this whole experience? When we were done and Bader turned to me and so much emotion poured out of his eyes I couldn’t help but start crying myself. And I gave him a hug and told him - you changed my life you know - I hope I did the same for you too.

Elucid Magazine Fashion


What is your ultimate goal for this project, and what do you want people to take from it? It’s important to explore the world around us and the vastness of the creations we are surrounded by. Don’t be afraid to dream bigger than your last possibilities. Know there is more to life than what is in front of you, so don’t be afraid to venture beyond your comfort zone. When will the exhibit be available for viewing and where can one see it? Right now it’s showing in Berlin in the House of Dar and then it will be showing at the Mocca in Beijing and also in Los Angeles towards the end of the year. We don’t have a venue confirmed for New York yet, but we are looking forward to showing it there in the near future.


“Walk like you have three men walking behind you.” Oscar de la Renta

Soho is the place for the girl that doesn’t mind being hard core edgy. She classes it up with flirtatious, chic pieces, and doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Women in soho aren’t afraid to wear leather in the summer time. They basically invented leather in the summer time, because they are bold, daring and sexy. Soho is also the best place to spot a cute chunky heeled shoe. The women of Soho makes you want to get out there, mix up different trends, and be confident doing so.

SOHOFASHION Photographer: Paul Tirado Stylist: Jungle Lin Hair & Makeup Artist: Takashi Ashizawa Manicurist: Mia Shimura Art Directed: Julius Toussaint Model right: Theolanda Franco (Couture Modeling Agency ) Model left: Perpetua Smith ( Couture Modeling Agency ) Sponsored By: Oribe hair care, make up for M.A.C. Cosmetics


Article by: Whitney Marquise

SOHOFASHION Elucid Magazine Fashion




SOHOFASHION Elucid Magazine Fashion



Think for yourself’s while its still Legal !!



When It’s Time to Sell Your Jewelry

Boucheron Invisibly-Set Sapphire and Diamond Ring — Circa 1940




Photographer : Makeup Artist :

Miguel Herrera Carolina Lebrun

Why Do People Wear All BLACK ? Take a walk down the streets of New York City and you will notice a recurring theme; black is everywhere. There are women in black dresses. There are men in black suits. There are athletes in black sports wear. There are children in black tights. There are universal black coats, black hats and black umbrellas. Needless to say, New York is a city of endless black. There are many reasons as to why black is such a popular color for New Yorkers. It is practical and easily layered, which is important when it comes to New York’s crazy climate changes. Black goes with every season, and is easily matched with any accessory, color, or style, making it a universal staple for every closet. Black conveys a sense of elegance and power, something New Yorkers are no stranger to. Psychologically, black creates an air of mystery, elusiveness and authority, something all New Yorkers strive for. Black also evokes a sense of potential and possibility, something New Yorkers feel so deep in their souls that it becomes part of their everyday attire. Of course there are flattering reasons to wear black, too. Black doesn’t put a pattern on bodies; rather, it gives the body a sexy silhouette, an outline, a shape. It draws other people toward it in the same way that it absorbs other colors for creation. The silhouette forming color is popular among women and men, alike. And, it’s so much black in the wardrobe of businessmen and businesswomen it is easy to perceive it as a color of power, sophistication and respect. However, not too far back in time, black was associated with a different meaning; mourning. Even further back, black was the color worn by aristocrats and kings. In the 14th century, Philip the Duke of Burgundy dressed exclusively in black to show off his sense of style. It gave him some discretion without shadowing the magnificence of his attire. Black was a fabric difficult to produce with natural dyes, and it conveyed an air of refinement, sort of in the same way it does today. Similarly, in the 15th century, black was considered a color of wealth for Spanish aristocrats and the Dutch upper middle class, alike.

New Yorkers said “It fits the mood “ - Megan Hunt “ It’s the most easiest thing to wear “ - Matthew E Vesey “To look thinner sometimes; the mood sometimes, too.” - Desiree’ Wampler Chambers “Makes me feel slimmer and appropriate in almost any atmosphere or occasion” - Danielle Sosalski “Wearing all Black with sliver jewelry makes me feel elegant especially if I have a pair of elaborate high heels on.” - Michelle Smith “Slimming and mood. Plus, that’s my dress code for work.” - Stacy Dajani “Only during cold weather so that I can get more heat from the sun. I do the opposite when it’s hot.” - Palden Dawa “Classic, elegant, simple, slimming” - Kristin Smith “Easy to match things with ... it’s the most versatile and you never have to worry about clashing.” - Brynna Raine “You can never go wrong when wearing black. It’s just a classic color that always works “ - Dominique Woolford “Matches all my shoes” - Andrea C. Samuels “Its my all time fav color. Its sophisticated, elegant, it compliments everything! You can never go wrong with black. I feel its the best go to color with out having to really “think” about putting an outfit together. Time is a precious commodity.... Black simplifies my day for me.” -Niki Pestel

Elucid Magazine Fashion


Alice and Olivia Lace Dress

Nevertheless, Queen Victoria changed the world’s perception of black in the 19th century when she reintroduced the Roman Empire’s connotation of black as a color of mourning. After the death of her husband, Queen Victoria wore only black for 40 years to display her sorrow. This association with black is very much in the forefront of lives today, as women, men, and children wear black and dark colors to funerals. Black is the absence of color, not just in theory but in color technicality as well. As white is the reflection of all colors, black is the absorption of all visible frequencies of light. Glimpse at any color wheel and you will fail to see black on it. This sense of absence is worn with dignity at funerals to signify the absence of a loved one.


“I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.”

The perception of black changed, yet again, in the 20th century, with the introduction of the little black dress, or more commonly known as “LBD”. Coco Chanel claimed to be the spark in the ignition of change with her introduction of the LBD in the 1926 issue of VOGUE.

Wednesday Addams

Whether it is a dress, a suit, a pair of black leggings or black pumps, you cannot walk the streets of New York City without seeing black. The sex appeal, powerful image and sophisticated tone sets black above the rest. Needless to say, black has taken a hold of fashion and refuses to let go. Sure, other colors may be “in” for a season, or two, but black is here to stay.

New Yorkers said “Black is very elegant, timeless and looks great as a monochrome outfit or with a pop of color from shoes or a handbag. Wearing black, you can never go out of style.” - Amber Cobelle

“It is a uniform for all women of taste,” Chanel said. She introduced the little black dress as simple, elegant and wearable for every occasion. Boosted by popularity through icons, such as Audrey Hepburn, the little black dress became a staple in American fashion and remains that way to this day.

Article by: Alex Alford

“It’s generally a clean and uniform look. It can be classic but modern. But it’s slimming and hides most everything.” - Rosalinda Biddle “I’m not fond of colorful clothing, which seems to compete with the human wearing them. I save the color for my accessories, including my red lips.” - Jane Olguin Hruska “Black is an exquisite color and easy to coordinate. Black is unique and simple to wear.” - Katerina Giannakopoulos


kristin brynn costello

Stylist Engie Hassan, EngieStyle Assistant Stylists: Daphney Augustin & Marlie Massena – Pattillo Make up artist: Angeliq Turner Hair artist Takashi Shinoda Model Gabby L Fenton Model Management Model Stephanie Custodio Muse Management

Jacket: Elie Tahari Bra: Helmut Lang Leather Shorts: Alice and Olivia


“You can dress in all black but have the most colorful mind. “

Elucid Magazine Fashion



Addicted to Black. Sunglasses: WildFox Bottom: Leather Skirt: Alice and Olivia Top Elie Taharia



“One is never over-dressed or underdressed with a Little Black Dress.” — Karl Lagerfeldt

Necklace: House of Harlow Jumpsuit: Parker Elucid Magazine Fashion


clear comfort spring collection 2015


“Crying is for plain women. Pretty women go shopping.” - Oscar Wilde

The Upper East Side is so fancy. It’s also like, the only neighborhood, where you can spot a woman flawlessly rocking her workout gear, and on the same block, see a group of girl friends in their best brunch attire.This neighborhood eludes elegance and sophistication with a bit of sass to keep it modern. Smooth sleek hair and designer bags are spotted for miles. If you’re a bit on the edgy side but want to class it up, this is the best place to come for ideas hands down. The Upper East Side is the mother of the classy girl that likes to show a little skin in the summer.

UpperEastSideFASHION Photographer : Stylist : Hairstylist : Makeup Artist : Model : Art Director :

Richard Cordero Reiss Le Vu Bianca Bruno Lauren Limata Melanie Rose Kazmercyk ( Couture Modeling Agency ) Carolina Lebrun

Article by: Whitney Marquise


UESFASHION Jewelry : Samantha Cham

Elucid Magazine Fashion




“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening. — Coco Chanel

UESBRUNCH Dur Doux Coral Crop Top, Dur Doux Coral pencil Skirt

Elucid Magazine Fashion


UESFORMAL Suite Pr - ESE Azenador dress



WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie PIPER $995.00

UESSHOPPING ESE Azenador dress

Elucid Magazine Fashion


WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie TRUDEAU 14� - TROLLEY EDITION $1,295.00

UESSWIMWEAR LILYSH design swimwear Chair:


UESEVENINGOUT Dur Doux structured black gown, Bijoux bracelet

WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie CITY $595.00

Elucid Magazine Fashion


WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie BARAJAS A4 $395.00

Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude. Ralph Marston

UESNIGHTCAP Jewelry designs by Samantha Cham






The Subway: Ultimate Tinder?

“Excuse me, is that rhubarb in your bag?” That was the stranger on the subway’s opening line. And it worked. Like my fellow 8.4 million New Yorkers, I rely on the MTA for my daily commute. And also practice my direct eye contact avoidance. Each car is an underground petri dish of people clipping their nails, eating take out, talking loudly, man spreading, or just carrying a really large purse (or two). BUT every once in a while you catch a glint of hope. Some attractive young thing who in addition to having both good hygiene and subway etiquette is – wait –looking right at you! You freeze up, yet the temperature could not rise any higher than on those Summer days when you somehow end up in the one car without air conditioning. It’s happened: you’re both mentally swiping right. Getting to work just became your last priority. Composure. Don’t blow your cool.

Elucid Magazine Fashion


Have no fear though, depending on your timing, this could turn into a long, drawn out affair where you ogle and woo your crush on your way to the office on the daily. Perhaps co-workers will even notice your outfits all of sudden becoming a lot more beguiling. “Oh this old thing?” Unfortunately, this romance quite often ends with no ending really. Just as quick as it arrived, your crush has changed route – poof. Gone! And in all honestly, how many times does this make-you-sweat moment turn into anything beyond a casual distraction? Who do you know in a meaningful relationship from successful subway seductions? For that matter, who’s even gone on a date with someone they met on the train? Plus there’s that eternal question of who makes the first move? How do you break the ice if so far your only commonality is a shared passion for public transportation? Scan your possible paramour for context clues! Is she carrying a yoga mat? Great! You just started Bikram. Does he have a guitar over his shoulder? You’ve been meaning to learn a few new chords. But hurry – time is of the essence! There’s a reason a whole section on Craigslist is devoted to sonnets of L Train eye-f*ckery that led nowhere. How often do you end up laying flirt from afar, only to pull up to your destination and completely miss any love connection? The doors close quickly on these rare and finite fascinations. But have faith – it can all pan out. It all aligned on the uptown A one Summer for me.


The moral of this story? The next time your N/Q/R is stalled on the bridge due to “train traffic ahead”; take a moment to look around. There could be some cutie just hoping to lock eyes or waiting for you to notice them. And if you do spy a match, make your move. Because unlike the mythical completion of the Second Avenue line, you don’t have an eternity to make this happen. It’s showtime!

Article by: Mac Smith

When I worked at Real Simple magazine, there would quite often be a surplus of organic fruits & vegetables from the recipe test kitchen that’d I’d greedily steal up. Imagine my delight when there was spare rhubarb and fresh peaches from this month’s sinfully rich cobbler story. I grabbed my share (ok, maybe more than my share, but it was a long holiday weekend. Don’t want stuff to go bad!) and was on my way home. Spoiled rotten with rhubarb, my brown bag sprouted tell-tale red stalks as I stood against the doors awaiting my stop. I guess this was all the invitation my strapping suitor needed to advance the car and approach me with his alluring inquiry. This brazen display of produce knowledge was a direct success, as I affably gave him my phone number. A day or two later he was over at my wrist deep in dough and fruit filling. Not a euphemism.




Jacket Wrap technology

Laundry Compression Technology速 compresses laundry through air-valve

Recharge smartphone

4 high quality spinner wheels

Permanent checklist

The improved GENIUS PACK 22" CARRY ON SPINNER | $238.00

Technology Integrated Suitcases. 17 Features Patent-Pending. Engineered For You. Use code ELMAG for 15% off



Designer Irina Shabayeva has quickly become a new big name in fashion. Shabayeva was born in the Republic of Georgia and raised in Brooklyn New York. Irina graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2003 to pursue a career in the fashion industry. While at Parsons, she was honored with the prestigious Saga Design Award among others. Saga allowed her to study fur design in Denmark. Following her graduation she went on to work for Adrienne Landau as the head designer. In 2009, Irina competed and won Project Runway Season 6. Since her win, Irina has been growing her brand. In 2011, Irina launched an exclusive bridal collection for Kleinfeld and now has a budding bridal business. The same year Irina launched a line called LUXE by Irina to be sold exclusive on HSN the home shopping network. In addition , Irina continues to design to her celebrity clientele which include, Selena Gomez, Carrie Underwood, Madonna, Kelly Rippa, Kelly Clarkson, to mention just a few. “For me, designing is an expression of who I am as a woman.” In fact, Irina credits her feminine instincts and her diverse heritage to her success. Her line encompasses everything from swimwear to cashmere coats. Shabayeva pulls her inspiration from art, nature, world travel and fantasy. For Irina, fashion has never been just about clothes - it’s about a life style. Shabayeva is know for her eye for luxury and femininity. Irina has been noted for her mastery of fit and proportion, her garments at once both framing and accentuating the body, creating sculptural forms with elegant lines and intricate details. Shabayeva is able to unify a diverse range of looks into a coordinated whole. Uniting pieces through themes of color, texture, and silhouette. What results is a complete scope of sophisticated, edgy, and feminine easy-to-wear glamor to suit any occasion seamlessly.

FeaturedDesigner -Irina Shabayeva

Photographer : Designer : Hairstylist : Makeup Artist : Art Directed : Model :


Richard Cordero

Irina Shabayeva Kei Hirata Risako Matsushita Carolina Lebrun Chelcie May Red NYC

“For me, designing is an expression of who I am as a woman.” Elucid Magazine Fashion



1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

15 Tips for your perfect wedding. Tips by,

Meg Hotchkiss LVR Events

A lot of couples set the bar unattainably high when it comes to small details and making a Pinterest worthy event. When planning the details, divide your list into needs & wants. Tackle the must-haves first, and if you don’t get to everything on the “would be nice” list, don’t freak out. No one will think that the lack of custom stir-sticks made your wedding terrible. 2. Be true to yourself when it comes to traditions. Incorporate the ones that you find meaningful and skip the ones that don’t resonate with you. You don’t HAVE to toss your bouquet, dance with your parents, or cut a cake. You don’t even have to have a cake, if that’s not your thing! 3. Take care of yourself . In the weeks leading up to the wedding, you’re likely to be burning the candle at both ends, finishing up things like your seating chart and also trying to get things at work under wraps in order to take some time off. Since stress can lead to everything from a cold to a breakout, make sure that you’re getting rest & taking vitamins! 4. Hire a helping hand. The week leading up to your wedding is the most stressful time in the planning process. It’s when all of the final decisions are made and last minute issues arise. It also happens to coincide with the arrival of all your friends and family. If you’ve decided to forego hiring a wedding planner, you may want to consider hiring a week-of coordinator to handle last minute details, allowing you to focus on spending time with your friends and family. 5. Get ready gracefully. Make sure that you schedule more than enough time for hair and makeup. There’s nothing worse than starting out your big day in a rush trying to catch up to your schedule! You want to ensure that your pre-ceremony hours are as fun and calm as possible. Discuss the schedule with your beauty pros and build in some buffer time for each service. And don’t forget to include some time to actually get dressed. Putting on a wedding dress & accessories usually takes a bit longer than throwing on your favorite jeans and t-shirt. 6. Eat something. Make sure that you and your entourage have plenty of food and water prior to the ceremony. With all the excitement of the big day, it’s easy to forget to eat something. Combine those empty stomachs with pre-wedding champagne, and things could take a turn for the worst pretty quickly! Pre-arranging a food delivery to your getting ready location will remind you to feed yourself. 7. Think about early birds. Discuss what the options are for dealing with early arriving guests with your venue & caterer. Ideally, it’s best to designate a separate area to hold early arrivals, so that no one sees the craziness that is happening behind the scenes in order to finish setting up the venue. Also, you’ll want your photographer to have time to take detailed shots of your venue and décor before guests have access to the space. Also, determine whether or not your caterer will be able to designate someone to serve early arriving guests beverages. 8. Keep your guests comfortable. Adding a few thoughtful comfort items goes a long way in keeping your guests happy. For an outdoor affair, be sure to provide sunscreen, bug repellent, and parasols or fans. If the weather might get chilly, providing wraps for the ladies is a lovely touch. And placing a few necessities like bobbypins, safetypins, lotion, mints and a scented candle in the restroom will be greatly appreciated.

A complete scope of sophisticated, edgy, and feminine easy-towear glamor to suit any occasion seamlessly. 64

9. Don’t turn the reception into a conference. Keep the speeches & toasts to a minimum, and don’t allow room for an open-mic. A large number of speeches can ruin the flow of the party and keep your guests off the dancefloor. It’s best to limit reception speeches to the host and one attendant for each half of the couple (typically the best man & maid of honor). Give your speakers some guidelines to follow and impress upon them the importance of keeping it brief (2-3 minutes is best). If you’re worried that your speakers will be enjoying your signature cocktails, schedule the speaking for early in the event.

Elucid Magazine Fashion


10. Say Hello! It’s really important to connect with each of your guests for a moment. Whether you choose to do a receiving line after the ceremony, or go from table to table during dinner, make it a point to say hello to everyone. If you have a large number of guests, be sure to build this into your day-of timeline.

11. Keep ‘em dancing! The easiest way to keep the dancefloor packed is to play what your guests want to hear! Allow your band/DJ to take requests from your guests (within reason).

12. Make your favors useful. Odds are that people probably don’t have much use or desire for a vase with your names and wedding date engraved on it. If you’re going to hand out favors, going with something edible is always a win. Otherwise, a donation to a favorite charity is a meaningful and classy choice.

13. Feed your vendors. It’s incredibly important to make sure that the people behind the scenes are taken care of. Make sure that your vendors have access to water, a meal or two (depending on how long the day is), and a few scheduled moments of downtime throughout the day. You’ll always receive better service/ products from happy vendors.

14. Have an exit strategy. Not the exit strategy you’re thinking (i.e. sparklers, confetti, etc.). While a grand exit is nice and something worth thinking about, it’s even more important to have a plan in place to designate who is taking important items home at the end of the night. Determine beforehand who will be responsible for things like gifts, ceremony items (wine glass, unity candle, etc.), and anything else that has sentimental or monetary value. Give these people advance notice and make sure that your coordinator knows who’s taking what!



Take a cue from Frozen and let it go. Keep in mind that no event is ever flawless. If something goes wrong, don’t let it get you bent out of shape & ruin the rest of the day. The important thing is that you married the love of your life – that’s the perfect wedding!


Elucid Magazine Fashion



How to Dress Your Low-Maintenance Man Article by: Lea Weatherby

Whether you’re dating him right now or have in the past, most of us have been with a man who has a minimal, if not a non-existent concept of style. Although their heedless fashion faux pas can be endearing, sometimes a woman must gently guide her man away from the ironic t-shirts and toward a properly tailored suit. With that said, we all have our strengths and weaknesses, especially in terms of creativity, so before bombarding him with stylistic criticism, ask yourself if you would be receptive to the idea of retiring your dilapidated pair of Uggs from 2007, as per his request. If you find yourself feeling open-minded to that scenario, then begin by identifying where he seems to be struggling and help him find updated versions of the looks he already loves. Outfit : HTC Hollywood Trading Company -


Wes Stoody


Ray-Ban is still at the peak of popularity, and for good reason. The designs are ideal for practical, everyday looks and can easily be integrated into any outfit. If he’s not big on accessorizing, then classic styles, like a pair of Aviators or Wayfarers, are your best bet. For a man who likes making a little bit more of a statement with his eyewear, the brand Moscot offers colored lenses and bright detailing, all specifically tailored to overcast and sunny conditions.


Outfit : 8CUFF - WWW.8CUFF.COM

There are plenty of reasonable alternatives to “accidentally” discoloring his favorite basketball shorts on laundry day. For starters, Bermuda shorts are back and happen to be a light, comfortable short that any man can wear with confidence. They’re also incredibly versatile in terms of colors and patterns, so regardless of whether or not he’s drawn to more vibrant pieces, this spring style offers options for any preference.


WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie

Although many women consider shoe collecting to be more of a sport than a necessity, plenty of men share an equal if not greater appreciation for footwear. If however, you find you’re more well-versed in this department, then you should demonstrate your unconditional love by swiftly uprooting the Velcro on his sandals and presenting him with an alternative. The shoe and accessory company, Toms, gave consumers incentive to buy shoes for a great cause, and in doing so, revived the Espadrilles style. This particular shoe is great for adding something extra to the color palette of his outfits, not to mention they’re breathable and perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

Athleisure If your man is low-maintenance, then one trend he won’t be disapproving of any time soon, is “athleisure wear.” The style picked up in 2014 and has since evolved into a modern combination of high fashion aesthetics with a sporty feel.


With so many different elements coming together to form a sharp, cohesive look, it’s easy to lose your style bearings. The biggest enemy of suiting up, usually revolves around the dreaded, extra roomy look. If you want to rescue your beloved from looking like a young Josh Baskin in the final scene of BIG, then make an appointment with a tailor and treat him to a European fitting.

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Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself. ElucidCOVERStory

WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie TRUDEAU 14” - TROLLEY EDITION $1,295.00


Laura Gomez is part of the uber successful and talented cast of women in Orange Is the New Black. We talked with the actress about her role on the show and what lies ahead for her career. This is one woman who is truly turning her passions into reality. 1. Orange Is the New Black is such a hit. Congratulations on your role in it. Were you surprised at all by its early success? And how are you handling the attention?

I think we were all quite surprised at the beginning. It became a world sensation and that was amazing, but most of all, it turned into an instant iconic show. It certainly has received a lot of attention, but gladly, in my case, perhaps because I have a smaller role. I’m not so recognizable when I don’t have Blanca Flores’ unique hair and unibrow, so it has been a bit easier to digest and fit into. It’s been a process for me, like everything else in life.

Photographer : Photo Assistant : Stylist : Style Assistant : Hairstylist : Makeup Artist : Make up assistant :

Jason Carter Rinaldi Natalie Ghattas Andre Austin Tolganay Seitkazina Anike Rabiu (akR-Styles) Deney Adams Alicia Oliveri

2. I remember watching the cast react when they won this past year at The Golden Globes. It seems like everyone is really supportive of one another, and also a lot of fun to be around. Can you tell us what it is like to be a part of this cast? Any fun behind-the-scenes stories you can share?

Elucid COVER Story

It’s a true privilege to be a part of this incredibly talented cast. There are also so many women calling the shots, like our visionary creator Jenji Kohan, so I feel as if I’m part of something very unique in the industry. It’s a show about women, featuring minority actors in prominent roles. It’s all very special. As to behind-the-scenes stories, I can say that there’s lots of laughter going on, but I’m always also in awe of some of these actresses’ journeys. One time we were killing some time while waiting, and there I am talking to Connie Schulman (Yoga Jones) and Beth Fowler (The Nun) and hearing their incredible acting background. Connie was the voice of cartoon character Patty Mayonnaise and Beth was nominated for a Tony Award playing Hugh Jackman’s mom in The man from Oz. That’s more than fun to me. 3. Your character Blanca Flores seems like such a well, I’ll say complex, character to portray. Tell us your connection to Blanca Flores. And, without giving too much away, what lies ahead for her? I have a lot of fun playing Blanca. It is a complex character, mainly because there are so many layers to explore. I’m definitely not as crazy as I pretend to be, so obviously there’s a bit of a defense mechanism there. We don’t really have much in common, except for our temperament and I definitely like to roll with it. I cannot quite say what lies ahead. But Blanca is an interesting individual no matter what. Dress: Jovani Elucid Magazine Fashion



My style is very eclectic, so I go from urban to girly to elegant, and I like to keep it fresh and modern. Dress: Carmen Marc Valvo Fishnet stockings: Wolford Shoes: Andrew Kayla


4. Acting isn’t all you do. You’re a voice over artist, director and screenwriter. How do you find time to do it all? Can you tell us about any new projects you’re working on? I do carry a lot of hats and I love it. It’s actually opened up many more doors in my acting career than I expected. I’m not sure how I make the time, but I do. My agenda is always busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I just finished post-production for a short film called The Iron Warehouse that I directed and co-produced as part of an artist collective, starring OITNB cast mate Cathy Curtin. Also, Season 4 of Orange is the New Black starts filming soon and there are two projects coming out soon: the HBO original miniseries Show Me A Hero, created by David Simon and directed by Paul Haggis, and the film Daughter of God, starring Keanu Reeves, Ana DeArmas and Mira Sorvino. It’s a very exciting mid year ahead. 5. Since this is a fashion magazine, I wanted to ask about your own sense of style. I’m sure you’re anxious to get out of those orange jumpsuits once filming wraps. Do you have a favorite go-to look you like to wear? First and foremost, I love color. So, spring and summer are my favorite seasons to rock some cool fashion. My style is very eclectic, so I go from urban to girly to elegant, and I like to keep it fresh and modern. 6. Blanca certainly looks like she could use some beauty TLC. What is your own beauty routine like? Any tips you have to share with us? I really take care of my skin and my hair. My main tip is to mix and match according to what works for you, and not what advertising says works. I’m open to experiment and I’ve discovered products that my skin or hair respond to. Wash your face everyday and take off your makeup, and drink water, of course. There is nothing better for your skin than that.

“To succeed, you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality.” - Anita Roddick

7. I read that you live on the UWS of NYC. Do you have any favorite neighborhood spots? I love Central Park and Riverside Park by the river in the summer (I had knee surgery, but I used to run by the river and it’s the best.) Then, there’s Thalia’s Bar on Broadway. It’s a quiet spot in the afternoon and sometimes I go to write there. They also have live music after 6pm. It’s quite cool. 8. You must have a pretty busy schedule. Do you get to travel much? If you could go anywhere, where would you go? I travel plenty. Trips were longer in the past, and now I try to steal time here and there. I have a few destinations on my agenda. Mexico is at the top of the list now. Then Italy and Turkey. My boyfriend is from Romania so I hope to make it there some time soon, and hopefully I’ll visit some nearby countries in the area, like Hungary and Croatia. 9. If you could predict where you would be a year from now, what do you see? Oh my. It might take more than a year, but I see myself in more prominent acting roles, hopefully combining film and TV with theater, and getting ready to direct a feature film.

Interviewd by: Elizabeth Hazard

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Lady M has opened its third location at 36 West 40th Street next to the Bryant Park Hotel. Rated a 29 out of 30 on Zagat, Lady M Confections prides itself on creating the freshest and finest cakes and confectionary delights. Lady M cakes are hand-made following recipes that have been refined over the years to provide the highest quality in taste and appearance. The special care and attention in creating Lady M cakes has led to a loyal following. The Bryant Park location is exclusively serving a new Green Tea Éclair.

Sweet and Simple Summertime Treats Nothing is better than eating a sweet treat during New York’s hottest months. Desserts are easily the most popular item at any rooftop party, park day or barbeque. Unfortunately, desserts can also be the most stressful and time consuming to make. To take the stress out of making, and indulging, in summertime sweets here are five easy to make, guiltfree desserts. All desserts have five ingredients or less and can be enjoyed in a bathing suit surrounded by friends or during a family dinner night!

Banana Cups

Cranberry Pistachio Chocolate Bark

This delicious and healthy version of the peanut butter cup will satisfy your sweet tooth without the sugar, oil and guilt that comes with your average candy bar.

Everyone loves chocolate bars, but they are usually shied away from in the store. This antioxidant rich, homemade dark chocolate bar will have you, your family and your friends ditching the candy isle for good.

Ingredients: 1 banana ½ cup chocolate chips ¼ cup almond milk Instructions: 1. Melt the chocolate chips and milk using the double boiler method. 2. Place cupcake liners in a muffin tin. 3. Pour a small layer of your melted chocolate into each liner. 4. Place the pan in the freezer for seven minutes. 5. While your chocolate is cooling, smash your banana in a bowl. 6. Take your tin out of the freezer and add a small amount of banana to each cup. 7. Fill the cups with the remainder of your chocolate. 8. Put the tin in the freezer for 30 minutes or until frozen solid.


Ingredients: ¼ cup chopped nuts ¼ cup chopped dried fruit 12oz dark chocolate Instructions: 1. Microwave the chocolate for 1 minute 30 seconds, taking it out every 30 seconds to stir. 2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper; this can be any size. 3. Sprinkle on the nuts and dried fruit. 4. Refrigerate for an hour. 5. Slice off “bars” or break into chunks and enjoy.

Vegan Caramel Apples

Coffee Ice Cream

This healthy take on a childhood classic satisfies any sweet tooth and is a great alternative to the calorie dense, store-bought version.

Ice cream is a summertime favorite, but with all the fat and calories it can be hard to enjoy a scoop without feeling guilty. Here is an easy to make, healthy ice cream that will take the heat off your mind and give you a jolt of energy at the same time!

Ingredients: 1 apple 4 tbs. granulated sugar 2 tbs. coconut cream from full fat coconut milk Instructions: 1. Add your sugar to a sauté pan on high heat 2. Add 2 Tbs. coconut cream. 3. Stir until the mixture is melted and bubbling, this should take a little over a minute. 4. Reduce the heat to low, and stir for another minute. 5. Turn off the heat, and pour the mixture into a small bowl. 6. Place the bowl in the fridge for 15-20 minutes for a sticky consistency. 7. Dip your apple until it is completely covered.

Ingredients: 1 can of evaporated milk 1 can of sweet condensed milk 2 shots of espresso Instructions: 1. Mix all your ingredients in a stove until it is melted and mixed well. 2. Put in the fridge overnight. 3. Put it in your ice cream maker. 4. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, put in a pan and freeze it over night.

Peach Cobbler Whether you’re entertaining guests or just serving a dessert for your family, this take on an American classic is perfect for any occasion! Ingredients: 1 cup of milk 1 cup of self-rising flour 1 cup of white sugar ½ cup of butter 4 cups sliced peaches

Article by: Alex Alford

Instructions: 1. Preheat your oven to 375 degrees 2. Grease your pie plate. 3. In a bowl, combine the milk, flour and sugar. 4. Whisk ingredients until blended. 5. Add the butter and stir. 6. Arrange your peaches into the pie plate and sprinkle with sugar. 7. Evenly cover your peaches with the batter. 8. Bake for 40 minutes or until the batter is slightly brown. Elucid Magazine Fashion




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This time we recreated Elucid from scratch. The recipe is Fashion, Art and New York. We were determined to create something inspiring, evoki...

Elucid Magazine  

This time we recreated Elucid from scratch. The recipe is Fashion, Art and New York. We were determined to create something inspiring, evoki...