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Tolerance: A Guide For Humans Nowadays people has a big problem relating to each other. This problem is called intolerence, this is considered a negative value which prevents sometimes that people can relate with others. We can identify an intolerant person because the person has a dislike in certain aspects that are not t the same between another person or a group of them. Usually the causes for the intolerance are that a person does not have the same ideas, religion,points of view and in some cases the social class and other aspects; all these factors are related with a person that is intolerant in different situations, but , how to be tolerant? How can we understand that tolerance is the right way for solving a problem? In accordance with the dictionary of the University of Cambridge, tolerance can be defined as: “Willingness to accept behavior and beliefs that are different from your own, although you might not agree with or approve of them”. Tolerance, principally can create an atmosphere of solidarity among all the people in general, children, parents, grandparents, cause intolerance, but if they change their perspective, they can leave all the differences among all the people and they could forget the main disagreement with each other. Tolerance has been represented in different aspects that can make people see aspects to be tolerant can be helpful, not only for obtaining a personal benefit because with this value, if everybody works for a pacific relation, all the societies could get out with a lot of benefits. We have been able to observe at the school and the teachers can show us some of the different places where we can find the promotion of the tolerance, for example, now we can find in different ways like in images, songs, books, T.V, etc. One of the main examples is the court opinion that was written by William J. Brennan, which expresses a sense of tolerance between the court and the principal character Gregory Johnson Lee. But, why does the text talk about tolerance? Because it is a story where if observe clearly the judge applies justice for his view point. The government tries to understand all the problem that Johnson caused when he burned the flag. The government thinks that they cannot prohibit that the people expresses, but the form that Johnson made it, maybe it was not right. In the text, we can observe two phrases that can help us to understand better the text in the tolerance context: “The government may not prohibit the expression of an idea because just society is the idea itself offensive or disagreeable. “The way to preserve the flag’s role is not to punish those who think differently about these matters. It is to persuade them that they are wrong.” Now we can observe and analyze specifically that tolerance is an important factor for that the society can be in total peace and harmony, without affecting more people with our discomfort that another person does not think or has certain similar characteristics with you. Tolerance like in the text will help you to accept and resist all the attitudes and opinions of another person.


THE LIFE IS THE NATURE I can´t believe it Everything change since the last time I couldn’t wait for to come when I knew That we’ll return again The nature, yes, my favorite place Where all my problems run away like an imaginary train The train where my ideas, feelings and memories Aren´t important, there wasn’t nothing here The sound of the river, animals and air Was the one thing that we can listened in kilometers The trees, plants and the blue sky without any pollution Are the only things that we can see in kilometers I grew in the nature, I lived in the nature My life and motivation for survive in this world, I can say that is the beautiful and wonderful nature.


I REMEMBER YOU BY: Pablo Neruda I remember as you were last autumn. You were the grey beret and the calm heart. In your eyes the lights of the twilight fought. And the leaves fell in the water of your soul. Clinging to my arms like a climbing vine, the leaves recognized your voice, slow and calm. Bonfire of stupor in which my thirst burned. Sweet blue hyacinth twisted about my soul. I feel your eyes travel and distant is the autumn: grey beret, a bird's voice, and a house's heart to where my deepest longings flew and my kisses fell joyously like glowing embers. Sky from a ship. Field from the hills. Your memory is of light, of smoke, of the calm pool! Beyond your eyes burned the twilights. Dry autumn leaves twisted in your soul.


AGONIZE Orlando, the city where the magic occurs. It is a beautiful place with the great people living in this place. Now, this is the new home for Esteban and Sam, two guys that come from Texas. They have arrived for a new scholarship that Windermere Preparatory School gives them for playing football. This is a new start for these guys, they are very excited, for this new way that they took for his life. Esteban has arrived first with his parents, because they wanted to know the school, the football field, and the place where he is going to live. It is a little room close to school, he’ll live with Sam, but Sam will arrive in 2 days with all his things. Esteban’s parents must go the same day for their jobs, but they have seen all the things necessary for that Esteban can live very good. The three think that the school is beautiful and very big, the football field is “majestic” according with Esteban’s opinion. He is wanting with a lot of craving this season, because in the future he wants to play in Oregon Ducks, it is his most great dream, but he can’t go without his best friend Sam. Esteban and Sam have played in the same team since they started to play football, when they were 6 years old, and they have always been together in the same school, they are like brothers. Now, the Esteban’s parents have gone, and Esteban is alone, he must wait to Sam arrives in two days. The school starts in 3 days and he wants to relax before all the stress, so he will get out for knowing a few more the city. He asked a polite person for eating, he recommended a thematic restaurant, its name is “Grease”, that is inspirited for the movie where John Travolta y Olivia Newton-John are the principal characters, this is an excellent restaurant here in Orlando.


Esteban has already arrived to this restaurant, the waitress gives him the menu, he said:

-Sorry miss, I have arrived a few hours ago and I would like to know what do you recommend me for eating? The waitress said him,-Mmm… I recommend you the Travolta’s Hamburgers, they are excellent. Esteban answered her,-Ok, can you give me this hamburger, please? When the waitress went, Esteban observed a girl, a beautiful girl. He couldn’t leave to see her for some minutes until he decided to go with her and invite her a milk shake. Esteban said,-Hi!- very nervous. The girl very nervous, too, only said -Hi!-. Esteban asked her,-Sorry for the cheek, but what is your name?- with a little laugh The girl only said, -Jaja, don’t worry, my name is Carolina, and what is your name? -

-My name is Esteban, I’m new in the city, I have arrived like 6 or 7 hours ago and I’m trying to meet people jaja-

-Oh really? Jaja now, you have a new friend, how many years old are you? - I’m 16 years old, and you? – - I’m 15 years old, and where do you study? – -I’m going to get into to Windermere Preparatory School, I have obtained a football scholarship. -

-Oh! Really? I study in this school but in Jr. High School-Wow, that’s awesome, and some day have you ever gone a football game? – -No, never, I was gone with my best friend because his ex-boyfriend played in the team, but I got sick and I couldn’t go. – -Wow, this is bad luck, but now, I want that you can go to my games jaja, they will be amazing. –


-Jajaja, ok, I’m going to try. – CAROLINA’S PHONE SOUND -Oh! Sorry Esteban, I must go to my house, I liked to meet you, I wait to see you soon in the school, see you. – -Don’t worry jaja, I liked to meet you too, see you. – Esteban went for the place, he went to his room, and after he only sat, and he couldn’t leave to think in her beautiful smile and her eyes, he repeated some times the same phrase: -She is perfect- With a little sigh. Now, he waits with more longings to get into to the school, he wants to see her, to talk her and maybe some time after, they can go for a walk. The next day, Esteban made a video call with his parents. His mom started crying because he missed him a lot, and his dad, too. Esteban couldn’t support to see his parents cry and he cry, too. But he knows that this change is going to be the best for his life, now, he will have a lot of opportunities in this school and if he continue like now, he will be a great person in his life. The next day, that is Sunday, his friend Sam arrived with all his things, he arrived very tired, but he is very excited because, tomorrow, they will start in their new school. Esteban told to Sam about the girls that he met in the restaurant, he said him everting about her, and the perfect girl that was for Esteban. Sam was very surprised because he hasn’t never seen Esteban very excited for a girl.

The day has arrived; the school has started. Esteban and Sam woke up early and they prepared all his things and the football things, because after the school the will have training. They were very nervous, this school is very different for them, the people is different in certain aspects, they think that is better. Fortunately, they are in the same classes.


During all the day, they were meeting a lot of people. To the end of the school day, they were going to the football field for their training, and Esteban saw Carolina with a girl. Esteban said: -Hey Sam, go with me, I’m going to say hello-, Sam answer him, -Ok, let’s go-Hey Carolina! – Carolina said, - Oh! Sam! What are you doing here? – Esteban said her, - I’m going to train with my friend, by the way, he is my friend that I told you, Sam – -Hi Sam! I’m Carolina and for both she is my best friend Joy-Hi Joy! Well, we must go to train, see you later! – -See you! – And when they went, Joy said, - Oh my god, Sam is very handsomeSam said, -Oh my god, Joy is beautifulThe days passed and a lot of crazy things happen in this moment, Esteban started to talk more with Carolina by Facebook and Sam started to talk more to Joy, they were fall in love. The season has started, and Esteban is highlighting with his QB, Sam, they in a few days changed for principal players and the most awesome is that they are of first year.

They are very excited for this season. Now is the third game of regular season, and they won to Raiders of Chicago, and in the end of the game Esteban used like a help all his friends to ask for Carolina if she wants


to be his girlfriend. She was very surprised and excited, because after a lot of months, she was waiting this moment. After some weeks, Sam took the same way, but only that he made some more little, he went to Jr High School, and with a lot of flowers, he told to Carolina if she wants to be his girlfriend, obviously, she said “YES”. The season is almost finish, but something happened with Esteban, one night he had a dream, with aliens, yes, aliens, that they will arrive and dominate all the world, that they will kill all the people and that they would govern this planet. Esteban only take this like a dream, and she told this to Carolina, she couldn’t believe it, she started to laugh and Esteban do, too. After the days, Esteban started to worry because he was always having this dream, he started to think that it could be possible, the dream looked very real and in the school to have like a vision with this. He told this to his parents and nobody believed him, they thought that it was a joke. He went with Sam and when he told all the problem and the reasons for what he thinks that it could happen and Sam only started laughing. He said, -What??? You are crazy man? - Esteban was depressed, because, Carolina didn’t believe him, everybody thought that Esteban was playing.

Esteban started to play horrible and the coach told him that now he is in third team. But Esteban didn’t take importance, he only thought in that the aliens could come and destroy


everything that he knows. His life changed like a trash, Carolina broke up with him, he started to obtain bad grades and to play like the worst player. Now, the end of the season has arrived to the end, this is the championship, Sam is making everything for the team, White Tigers are very rude and hard in their plays, White Tigers is winning with 30 points and The Lakers is losing with 26 points. Only the game has 5 minutes and The Lakers needs to make a touchdown, they have a play that is excellent, but Esteban is the one who knows this play for to make this touchdown. The coach talked with Esteban and after a lot of time, he obtained courage and he decided to forget everything about aliens. Now, Esteban is in the Field, Sam said him, - Welcome friendThe play started, Sam made a trick play and Esteban go out for to receive the balloon in the end zone, Sam throws the balloon and Esteban caught it. Everybody started to celebrate, the Lakers have won, but something very weird happen, in the sky appeared a great spaceship and only everybody heard: -Hello humans, we don’t come in peace, we used a person of your race for communicate that we were coming and now, I am here. You must prepare for the changes, we don’t promise that you are going to live. – Continue….


ACRONYM Karla is an important person for me A person who changed my life Running with her is my dream Laughing and enjoying the life All that we I know is that I love her.


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