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Submittal Data: FXHQ36MVJU Indoor Unit – Ceiling Suspended Type

Job Name: Purchaser: Engineer: Submitted To: Submitted By: Unit Designation: Schedule #:


For: Reference Date: Model No.:



Capacities: Cooling Heating

36,000 Btu/h 40,000 Btu/h

Cooling Mode Nominal Conditions: Indoor: 80°F DB / 67°F WB Outdoor: 95°F DB Pipe Length: 25 ft Level Difference: 0 ft

Heating Mode Nominal Conditions: Indoor: 70°F DB Outdoor: 47°F DB / 43°F WB Pipe Length: 25 ft Level Difference: 0 ft

Fan: Fan Type Fan Motor Output Airflow Rate (H/L) Drive

Sirocco Fan 130 Watts 830/670 cfm Direct Drive

Power Supply:

Refrigerant & Piping: Refrigerant Control Liquid Refrigerant Piping Gas Refrigerant Piping Condensate Drain Piping (OD)

R-410A Electronic Expansion Valve φ3/8” Flare φ5/8” Flare φ1”

10-1/4 8-1/4

208-230/1/60 1.4 Amps 161 Watts 161 Watts 15 Amps 1.1 Amps

Unit Data: Sound Pressure Level (H/L) Weight

Standard Features: One year limited labor warranty One year parts warranty Washable front grille Long life filter

Options: • • •

61 (Suspension bolt pitch)


Wired remote controller Wireless remote controller Simplified controller


• • • •

46/41 dBA 90 lbs


- measured at 3ft at and below the unit

(Suspension bolt pitch)

V/PH/Hz Minimum Circuit Amps (MCA) Nominal Power Input – Cooling Nominal Power Input - Heating Maximum Fuse Amps (MFA) Full Load Amps (FLA)

D a i k i n AC ( Am e r i c a s ) , I n c . ♦ 1 6 4 5 W a l l a c e D r i ve – S u i t e 1 1 0 ♦ C a r r o l l t o n , T X 7 5 0 0 6 SDS FXHQ36MVJU 04-07

(Daikin's products are subject to continuous improvements. Daikin reserves the right to modify product design, specifications and information in this data sheet without notice and without incurring any obligations)

Microsoft Word - Submittal FXHQ36MVJU 04-07 -  

Job Name: Location: Purchaser: Engineer: Submitted To: For: Reference Approval Construction Submitted By: Date: Unit Designation: Schedule #...

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