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El Teb social innovation for citizen empowerment

Who we are El Teb is a nonprofit organisation from Barcelona, with more than 20 years of experience. In November 2013 we received the Medal of Honor of the Barcelona City Council, in recognition of our career.

What we do We work for social transformation through participation, learning and socialization of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies).

Participation d Rhymes, music an community radio

Youth empowerment for a n active citizenship

Participation hts ig R n a m u H e h t g Workin with young pleople e h t g n i er v o c e R ur o f o y histor rhood bo h g i e n T C I h t i w

Promoting intercultural and intergenerational accions

Learning d Digital literacy an ent citizen empowerm

Social work with robotics

evices d l ia c o s h it w g in Learn


Initial professional quali fying program in ICT

Creation of teaching and training materials

Professio na

ls' trainin g

Socialization of ICT : Our telecentre b Punt テ知nia Te

Technical a nd pedago gical advic and suppo e rt to socia l organizat i on

Socialization of ICT t n e m y lo p m e r E-Skills fo

Coordination of different projects and networks

Website creation and communication services

El Teb

Social transformation n o i t a p i c i t r a P + Learning

+ Socialization of ICT =

Social transformation

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Social Innovation for citizen empowerment

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