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Prevent Dryer Fires

February 2010

Introducing Lint Alert

These Five Conditions Promote Lint Build-Up In Your Dryers' Exhaust Duct. 1.- Duct Run May Be Restrictive or Excessive

2.- Bird and Rodent Nests in the Vent Hood

3.- Flex Hose Crushed or Kinked Excessively

4.- Incorrect Vent Hood with Screen-Like Features

Dear Nabil, We are pleased to introduce to our clients the Lint Alert, an innovative product designed to prevent dryer fires. The Lint Alert was recently tested by Consumer Reports and given a positive write up in the March 2011 issue. The Lint Alert will detect lint buildup in your dryer duct. By installing a pressure sensor in clean dryer ductwork it detects the levels of pressure needed to force air out of the dryer and displays green, yellow or red LED lights. At higher pressures indicating poor airflow, an alarm sounds. Additionally, the Lint Alert has a built-in outlet, helpful if outlets are scarce in your laundry room.

The Lint Alert is now offered at $39.50 plus shipping. Because of the catastrophic effects of dryer fire, this device is worth buying for extra safety. To purchase the Lint Alert, please click here.

For volume purchases please call our sales team at 888-405 6064. Volume purchases benefit from special pricing. Sincerely, Nabil Estefan The Energy Conscious[2/17/2011 2:09:52 PM]

Prevent Dryer Fires - Introducing Lint Alert

5.- Condensation within the Conduit Duct

Technical Demonstration Video Lint Alert - How Does It Work? Video: Four minute video demonstrating the technical aspects of the LintAlert®. Topics include three calibration attempts and advanced description of the firmware.

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Prevent Dryer Fires - Introducing Lint Alert  

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