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Just about there as planned and moving forward, 34%

meet our original It’s doing the job expectaons, but progress has 26% stalled somewhat, 28%

Figure 5: Where has the main help and advice come from for your SharePoint development and rollout? (Check all that are significant) (N=484, excl.50 N/A)






In house – internal experse (ONLY)


It’s doing the job External but progress hastraining stalled somewhat, 28% General IT consultant(s) Channel reseller/MicrosoŽ Partner 0% Specialist ECM consultancy




SharePoint 2013

Clouding the issues

In house – internal experse (ONLY) Specialist industry sector supplier/ consultants External training Vendor(s) of third-party add-on products General IT consultant(s) “Blue chip” external consultancy Channel reseller/MicrosoŽ Partner

Degree of Customization Specialist ECM consultancy

Only 18% of implementations are out-of-the-box or plain vanilla, although 40% have only “limited Specialist sector customization”. Nearly aindustry third (30%) aresupplier/ using customized versions equally between in-house 0% 10% split 20% 30% 40% 50% consultants development and external. Many users reported that they run different customizations for different groups within the business. is very little difference We useThere the standard vanilla productacross company sizes here, which is perhaps a little Vendor(s) third-party add-on products surprising. Larger of organizations are more likely to use in-house customization, but this is balanced by only less use of external development. As we will see later, managing the upgrade cycle when the system is Mainly standard product but with “Blue chip” external consultancy heavily customized can cause problems, and we would generally recommend use of add-on products or limited in-house customizaon productized customizations where possible, as the pressure will then be on the third-party supplier to keep in step with each new version of SharePoint as it comes out.

Customized version using outside

experse Figure 6: How would best describe your current SharePoint implementation? (N=470 excl. 61 N/A) Customized version using in-house0% experse We usecustomized the standard vanilla but product Highly soluon, based only on SharePoint Mainly standard product but with Mainlylimited standard productcustomizaon with 3rd party in-house add-on applicaon(s) Customized version using outside Customized version with 3rd party experse add-on applicaon(s) Customized version using in-house experse Highly customized soluon, but based on SharePoint


20% 10-500 30%emps 40% 500-5,000 emps


5,000+ emps

10-500 emps 500-5,000 emps 5,000+ emps

Mainly standard product with 3rd party add-on applicaon(s) Customized version with 3rd party add-on applicaon(s)

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