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now We sll have big issues with governance and security Figure 20: How do you feel about using SharePoint 2013 for your records management requirements? (N=461) 0%






We don’t differenate between records and other content User acceptance is more important than rigor for us, so it’s OK With careful set up, it can comply with our needs We sll need some specialist customizaon services We sll need add-in 3rd party products

SharePoint 2013

Clouding the issues

It sll can’t really meet all of our compliance regulaons We already have a robust and compliant RM system – linked to SharePoint We already have a robust and compliant RM system – stand-alone

Of those concerned with records keeping, just over half feel that SharePoint can meet their needs, although many of these look to specialist customizations-10% or add-in the rest 0%products 10%to make 20% it work. 30%Around 40%half of 50% (21% overall) already have stand-alone RM systems. System management/health monitoring Workflow and BPM Storage/archive management Search enhancements management We saw earlier that 67% Metadata still see third-party add-on applications as being important. In Figure 21 we focus Outlook integraon on products that overlap or supplement native SharePoint functionality, and also measure how many users feel they are no longer needed with the 2013 version. In Figure 22 we look at auxiliary or companion Records management products that boost the overall capability of SharePoint. Security enhancements

Third-Party Add-On Products

Looking at the add-on products, key 2013access features such as search enhancement and cloud collaboration Mobile are seen as making third party E-discovery additions slightly tools less necessary, but they are still in very strong demand. Other popular areas are system management and health monitoring, BPM, storage management and Social applicaons metadata tools. Outlook integration is featured in the new release, but our users seem to prefer third-party Collaboraon tools/cloud sharesmature and function-rich. products – perhaps they are likely to be more Cloud content shares No longer needed

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