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The Effects of Gambling on Economy Rose, Elena, Hou, Salwa

Gambling indicates a game for money or property. Normally, we can imagine Las Vegas in the United States of America. Imagine you are standing in the middle of Las Vegas with a lot of hotels, nice shows, and casinos where you can enjoy various kinds of gambling. At first, gambling was made for the purpose of entertainment. And through this enjoyment, contribution is also made for the poor people. But a lot of people started to become addicted to gambling and their family is in danger of financial corruption. According to this situation, a lot of people recognize that gambling gives negative effects to their society and economy. In California, however, a movement is led by the government to encourage legal gambling for their growth of local economy. Therefore, most people know only the bad sides of gambling but there are also good effects of gambling on the economy. Gambling can give positive effects to the economy: First, gambling helps city develop. Many tourists come to play, so the city needs more hotels, highways, stores and restaurant. While the city is growing, the government can create more employment. Second, gambling helps to increase consumption. Much money brings to the city, the large funds can increase consume incremental cash flow. Tourists spend their money on other activities other than gambling. Third, gambling also can improve the tourist industry. People love exciting things. Many people come here not only for gambling but also to enjoy the attraction. They see shows, performance and go shopping. Lastly, gambling can be a method that supports the local community. Las Vegas is a perfect example. Because of gambling, Las Vegas has shown us impressive growth and totally changed the major city. Gambling can give negative effects to the economy: Sometimes when we like something we don't know about deeply, we think that it's fun and pleasurable. It looks like that but we always have to know more about it especially when we want to think about our life or our country. Some of the people like gambling in the beginning. They thought that it's fun and something they will enjoy doing but they usually don't recognize the bad effects from doing that. There is a lot of negative impact that I can tell you about because of gambling. Some of

them are losing money without benefits or added value. It might hurt your family. There are a lot of stories that can tell us about the bad experiences with gambling. One of the important negative effects that we have to shed light on is that gambling always increases the rate of the crime all around the country. In addition, all the money which the gamblers use to play goes straightly to companies. That means you are giving your wealth to others and make them richer. To summarize, all these negative effects will never improve the economy. I don't think that you want to do this anymore, or live in country with some of the bad effects that might hurt you or those you love. On the whole, gambling can make the economy, but it also has some problems with improve the society's morals. Gambling can help cities tourist industry develop and bringing big cash flow. On the other hand, gambling can make the crime rate increase. Players lose money in casinos, so they might have a desire to rob or steal. In fact, there are many political scandals about gambling every year. Today, most casinos want to send a good message to people that gambling is not so bad. In our opinion, gambling is just like football, boxing and F1. It is a kind of recreational activities. It should be treated like a game. We should use gambling to improve economy but we need many rules and laws to control it.

Music --------Jack, Jason, Jen Have you ever been a fanatical idol? For a moment, you think about that we always go to music when they are happy, sad and calm. Most people listen to music every day. In fact, music is a part of life. Furthermore, music has power that can connect everybody together, although we live another country and are different ages. Then, what is your favorite type of music? Nowadays, music has a lot of genres. For instance Hip-Hop, Dance, Traditional Music, Classic, Jazz, and Pop also Rock, etc. Even though a lot of music styles exist in the world, but we will focus on the Pop, Rock, Rap. People like Rap because it is interesting and fascinating. Rap is based on R&B. It is an important part of street culture, and thus its theme is freedom. It is closely related with your life. It expresses what you care about what you like or you hate. Rap's lyrics are like an essay. When you sing you just feel like you are reading. You sing about the facts with strong rhythm. Raise your hand, follow the rhythm and feel like what the rhythm wants you to feel. It is interesting, right? Some people think it is played by bad guys, like 2pac, B.I.G or other guys; however, what I want to say is that Rap is always fascinating because of the felling it gives not the superstar of Rap. People not only like Rap, but they also like Pop Rock. Pop Rock is a usual type of music. You can find many rock stars in the world. When people feel crazy, they will listen to Pop Rock. Moreover, dance with the rhythm! Sometimes in the party, Pop Rock is the best way to make people crazy easily. If you can't listen to that, you will feel mad and think about what a bad party, or if the DJ is sleeping! Of course, Pop Rock is the same as Rap. It is based on R&B. The people especially are from South America like it. No music no life. How do you guys think about that? I agree with this idea because music can make you happy, sad and excited. Also, it can make you crazy. When you fall in love, you need music. When you feel lonely, you need music. When you miss someone, you need music. Music also can bring back memories. In fact, music is magic. For example, look at the guys in the club. They dance crazy because they feel free, happy, and excited. Music makes people crazy! However, what kind of music do you like? Everything is good because they are all music. If you don't like music, you lose something important in your life. So everyone needs music. Please remember that, no music no life and music is magic.

MOVIES AND STYLES Daniel Andrade Isabelle Furtado Victoria Alcoforado For a movie to be famous, they need to attract the attention of the population. Furthermore, almost all of the population likes movies about real history and action. In fact, they like to feel history and like the adrenaline of action movies. However, the culture of the countries are different, so all the movies are different too because the directors make their own movie, and they need to be inspired by the culture of their country. There are many differences between Brazilian movies and American movies. For example: style, characters, plot, scenes and general descriptive phases. Brazil likes real history and the United States likes action movies. Each country has their own way to produce movies. While the United States has so much money to invest in special effects, and more details about the movies, the other uses true life to entertain the people on cinema. The characters also reflect their society. The American's protagonists are heroes and want to honor your native country, and the story has so much action. On the other hand, the Brazilian's protagonists are normal people with normal problems, and the story has so much drama. Like these movies, we have “Avatar” with so much special effects, and “Elite Squat”, which portrays the Brazilian reality. Even with these differences, each country pleases their population with their plot. As mentioned above, there are different kinds of cinema. Brazilian and American have their differences. In this case, we can see the features of Brazilian movies or cinema and say that this kind of cinema is more realistic and focused on what it's really happening on the street, houses, teenagers, families, cities and their countries. In brief, the Brazilian cinema despite being an economic and realistic cinema is really good to see and comment on. On the other side, we have the popular American cinema. Everybody knows that they have the most expensive films and budget in the world and the best films in the history. However, it's not necessary that they have to be the best cinema for everyone, so we can say that the American films are more based on invented facts, but everybody likes their kind of film, and we have two excellent example of this.

Culture by: Li Zhi, Dou Lishan, In-young Shin, Shunzi Jin Cultural Practices between China and Korea in New Year Every nation has its own culture because of the history of different customs and various languages, so countries have dissimilar backgrounds and culture. For example, China and South Korea are all Asian countries with similar cultural practices. During the Chinese New Year, there are many similarities and differences. There are many kinds of cultures between China and Korea in Chinese New Year :date, food , game, customs and celebration. China and Korea have a lot of the same cultural practices because they are close together, especially on New Year's Day. Chinese and Korean New Year share the same date. Both countries use the lunar calendar, so the New Year's Day in every year is a different date based on the solar calendar. On New Year’s Eve, Chinese people and Korean people have a superb dinner with all family members, and then they watch TV shows together. New Year’s Day is a really happy day. Seniors give young people lucky money. It wishes the young to have a safe and healthy year. And the young people should say some lucky words, like “Happy New Year!” and “Gong Xi Fa Cai!” That means “To be happy and prosperous”. There are also many different things in these two countries. First of all: food. Koreans eat rice cake soup called “dukgook” and Chinese eat dumplings. Second: games. We come together and play they, but how we play are different. In Korea, we play flower card (such a card game) , “yutnolri” (like a burumarble...there are 4sticks and people throw them ). In China, they play “mahjong” (4 persons sit together and play). Third: customs. Koreans bow to ancestors and say, “Happy New Year!” <Se He bok ma ni bat a yo>, but in China, they just say 'Happy New Year!'. <Gong Xi Fa Cai> The last: CELEBRATION: Koreans fly a kite in the sky and they write their wishes on the kite. Chinese display fireworks in the sky. (There is a tale. Monsters take humans and eat them, so people display fireworks to scare away the monster.) China and Korea are Asian countries. Our grounds are near enough that the two countries have many similar things like New Year. For example, we eat dinner with family , watch TV show and so on. But there are some differences between China and Korea, such as the traditional foods, games and etiquette. Everyone is happy because the New year comes and on this day, we do not need to work or study, just have fun. In short, New Year is important to both China and Korea.

Technology on Cell Phones Rose, Elena, Zizo, Daniel Cell phone's history is very short, but it has always developed new generations. The first official cell phones were used by the Swedish police in 1946. It was very similar to the two-way radio phone that was used in cars, taxis for portable communication. The first generation cell phone is the Motorola Dyna TAC 8000X that is the first portable cell phone. During the 1990s, the technology on cell phones is called 2G or second generation. It's also known as Personal Communications Services(PCS). 2G cell phones offer the users additional services such as data, fax and SMS. We use the third generation phones nowadays. It makes everything possible by using Wi-Fi. Nobody can know about the future of cell phones, so we can just predict, but cell phones will continue to develop. Current effects of cell phone in our life : Cell phones are one of the necessities in our life. Through a cell phone, people can do everything they want to. About this, we did a survey “Technology on Cell phone”. First question is “How important are cell phones to you?” All five interviewers answered that the cell phone is a very important thing in their life. They cannot imagine their life without a cell phone. And the second question is “What is the advantage of cell phones in your life?” Some people answered that cell phones are very useful because they can stay in touch with their family and friend wherever they are. And the other people answered that cell phones are a kind of tool to keep their social relationship with other people. And also they think cell phones are convenient. The last question is “What is the disadvantage of cell phones in your life?” Almost all of the interviewers answered like this : First, cell phones cause distraction. Second, if they keep talking with other people through text, people never talk face to face anymore. And two of the interviewers answered that sometimes they are using cell phones while they are driving. They know that is very dangerous but it's a very usual thing in their normal life. Like this,many parts of people's life are occupied by cell phones. It gives both positive and negative effects to our life. However, cell phones are still developing and they will be in the future.

The effects of cell phone in the future : There are good effects of cell phones in the future. It will be more important to our life. In the future, we can do a lot of things for our life by using the cell phone. We asked five people about “What do you think about developing cell phone in the future”. The first person said, “Developing cell phones in the future is a good idea. The second person said, “They have to develop cell phones in the future.” Cell phones will make everything possible. For example, if the heart is not in the body, you will die. Cell phones will be more useful than now. Also we asked anther question to five people “What new application would you like to add to your cell phone in the future?” All of them said, “We have everything. We don't need any application, except one”. she said, “ I need a new game.” There are good effects of cell phones in the future, and it will be more important to our life. In the future, we can do a lot of things for our life by using cell phones. We asked five people about “What do you think about developing cell phone in the future?” The first person said, “Developing cell phones in the future is a good idea. The second person said “They have to develop to cell phone in the future”. In conclusion, we can say that the industries of cell phones change the world with an incredible new ideas that we never could imagine. These entrepreneurs are working hard to create and show us amazing cell phones and applications that we can download for free or pay a certain price. After making a survey in the area for five persons, it provides that the use of cell phones has become more and more important, vital, and necessary in the life of each person because this new inventions now have the ability to do everything that you could imagine. They can make video calls to finding a parking spot for you. In fact it's impressive as many people said that they can save your life with a phone, with just make a call. This is one of the many reason that confirming the importance in the use of cell phones and why maybe each of us should have one, now or in the future.

The Ideal Family BY: Isabelle, Jason, Salwa and Winter

Everyone has their own family. Everyone has their own opinion of the perfect family. In fact, there are a lot of different kinds of families. Someone thinks that children are the most important part of a family, and someone thinks love or trust is the most important. And some families are traditional but some others are different, like the adopted family, the single family, and the same-sex family. Furthermore, they may think their most important things are different from other kinds of families. Everything around us has been changing, such as technology, policies, economy, country and also ourselves. Many years ago, the people were thinking that the family should constitute from father, mother and children, but this old traditional idea has just changed completely. Nowadays, there are many types of families, such as adopted family, single family and same-sex family. These families are not traditional families. Most people do not accept these families. Not only are these nontraditional families an important part of society, but they also need people's attention and respect. Maintaining these nontraditional families might require more support, respect, love, and trust. Therefore, we should not discriminate against them but treat them like any other family. We conclude from the survey on family we did in La Verne that whatever kind of family traditional or nontraditional, if you want

have happiness each family should have support, respect, love and communication. The ideal family has to be constituted from a love kind mother, supportive friendly father to bring smart cute kids to live in a very good environment with all full of energy, love, support, good communication, trust and all respects. This is what the ideal family should have, everyone of us wants to live in a safe environment, so we have to decide and think carefully what family we want to have. In this manner, people have different opinions about which is the perfect family and what it constitutes. Nowadays, there are several kinds of family, the traditional and nontraditional, and each one is better to a different people. Many people believe that a family needs to have children but others think that a family does not. However, people agree about what is the most important in a family: love, respect, care, trust and support. True love can make a family happy.

Are they just pets? By: shunzi Jin, Sherry, Victoria, Megumi Dogs are friends of humans. We see them as our family. Dog's IQ is equal to a five or six year old child's IQ. They are smart, so they can help us to do many things. For example, they can search for the people who are in danger we can't find, they can smell the bomb and help fireman remove the bomb, and they also can help the person who can't see and take care of the blind. Guide dogs save a kind of dog which can help the blind, and make the blind people's life easier. A few days ago, we have a survey on pets, and we asked some questions about“If you are blind what would you choose? Guild dog or cane?” We want to talk about having a guild dog's advantages and disadvantages. Guide dogs assist the blind physically and mentally, and this is also good for dogs. According to the survey, almost all the people chose guide dog, not the cane. Compared with the cane, guide dogs help blind people to avoid obstacles quickly, keep them in safety and walk faster. They are not only dogs but also companions and family members for blinds. Living together with guide dogs also assist the blind to open their heart. Because some of them have a great inferiority complex, they usually do not go outside. However, they need to take care of their guide dogs and communicate with them. The blind must go outside with dogs to do coordination training also, so they can meet more people, not just being alone. For dogs, there are also good things because they have a family. People take care of them and have a job to do, not just eat, sleep, like pet dogs. If you want a guide dog, you must know about the disadvantages. The first is that the guide dog, unfortunately, can't enter some places, like buses, some restaurants and other places. To be a guide dog, the dog needs to be trained from his birth, and not all the dogs trained from birth can do this job. Because the dog must be attentive and must know that he is guiding a person, so he needs to take extra care. Dogs can be trained to traverse various obstacles, but they are not able to distinguish colors like green and red, and can't interpret a traffic light, so, this is bad for the blind person. With a guide dog, they need take care of their dog and is not easy take care of a dog. Although there are disadvantages, but despite these disadvantages, people still prefer a guide dog because the dog is a companion and this is good for everyone, not just for the blind person. There are various kinds of animals in the world, and especially a lot of dogs are kept as a pet. Moreover, the “guide dogs" are energetic for sightless people. I think that they have power that is able not only to guidance the road but also to heal even a person's mind. In the same dog, it lives in a usual home a pet and it helps the person. They have both roles. Finally, do you think that the guide dog is just a pet? Our opinion is "No”. Because they help sightless people, and they become a part of the person's lives. They are part of the family, and partners.

English Education in East Asia by: kay, in-na, jen, jack Today, we live in a global era. It takes only 9 hours by plane to fly across the earth. Through the Internet, we can see all of the world. So, communication between nations have been active. English is the international language in the world. If we want fluent conversation each other, we need to learn English. Each nation has different education, so English education is different too. For example, a learning English period and how to teach or learn English, etc. We will compare three countries English education: Korea, Japan, and China. Most Koreans can speak English a little because English is really important to us. Therefore, elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and universities support English education. However, most people think it is not enough, so they go to academic centers and go abroad for language training. Indeed, we spend much money to learn English. Besides, in Korea, English education is especially focused on grammar and reading because that is more focused on than listening, speaking and writing on tests. Accordingly, we are afraid to converse with foreigners and can't speak fluently. Also we don't understand what they said although we are great at the English. Furthermore, we usually learn the skill that only focuses on how we can get an excellent grade on the test. Thus, Korean English education has some problems. In Japan, English education is important too. Since English is the international language, it is needed absolutely for communicating with foreign people. It is started from middle high school now. They also learn English in high school and university. However, most Japanese people don't understand English. Why? Because most students don't learn English for communicating with someone. They learn it for passing examinations, so they focus on grammar and reading. Speaking and listening are not important for them. However, the worst problem is the English education system in Japan. So we have to improve this situation. I suggest two ideas: One is to start English education from elementary school. The other is giving them more chance for speaking and listening. If these ideas are realized, the English ability of Japanese will improve. We cannot avoid globalization. We have to use international language fluently. Now, English education of Japan is not good. However, the problem is not Japanese ability but the education system of Japan. So we can surely improve it. ă&#x20AC;&#x20AC; Some people think Chinese students are born to study. When the Chinese government said English will become an important part of the graduating exams, the students begin to study English hard day and night. Sometimes you will believe that English is more

important than other projects. Some foreign students told me that they study English because they need it. For example, to find a better job, like English or need to immigrate to America and so on. But if you want to ask Chinese students why, they will tell you because of exams. The result is that students are good at grammar and writing but not speaking and pronunciation. When they study in a foreign college, the teacher will feel the writing is perfect and the score of the exam is so high. However, they don't like speaking, so at the beginning, people will feel their pronunciation is a little strange. With the development of the Internet, Chinese student can watch English films and talk shows from the Internet. As I know, many Chinese students practice their English during CNN and English programs. With the help of the Internet, I realize that students' pronunciation will become better and better. ă&#x20AC;&#x20AC; English is the official language of the world, so English education is very important in each country. Most ULV students said to repeat and to practice English everyday is best important. Different cultures bring up different habits of studying. Whatever the reasons people study, people study English hard. We have different strengths in English education, and we can learn from each other and improve each other. We need to practice our speaking more to check our pronunciation. We should listen to native and don't be afraid to speak with more listening and more speaking.


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