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Axel Colin Heimann Patent Consultant MSc (Geoecology), PhD (Environmental Engineering)

Creating prosperity in the 21st century Global challenges such as climate change or scarcity of resources are currently boosting the demand for innovation and development within the ­environmental arts. ­Renewable energy is just one example of a skyrocketing green sector. ­Already today, energy technology is on the verge of replacing more traditional industries as Denmark’s number one export. Worldwide, clean technology is seeing ­unprecedented growth, and thereby increasingly contributing to revenues and ­investment.

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Green IP as a driving force for innovation and progress Ensuring future generations’ supply of energy and resources, combating ­climate change, and many other environmental issues have sparked interest in an ­intellectual property (IP) system that promotes green technology. In a recent ­initiative, the ­European Patent Office, working with the United ­Nations ­Environment ­Programme (UNEP) and the International Centre for Trade and ­Sustainable ­Development (ICTSD), embarked on a joint project to look at designing the IP system to foster green innovation. Similarly, the UK Patent Office is now ­fast-tracking patent ­applications that relate to environmental technology, and more green patent initiatives are ­underway. Protect your investments and strengthen your green IP portfolio At Chas. Hude, we are seeing a growing demand for IP counsel within environment-­ related technologies. As interest in green technology rises, clients operating in ­industrial sectors without a strong tradition in patenting are ­increasingly eager to protect their green technology. For example, green issues are leading to an increasing number of patent applications in the building sector. Other examples include innovative ways to save energy, remediate contaminated sites or provide robust crops and clean water in an environmentally sound way.

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Key technologies such as wind and solar power, fuel cells or biomass are seeing an increase in patenting, licencing and IP litigation. Well-drafted patents, as well as skillful management and maintenance of green IP portfolios, are critical to ensuring a strong position in an increasingly environmentally-oriented global economy.

or sales, may be involved in IP-related ­issues. A ­strategic approach is therefore the ­natural basis of our consultancy. This ensures that IP ­becomes an ­integral part of your green business strategy.

IP as a vital part of your green business strategy Intellectual property management requires an ­embedded and integrated approach. IP rights ­often constitute interdepartmental assets that are of ­relevance to an entire organization. ­Different ­departments, such as R&D, manufacturing, ­marketing

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Going Green? Let specialists handle your IP Chas. Hude is a leading IP firm in the field of green technology. Today, we help protect a wide range of cutting-edge clean technologies within renewable energy, industrial chemistry, biotechnology, ­water supply and green buildings. Part of our success is based on the realization that protecting green technology requires an interdisciplinary approach, bridging the gap between traditional patent categories, ranging from biotechnology and chemistry to mechanical engineering and electronics. At Chas. Hude, we have assembled a diverse team of professionals dedicated to green technology. Our experts build on decades of experience ­within ­industry, research and IP.

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